KOAT Action 7 News

4.4 (2.4K)
117.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KOAT Action 7 News

4.43 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
5 years ago, ColtsR#1
Breaking News Alerts
Every time I get a breaking news alert, sometimes it’s not even breaking news at all. Like there is a fire somewhere in the city, fatal car accident on the freeway, weather or national that will catch my attention. Also there are the stupid ads that on one likes etc. Then the worst one for me is when you push out an alert, I can’t even look at the breaking news! I have to wait 5-10 minutes to see what that breaking news was. So aggravating and frustrated! That’s it for me on the negative parts but other than that the app is fine!
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3 years ago, SilverCitian
As much as I appreciate the morning weather forecast with Eric Green,Silver City is so often blocked from view. Can the graphic be moved to the right a bit to have Silver City visible, or, move Eric to the left a-bit? Other forecasters stand away to the left more. Thank you for considering.
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5 years ago, another Gail
KOAT app
I generally only listen to the news so this is based on that experience. The ads are the most annoying. They haven’t changed in the year or so I’ve been using this app except for the station ad, which serves my point. we are well into spring and the weather ad is for winter weather. Other than that and maybe it’s a problem with my carrier or device”s” but if I minimize the app and then try to pull it back up (1) the news shuts off so (2) I have to listen to the lead in ad AGAIN! Other than that my issues with it (new broadcast) freezing, repeating and jumping around are likely internet related. BUT in spite of the aggravation I do like having it available
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6 years ago, Firefighter3550
Not about local news
Anytime you want to look at anything on the KOAT app you’re overwhelmed with ads. The stories that “look” important are there just to get your attention so you’ll click on an ad or sponsored article. Most of the articles on this app are at most 1 paragraph long, and the “breaking news” is a joke. Immediately after you open the app there are more ads than there is real news. KOAT sold themselves to advertising. They’re just like Facebook, they use your browsing data to create ads. I call this app a “click bait app”; it’s sole purpose is to make money instead of serving the community with honest and important news. KOAT was always my go to for news but they lost me when it became about ads and click bait!
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4 years ago, Matty Ice76
No ability to choose to watch video
My main issue with this app is that every story automatically comes up with video and most of them don’t have the written narrative below the video. There are times when you can’t watch a video due to the location you’re at, maybe in a doctor’s office, in bed with a sleeping spouse, etc. all stories should have the ability to read the complete story rather than watching a video. Because if this I often go to another local network’s site because they have the written story in addition to the video, every time.
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5 years ago, dhsoye
What happened to the news?
When I went to school many years ago when it was really school about our one country & how the immigrants came with US FLAGS, we were called a “melting pot” because it did not matter where you came from, you became an AMERICAN! Since then, I have noticed the media, including KOAT, can’t tell the basic news story true or complete. What happened to the “who, what, when, where & how” of reporting? None of you mainstream “journalists” would have passed my high school journalism class! If we are lucky, we may get one of those questions answered, but everything is sound bites, not news!
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6 years ago, Peralta Gma
Daily news events
I love KOAT and it is my preferred channel especially the news coverage. I love the personalities of each news anchor and the rotation of news casters. The one thing that I wish would change is hearing the same news stories over and over and over and over .....................................again Do we not have enough news to report afresh daily? Thank You
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5 years ago, Almena's mom
The NEWs in your news is old.
Sad to see KOAT has gone to the dark side. 95% ads, 5% old news and then you try to report national news too instead of more local news, and do a poor job of it. ABC has OK national news reporting, but they're even worse about ads about prescription medications that only doctors can prescribe. What are people supposed to do, run to their doctors and ask them about the 20 or so medications they saw advertised on TV. AND, the stupid stories about celebrities, etc., that tap your interest (that never change) and when click them it sends you into a jungle of MORE CRAPPY ADVERTISING for JUNK!!!! Who knows what to believe. It's as if you don't see things happen with your own eyes, you can't believe it's true. It's all so corrupted and fueled by greed, it really is a sad situation. Guess I'll stick with NPR for now. Better journalism, less advertising.
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5 years ago, Starlyte30
App needs help
I get breaking news alerts for things that are not even breaking news or have already been in the news for a few days. One of your competitors actually has a place to choose what type of news you would like to get alerts for. Maybe that’s something you could do too?? Also, some of the news in the app is so old. I prefer KOAT but lately I have been using KRQE App now instead.
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4 years ago, cwoes
Breaking news isn’t always relevant
Many times “breaking news” stories do not warrant being breaking. Then there is a delay to read the “breaking news.” Additionally the stories are just updated over a period so that they remain vague and the details, added in later, make the story confusing to follow. The best thing is the radar feature. I use it when I’m traveling to see what’s going on in my area.
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2 years ago, Retiredone3
I’m a very loyal watcher of KOAT but as of late I have not wanted to watch. I feel the new people are rushing through stories. After listening to new afternoon lady I have a feeling of rush and anxiety she talks so fast that it hard to understand her. And on weekends Sasha has also started to rush through stories talking so fast. I’m sad to have to watch other channels just to get the news. I hope KOAT can address this as I would like to continue watching.
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2 years ago, Boots00007
Push notifications that are NOT NEWS
I have all 3 local news stations on my phone and this is the only one that send notifications for any article they write. Some examples would be anything from travel tips to why your dog eats grass. If I wanted to brows every article they wrote I would go to their site or pick up the newspaper. I expected notifications about news. Important things going on like a wildfire or important laws being passed, murder rates and road closures.
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6 years ago, ANIpumpkin
Best News
Love my KOAT, look forward to watching all the news crew, they make you feel a part of the KOAT family by sharing personal stories and making you laugh along with them. And of course there always on top of the latest news.
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6 years ago, Dannthelionn
Where’d the story go?
I typically only use this app to get breaking news alerts. However, whenever there is such an alert and I try to click on it to go to the story, there is no such story listed on the feed. More often than not, I cannot find any reference on the main page to the headline in the push notification. Frustrating!
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5 years ago, EEN2
Radar Map
Accuracy of base map with KOAT NM Weather ap was much better than base map on this site. The old ap is no longer supported. Current map, regardless of radar, is inaccurate with current road names and is not as detailed with roads, etc. I’m very disappointed with this feature.
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4 years ago, Buggjoy
Matt Bugg
I live in California and I feel like I am kept current on everything happening in New Mexico because of your updates. It is important for me to know what is happening there as my elderly mom lives in Albuquerque. Please keep reporting fairly unlike the national networks.
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7 years ago, LNH06
Don’t download if you want to actually read articles.
I hate that I can’t actually read many of the stories. When I click on a headline or story it just gives a sentence or two and sometimes a video link. Every now and then I’m able to read the whole story but not most the time. I love watching the news cast but hate this app because I’m not able to read the stories. Maybe your developers can incorporate the actual story into the app.
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6 years ago, drinking lady
Read or hear I
I would like to have the option to either read the article or hear it. not both. Trying to read the article with the background voice is distracting and annoying. Otherwise your pretty good.
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4 years ago, Pradakirb
I have greatly appreciated the live updates that KOAT has provided daily from The White House. Unfortunately, no other news site I subscribe to sends me these alerts. I have great respect for this station and their transparency during this time. Thank you!!!
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4 years ago, Wookie1057
KOAT has been my go to for many years. My only issue with the app is usually when you get an alert, click on it taking you to the website the alert story is nowhere to be found.
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4 years ago, Along 4 the Ride
Just need the Cliff Notes
I mostly ONLY read the notifications. I like having my news in a nutshell because the details are just too overwhelming. I like the balanced reporting, and the weather the most.
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3 years ago, Neicybaker
Morning crew
We love the whole crew but primarily watch the morning show. They get us going for our day. They are so personable and we feel they are delivering solid information.
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5 years ago, Capt Slew
Breaking news?
App is very functional but I don’t understand what’s up with so-called breaking news alerts. Breaking news alerts are fluff 95% of the time and actual breaking news the public needs to be informed about, not a peep. Example; several months ago I got a local amber alert on my phone and nothing from KOAT. Yet, a story about a woman skydiving on her 90th birthday is worthy of an alert?
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5 years ago, nittfaglcgtn
Keep it news related
Economics necessitates advertising but advertising online as a news report is misleading. Frequently the only thing that’s news will be the addition of still more commercials. We really need something between the present format and watching your live reports. Please.
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3 years ago, 4 hills lady
Reporters read too fast
For those of us getting the news for the first time, the reporters speak so rapidly most of us past the age of 21 cannot understand the rapid fire presentation. Not many items, including the weather, have to be delivered as if this story is an emergency. Please slow down. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Pepper@ salt
News app
To many adds: to read a story you have to scroll so many times just to read the article. Most of the time it will just be a short part of the news!
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6 years ago, zucchiniman
Good alerts re Albuquerque news
I like the news alerts from KOAT. Not too many, not too few. It is sometimes annoying or worse when serious or sad news is delayed by irrelevant ads.
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4 years ago, WW Lifetimer
When the app first started alerts were just ALERTS. Like breaking news or weather, not every day stuff we can watch later on TV. It’s annoying to get UPDATES that aren’t urgent or emergency types. Otherwise, I love the app.
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4 years ago, sunrise savior
Weird Video Game
Chiming in from Española: since June 2020, halfway through the morning broadcast (our fave), some childish video game cartoon pops up, playing over the news and commercials, causing layers of irritating noise and confusion. That’s when we tune out🙁
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6 years ago, cactusbreath505
To many glitches and mistakes
App almost always sends you back to the top of the page after reading an article. You then must go look for your place again. Lots of articles are not done correctly, if a link is included it hardly works. And omg too many ads!! An ad for every video really?? I like to read and hear about local news. But this app is no bueno for that.
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5 years ago, Kagrass89
KOAT App Errors
I use your app everyday. You really need to have someone review a lot of these articles before you post. There are misspellings quite frequently. Spell checker is an awesome tool. Also lately I’ve had problems with the live streaming in the AM. I get tired of fighting with it and go to CBS.
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6 years ago, old man 1933
Excellent local news
I think KOAT is excellent journalism and does a lot for Albuquerque and New Mexico. I enjoy reading their articles to keep current on local news and events.
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3 years ago, Dbl L nan
Breaking news
I wish there was an additional option that allowed me to select only actual “breaking” news. Many of the news alerts are from stories already broadcast.
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4 years ago, Dklabq
Way too many ads during their news shows. Way way to many ads on their web site. I want news, not dang commercials!!!! Also lead ins to news and commercials are way to loud. There is a federal law regarding decibel levels. Very irritating and not needed.
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4 years ago, 1 real media pro
Behind the times reporting
Having lived and worked in la, Scottsdale,london(Bournemouth) and cork ire. I use this background as a foundation to evaluate..,,, Most importantly, you have young reporters which MUMBLE and seemingly are not capable to pronounce words with clarity and not in a monotone presentation I am nearing retirement age but have been in the media business for some 30 years since university You need to revamp your venue
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5 years ago, Hoxiecorner123
KOAT News App
We are from Las Cruces, New Mexico and our kids live in Albuquerque. We always have enjoyed this app to let us know what is going on throughout the state especially Albuquerque. Thank you Ana and Robert Mangino.
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3 years ago, monkey23#
Most times when you receive alerts on your phone when you tap on them it takes you to an older version of the story and the new alert cannot be found.
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4 years ago, Fallonita77
Organized and has updated info
I like the organization of the app and the news they have is pretty updated.
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6 years ago, Laadiii Daaadiii
Too many ads!!!
I love to keep up the news but every story you hit has an advertisement if they were a little shorter that wouldn’t be bad but I see the same ad every story I look up
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5 years ago, GymBaron
Good station, poor app
I love channel 7 news, but this app is awful. When you tap open a story it automatically starts playing a video with a six second ad in front of it. You can’t turn it off! Sometimes I just want to read the story and not be blasted by some commercial. The KOB4 app doesn’t do this.
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6 years ago, Del #1
5 star review
Love KOAT, you’re the BEST. Love your news and all the professional people that work there. You’re the only station I watch as far as the news. Keep it up, you are the bomb!!!
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6 years ago, Squiggy 69'd your mom
My thoughts
I like the app and the news coverage it supplies me with. One improvement would be to constantly update the home page with new stories, and eliminate some of the ads.
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2 years ago, albuq west
Not there
It would be nice if the alert that pops up on the screen actually had the story when you click on it. I click and just takes to the normal KOAT app homepage junk not what I was looking for
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4 years ago, Ozzie#2
It aggravates me beyond words that I can not mute your ads even with my phone on mute! I can’t check your website while Im at work or in any other quiet area. Please fix it!
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4 years ago, Navajo lady
Always informative
I enjoy getting my new fast and quick !
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6 years ago, Dcstraub
Too many ads!!!!!
I can’t even read a story without being bombarded with ads!! This is ridiculous!!!!
Show more
5 years ago, lotsabugz
News without ads would be nice
Like to keep up with local news, like this station, but hate the ads that pop up with audio! Sometimes stay away for days because I detest these pop ups!!
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5 years ago, NMSUGrad
Go direct?
So often, I’ll receive an alert about a story or breaking news ... I’ll click on the notification and am taken to the app. And then have to search for the story or breaking news. Bait and switch.
Show more
5 years ago, Nurse Binkey
Alerts should be saved for actual alert worthy news. Not news that’s been out for a week and non-news worthy articles like resolutions! Thinking of turning off alerts.
Show more
5 years ago, Dathene2016
Don't give an alert for day-old regular news. When you give an alert it should be about something important. And it should be immediately available on the app.
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