KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City

4.6 (5.3K)
120.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KOCO 5 News - Oklahoma City

4.56 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Okcdoll80
I 👀 you Oklahoma .....
As a baby boomer from Oklahoma , who moved over 35 years ago . My ♥️ for her has never died .! I have a lot of family and friends who still there , and not to mention that I occasionally come home when I can . There is no better way to see and hear what’s going on than KOCO News . It’s up-to-date real news and The Weather Report is off the chart ! A station that part of my life when I’m not home . I know more about what going on in Oklahoma than the average citizen living there . To me KOCO is the People news station . A station you can trust !! Thank you from Arizona 🤗
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4 years ago, Agnus Dei Amen!
Typically Biased Media
The app is fine, I guess I can't expect the highest quality from a local news station in a small state. I am sick of seeing click bait stories which intend not to inform me of the goings-on in Oklahoma but waste my time. In addition to my disapproval of the app's quality, I am disappointed by the biased reporting of KOCO itself. Their bias is quite clear to anyone who thinks freely instead of believing everything the media report. On several occasions, especially for articles regarding the police and politics (in other words, nearly every single article), I read the KOCO article, suspected the reporter to have only presented one side of the argument, did my own research on the subject, and found that, indeed, the article was heavily biased and fraught with deceit and half-truths. I feel robbed to know that I, a graduate student in the liberal arts, can do better research than several so-called reporters at KOCO. I suppose this is to be expected now. I gave the app 3 stars because, at the very least, I appreciate that it keeps me informed of breaking news, albeit with an obvious slant.
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4 years ago, HOUsarah
Spam videos
Some early 2000s tech. Even if my phone is on silent you can’t open up an article with without the obnoxious sound of a video or ad start blaring through my phone. This has been a disruption in so many settings. From me trying to read an article or accidentally opening the app. Like those loud spam pop up boxes that would explode out of nowhere on ancient windows. Suggestion: update so the video doesn’t automatically start playing. I’M LITERATE, and don’t need a video to scream the news for me. Or have it like social media where it plays silently and you have the option to unmute. Side note: while the news provides a variety of sources (much appreciated) the local station messes up their headlines half the time. Be weary of the words selected for the headline and punctuation.
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5 years ago, Renee Snyder
Love me some KOCO 5 News Team
Love everyone in the cast. So spoiled by all the information you give me, I will not watch another station unless forced to do so when I travel. I set my parents up with the KOCO App to keep them weather aware and they are slowly moving over from MM and team at k4. 🙄 Anyway the only thing I would like to see is video updates on weather throughout the day. The forecast at 4:30am is up all date. I do love the time and temp displayed in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen during the entire newscast. Congrats to Michael Armstrong on his recent accreditation. KOCO 5 weather team absolutely rocks! Love all the anchors too! Markie and Maggie are such dolls in the morning. Everyone is amazing. Even my visiting family members from KCMO say KOCO is far better than what they have up there. Proud! Thank you
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3 years ago, quit using
I only like ABC stations but the info is too repetitive. Half the time trying to find info that was shown on the local station can’t be found in the app. Most of the time an important story is only on the app for a couple of hours but then is gone while other meaningless stuff stays on the app for days. And there is more national stuff there than local stuff. Also when severe weather is happening and I have to turn to the app to see what’s going on I have to watch a bunch of adds before I can actually see the weather. This isn’t a good thing that adds are more important than tornadoes or snow storms.
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5 years ago, Robbie459
Frustrating news site
After reading stories, it returns to the home page. Stories are kept on the site for way too long. Some have been listed for months and are very outdated. Not enough local news & too many insignificant stories are listed simply because there is video. The app logo shows a new story, but you have to scroll way down to find it. Several news-junkie friends have already dropped the KOCO app and I’m about too because there have been no changes, even though these same complaints have been made many times before. If you don’t care about your news site, why should we?
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4 years ago, maudie martin
Love app but
I mainly got this app to keep updated on the weather being in Tornado Alley but sometimes you check and the 430 weather or the new weather still on at nine or 10 o’clock at night recently had an experience where it said no rain on the radar and on the report but literally got caught in the rain storm also wish I knew how to turn off some of the horrible stories or noHow to tweak the app so I’m not getting every single detail of everything very distracting when it’s going off all day long
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2 years ago, beethechange
Struggling to get past the ads
This station plays ads every instance you turn it on. Before you can hear news/weather, you must get through 5-10 ads before you hear anything. In a storm I would rather not here about Home wifi, brooks clinic or roofing commercials. If they would allow you to hear the ads once, then it wouldn’t be as bad. If you accidentally swipe off the app, you have to start all over from the beginning. Not worth my time- I will look elsewhere! Two years of waiting for the kinks to “work themselves out” is too much for me.
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6 years ago, memefay
Best in the news
I have three news apps on my phone. One sends out notices on the same story multiple times even if there is no update. It also sends out teasers so you will turn on their tv broadcast. All these repetitive messages are annoying. Another app seems to miss half the news. This app keeps me informed and up to date without blowing up my phone. Good job. Keep it up
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3 years ago, Lanout
Biased News Reports
Appreciate the weather portion of the app as it provides timely accurate information. Can’t say the same about the news portion as it is largely slanted and biased in its reporting. They could do better by just reporting the news and not constantly trying to stir up controversy over situations where there is nothing there. Seems like they are more interested in reporting things for entertainment or shock value in order to get your attention rather than honestly reporting unbiased news. There are people who want to hear the news and not listen to the biased slant.
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7 years ago, Dvany03
Best Oklahoma News App!!!
I love the channel 5 app. Unlike the "other" Oklahoma stations, the app provides the best mix of local, national and international news. If you're looking for local stories, you can find them here. Just like the news on TV, the channel 5 app gives you the actual news without sensationalizing the story. And when you need immediate weather info, Damon Lane keeps you safe!
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3 years ago, Housemouse1967
News and weather
You will always be my favorite news source because your interactive radar was there throughout the night I really needed you. I remember as a child seeing all three news stations with my parents but now usually gravitate toward yours.
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4 years ago, RC 2
Not what it once was
This app use to be great for weather. I love and watch KOCO all the time, but I can’t get this app to warn me about weather anymore. It’s all news now. I did delete and reinstall it trying to get the weather part to work but it doesn’t. I’m at a loss here. I was mostly wanting it for bad weather and storms. None of it seems to work. They use to have a pp that was directed at severe weather and it was also great. I think I read where the App Store told them they didn’t need two apps. At least back then they both worked. Sorry to say I will delete soon and be looking elsewhere for bad weather alerts.
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4 years ago, Rhouck103
Mrs Smith
I like that this news app has stories and details not available on other news apps and they seem pretty well rounded with what they report. The app itself tho is sometimes frustrating. It updates too frequently sending you back to the top of the stories even when there isn’t anything new added. And i do feel like I have hunt down ‘new’ news between the stagnant ads listed in a news type area. And some of the stories are months-old.
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5 years ago, tomthetoe
App not updated often
Come guys, don’t launch an app and think your work is done. Keep it fresh and different. I don’t think this app has changed in the last year. I also don’t like having to click 3X just to get to the radar. Put a link for the radar right on the first page so you don’t have to drill down. I live in OKC but use an app from a station in Tulsa just for radar. A comments section for each story would be good too. I understand comment moderation is difficult, get over it. It would differentiate you from the rest.
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4 years ago, CloweyG
Ups and downs.
Thumbs up: best and easiest to navigate information on COVID - 19. Articles well written. Best weather availability It’s right up front. Plus the weather app is great. Scrolling breaking news at the top is useful. Thumbs down: ads. I’m really tired of having to navigate below the Gastro Lounge and Modified margarita ads to get to the stories. I realize you need ads but placement and choices aren’t well done. Old news intermixed with newer news.
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4 years ago, Happy Dork
Last Place OKC news app
I haven’t been watching channel 5 since I was a child. I’m getting ready to turn 64 yo. I’ve always liked the way they cover and report local news better than the other 3 stations. The one thing about the app that I can’t stand is if you don’t open the app every day they quit sending the news to you. I don’t click on every app every day. This is a practice they need to quit doing. Keep sending me the news even if I don’t visit the app daily.
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4 years ago, Prof McCue
Some stories are years old.
As someone who really loves this station, I am constantly disappointed in this app. Stories are written sloppily with no apparent effort to proof read before posting. There are misspelled words and in some cases missing words as well as other grammatical errors. There are also very old stories still showing up on the app that have been there for YEARS. It seems like we should have enough news these days to resupply the app. I understand that everyone is human and makes errors but when your business in communication, I expect a higher level of professionalism. There really is no excuse these days with apps like Grammerly, etc. Also, it’s very frustrating when I see breaking news on TV and then attempt to find the story on the app and there is nothing there. This app could be so much better than it is.
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3 years ago, 1947
Stop Spamming COVID Numbers
The app is fine. It’s a typical clunky local news app. The stories, whether from AP or KOCO are poorly researched and full of falsehoods and half-truths, as anyone would expect. KOCO, stop sending notifications about COVID case counts, or your app will be deleted from my phone. Doing this every day is ridiculous, annoying spam. Once a WEEK would be excessive. NO ONE CARES. Anyone who does care can open the app and find it for themselves. This is not information that’s relevant or interesting to normal people.
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6 years ago, Sqworrell
I can read and not have to watch video
I use this app as it allows me to read more stories than other sites where the news is only provided by watching videos. I don’t want to volume up or to use so much data to just check on the news. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Xfiles1228
Annoying alerts
I like having this app but it’s really annoying to get the we miss you alerts 🙄 it’s also annoying that the app just decides it won’t send notifications anymore because it thinks I’m not using the app the way it thinks I should. Unless I go into my settings and turn off notifications, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t still get them!
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4 years ago, Chelvey405
Constantly ruin recorded game scores by excessive updates
Unfortunately I know it’s the race to release info first that drives your station, but I will be deleting the KOCO app. This is the 2nd time that you have ruined a recording of a sporting event that I was behind on due to putting my child to bed because you felt it necessary to release the score of the game as “Breaking News”. The NCAA national championship and the NFL super bowl. There needs to be a way to turn off sporting news announcement or something. I would consider breaking news to be something other than scores of a game.
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3 years ago, feckweed405
Great local news and weather app
A little less polished perhaps than other local news, but more moderate and less overtly good old boy political, which is nice. Still has all the information available, just sometimes a bit confusing to find it at first. For my area (SW Metro) the weather alerts are little wonky, but forecasts are super used as is the app in general.
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4 years ago, you dont want neg response
At least I’m not the only one.
I noticed someone else had the same problem I have. I will click on a story to read it. When I want to go back to the home page it starts you all the way back to the beginning of the articles. Also some stories have been there for what seems like an eternity with no updates or other information. I think I was generous with 3 stars.
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5 years ago, PVPD102
Previous newscasts not working
Wanted to watch a newscast from last night and was told to download the app for previous news casts. The app looks just like the website and only offers the most recent newscast. Was told you can just scroll back but there is no option. I looked to make sure my app was up to date and it appeared to be. Deleted the app. No reason to take up space on my phone if it’s nothing more than a link to their website.
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4 years ago, HerVoirness
Switched from News9 to KOCO
Purely because News9 has consistently buried Covid news, which is of utmost importance to our family right now. Thank you to KOCO for reporting all Covid news, both the bad and the good. We don’t have tv service these days, but still want our local news to come from local journalists.
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2 months ago, bowlanh
Cannot open it without sounds from ads!
I am about to delete it because I cannot click on a notification out in public without the music playing from an ad. There does not seem to be a way to mute it, and I am not going to risk opening it up and disturbing those around me. Also, the look of it is not very aesthetically pleasing.
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4 years ago, Chasity_bubbles
The team at 5 are#1 at keeping me updated so I can concentrate on what I have to accomplish
While it could certainly use quicker refreshening at times on a lot of the “fluff” pieces, those aren’t what I rely on this app for. It’s my daily “go to” app for things I truly need to know. Often, multiple times a day.
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7 years ago, Lkjarvis
Channel 5 KOCO
Love this up to date news station...I can always rely on them for the latest breaking news..current weather and traffic alerts. Keeps me and my family informed on local activities and upcoming events in the wonderful State of Oklahoma. Highly recommend!!
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4 years ago, alfredstayneutral
Channel 4, 5, and 9 are alphabet channels. Anchors are very good as well as the weather team which is excellent. Problem is that at times the news stories take a slanted view and don’t stay neutral. News is reported by Associated Press like it is gospel. It is not and they are not neutral.
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3 years ago, Savemypassword53
I like my channel 5 news but geez! The COX commercials play over and over and over literally over again and makes me want to delete the App all together. Any ideas as to whom to talk to in order to resolve this issue? So annoying!
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6 years ago, Armed Hiker
Enticement clips?
KOCO is my favorite news station, but the phone app is not nearly as good. I've have quit looking at the videos because often they are so short that they are not actually informative, some don't seem to have a reason at all. It also aggravates me to see so many typos. I understand that much of it is done on the fly, but a quick spell check would catch many errors.
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5 years ago, KnTomson
5 News App - A Top Choice.. Assessed by the Ol’ Fresh Start Video Tech an objective observer.
Like the app and use it frequently especially the weather radar. The news is also reliably objective. Commentators are generally effective, professional and to the point yet manage to be entertaining as well.
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6 years ago, bitpicker44
Severe weather
During sever thunder storms with heavy rain my satellite goes out. I utilize KOCO for my live coverage. It is more difficult to gain access than it should be. Sometimes live broadcast is available, but, sometimes it is difficult to find. There should be a single icon for live coverage, that has nothing to do with recorded reporting. Just my opinion. Thanks
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3 years ago, Mike flowers
Channel 5 AP
This is very informative for weather and what is about to happen. What I think I appreciate most is that they seem to get it right most of the time which really helps to prepare.
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4 years ago, genaingr123
Has a few hiccups.. but works pretty well overall
I get frustrated when the app jumps back and forth and plays almost fast forward. This is the main source of news and weather for me and my family as we travel and plan work. For the most part it works pretty well, aside from some of the before mentioned hiccups.
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6 years ago, h23zx7
After a year with the app, I’ve deleted it., The so-called “news alerts”, for the most part, are not “ALERTS”. They are just another run of the mill story...many of which don’t even pertain to my viewing area. When a pop up banner appears and is then selected to view, one must scroll thru all of the posted stories instead of the app taking you to the post that was the story in the banner. Very frustrating and not worth the trouble anymore.
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4 years ago, KlondikePlayboy
Agree with diggidyjuice!!! Super duper current weather, updates leave something to be desired. Additionally, it would be great if you could design and provide a really great Wx app! Your competition have had theirs on for a long time. Not pick them and come up with your own app that would blow them out of the water!!
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4 years ago, beaveelt
July 7, 2018
We love Channel 5 news and weather and regularly watch! I have one bone to pick- we live in northeast Oklahoma half of our time and would love to see Miami, Grove, and Venita added to your weather map! Or, any of these towns would be great. Thanks!
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5 years ago, bunba gump
Weather and news
Tornado season is coming up and as last year I can’t get channel 5 weather on tv anymore and that is the station I prefer for accurate weather. Up until last year I could get it on antenna. What has happened. I have found out others south of noble can’t get it either. My sister in Seminole stopped getting it also. Has the signal been reduced or what.
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2 years ago, New York Transplant
I have been a KOCO watcher since I moved to Oklahoma 40 years ago. They have very good news anchors and I always watch the station during tornado warnings. I trust the meteorologists . ABC news is my go to station for world news.
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6 years ago, El Topp
This app has turned into ad filled garbage.
It has been going down hill for a bit but you can even see the weather forecast anymore. They took out the 7 day forecast and weather information to make you watch a 30 second ad to watch a 10 second clip from the news broadcast. That combined with cramming ads in every possible space on every page is just too much. I’ll get my news elsewhere.
Show more
7 years ago, Jayhawker43
Good work!
Always A good mix of local and national news. Channel 5 appears to have news that interests everyone. They are one step ahead of CBS and NBC. They have at least one good story of interest of the good people do. Keep up the good work.
Show more
5 years ago, Orangepower_10
Love the Channel 5 app. It gives me peace of mind that they will alert me on weather and all other situations. Thank you Channel 5 for keeping us informed on everything that concerns our safety. You do a GREAT JOB!! Channel Five works hard at Keeping us ALIVE!♥️
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4 years ago, Ro63
We get alerts for stories that are not really breaking news but old(ish) news. And often, when we click on the breaking news alerts, it doesn’t take us to a story or it takes us to an old version of the story (not the breaking news part).
Show more
6 years ago, Kittie4
It’s good for everything but....
The problem I have with that is that I will get a breaking news alert on my phone but when I go to the app, the story is not there. It sometimes takes 30 minutes to an hour to be able to read the breaking news.
Show more
4 years ago, bs jr
Old news
Have the news story on the app before you push it to the phones. Have some one to up date the app on week-ends. Don’t like the idea to check the app for “new news” on Sunday only to read was posted on Friday
Show more
6 years ago, daisygirllem
So frustrating!
When I am actually interested in one of the five million notifications I get each day, I’d really like to be taken STRAIGHT to that story when I tap on the notification. As it is, I have to scroll thru a million other stories to try and find it. And 4 times out of 5 I give up before I do.
Show more
4 years ago, chrisptanner
Ad mute button
I love the app and would love to be able to mute the add that comes up when you click on a story to read. Video is great but not if you happen to open it in quiet setting and the add starts playing with no way to instantly mute it.
Show more
6 years ago, misscsteindl
LOVE KOCO hate this app!!!
You can’t rotate a video with out starting from the beginning. Seems like some stories stay in the feed all of the time. IE “Super Moon Photos, and Tornado Damage” Also, when I receive a push notification about a story I want to see immediately when I click the notification, it doesn’t direct me to that specific headline within the app, it just opens the app. Would love to see these items fixed.
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