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User Reviews for Kodable

4.71 out of 5
14.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Jessiesays
Kodable game
I really enjoy this game so far! It’s teaching my six year old daughter to use her critical thinking skills, memorization, and all helping her with her directions (up, down, left, right, etc.) she is also using her counting skills a little too, believe it or not! She and I have been playing this since I download this yesterday and we love! My mom even played and she was stumped on the ‘loops’ and my daughter explained to her how to play lol! Keep up the great work and I will be purchasing the full game!!!!
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5 years ago, 2CAKids
Busted bug world
I have a question why is it called bug world when you defeat the slimes with fuzzes? Also bug world is busted. every single time I’m on the final round my I pad goes back to the home screen any way you can fix it. Please After that I lose my progress on the level NOT the hole game once I go back and play it again same thing happens. no matter what I do I don’t get to finish the level I am extremely lucky if I complete ONE level. other people would say why don’t you play the other part of the game that’s a good question IM BORED I’ve basically played all the other parts of the game that I CAN play even level three is hard on astropida THREE. other wise the game is the best game ever I just LOVE that you can make your own fuzzies. Now back to the question can you please please please fix the game. please write back people
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2 years ago, OGSkullkid
Great concept except
They don’t tell you it’s a 7day subscription based game and it forces you to put in information before moving on to the trial version. It may say that in app purchases are in it but it fails to say it’s purely a subscription based concept. That being said I think it’s terrible business to hide behind the initial download before mentioning that as it’s a great idea to allow people to understand coding languages. Should probably allow for a broader audience rather than sticking to only those who can pay. Really tired of seeing educational help on this platform become a classist thing and only open to those who can afford to foot the bill. Kinda disgusting how capitalism has negatively effected everyone to become so greedy. Why not charge for the app overall? I’d pay 14 upfront over a stupid subscription.
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3 weeks ago, highly ck
Watch your money
We somehow canceled a free trial that accidentally did not get canceled. We did not have any payment methods saved on Apple. 3 month later we added credit card for some thing else and Kodable slapped annual charge 3 months after we were sure we canceled. Reached out to customer service for refund and got a flat out “we do not give refunds”. Even the credit card company was not able to reverse the charge. Not happy with a company where the focus is on taking money without any consideration that there might have been an error somewhere. Bummer our school uses them, so we have to keep dealing with them. Watch your money and make sure you triple check that if you cancel it is really canceled.
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2 years ago, hihytfkljhygtdftgy
More new stuff and planets
Can you guys make some new planets? I love the game but I finished all the planets and I was hoping you could make some new planets and also may you please please please make more hats the hats I see are awesome but I kind of want some more of those little cute hats and more items please the things I see in items BORING a make some shoes like pants shirts or even AN Outfit so please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please do my request It could make Kodable a better game than it is right now.
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2 years ago, gdjhdudjdi
Great game
App is a bit confusing to use and it doesn’t look very appealing for a couple hours but it’s not worth a download and it’s just the same thing to say that you can’t use your Facebook app for your iPad to see you have the app and the other one you need a few more things like it is worth a download for your phone to get it fixed for your phone or phone phone to get the iPhone and the iPad and
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3 years ago, Rubicle
I love this game!!!!!!!
This game is so fun because I have a chrome book and there are two versions of how to play it and it also has almost everything and even if my progress cannot be saved, this game is so fun because actually, it has everything if you play without saving it and also because I made my fuzz be a owl and it is adorable!
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5 years ago, Alli3455
Good but incredibly glitchy
My son (4) enjoys and I played it through to the (rather uneventful) end just to see what happened. Don’t play it on a PC. It is terrible on a PC. On an iPhone it’s decent but sometimes cuts off the edge of the screen and won’t let you scroll over —> lots of force quitting, which might be frustrating for some kids. You can’t get all the content on an iPhone so for that we used an iPad after determining that the PC experience was awful. iPad experience was probably the best one; no issues with cut off screens and bigger buttons which 4 yr old found a lot easier to manipulate. Still a fair amount of force quitting though when it did really strange things. Overall - get it, pay for a month, and let your kids binge it. I suspect we will be done with it by then, and after a month I am not willing to donate additional $ to such a clunky platform.
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2 years ago, Icarus138
NO free version
I’d love to review the app, but you can’t play it at all without a pricey subscription. Even the “free trial” requires giving them permission to automatically bill you – that’s not a free trial, that’s a trap. Shady companies do this because they know that people may forget to cancel after taking the “free” bait. Subscriptions for non-MMO games are suspicious enough (Pay more money in the long run, but you can’t even keep it when the developer eventually stops supporting it? What a scam!) But if they don’t even think their content is good enough to attract subscribers without trickery, I’ll take their word for it and look for something better!
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2 years ago, bubbynoms
Fun but
I have 2 kodable accounts and my home one is PRO member…On my school account, however, everything needs PRO members. At least let us do every level without pro members…… And another small problem. I can’t get past one of the levels on BugWorld. You only get DiamondShield. Please add BlueBlaster or at least remove Crusher from lvl Also it’s called BugWorld bcs of the old version. There were bugs that created asteroids to destroy plus glitchy
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2 weeks ago, Pokemon lover☠️☠️☠️
Could use some tweaking
This is one of the most unique and interesting games that I have ever played and that’s saying a lot when your a gamer like me this game lets you play many levels, but you can’t do most of the stuff on there because you have to buy the premium stuff before getting to do like have the levels(and I mean this in the nicest way possible but this game does have those flaws) please write back to!!😃
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3 years ago, Mr. Yambo
Probably would’ve been fun...
IF IT WAS NOT FOR MONEY!!! I didn’t play the game and it probably was fun just it cost money to actually play! If it didn’t cost anything, man I bet you a million people would have loved it including me! But unfortunately, this game is a scam! Just don’t have people pay you and you’ll be fine!
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5 years ago, MattTheRatKing
Disappointing cash grab
This learning tool was one of my daughter’s favorites. She had lots of fun collecting all the fuzzes. When she attempted to play it again she was extremely disappointed that all her progress was gone. Now instead of a couple of inexpensive lesson add ons I am confronted with a $60 purchase and that buys me, what, a year of your mediocre content? Infuriating. I’m not sure how you are convincing schools to buy in at that price, but if you somehow still believe you are having “a transformational effect on a child’s life - regardless of race, gender, or even economic background” you are fooling yourself. Disgusting.
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6 months ago, kateewallace
Kodable game
I am seven years old. And I was four years old when I got this game. So I have this game for three years and I love. It’s a amazing. I really think you should get it. and just to let you know my name is Remy so hopefully you like this Games let me know thanks
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1 year ago, aprizio
Cool game idea, terrible control design
My son uses this game at his elementary school and wanted to show me at home so I put it on my iPhone. The controls are in the exact spot where you swipe up to access the little shortcuts and widgets menu on an iPhone, meaning that using the controls is a source of great frustration for little fingers (and big) because tapping the controls has a good chance of activating that menu.
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5 years ago, Prefrontal Cortex
Crashes ALL the time
Updated review: 1) after several months and several updates to the app, it continues to crash All The Time. The kids just yell out “Kodables crashed again” and restart, usually having lost some of their work. There is usually 5 minutes or so between crashes. 2) The app is very limited as to content. Both kids quickly finished all the puzzle levels, and there is nothing left to do but play the games (of dubious learning value). Please add more real content! ——- I got this for my six-year-old. He got to the Asteroid level where he was changing parameters in games. The app crashes every time while he is working on a new game. It has also crashed playing bug world. Nice concept, but kids are not very tolerant of seeing their work disappear in a crash.
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6 years ago, 1K3C
Can’t understand the high rating
We purchased this for our 7 year old due the high positive ratings but we can’t believe how awful this is! Our kid who normally loves coding, games, iPad, computers, etc., wouldn’t touch it after just 5 minutes of playing. So I tried it myself to see why he gave up and I can see why! It’s badly designed, not user friendly and fluctuates from being stupidly easy and esoteric. If this is their idea of getting kids excited about coding, I’m frightened for the future of coders. Not a good coding tool.
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2 years ago, fgvffffrvrgrgrgftg
So fun
There’s all different types of coding keys for example loops up down and more! That’s why the coding is so hard. I also like the building fuzz,s and adding details to them. The game designing is so fun because you get to choose how your game wants to be I love Coding
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5 years ago, cal&hobbes
Crashes too much
For an app that is supposed to teach programming, it crashes way too much. Also, there is only one activity that actually teaches programming (the smurgle maze thing) which is quite good. The rest are just bad clones of popular apps (like Plants vs Zombies or Match-3 Bejeweled games). Also, I signed up for a 7-day trial, but after 6 days, I went to cancel, and I couldn’t because it already charged me for the month unlike what the trial offer stated.
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6 years ago, pcm70.3
Excellent introduction to programming for young children
My two boys have really enjoyed playing through all of the coding puzzles especially the new maze challenges in the Smeeborg world. The Kodable worlds got them used to the programming concepts and made it easier to transition them to text based coding. Fun game!
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5 years ago, Thefranzi
Blacked screen so I can’t even cancel
First of all, you have to pay $6.99 per month to use anything on this app, which I was willing to do if it was a good app. This app worked for about 5 days. When my child reached a certain level, the screen blacked out so that when we open the app, the screen is just black and we can’t go anywhere. We can’t even go to settings to unsubscribe. Now we are stuck with $6.99 per month until I can figure out another way to unsubscribe.
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1 year ago, dolphingrl084
One of my favorite games❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️💕💕💙💙💜💜💗💗🖤🖤
I love this game it’s fun .but I want you to unlock all the hearts for us not let us pay for it but other than that I like the game I play it at school that’s how I Learned about it thank you for making this game 💜🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️💗💗💕💕💕💙💙
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4 years ago, Ugh grr smhsbbd
This is amazing! On every device so much fun! My teacher made us play this game. I’m glad he taught us it. To those people who said “iTs cOnfUsiNg.” Thats just your BRAIN. It’s pretty easy so I don’t know how dumb you are. If it’s confusing un download it if you have nothing good to say. It just downgrades confidence c:
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6 years ago, coolestmom1
BEST game for kids!
My three kids (6, 8, 9) love this app! It is definitely a family go-to for game time in our house. Instead of fighting over the iPad, they’re helping each other beat and build levels. Thanks, Kodable- keep the updates coming!
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5 years ago, FirmwareWriter
Epic Fail
Bought the app early on, the paid nearly 30 dollars for upgrade. App never worked after that, won’t let anyone in. Now they want a subscription fee for a non-working app. Kode for Kodable needs significant work on program state. The iPad Pro is in restricted mode ( pretty common I’d think for children’s use) but even out of restricted mode app is a dud. Good idea for app but needs a LOT of improvement. Change to subscription model makes sense but only if app works AND there is support when app breaks!
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2 months ago, jschuler89
Paisley I’ll love it how you guys made this game it’s really really fun
Here’s an example I love how the first one’s easy and it just gets harder and harder because it’s just so hard to figure out like is this a math game? Give me a question.
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3 years ago, ggacha girl 💕
it’s fine I guess
1. I collected most of the fuzzy sand once I turned of my phone and it deleted all my stuff! 2. I got made at that so I waited a while before playing again but when I did I could not even get in, now I’m not sure if it’s the fact that my phone is old but still it was disappointing. So I know there’s not much but I want to keep it simple but still make my point that you shouldn’t download this app.
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2 months ago, dtcohen1104
I used to play this in second grade!
Hi! I’m in third grade now! (I’m homeschooled.) I used to play this at school in 2nd grade. I can’t play it anymore because I have to pay, but it’s really fun and a great coding app! It’s not as good as Codespark but it’s really fun! I ❤️ IT! Thanks for this great coding game! Bye!
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1 year ago, Hthchfydbfhhsn
Kodable is the best way kids learn all about atherthams. Kodable is the one of the best games I’ve ever played. It teaches me how to understand my phone. I’m a 8 year old student in school learning about math, science, language arts, and how to use a computer.
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3 years ago, hvvgfd
Home membership
The app is good but the only thing is we can’t figure out how to get a home membership! We’ve really liked the app but we can’t seem to figure out how to get a membership! Let us know if you have any ideas of how too!
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3 years ago, Duppleganger
They ask you to pay without even trying the game
As soon as you open an account (first requirement in order to star), they ask you to subscribe for 7 dollars a month. Without even showing you what you’re paying for, or letting you try it! I mean, come on. Who’s going to pay for content they haven’t even seen, unless it’s a captivated audience? Waste of download bandwidth and time.
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4 years ago, poper guns two
EXCELLENT game but there are some issues
All of my friends play this game and all my friends LOVE but there are some issues I want to play the full game but I have to do a parent login and I don’t want to do that. Please make an update to fix this so I can play all of it
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4 years ago, skeirjiemf
I like this game because you can buy items with Kodable coins. The coding is really fun. I enjoy playing Kodable because you can make your own fuzz. The more you play it the more coins you have. My favorite coding course is asteroida.
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3 years ago, Evenmoriah
Early introduction to disregard for life
Why is it that a game level supposedly designed for 4-year-olds has bug squishing as an unavoidable step in successful completion? What are you teaching my children about respect for life? About caring for our planet and all its living things? About prioritizing kindness over our personal goals and empty “achievements”? Thoroughly disappointed. App quickly deleted and subscription canceled. I won’t be back.
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2 years ago, ssantgross
This is one of those obnoxious in-your-face apps that won’t close unless you shut your phone off (and remove the app.) Also you can’t see anything without a purchase, not even a sample of the program. Notice the first “glowing review” (which sounds suspiciously like they wrote it themselves) is from 3 years ago. Teach your kids coding for sure… but not on this manipulative garbage.
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3 months ago, App lover👨‍💻
Paying ripoff
I don't like that you need to pay 8 dollars to have home account. I want to pay like 2.99 for monthly and the others.
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3 years ago, Ih8jello
Just more screen time
My kids are being assigned this at school, and I hate it. It increases their screen time during hours that they should be learning. Instead, their behavior after using this app is similar to when they play video games. It makes the rest of asynchronous time five times as difficult as it would be otherwise.
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4 years ago, shon992234
Doesn’t load
Simply put, it stops at the “Loading Kodable,” screen. The desktop version is great though.
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1 year ago, Jgvuyvjhb
Updated isn’t saving progress
Many of my students’ iPads are no longer saving their progress. Last year, we didn’t have any trouble. This year I get a “firewall” window pop up, it it can’t be the issue because other students, using the same Wi-Fi are able to save progress.
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3 years ago, jkjjkmj
Just why?
When I signed into my home profile or something I used Google and I noticed that there were some kind of monthly payment when I was done with getting my avatar all set and stuff I am eight years old and I am extremely disappointed that you have to pay a monthly experience for this thing and I didn’t experience such GOOD for this!! Please make monthly payment free!! I will rate it five stars if you do!!!
Show more
2 years ago, Amyyyyyensn
Revenue Hustle
Monthly subscription, that is laughable, absolutely laughable, smart but your ratings need to come down on that alone, who is supportive of that of all these 5 stars 🤔. Charge a fee for the creation and be happy with that business case please. Put your work into the next product launch versus charging us for agile software development.
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3 years ago, Stocway
Some kinks still need to be fixed
When putting the commands in the boxes the icons are too big and cover the pathways where you cannot see which direction next because it’s behind the icon. Very frustrating to kids. Not cool!
Show more
4 years ago, Kristin 82
No additional content with subscription
My daughter completed all of the free content during the trial. I purchased a subscription, but there is NO ADDITIONAL CONTENT with a paid account. When she logs in, she just gets a message saying all available levels are complete. Why would you sell an annual subscription when ALL levels can be completed by a 7 year old in a single week. I want my money back.
Show more
1 year ago, Juno Winslow
Broken thing but everything else good
When my 8yr old daughter goes in the game designer, it hangs even though we turn it off fully, but everything else is good.
Show more
1 year ago, Destinee Dearman
my opinion
I really enjoy this game. I think that you should get it for your kids because it helps them with thinkingSkills. And i think it’s a good game to play. Also, I have fun playing it too 😜🤓
Show more
1 month ago, Kodable makes me smile
Kodable is so fun and there are so many levels! I definitely recommend it for anyone. It really does teach you coding and learning how the system works.
Show more
11 months ago, Mecha Ramirez
Very good game
This is a very good game but on the mobile app, it forces you to pay for it if you can fix that that would be great but overall amazing game
Show more
6 years ago, the unspoken kid
Very educational
I have played kodable since third grade and I still love it! I would never have downloaded this game until my tech class teacher introduced this game. Right when I got home I downloaded right away. Great job!
Show more
3 years ago, funjnjcdnjdccfnj
Read this
Hi I’m 8 years old and I tried it but I don’t know my dads email and I’m in Spanish class so if your 8 in Spanish class it’s only for English thank you so much for reading this and make sure to support this game my name is Laila and I’m a girl I hope you guys have a nice day
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3 years ago, Mo Bruder
Love the game but one problem.
Lol for the game but one problem. The problem is that when I am doing my schoolwork and 1 of the things on my list is Kodable but while I’m doing Kodable I just feel bored 😐. The only thing I LOVE to do on this game is Maze Maker, Smeeborg ⬅️⬆️⬇️➡️ and Asteroidia ☄️
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