KOIN 6 News - Portland News

4.5 (4.2K)
88.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KOIN 6 News - Portland News

4.53 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
7 years ago, bwarming
Prior Version was Better
The prior version had a much better interface. It had more and better choices of articles and used space more efficiently. Sure, it was a little clunky, but now, there is so little information, and so much wasted space. I'd love to be a part of a testing, feedback, or focus group for future releases.
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4 years ago, Atropheus
Hot mess
This app is such a mess. Ads pop up and the swipe up to dismiss is almost the same gesture as closing the app on iPhone, so 9 times out of 10 I accidentally close it. Video ads start running immediately so you can’t just read the article and see the picture related to the article (today it was a girl doing bridge pose instead of the suspect police are asking public to look for). Articles lack punctuation, spelling and capitalization errors are everywhere. It’s fine for just seeing the notification blurbs that come up, but don’t bother clicking them, it’s all downhill from there.
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5 months ago, tawandalou
Can’t read stories that have videos
I used to be able to choose to read the stories instead of watching videos on my iPad. I wrote in about a week ago telling them that there was a problem. I haven’t heard anything back nor has the problem been rectified. So, I’ll be deleting this app and finding another way to get news. It won’t be from KOIN since I can only conclude they don’t care if their customers can access their product. That means I won’t be seeing their advertisements, either.
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1 year ago, Wishing I could see
Screen reader
This app used to allow blind and visually impaired users access information. In the last few months, it has stopped doing so for latest news. If you use a screen reader, you can no longer access those headlines along with pictures in order to access News. Have to go to another new site although this used to be my favorite.
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1 year ago, Ctest
Don’t care about dedicated user base
They make you upgrade the app then they remove the ability to watch news streams, live due to dedicated partners, etc. they won’t let you watch news live they make you wait 2+ hours if it works so much for KOIN been a dedicated news option I am a viewer from out of the local area, but would occasionally tune in as I have family and friends in the area I called to give my feedback was transferred to the comment line voicemail was full, etc.. This TV station is going downhill quick.
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5 years ago, miss marta007
I’m updated with current news and really am glad to be forewarned about local nes, especially impacting local residents of traffic hazards and protests, so I can avoid (usually) walkable areas! I don’t need additional stress so THANK YOU! Am informed of events possible to attend! I’m glad glad to be in the “KNOW”. - thanks,Marta
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4 years ago, Loghyr
Again With the Noisy Interruptions
Below is the review I wrote a while back. Deleted the app. They fixed that idiocy, but now in the middle of reading a story a commercial’s soundtrack started playing and could not be quickly stopped. Deleted the app again The news this app provides is not bad, but EVERY time you open the app it shows an ad which must be closed before the app can be used, and EVERY time you change pages the same (shrill) video of a KOIN spokesmodel encouraging water conservation plays. Every page change? Really? This is a very poor user experience
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2 years ago, iseverynictaken
Terrible news app if you want to read an article
I've about had it with this app. It constantly forces ads on you in the middle of reading an article. I'll try to scroll (at first I thought I was accidentally clicking an ad) and it completely leaves the app and puts you in a web browser or app store. I've had this happen two or three times in an article and have to go back to the app to continue reading each time.
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9 months ago, Airneil Crafter
Alert should show the right story
When I click on an alert from an app, I expect to see the story in the alert. Invariably, when the KOIN News app gives me an alert, and I click on it, I am shown something completely irrelevant and usually not interesting. Today, I saw an alert for an updated NOAA forecast. I clicked. I was disappointed. I saw a story for an incident that happened six months ago, had nothing to do with NOAA, its forecast, or weather at all. I should not have to search for a link to a story I clicked on from an alert for the same app. I have no expectations that this will be fixed. It’s been this way for years. Other apps are more than capable of linking the correct story. Because of this, I will be turning off notifications in this app.
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7 years ago, fsehi
Accurate weather
I turn the Koin 6 news for my Weather and News, because I can rely on them to be accurate and informative. I use this app and I watch every night. Love you guys
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4 years ago, 12Fun
Ads With Blaring Sound
I have happily used this news app on my phone for several years. However, recently it has been overtaken with ads that have blaring sound. I’ll be sitting and reading quietly and all of a sudden an ad will appear with VERY loud audio. I looked for a place on the app to contact KOIN to complain but could find none. I won’t be able to continue using this app with this problem!
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7 years ago, Strozut
Update unusable
The latest update is unusable for watching livestream of newscasts on my iPhone with 10.3.3 iOS. Once I go through the clunky interface, I get stuck in ad loops. The rare time a few seconds of the live broadcast streams, it suddenly pops back into another ad loop. The old version had problems, but was usable. This updated app is similar to the clunky KGW livestream interface, except not watchable. At all. (One star because that is the minimal requirement to pst a review.)
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4 years ago, Paulworks
Too many blank pages
The layout is good but when you click on a story an add shows up and then it appears to be trying to load the page but never does. It also crashes and appears to turn my sound on for ads when I have it off so as not to disturb people. If it isn't fixed soon I will switch back to KGW which was also garbage but at least I got to read the news stories.
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6 months ago, tonymro
Crashes when tapping the Weather button
Weather screen fails to load due to the app crashing when the Weather button is tapped. Also, video ads are even more intrusive on news story screens, making it more difficult to read news stories. Is this a news app or an advertising platform?
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6 years ago, RAM1946
News Team
Love the news team! Very informative, caring and knowledgeable when giving a review of issue. Love the idea the team goes into the community to learn more about a topic. Keep up the excellent job!
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7 years ago, New2iphone-jojo
Always on top!
This ap provides relevant accurate and current news stories as they develop. Never had any issues with functionality. Thanks KOIN 6
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3 years ago, Teach Em Up
Completely dominated by ads
The app is completely dominated by a giant auto playing video with a little news and a lot of adds. You can’t close the video, and it expands and contracts as you scroll up and down blocking text. Just pull it up in Safari and put it in reader mode, or just switch to another local news source.
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5 years ago, jgr2204
Very handy app for checking news in the Northwest
I find the KOIN news app to be a spot where I can get the latest Portland and Northwest news.
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4 years ago, Nijo150
Videos auto-play. A big no-no
I refuse to use the app because videos auto play when you click a story. This means that if I’m sitting in a quiet place and click a story, the video starts blaring away if I don’t have my sound turned off. Auto play is a big no-no. The app is unusable. Luckily, there are other local alternatives.
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7 years ago, Scarlet56
Good update but...
I like the new site. The only problem I have now is I get notifications twice. I've turned them off to avoid the irritation. Keep up with the improvements. I upgraded my rating from 2 to 3 stars due to the improvement in navigating the site.
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4 years ago, HBDesert
This app is a resource pig
They really need to take a hard look at resource management in this app. I like KOIN 6 news, but to try and watch videos results in constant frustration with performance issues. Don’t even try to screen share with Apple TV for a news conference unless you like watching the same ad 4 times and have it freeze up. Good content, but a poorly engineered app.
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4 years ago, Aperson55
Liked other versions the things that play automatically are the data sucking adds and there doesn’t seem to be away of stopping stuff from running unless I asker to. All automatic all data and battery killing time to delete as I’ve already done with a similar functioning local news app. C-
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2 years ago, lizzieb7
Notification glitch
No matter what I adjust my notification settings to, I still receive notifications for stories I have absolutely no interest in. Deleted the app to find a local news station that can send me ONLY what I’m interested in.
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6 years ago, mugshotmike
Notifications pathetically out of date
Numerous times the notifications have said that a person in an accident was identified only to let the reader search in vain for a name. Today’s notification about the Substation fire said Person Found Dead, but when you open the story, it says “no fatalities or injuy have been reported “ Come on, people! Get your app together!
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3 years ago, jekmb
News updates are goo
I like the news up dates very much but the ads are terrible. Some go on for 30 minutes. They have come ons and deliver junk. They certainly don’t entice me to buyrjkem
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7 years ago, Jimmp
Great update
The older version was clunky and hard to use. This update is great and makes this so much better and easier to use and scroll through. I live in Portland.
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4 years ago, Sig503
Needs improvement
Lately after a device reset, app will allow one to clip on story but then it won’t let you back out of the app. No buttons work after the app crashes. Might just copy the link rather than continue to use a crashing app.
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1 year ago, Annoyed news reader 01
Inefficient app
I don’t like that after reading a “latest news” story, the app the jumps to another section. After reading a story, I want to go back to the list of stories where I was rather than having to scroll back. I read fewer stories than I would due to this inefficiency and annoyance.
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3 years ago, Kddub937
Terrible New UI
The updated version is horrible. Hard to navigate, hard to tell what’s going on, hard to find anything relevant. The scroll is terrible. The pages are sticky and unappealing. The content is woefully lacking. The older version was so much better and easier to navigate.
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3 years ago, ReneeNGardner
Auto play videos makes it almost unusable
While I find KOIN6 a very reliable news source, the auto play videos in the app are a nuisance. Every story I’ve clicked into starts with a loud ad that cannot be muted or stopped, then leads into a video story I don’t want to hear. Even if I scroll down to read the story, the video is still playing.
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6 years ago, Charpower29
Local News
So appreciate the newest and beautiful weather person. She is so professional and personal as well. Such a great new member of the KOIN Team.
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5 years ago, Kev. Scaffer
Ken Boddie & Jenny Hanson are the best! I moved to Roseburg about a year ago and stream the show everyday. I love Kelly Bayern and of course Carly Kennelly. I love their little side conversations and especially with Kohr Harlan . Jenny cracks me up all the time!
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4 years ago, CatLady696969
Notifications and app are garbage
Try setting your notifications custom. Watch the alerts that come in. Did you want an alert about the KOIN podcast? No? Got one anyway? That’s the fun of this app. This kind of garbage. Uninstall. There are much much better local news apps with better notifications settings and less garbage.
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5 years ago, paul 3955
Miss you
I’m on direct and am tired of not having you on tv I hope this ends soon
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3 years ago, Cy Nickle
Great content, terrible app!
I enjoyed this app for its local-centric news coverage, but I got so frustrated by it locking up EVERY TIME I opened it that I finally deleted it. I will find another app that actually works. I think the weight of ads is the culprit. Bye.
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7 years ago, (((((((((((((((((((((
Latest news
KOIN updates the news more often than other stations.
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3 years ago, pennywennyii
Deleting app
The previous app was much better. It is hard to figure out the articles and the pictures are so small they might as well not be there. Either use more words or let the pictures be bigger. Getting rid of the app as soon as I finish this.
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5 years ago, Squeek09
Alerts don’t work right
Terrible interface. Packed with ads. And even though I’m only signed up for breaking news alerts I get alerts for the most mundane things like wine tasting and telethons.
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5 years ago, nwnewell85
Best news station!
I have lived in Portland for my entire life and whole family watches!! Go Jeff
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2 years ago, smokinpig
Worst app ever
Stupid to have to swipe up after starting app every time, start a story, its video or part video and a ad starts, cant close it or return to other stories with out either watchin the video, or force closing the app and starting it again…
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6 years ago, Bootykikr
Kids could make a better app
The same story on 4 different pages is a bit silly. The entire app size could be massively condensed to save you the hassle of sifting over and over the same information.
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6 years ago, Ghandi48
Like your news
Would have given you 5 stars if Kelly Day was still on. Nothing against her replacement but, liked the way She and Jeff G partnered.
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7 years ago, SlvrSet7
News & helpful info
When I can't see the TV broadcast or the website, I can still learn what's happening via this app.
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5 months ago, SickOfDumbApps
App is broken
Seriously, this used to be my go-to app for local news. Now, it’s unusable. I can’t even swipe up to bypass the ad that shows up when I open it. I guess I’ll go back to using KGW’s app, which is terrible, but at least it works.
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6 years ago, MyUnit
You changed the formate of how stories are laid out and now it looks just like KPTV which was not a favorite. I guess they will all look the same at some point.
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7 years ago, Tlfmd
Ok but...
I get a notice, swipe it, and go to a different story. It would be smarter to take me directly to the story I swiped on for
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7 years ago, So farms
My favorite tv
I look at this on my phone
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4 years ago, mead country
I’m on the brutality band wagon and lives matter. 9 days is enough . Ask the news media to stop covering it or stop watching this will end quick . It’s time for the leaders to get busy and make changes
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5 years ago, SpouttinOff
Can’t watch videos
Every time I try to watch a video in the app I get “a playback error has occurred” and no video. This has been going on for at least a year.
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7 years ago, Most satisfied
Old version was better for me
I could preview lots of headlines without clicking before. Now there is one big headline with only two more viewable without clicking on a subject heading. Ugh.
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