KOLO 8 News Now

2.2 (121)
72.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KOLO 8 News Now

2.23 out of 5
121 Ratings
2 years ago, Balinimini
App needs help
OK, you guys asked for feedback. So I’ll give you some. Our family finds your app to be somewhat pleasing to the eye, but very difficult to navigate, and not very user-friendly. Would you consider revamping your app so that each section has a small explanation of what each icon stands for? For example, what is Colo cares, what is live stream? I also don’t see any section for traffic information. Perhaps this would help
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7 years ago, Biggestlittlekitty
Good but basic
Great app for reading local news. It is limited in its ease and use. There should be notifications or a daily/weekly story of upcoming events in the news section. I read the app every day, sometimes multiple times, and always see events as they are happening or after they have happened. I would love to participate more but 30 minutes prior to an event is usually too late, and after the event is impossible, for now...
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7 years ago, ila901scrn
Limited Functionality
This app needs an overhaul! Further one of the most obvious functions is missing and that is the capability to zoom! You can't see anything in the pictures and you can't zoom in to see better or see details. Poorly designed app!
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7 years ago, Ban Playmesh!
Spam and poor design
All this app does is stream Spam and popup or video advertising. Between the pop up ads every time you start up the app, and the adds on videos and story's, the app is unusable. You cant even watch proprietary videos without an minimum15 second add. In app features have also been removed and replaced with links that open up to Safari.
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1 year ago, tahoe kerri
Ads before you can view any news
This app started out ok, But now you are required to view ads and watch ads before you can do anything else. Horrible!
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3 years ago, MrUmpus
Latest very bad
The latest version just sits on the opening page and the little gear just spins. Tried deleting it and re downloading nothing worked. Has now gone from the ads making it really annoying to being completely unsuitable for purpose.
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3 years ago, B-Lows
Broken and Confusing
Doesn’t even open with iOS 14.6. Too many ads that are presented as legitimate news stories and they don’t support large text. Just a really lazy app. Too bad they don’t care more about our community but that has been their trend over the last two years.
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6 years ago, DGodecke
Just became totally worthless
Can’t get past the ads to get to the news. Having ads in the list with the news is one thing. I can click on one if I am interested but forcing me to click on an ad before I can even get access to the news screen is too much. Time to move to channel 4 news.
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4 years ago, TheLDon
Late night notice.
To get notifications is one thing but to get notified late at night over a speech the governor faces hours before is crap. Sorry I’m loosing sleep for that. But I am deleting the app so I don’t loose sleep.
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3 years ago, Stangman
Ad Fail!
I open the app to see the news and all I see as a full page ad for Saint Mary’s that I can’t get past. The only actions that result are taking me to a web page for saint mary’s. What good is an app for news if you can’t see the news, but only an ad? Not any good at al to me.
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5 years ago, Samsams2121
Crashes my whole phone!
This app is great for local news and used to work fine but the last month it has crashed my phone every time I have tried to open it, causing me to really hate it! I’m using another local news source now!
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6 years ago, bertman!
What the heck
App won’t open on my phone 7+ , it use to 2 years ago now I’ve tried it and tried it just sits there loading for ever FIX IT!!!
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3 years ago, Lstarrm
Good content, bad app
Good news stories and updates but it keeps crashing and I have to reinstall.
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5 years ago, Jsfogelberg
Good application
It’s a good application however whenever I try to look up the weather it always closes the application.
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6 years ago, Oldlures
Quit working
Stopped working on iPhone6. Notified the news department who in turn notified the developer. Nothing done. I finally gave up deleted it as they don’t seem to care. Got an app for another Nevada news app which works fine
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7 years ago, Worsteverrrrrrre
It changed
I loved this app at one point. My biggest issue is the fact that we no longer have a voice on the site. Where did the ability to comment on stories go???????
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4 years ago, Molly Daniel
Can’t tell what’s REAL news and what is an ad
If there was an award for worst news app, this should win. So much click bait and ads it’s tough to tell what is really news and what is an ad. This app is SO bad it makes me not even want to watch their news broadcast.
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5 years ago, Junkey and dumpy
What happened?
The app used to be great. Now they took away your ability to comment, I'm assuming because they just don't like discussion. These advertisements on this went up tenfold. It's like all you can find anymore is Clickbait.
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6 years ago, Chi guy 51
So so
Best thing about this app is the earthquake feature. It would be a great improvement if you could adjust the time zone from EST to PST. And why can’t I add Vancouver BC to the weather?
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10 years ago, Stereo3DGuy
Somewhat disappointing
When it works, it's ok, but... I'm most interested in the live stream. The problem is, too often it doesn't, and we get no feedback that there is a problem (yes I know, a blank screen is feedback). I'm pretty sure, based on the fact all other feeds I have are working at the time of the failure with this app, that it isn't a problem on my end. It would seem to me a simple task to program the app to at least display that the stream is down. At least then I would know for sure it wasn't at my end. But all that aside, I can't trust this to be there for me each morning. That's a problem. You don't build loyal viewers with a hit and miss setup. Another suggestion, when you do get the live cast stable, it would be nice if you had more choice, in the event one misses the live cast, it would be nice to be able to watch the "last live cast". We don't have to back any further than that.
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6 years ago, uuuuuggggghhhh
What Happened
Starting yesterday the news app went to total ad spam. Can no longer see the news stories. I see ABC’s priority. Deleting app and going back to CBS app for local news.
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6 years ago, NVDude
Click-bait links and ads.
Everything is plastered with click bait stories and ads. All I want is local news but that is apparently too much to expect.
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3 years ago, norcalkurt
KCRA has a better working app
Get it together, your app is still in the Stone Age
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7 years ago, moresdee
This used to be a more centered app compared to the other local ones. Now the "stories" have changed dramatically and they eliminated the comment section, so I'm deleting it.
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7 years ago, Sheafferw
Lame ads on startup
Really annoying. Used this app for years and now when I launch I have to watch an ad. Lame uninstalled and went with channel 2
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7 years ago, Birdie Kl
Worst app ever
Every time I click on a pop up it never ever takes me to the story. If I click on any of the stories, I get to watch 3 commercials. So done with this app
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5 years ago, mttmdrd2
Great news station but the app shuts off every now and then.
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2 years ago, Zyx58foe
Used to be okay
Deleted the app today since they’ve added video adds that can’t be skipped.
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7 years ago, Pammiemo
I do not like this app anymore
If you click on a newsflash you cannot find it. This site is overrun with stupid advertisements and spam. So done with it.
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6 years ago, dissappointed one
What did you do??
Unable to negotiate through your advertising to get to your news. Too bad, I used to follow your feed. Disappointed!
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7 years ago, Ridama
Deleting it
The app that was my go to app for news now forces me to see an advertising for a very lousy game and can't be turned off. I'm deleting it
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2 years ago, dr rawlins
Would be Great if it Worked Even a Little Bit
Pretty much useless
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5 years ago, D. Corbett
More Clickbait than News
All the crap clickbait links at the bottoms of the articles drive me crazy, we’re here for local news.
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5 years ago, hyggmhchtfkugutfkugutvkhfgjy
Shuts Down phone
Just started to force restart my phone when a news story is accessed
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5 years ago, renodriver
Crashes iPhone xs
Ever since ios 12.3 was released this app causes my iPhone xs to shut down every time I try to open it.
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4 years ago, jfz fkgxlhcucuc n
More status quo
Clearly liberal bias! I guess if you you want unbiased news these days it’s weather and traffic reports only! Sad
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6 months ago, Lwilhelm
Bad app
The app stopped work a year ago still no fix
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6 years ago, Cooped
They used to be a balanced news station, now just another liberal media station.....deleted KRNV 4 is much better
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5 years ago, No news Mike
Will not update
The September 2019 update will not install. Update reports failure with no explanation. Several attempts to update have all failed.
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7 years ago, K.L.Aynedter
KOLO sinks
This App is worse now that it has this 'business' advertisement at the beginning. What has happened to KOLO ? Now reporting very biased, one sided News.
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2 years ago, MarkDSr
Mark Dawson Sr
This is a poorly designed app. It’s not what I expected so I’ll delete it.
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4 years ago, Big redd1
Stopped working
No longer works on iPad.
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3 years ago, dew222
Spinning, spinning, spinning
All the app does is show a spinning wheel and doesn’t load
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6 years ago, Bonez925
Class clowns
Who do you hire to write your articles? Only 1 side of the spectrum as usual.
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5 months ago, 700dnf
Text size
Need larger text.
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4 years ago, Just Chip
One star
Only one star because app doesn’t work correctly and “KOLOTV DOESN’T CARE”
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4 years ago, pink318!
It is good
It is a app
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7 years ago, Suprmnswndrgrl
So the weather forecast always says something different than what the broadcast.... it's not like they are slow to update the app.... it's just they never seem too.... it's really frustrating.... I've commented on dace book and emailed them and it seems like it all gets swept under the rug... it makes it really hard to plan for the day when the broadcast is saying up to a foot of snow but the app is saying warmer temps and just rain....
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9 years ago, Pop61273
It's great having an app for our local area to get the latest on what's going on around town. So far, so good. However, one improvement should be a back button. I've noticed it's a challenge to go back to the previous page. Instead, I have to pull down the menu and go to the front page and basically start over, at least from my experience.
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8 years ago, corkpuller72
I'm planning to move to Tahoe in a couple of years. I downloaded this app to get a feel of what is happening locally. I have been incredibly pleased with all of the information I've been given. Thank you!
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