KOMO News Mobile

3.1 (28)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fisher Interactive Network LLC
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KOMO News Mobile

3.11 out of 5
28 Ratings
10 years ago, Valria
The old UI was better. Now I have to hit back out of every story and choose a new one. The just scrolling to next is gone. Also with no margin on the screen it is not as attractive and hard to read, even two or three spaces would be enough to know the text is not being cut off. Will no longer be my go to app until it changes for the better.
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6 days ago, Joey Delga
It would be nice to get the news that not repeated before your crew rewrites it.
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13 years ago, djscott61
Needs work
Just downloaded this app despite reading the many negative reviews. When it works, the app seems fine to me. Top page thumbnails, headlines, and first three lines of content are clear and easy to read. However, the problems I found will probably keep me from using this app until it's updated: 1) The "updating" message is annoying although it wasn't on screen too long on my home WiFi. Not sure how it will behave on 3G. 2) Gray article text is difficult to read. 3) Scrolling through the articles is not smooth like most apps. Feels "sticky." 4) Tried to add and reorder locations in the weather section. Consistently crashed at the same point indicating an error. Needs to be fixed before it's useful. 5) "Your location" can't be deleted from the weather section. I didn't allow the app to track my current location, but it won't let me delete this unused location. Small but annoying issue. I'd like to read local news especially when I'm on the road, but this app isn't quite there yet. Look forward to an update.
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4 years ago, ApophisofOrion
Apparently KOMO Doesn’t listen
Look, I love YOU KOMO. I have actually had a number of you in my restaurants/bars throughout the years and all of you are stand-out professionals. However, your app is borderline. Spelling and typo errors are frequent, when you click on an image and there is commentary you cannot read the entire commentary, you don’t often update the app over the weekends and when it is updated it’s possibly one update, the list goes on. So my question is, why even have an app?? Your news channel is great, but your app is failing your viewers. So from a loyal viewer and friend, please, put a little more into the app. We love you guys but you can. do. better. Update: Apparently KOMO still doesn’t listen. DO YOU GUYS PROOFREAD YOUR ARTICLES?? How many misspellings can you have?? You put stories out about great articles but don’t provide a link to get to the fundraiser, poll, or webpage.
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13 years ago, The1truNinjaKitten
Give us back the old version!!!
The old app was better than this one, in all but one way. The new loading screen is nicer, but EVERYTHING about the old app was just SO MUCH BETTER! Please update it back to the old one! I hate the new one so much, I might just switch to a different news app. As a side note, I've got about 10million 'home screens' with all the other apps. What makes you think I want one from komo when I can go the the 'local' news part? Also, I only really read the "local, national, tech, and offbeat' sections. In your last app, it was easy to go between all of those and then exit, now i have to search for them and then, once I find them, search for the next one (and hope that I find it before I die of old age). Bottom line? PLEASE REDO BACK TO OLD APP!!! PLEAAAAAAAASE! It was much more user friendly, nicer looking (except the loading screen, I never mind seeing the Seattle skyline) before hand and I'd love to see it return to it's former glory. Some things to work on: 1. I'd like to customize the home screen. It doens't feel like home if the things in it aren't what I look at the most. 2. I'd like to see the whole headline. Snippets do not peak my interest. 3. Be more like the Kiro app I've moved to. User friendly, helpful,. concise.
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13 years ago, Freesitintime
Don't fix it, if it ain't broke!
This would be a 0 star if it let me. I hate this new app! I want the old one back. I loved the easy of use on the old Komo app and it was visually pleasant. This app is clumsy to use, makes you open up windows to change to new topics and areas of news. I loved the slide feature of the old app. The slide feature is gone now. I don't know why companies think they need to change things just for change sake. Komo bring back the old app! It was soooooo much better. UPDATE: I didn't think it could get worse but it did. I can't get thru a news article without it crashing half a dozen times. I finally DELETED this app all together. Sad because the original one was my favorite. I used it every morning to get the news. KOMO just give us back the old app... PLEASE!
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13 years ago, Pewh
Old one better
I like the universal app part of the update, however, the previous layout was so much more streamlined. The flashing ad at the bottom distracts. The double bars at the top greatly reduce screen reading space when you include the navigation bar at the bottom and at add. I realize that you need to show ads for revenue. How you had it before where ads appeared alongside stories was so effective. I clicked on them more than any other app. Overall, this is way better than KIRO but no where near as good as the previous version. The whole update process was wrong too. I realize you are a media company and not a tech firm, for being from such a tech savvy community, you'll think people would be falling over themselves to help you get it right. This obviously didn't happen here. There is no gee whiz wow factor. Btw, I engage more with KOMO on my mobile than any other mode. You completely stole my attention from any of the other local media sources. I am sure I am not alone. You had to be killing it compared to your local competition. I will use your app less because it is harder and less visually easy to read and navigate.
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10 years ago, Kevinsalt
I have to agree
The old UI was definitely better. It was clean, and fun to use. I missed the carousel menu bar on the old app. It also has a tendency to take forever to load. It is not uncommon to wait a minute and a half for news stories to load. I do love being able to stream my news radio through my phone crystal-clear HD sound. But I don't like that sometimes there are long periods of dead air while listening to the radio. I understand the concept of advertisers not being streamed through the app at the same time as on the radio due to payola issues. But then why not streams some light music or the weather or something of that ilk? KOMO still has the best news in Seattle, although the app could use a lot of work.
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8 months ago, Stryker Five Seven
App overheats iPhone 12 Pro Max
I’ve used this app for years now, but will delete it from my phone after this review. I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max and download the latest software versions the very day there are released. I also update the KIRO News app as soon as releases are issued. The problem is, for about three months now using this app instantly heats up my phone. My phone gets blistering hot within seconds of opening the app. The light on my phone dims as my phone prepares to shut down. I immediately exit the app and wait for my phone to cool down. I have 935 other apps on my iPhone and none of those causes this problem. I like the app content, but I am deleting the app as it is trying to cook my phone.
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10 years ago, Seattlight
Great if your looking for a way to waste time
The old app was my number one go to for local news, quick loading and all pertinent current info up front. Now, I don't have the patience it takes for this thing to load up. Don't even think about trying to read a story while this program is refreshing for a couple of minutes during start up. You'll just confuse it and end up getting the wrong story anyway. So many apps try to one up themselves by adding flashy interfaces and wiz bang features but if you don't have the budget for top notch programmers or beta testing, you many times end up with an unusable product such as this in my opinion. Now KIRO is my go to app, it's a shame as I really do like KOMO's news reporting.
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13 years ago, Tarekith
Terrible app, old one was MUCH better.
For starters the new update crashes all the time, and the organization is terrible. The older app with the top scroll bar was much easier to use. Also, I mainly want this app for local news in Seattle, I have other, better apps for national and world news, along with weather. On the iPhone version, you can't even see only local news, only a mishmash of local, national, and world news. The iPad has this ability, but you can't set it as a default, so I have to navigate a few tabs every time I want to check the local news. Please bring back the old app, it was perfect and only lacked different graphics for the iPad screen size.
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10 years ago, southernskyguy
KOMO app downgrade
This app used to be simple, functional, with reasonable performance. After the "upgrade" it's excruciatingly slow - firsts the screen goes blank for a few seconds (!), then the "wait" icon spins forever (often minutes) while stories load behind (!) a menu that obscures the screen. You can no longer swipe right to get to the next story - you must laboriously close the story before moving to the next. You can no longer send a link to a story to a friend. The stories listed under "top stories" and "local" are - stupidly - 95% identical, forcing you to carefully compare both lists to make sure you have seen everything. Etc, etc. Come on KOMO, this app is simply terrible.
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8 years ago, Shrinkingme
Works poorly
Open the app, click on a story and watch your phone get inundated with suggested apps from the iTunes Store. You can't read the story because you will be too busy shutting down the suggestions. Worse, this isn't the first time the app has had this problem. I reported it to them a year ago and they immediately fixed it. Now it's back... very amateurish. Also I don't see the point in having photo galleries that only show one photo with no links to the rest in the gallery. Lastly, if I'm going to KOMO for news, why link me to yet another site to read their story? (E.g., circa) I think I will move on to KIRO or KING since KOMO seems to not be committed to their app.
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12 months ago, Integri
Dark Mode
It’s 2023 and this newly-redesigned app doesn’t have dark mode? Both the KING and KIRO apps have it, so I’ll be using them indefinitely for local news until this baseline functionality is added. The app itself looks and works fine, but at this point entire operating systems feature dark mode. Nobody ships an app these days without that feature….except whoever designed this app for KOMO. Super lame someone within that organization greenlit this as an acceptable user experience. Do better by your users and give us the choice every other app does.
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13 years ago, Outa Range
Finally working again!
This is a great new app, and one of the only Seattle news apps optimized for the iPad. The recent addition of the video links is great. Though it had problems for several weeks with crashing, all seems to be fixed with the latest update. Thanks for the app, and finally getting it working again, keep it up!
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9 years ago, Dantrue
Much better than it used to be. Major improvement.
OLD:Constantly force closes, and when I'm done reading a story, there isn't an option to go back to the previous screen to look at something else. If these problems are fixed, this would actually be a pretty good app. NEW: seems everything is working fine. New interface and much more stable. I like it a lot. Glad to have a KOMO app that works again.
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10 years ago, rebeccagm08
Used to be a favorite
This used to be my favorite app to use for local weather information. The new version has changed that and now the app basically is unusable. The weather forecast is near impossible to read due to it constantly returning to the top of the screen (vs allowing you to scroll and read all the way to the bottom). In addition, the app loads content to such an extent that it uses up a lot of battery life. Finally forcing users to read white type on a black background is ridiculous. While the old app was not beautiful, at least it was functional and easy to read.
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10 years ago, MySunshine0520
Live news casts are lacking
Here's the deal, I am not always home to watch the news so I enjoy being able to live stream local broadcasts on the bus/train. I also don't have a tv in my bathroom while I'm getting ready in the mornings and would like to be able to watch/listen as I do. This app should be able to do that, but the only thing I get to see is the newscasters when they're talking. Any segments that involve video don't play. News stories are too hard to find. That makes this app worthless and not very useful at all. There are much better ones from our local market available.
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6 years ago, Scott in Seattle
Almost all good
It’s almost all good. Some of the recent improvements, like the handling of pictures, are great. The “listen live” feature needs a lot of improvement. It constantly cuts in & out. It seems there is more time where it isn’t working than is. I’m usually connected to a WiFi network when listening but I’ve tried turning the WiFi off & it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
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13 years ago, Bryce06_06
The old app was good, but I wasn't happy with the speed, and nor was I happy with the updating of it. I am happy to see KOMO developing the app in-house rather than in Minnesota like before. Overall, it's a great thing for KOMO, and updates in the future will improve the layout.
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5 years ago, ArmandoGomez4
The app lacks a lot of in app functionality and launches a browser window to open almost everything, rendering the app basically useless because it’s an extra step to access articles directly via the mobile website. If more pages were directly embedded within the app the pages would load faster and the app would be more enjoyable to navigate. Not a fan will uninstall.
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12 years ago, RGMJr
Don't like the video
Really don't like that there is no indication that a story is a video. Most of the time I would prefer to just READ a story, not watch a video report. The videos take too long to load. If you feel you must post a story as a video could you identify it as such ? And maybe you could post a text version of the same story for those of us who prefer to read.
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10 years ago, Whocares421
App issues
Two major issues I have are 1) when I close the app my music turns off. If I'm in the app and listening to my music it runs great. But as soon as I close the app my music turns off. Please fix 2) while reading a story all of a sudden it goes to my web to download a game. I don't even see an ad on the story for me to choose. I'm not even touching my screen when it happens Some dislikes are, I don't care how articles are added. I see an article I want to read but before I can select it another article is added so my chosen one has moved down and now I've chosen the wrong one. Close article and hope I can select the correct one. If like a little margin on the sides and at the bottom would be great too. I still enjoy the articles and not the app. I'm thinking of removing it from my news source until the next upgrade.
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4 years ago, jlpcheung
Video adds kill my battery & interrupt music
I have several news apps, but KOMO is my preferred source for local news. However, this app drains my phone’s battery & causes it to overheat within a few minutes of opening it. And if I’m listening to music on my headphones at the same time, the ads always pause my music. None of the ads in any of my other news apps do that. It’s really annoying & I may delete the app if it continues to be such a problem.
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8 years ago, cocoonr
Good, BUT......
I want to like this app, and it has lots of potential, but now for the BUTs....I want to use my iPad in landscape layout. This app use to allow that, but then was revised and stuck in portrait layout, and then revised and once again landscape layout worked, and then it was revised and no go..... Also, for some news articles the user is presented with a > icon in the header image, leading the use to think that there is a video associated with the article....99% of the time it is a Honda ad.😝
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9 years ago, Mother Mucca
Where'd the weather forecast go?
The old app had news and weather, and I used the app every day (sometimes more than once) to get the current news and the weather forecast write up. The current rewrite is missing the weather forecast (the excellent write up, not just the info graphics), and doesn't seem to have any other redeeming value. Uninstalled. Now I get the weather from the website, and the news from other sources. KOMO, whatever you paid for this pile of **** was completely wasted.
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13 years ago, Kjackso
Resets every time something happens
I've written them about this with no fix yet. When reading an article and you get a call, text message, you lock the phone or any other notification that changes the display you will be taken out of the article and put back at the home screen or a directory screen. Then you have to navigate back and scroll down again. I know it's not a huge deal but it gets old really quick. it's annoying enough that I rarely use this app anymore.
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9 years ago, Smokey McNug
I dont know what the person above is complaining about. Local news is on there. Maybe add local news pertaining to the nearest town (I am in Olympia and there is rarely any reports for here). Also, not very many articles added over the weekend or in some other sections on a daily basis. National news section has kept crashing on me for the last couple days, also.
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7 years ago, Vingetjur
Notification hell
It works well enough, I really wish they included the ability to filter what type of push notifications you get. They send 15 million Seahawks notifications and I couldn't care any less about the team or the NFL. To be able to turn off sports or Seahawks notifications would be great. I've disabled all notifications as a result.
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10 years ago, 64jag
Why did you change? I can no longer share news articles with others. When I try to read the forecast, the page keeps rolling back to the beginning-it's hard, if not impossible to read the entire forecast. I notice others complaining about the white type on black. That doesn't really bother me, however it could become a major issue if the articles could be shared or printed. It's time to go back to the drawing board!!
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10 years ago, CaptainJackSeattle
Love The Video
I’m not much of text reader so the layout is less important to me. The video quality on this application is amazing, it never stalls and starts instantly. No idea how they do this but it is much better than the Seattle competitors.
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9 years ago, PuzlFan
Where are alerts?
Whenever I tap on an alert that is pushed to my device, it takes me to the app news feed where there are no links to the current alert. I'm about to get onto I-5 and saw an alert for I-5 briefly show up. Since I couldn't read the entire message, I tapped on it. Where can I find it? If it's there, it's NOT intuitive for me and I've already wasted too much time trying to find it.
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10 years ago, ANVRN
Why in HADES' inferno happened?
Thanks for the update! Now I can attempt to read the weather report and have the pleasure of never finishing the report because I get scrolled back to the beginning. I realize the issues with the NSA leaks show one reason why information should be protected. Is that why the privilege to transmit or save news reports has been taken away, starts at KOMO stays at KOMO! I have yet to find more torturous additions to your application. Please give large bonuses to the designers of this debotchery.
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10 years ago, Lhomey
Horrible update
I used to love this app - used it all the time. Since the update, however, I haven't been able to use it at all because the content never loads - it just forever "refreshes" with no info ever appearing. I'm also not a fan of the new dark colors (red and black? Really??). The previous design was SO much better, not to mention that it actually worked! I'll give it another few weeks to see if they fix the bugs... If not, it will be permanently deleted.
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9 years ago, Johns world
Still slow and klunky
After years of downloading new versions of this app, I had hopes that someone at Fisher Interactive actually knew what a good news app should act like. No such luck. It continues to be slow to load and klunky to use (don't even TRY to use video). Another bit of advice to KOMO: news apps, by their nature, need to have their content updated more than twice a day. Advice to users: The KING app is far superior, and they actually update their content.
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13 years ago, Brsivart
Not well thought out
I'm rarely seeing some of the issues mentioned in the other reviews. However, the fact that you can't see the whole headline for 90% of the stories is truly irritating. I don't want to have to open each story to decide if I want to read it! Totally takes the convenience out of having a mobile app.
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10 years ago, Nowayjosephine
Previous version was way better
The new update changed the layout of the entire app and now has a black background. While that's not a deal breaker, the weather portion doesn't show radar (unless it's hiding really well) and when I go to read the forecast, it auto-returns to the top of the page, so I can't read the whole thing. I used to use it daily. Not anymore. iPhone 5.
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2 years ago, SuperShoeDiva
some articles won’t load
About every fifth article won’t load. Articles don’t include location or location isn’t obvious. Very limited content. It is easy to spend less than ten minutes on this app for news because there is so little content! You cannot navigate easily between articles.
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7 years ago, 69gtconv
No landscape mode plus other issues. Same old piece of you know what.
Wish you can give negative stars. Tried the app again after 6 months. They haven't done a thing to improve it. They obviously don't care about their viewers and definitely don't care if they have a decent usable app. I won't be wasting my time downloading this app again. Its getting uninstalled, again. It's a shame since I prefer komo to get my local news.
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13 years ago, Tammie70
I think in general people don't like change. I don't seem to mind the new lay out. This Komo App is updated more often than King5, and I appreciate that. Keep it updated and I'll keep reading. The graphics are nice, I don't have much to complain about!
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7 years ago, Travnseattle
Doesn't like Apple TV or watching via mobile
This app doesn't like you watching live broadcasts. It constantly repeats a komo 4 advertisement. Over & over. When I watch on the regular tv, the app is still repeating the same advertisement, either komo 4 ad or a honda ad. Very frustrating. King 5, KIRO 7, Q13 apps actually work great. Even better, kiro 7 has an Apple TV app. Komo was actually better when Fischer owned KOMO. Sinclair seems more concerned about politics than the viewers it serves.
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7 years ago, TribalFusion
Absolutely no sound during video stream
I downloaded the app because the web based live stream freezes so much I was hoping it would be better here. Unfortunately, this app won't play sound during video stream. I've reloaded the app twice thinking it just installed incorrectly and so far no change. It plays video quickly for the live stream but has no sound on both my phone and iPad. Bummer.
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9 years ago, Lin in Seattle
"My Newsfeed" always empty
About the app (iPhone 6 running IOS 9) "My newsfeed" has gone totally blank over the last week or two and it doesn't matter if I pick favorites (little hearts) which is how I would assume it would populate. It is frustrating since my newsfeed is the screen the app always opens to. Please figure out the problem. Besides this, app is okay.
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12 years ago, UnaClocker
Trouble streaming
When streaming radio, if the phone isn't plugged in, it goes to sleep and streaming stops, only goes about a minute. If you exit the app, it doesn't multitask, streaming stops. When streaming and plugged in, phone gets very very hot to the touch. Stream cuts out for no reason for minutes at a time with no indication as to why.
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12 years ago, DaveWWW
Annoying, Distracting Ads
When KIRO ruined their news app by changing it to an advertisement app, I went looking for a suitable alternative. This is not it. During my review, it was mostly stories about KOMO employees. The worst feature, however, was the constant rotating ads sliding across the bottom of the screen. This was a truly annoying distraction and the app didn't last 24 hours on my iPod Touch.
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13 years ago, Loftnik
Bring back the old app!
Now the headlines are cut off unless you open up an individual article, and a "updating" box sits in the middle of your screen while it's waiting for the picture to load when you do open an article. Most of the time I was almost done reading the article through the annoying box by the time it was done uploading the picture.
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3 years ago, old body young mind
News flash...iPad developed and millions sold...
KOMO missed the news flash and are unaware that iPads and laptops are widely used to read the news. KOMO app only does portrait mode, not landscape as the other news outlets in this area. If a viewer wants to look at the KOMO app they have to turn their devise...WHICH IS NOT USER FRIENDLY AND RESULTS IN THE USERS SWITCHING TO KING AND KIRO...oh well, maybe KOMO is an entirely AI operation run by bots that ready don’t care and cannot spell check for content/context ...
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10 years ago, WBH1
Upgrade is not good-Don't upgrade
The App used to be first App of the morning. It was fast, current and easy to use. The upgrade is slow, disorganized, duplicative and unstable. With the old app KOMO had won me over. I now use King 5 for Seattle news and this app is going to be removed. I like KOMO on radio and tv! I don't understand why KOMO would put their name on this app or why they would advertise it in other media. It is possibly the worst news app I have ever used.
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12 years ago, Jaxter1967
Would rather read a story than watch it...
Please indicate on your stories if it's going to pop up as a video or article...lots of times I'm checking the news late at night when the hubby's asleep and having a video automatically pop up is annoying...I prefer to read...please fix!
Show more
10 years ago, Plumber 1969
Complete garbage, the last few changes have gotten worse every time. If you are trying to make people not use this app your going the right direction. I think I will delete it from my ipad. I used to get most of my news from this app. None of the videos work, as soon as the advertisement is over it kits out, what genius designed that ? What's with the non working contact button ?
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