Korean language learning games

4.8 (22.6K)
294.6 MB
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Last update
4 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Korean language learning games

4.81 out of 5
22.6K Ratings
4 months ago, norizz?
Starting off, this app I great. I've only written a few reviews but I would really like to recommend this app. You get to choose the topic you would like to learn, restart a topic, hide words so you don't have to learn them, and much more. It has a variety of outstanding abilities, and I've only listed a few. This app is great for anyone trying to learn a new language, it shows you the word, connect the word with an image, and repeatedly shows you the word over and over again. I've found it very easy to remember and correctly pronounce the word I'm trying to learn. I do feel like there could be a way to manually type the word, in case anyone wants to try it in a conversation or something. This is only coming from someone who has been using this app for a month, so I may not know everything Drops can do, but I can assure you that it's worth it. There are streak rescues, ways to train your brain, collect badges/awards for completing a task, and overall motivating you to try and learn that new language you've been trying to learn! Overall it's a great app, and I recommend it to anyone who is trying to learn a new language. (GET THE APP NOW 😁 PLEASE or don't but still do something try learning a language or idk Google Translate isn't always the best so get your lazy bum up and do it already)
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2 years ago, LoverofMusicB
Picture association language learning
I had already learned the Korean alphabet on the owl language app, but friends told me to also look into other Korean learning tools. Even just doing Drops for the free five minutes a day has improved my language learning so much already! And you can sit through commercials to earn more daily time if you can’t afford the premium membership. I’m already at over 400 words and I’ve been using the app for about 3 months now. The only complaints being that 1) sometimes the pictures used for the word association isn’t always something that feels like a proper association and 2) that they won’t allow you to use this app for multiple language learning for free, you can only learn one language at a time which is a bummer. Especially for someone like me who is also furthering my Spanish speaking skills. However I also know there’s far more free resources for Spanish than Korean language learning at the moment. 3) There is no intake exam to test your level. One of my friends didn’t like the idea that they would have to start at square one if they downloaded the app, but I think this problem can be solved by choosing lessons that work best for you. You don’t absolutely have to do the ‘beginner’ courses. Overall, I really like the style of learning that this app offers. I think it would be really great for children learning new languages too!
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4 years ago, bfp18
정말 행복!
안녕하세요! I have been using this app to learn Korean for over a year now, and this app makes learning a language so comprehensible. You don’t even realize how easily you are learning the words, and the methods are fun and simple to follow. I have really picked up on the language thanks to quite a bit of help from this app. Some things I would suggest though, is for those who are really trying to learn to speak the language, there is only really vocabulary words and how to word certain verbs on here, and I would like to see maybe some teachings on how to conjugate verbs and sentence structure. I had to do a lot of alternative research to really learn to speak the language correctly. I don’t know if there is something for that in the intermediate section because I’m only halfway done with beginner, but I definitely think it would help. I would also really like to see some sections that cover slang words and honorifics, because I think the latter is very important to learn if you plan to travel and use the language in the country or with actual Korean people. Otherwise, it’s very fun to use and I always look forward to doing my lesson at the end of my day. 정말 행복.... Very happy! 감사합니다!
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3 years ago, chfrelsicfe
I think that this is a great app and that you could learn Korean really well with it. I rated it only four stars though because I think that you learn the words to fast and I would like more time to practice the words before adding new ones. I also do not really like that you have to get the Premium version so that you can learn more, but there are a lot of other lessons that you can do without the Premium version. I think that they also do a great job with the layout and I think that the app is really effective and it is really satisfying to move the words and other items around. I also like how every few days they say “Please work on this some more” and I find that really helpful and then I just keep working. I am the kind of person that gets really interested in something and then drops it after a day. This app is really fun and I find myself doing that five minutes. They do not push for you to do more. They set a timer and then when you are done they show you how much you progress. I think that if you want to learn languages this would be a really helpful app. Since you are reading this I might as well tell you that this is a great app and I really suggest it.
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5 years ago, The February Rose
Very pleased
I’m a Korean culture enthusiast and I’ve always thought the best way to understand a people is to first speak their language. There aren’t any Korean teachers where I live so, naturally, I took to language-learning apps. One of my favourite things about Drops is that you can easily track your progress and the app makes sure to give you enough practice with a specific word. It’s not a perfect app and I did have to do my own research elsewhere about letter and sentence structuring, but if you’re serious about learning the language, I would definitely recommend this app for it’s the only one that is yet to disappoint me. In regards to the new update though, I would like to ask the producers of the application to re-evaluate how they expect us to draw certain characters. I feel as though there is no one starting or ending point for each and every letter, especially in Korean where a letter is literally a square (ㅁ). I suggest that we be allowed to start and stop at whichever point on the letter, provided we know how to write, yes? Apart from that, an overall 10/10 app.
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3 years ago, najwa💕
Babe I’m tellin u
It’s fun, easy, the best one I’ve ever had to learn, it’s so easy and also they started the words that almost sound like English or if u know different languages but to me as i know Arabic, Amharic, Swahili, Somali, and some France it made sense cuz it was so easy. I love this app and If army is here I’ll recommend this app for u babe it’s best u will learn fast. I’m learnin cuz I want to u deter and and speak To some people and fans Of Shinee group. ❤️❤️and also watch kdrama and ithout sups let’s imrove ma Babes good luck with any Korean. But let me tell u if u speak more languages like me u might understand but some other languages u already new might messed up so do schedule to speak with frequency like to ur friends and ur family. As u learn Korean. It will get better and won’t messed up ur head and each time u learn don’t forget it keep practicing with people or try to watch kdrama without subtitles and if u have friends who speaks Korean try practicing with them. Don’t be stressed out or think about to learn it fast take ur time and enjoy babe. GOOD LUCK💕
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2 years ago, kayla🤧🤍
drops is actually helpful, first let me tell you the reason why i downloaded drops.. it’s because im addicted to kpop (me && my sister) && we both r trying to learn korean (she knows more korean then me && im trynna catch up) and we both wanna be idols(she wanna sing) i wanna dance (i can sing too😁) but we are black (&& she keeps saying we not gonna make it we r black) keep in mind im 12 shes 17 so when she turns 20 or 21 thats when we move to korean and leave our family behind😞 and to be honest we got the same dad but different mom😶 so yeh and we r 5 years apart and when she turn 20 or 21 pretty sure ima be 16 or 17 idkk but yeh (and thats why im using drops) also using it to jus live in korean jus incase we dont make the idol move!! So thats our plan B to live there jus incase we dont make it😁, now drops is awesome not gonna lie i do forget to use it sometimes but thats okay!!! BUT U GUYS NEED TO USE DROPS BC WHY WOULD I MAKE A WHOLE PARAGRAPH IN 8 IN THE MORNING AND WASTE MY TIME TO SLEEP!! TBH ONCE I WAKE UP CANT GO BACK TO SLEEP😭 BUT YEHHH GUYS USE THIS APP BYEEE🤍
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5 years ago, picky girl 22
FINALLY everything I’ve been looking for but I have one complaint.
I’ve been trying to study Korean and nothing would do it for me. I tried every site and every app. I saw this game and I got it. I was instantly blown away by how easy and fun this was. I actually enjoyed this a lot. It was fun and easy! In a matter of minutes I basically mastered about 20 new words! The developers really made this geniuses and how great and fun it was! The only complaint I have is just the time! It only gives you 5 minutes to play the. Wait 10 hours. I get that this game would be too good to be true if it was all infinite and free but I think we should be able to have 10-15 minutes of time. Most learners usually have daily schedules of at least 10-15 minutes but 5 minutes is a little low. I also think that you should lower the prices down a bit to 2.99 a month because it’s just very expensive and a lot of people don’t want to pay that much. This is finally the app I’ve been looking for and I’m getting so much out of this app and of how fun and easy it is. The different activities never ceases to keep me engaged in my learning. Thank you for reading this!
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6 years ago, Aelkge
I just started
The app told me to review for ten more minutes BUT so far it seems really great. I am comprehending the words very well and picking them up really fast. The visual representation helps a lot and constantly hearing it throughout the session. I’m Korean and I’m visiting Korea soon. I was adopted from there when I was about 5 months old. I don’t know the language, but I’m hoping this app will help me out a little bit before I go. Just to be able to recognize stuff. So far, my first five minutes have been a good introduction and I’m quite excited to keep going. I really like how you can choose the words you wish to learn and those you don’t. The pronunciation so far sounds pretty accurate as well, so I’m really looking forward to this app. Also the fact that you can choose the topic is really nice. Since I’m going there soon, I won’t have enough time to really get a grasp on the language, but at least I’ll be able to narrow down what I am learning so I can be slightly less confused while I’m there.
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6 years ago, Heaven Rudlaff
Great app so far!
This app is very good and is free! It’s much better than other apps because it gives a more obvious easy way of learning and memorizing new words! This is especially good for me to use to get my brain working in the mornings and for when I really do need it to freshen up my brain! If anyone downloads this I definitely recommend 100%! (Although I’m not sure how accurate this app is) Maybe you won’t become the most fluent, but you will definitely gain knowledge quickly and the challenges are worth the try! (EDIT: I think another good idea for this app is to make the free version 10 minutes instead of 5 due to the fact that 5 minutes is only going to help you with so much rather than having 10 and being able to break down what you’ve learned and apply it within a plentiful time span and stress free without worrying about the time limit and rushing your thought process which could cause you to get a lot of incorrect answers.)
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3 years ago, I want to learn Korean
Better than I thought
It’s the best app I’ve downloaded to learn Korean. I downloaded the app so I could learn Korean to understand k dramas because I always have to read subtitles. I’m writing this review on the day I’ve downloaded the app. This app keeps me busy and I actually remember some of the words I’ve learned already which is crazy because I’m really forgetful. So far this has helped me on my journey to understand Korean. The only problem I have is that I wish the app would let you speak the words and tell you if your correct or not because if so you might need to speak to someone in the language and they can’t understand what your saying or what if you miss said it. Also I wish premium wasn’t so expensive for the people who want it . Another problem I have is that I wish I wouldn’t have to wait 9-10 hours so I could learn more words. Other than those I don’t have any other problems with the app. To some things up overall the app is good with helping you remember the words and it also shows you the words in Korean which is great.
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6 years ago, melmomac
Great for vocab building
I’ve been using various resources but this is really nice for simple vocabulary building. It targets learning the word through various ways, choosing between two option, matching, yes/no, and “spelling”. The only thing I will say about the spelling is that it’s romanized spelling, not hangul, so this is not something that is going to help you in that area if that’s what you’re looking for. But I do appreciate that each time the word if shown, it is also “spoken”. This may be annoying for some people but I think it’s incredibly useful for pronunciation at the word level. Enjoying it so far! Update: literally the second after I post this, it offered me more time. And then I see lessons in consonants and vowels! I’m not sure how deep it goes, but it will at least help you learn the alphabet and also teaches stroke order/ handwriting. The vowels seem a bit repetitive but I am also already familiar with them so it might be just right for complete beginners
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6 years ago, uR eL pAdRe
This is aMaZiNg
It repeats a lot so that it gets in your mind which really helps. And it’s just so easy to use and it’s really interactive. As a Kpop fan with many Korean friends who aren’t willing to teach me Korean, I’m so so so happy I found this app! When you’re learning the “Korean Alphabet” as they call it, you actually get a chance to write on your screen what it is. And “ㄱ” for example, is one of the ones I learned, and you get to practice writing it out. It’s also really helpful because if you don’t have premium, you don’t have to take too much in and it’s just 5 minutes and it’s really helpful with making sure you’re not putting too much in your mind. And if you get the regular “Drops” app, then there are many other languages you can learn too! As a huge BLACKPINK fan, (I literally LOVE them) I get a chance to learn Korean and Lisa’s language Thai. And with Thai, it’s the same thing. I’m so glad I found this app and it’s super helpful. Thank you drops!!!!!
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5 years ago, Rmtennis11
Gift your future
This is the best app I've ever downloaded. The 5~ minute sessions are perfect for my mornings. I just lay down in bed with a cup of coffee and grind through 5 minutes of Hangul. And then in the evening on my commute home, I just sit on the metro with headphones and work through another 5 minutes. Over the past 3 months I've learned the alphabet, can read (slowly), and understand about 350 words so far. My only complaint (although I obviously still highly recommend this app and give it 5-stars) is that SOMEtimes they give me very Americanized words. Like coffee, hazelnut, blender, avocado...I don't really need to "learn". I would prefer if, instead of these American words I already know, they'd give me a traditional Hangul word. Nevertheless, I love this app and it's wonderful for someone trying to learn a new lanaguage for the first time.
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6 years ago, InuChan0523
I really like this app.
The only reason I would not give this 5 stars is I do not plan on learning too many other languages at this time. And while the price of the lifetime is cheaper than any personal tutor for a month (at least where I live), I only plan on learning one additional language and do enjoy the various interactive games. It is a shame that I am able to only get maybe 12 minutes tops out of the game. I know there’s the option to get 20 minutes with a referral but I’m also assuming that’s a one-time use and I would definitely burn that out in one session. Haha And given how much time and effort is put into the languages available and how many lessons they provide, I’m sure this is a bargain all around. Overall, this does seem to be addictive because it not only shows you the verbs, but it gives you a little animation. Although some of the animations seem to eat up the limited time I have in between each word. Others than these little minuscule things, this is a great app.
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6 years ago, exdi
Would be 5 stars if you could actually remove words
Compared to another flash card app, I really enjoy Drops. The different mini games are more engaging. My main issue is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to block words from appearing. I thought the “hide” feature in your learned vocab list would achieve this, or perhaps it would if I had less words hidden, but it’s really annoying to get beach volleyball and other Romanized loan words over and over again, especially when there are other words in the section you’ve marked as new for you. I understand it’s good to get some older words once in a while, but whatever algorithm is used could use some tuning. I get that that’s not trivial. Maybe all this could be avoided if you could preview the words in each section. As an intermediate learner, I’m certainly glad I didn’t look at the first section (on Hangeul), otherwise I’d be wasting more time. I sorely regret checking the numbers section for anything I might’ve not known.
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5 years ago, iamreadtardid
Enlightening Suprise
When I first open the game you get greeted with aesthetically pleasing colors and pictures. With the short time playing the game I have learned (5 minuets) I have learned just about 10 words. They make it easy to pronounce and give you the chance to recognize it from other words like making you spell the pronouncing and giving you the picture and answering what it means. You can really pick up the language really quick if you stay dedicated. I was really surprised on how easily I caught on and really expanded my vocabulary. I just got this game today and I can’t wait for my session tomorrow! Only thing I would say I don’t like without the subscription is that you can’t review what you have already learned in the collection tab. It only gives you about 20 seconds to look at if before saying it is a premium thing. I feel you should let people review what they have learned without having to pay.
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4 years ago, B.Ak.2004
Amazing app but I have a request...
So yeah i really love this app and enjoy it a lot and I’ve also learn so much with it and it’s literally perfect and all but each time i can only practice and learn for like 5 minutes?! Idk maybe 10 minutes would have been better cause like 5 minutes is just toooo short T^T And have a little request from you... can you also add another language (Persian) my cause my mom speaks Persian and she wants to learn English all the time but there’s not any good app such as Drops so i was thinking maybe you can add Persian language too so that my mom and the rest of her family can learn with it... But anyways thanks for making such amazing app this is the best I’ve literally learnt more than 5 languages with it thank you 🙏🏻 seriously I’m a huge fan keep up the good work ✊🏻👌🏻
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4 years ago, WeirdChick1469422689433890
You can physically write the characters!
I love that you can physically write the characters. It would be even better if you could enter a mode or deck or something where it was solely writing (b/c I feel like that probably a good way for the brain to encode the characters) — update: I just saw they have an app called scripts which is probably for exactly that. Also, just FYI it looks like you only get 5 free minutes a day (Im not sure I just got the app & its telling me to rate for more minutes)—it went by way to quick for me, so I think if you look at it as an app you pay for that you at least get to try before buying then it’s probably a 5, but if you look at it as a free app you can get even more of, you’re looking at probably 3... unless you use it along with other apps I guess
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3 years ago, Sergeant_Smidget
I bought the premium subscription because I liked the mechanics of the app, however I realized they were teaching alternate (?) meanings to words? For instance when I first learned numbers from multiple other sources, they were “하나”(1) and “둘” (2) however this app teaches them as “일” and “이” respectively, which isn’t really wrong. That is how you say those words, but it doesn’t seem like the most common way to do so. It did the same thing with everybody (모두 instead of the more common 여러분) and a few other words. I kind of feel like I was a bit misled in purchasing the premium as these were lessons that you couldn’t access to before purchasing. I’m just a little disappointed that I can’t count on this app to build on and reinforce what I’ve already learned after buying it (luckily at a way discounted price but still a rather hefty some of money). I was really looking forward to it.
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5 years ago, jenmedina14
Great for beginners , update: however....
Earned a few words easily in a few minutes Update: I have been trying for a few days and it was great. However for almost 3 days now ,no new word was introduced to me , it’s always been a practice of previous words and lessons. I have answered everything correctly in no time. I don’t know how long will this keep on going. And also the app will try to make you answer in Korean symbols , in which I have no basic knowledge, and you will be forced to memorize how the Korean symbols look like . Ex: it will show you a picture of a bread and there are words written in Korean and you have to choose which one is bread??? ——I will still keep on using it maybe it is one of the teaching method that will be helpful later on. I hope..
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2 years ago, Crazy Blueberry Genius
For beginners only
The app has very nice graphics which make it easy to learn and remember. However, I would not recommend it if you are an intermediate or advanced Korean student and want to practice writing or want to learn new words. There is no placement test at all, so you have to start from the beginning, with learning the names of foods. I wanted an app that helped me write in Korean, and as that was one of the pictures shown on the App Store, I decided to try it out. Unfortunately, I will have to delete it, because since I already know quite a lot of Korean, it won’t be very helpful. It would be great if there was some kind of test at the beginning, or at least something where you can select whether you already know some Korean. Other than that, it’s a decent app for beginners.
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3 years ago, Linouven
It’s decent.
Good side: It’s very cute, simple and easy to learn. The designs and layout are nice. The ‘lessons’ aren’t too hard. Bad side: Took a long time to even be able to get access to the app considering it kept saying my email was already in use when I tried to sign up & then kept saying the account didn’t exist when I tried to log in. You get 5 minutes to learn 13 words, then have to wait 10 hours unless you want to pay something like $60+ for a plan set up. As far as I could see, it’s just words that pop up on the screen with the pronunciation. I’m not sure if there are actual lessons. Overall it’s okay but definitely not for any students on a budget or anyone trying to simply and quickly learn a language. I think I’ll wait the 10 hours to try again then after that I may delete it. It has potential, though, and I hope to see it improve soon.
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3 years ago, Ok.... Whatever
best app to learn a new language
A few days ago, I got bored so I decided to learn Korean. I’m definitely not bored anymore ahah. Anyway, I didn’t realize how complicated it would be to learn the symbols, spellings, and pronunciations. Drops has helped tremendously. This app makes learning a new language fun and easy. The best part is that it doesn’t take much time at all! Just 5 minutes each day. And the app doesn’t give you more information than you can learn at once. The app was designed amazingly, and the setup makes the app easy to operate. I highly recommend this app, whether you’re using it for a class, preparing for a trip, or just because you want to learn something new: Drops is the way to go!!!
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3 years ago, Southern Roots
Useful but too fast
The transitions between the vocabulary words and practice is too fast. I’m a language acquisition professional, and I know that the transitions are too fast. Normal people’s brains need more quiet time and down time to process new information so that it sticks. The games are good, but also too short. The word find puzzles give the answers to the students too quickly. If a teacher is always giving the answer too fast, then the student doesn’t learn the target language. They get conditioned to let the teacher speak for them. Students need time to create the circuits in their brains for new information and providing an answer automatically disrupts that process. However, I’m giving it 4 stars because the vocabulary presented is very useful.
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5 years ago, A Definite iPhone Nut
Great design but annoying push to go Premuim
I love the overall app design in drops. It looks absolutely amazing and is a thrill to use. All the gestures and icons are really well thought out, making for a seamless experience. The option to drop the Latinized spellings is also great, because Latinized Korean results in terrible pronunciation. I prefer to learn by reading the characters and listening carefully to the native speaker’s pronunciation of the word. Great work! My only problem with Drops is the regular “suggestions” to go Premium. In some cases, I cannot dismiss the view unless I click “I want this”. The only way around that (since I’m not ready to go Premium) is to either quit the app or switch to a different feature and then come back and do some work before the ad pops up again. I wish it were possible to dismiss that for those who don’t have the money to go Premium.
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6 years ago, kilibixh
Okay, so I am a hard core American that only speaks english. For years I couldn't speak any language because I never found any app best suited. Recently my bestfriend got me hooked on kpop- bts- and well you just can't listen to songs if you don't know korean! I can't find any app to make me feel like I was enjoying my learning. That is- 'till I bumped into this app. Tbh it feels cute playing it- but in a way that is not overbearing. It's simplicity makes it easy to grasp the meaning and terms. I only had seconds of making out words through the app that I must give stars and ratings(mind you I never give ratings on apps-super rare) it goes over basics and it's a colorful app...so if you have a hard time understanding things with no color this is the app for you.
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5 years ago, ㅑ더ㅗ조조ㅠ뉴
Kinda confusing
I reallyyyyyy love this app it’s really great has helped me with my Korean spelling and pronunciation I really do suggest it for Korean learners it’s really convenient and really easy its repeats stuff over and over so you can remember it. It’s really easy to use it helps you practice on structure on sentences. Although, it sometimes confuses me, but that’s good because it’s trying to help me memorize stuff, which I think that’s key point in learning. I really love this app and suggest it if you’re have a tuff time. I tried learning a while back but gave up, this app is has been really helpful this time I’m not giving up, I really do have my heart set on learning Korean!! I hope you download this app, if your have any troubles!! I REALLY recommend it!!! Anyways goodbye, hope my review help you have a better view of this app!!
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5 years ago, cardsharkhere
I love it!!
Everything about this app is amazing. I just wish you didn’t have to be a member to get more than 5 minutes everyday; but I do get why they do that. I think that if you are working super hard at Korean this might not be the best app just because you only have a limited amount of time everyday; but if you aren’t hardcore studying and only need a few minutes to touch up your Korean this is the perfect app. I also really like how it’s more interactive and like a game so it keeps us interested. Now I’m not super far so I’m not sure if this come up later but I hope this app allows voice pronunciation because you could know the word but not knowing the pronunciation doesn’t help at all. But over all I love this app.
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4 years ago, Aubr3y00
download drops now!🌧💧🌧
i am almost intermediate in korean, but my vocabulary isn't that big😅 so i decided to download drops a few months ago! i'm so glad that i did because now I can start making any sentence I want because of drops! another thing i love about drops is the time they give you. i think it's helpful to study in smaller sections than 3 hour long practices. another thing i enjoy is that there are no "lives". just like in duolingo, if you get 5 things wrong you have to wait, but you don't have to do that on drops so you can enjoy the full learning experience. even if you are a beginner, i suggest using drops, because it's a great learning app/tool, and it's free! thank you drops for helping me learn! 🌧💧🐰
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How much I Love drops By: fluffy rainbows
I love drops because of how it have different categories (Ex- food, sports, transportation, religion etc.) and it doesn’t wait for you to finish one lesson to go into the next. Like for every categories you can go into the first one . And the reason I want to learn Korean is to speak to my friends and stuff and I want to go to Seoul one day. And to understand BTS lol and k pop in general. Thank you for making it possible! This is a VERY fun and amazing app. For people who want to learn a language go here!!! It doesn’t have EVERY language but it has mostly the ones you’d wanna learn! Like Thai,Chinese English and sooooo many more. I give the app soooooooo many stars (lol) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️... thanks for your time! Bai bai
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6 years ago, JellyBean1920
This is the first app that actually teaches the language in an easy way without asking for money right away either. I tried Babbel, Memrise, etc., but their techniques and constant "membership" purchases aren't efficient. The only downside of the app is that it's only five minutes for the free plan... *tear* I love how visually appealing and simple Drops is; I haven't had any problems so far. I absolutely love how there is a choice for romanization and that it's only five minutes of practice daily(it's a curse and a blessing, i know). Drops is basically stress-free. It's genuinely calming and, I admit, quite addicting. You must try it out at least, and you see what I mean when I say it's not like any other language app.
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5 years ago, That_gUY(payday)
Amazing, just one thought
I’ve wanted to learn a language as I am planning on becoming an ESL teacher (English teacher) in Korea or Japan. I’ve found Korean much easier than Japanese but I haven’t found the app to help get me going to learn the language, as none of them have really figured out how to incorporate the language and a system to help me memorize. This one surely does it, the lessons definitely make me remember the letters, how to write what I am presented, and how to say it. I do suggest that the normal version should have at the least 10 or 15 minutes; as 5 minutes is too small of a time limit for someone as serious as learning a language as me. Other than that, thank you for making this app!
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4 years ago, LKoreanPIC
My Drops Experience
First of all, Drops is an amazing way of learning a new language. But, there is only one problem, you can only learn your language for about five minutes every ten hours! And if you want your lesson to be longer, you have to buy Premium! With Premium, you have to either pay per month, year, or even for lifetime. I’m not saying Drops is bad, I’m just saying this takes off two stars for me. Maybe the lessons could be about 15-20 minutes, every five hours. Anyway Drops is a really fun and easy way to learn any language! Right now I am learning Korean, and Drops has made it fun and pretty easy for me, because of course I am a beginner. You should buy Drops if you are patient enough. I of course am not, but I think I can manage. I just hope Drops will someday change their ways.😉🇰🇷😊
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6 years ago, « rosé »
10/10 Recommend
A new student just recently transferred in my high school, and I wanted to help him out since he can't speak English very well. I looked up random apps that would help you learn a certain language. When I came across this app, at first I was thinking about deleting it until I had a mini conversation with him. He was impressed at how good my pronounciation was. He told me he didn't think that anyone in my school spoke Japanese. At first I didn't. If you want to help another student out or just interact with a foreigner, I would for sure download this app and get to educating yourself. You have to be really dedicated to learn the language though, don't expect to learn over night! 😊
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7 months ago, maryantics
Fastest way to learn Korean vocab
After trying so many ways to learn Korean vocabulary, this is the best I have found. The app makes it fun, and I feel like it works really well with how I (and most people, I think) learn language. I am amazed how quickly I learn and actually REMEMBER words and phrases much more easily than trying to memorize. And the mix of learning styles to help you integrate what you learn is really well-balanced (speaking, listening, writing, reading). The short sprints make it doable every day and the way the app encourages you makes it light and fun. If you’re learning a language I highly recommend using this app. 100% worth it.
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1 year ago, Marina L G
Pretty good for vocab
I’ve been using drops for a couple of years on and off and I personally do like it to be exposed to a lot of vocabulary, but the efficiency is questionable in my opinion. The main issue I’ve come upon is that due to the exercise type you don’t have to actually learn any words you can just eliminate from the choices given and arrive at the correct answer. There is very little memory recall done in this app, because it basically gives you the answers, or makes it extremely easy to figure out what the answer is. I would really love if they added an exercise in which you actually use your keyboard to type out the word, not four choices, not premade syllables to choose from, actually type out the word yourself. That requires actual recall not just process of elimination. That being said the team has clearly improved the app and added a lot of content which I appreciate. Also since it has no grammar lessons I do not recommend it for that (personally I need sentence composition to be explained to me because frankly…you may end up sounding weird or text bookish if you just memorize sentences)
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6 years ago, Ebonyrose1
better than duolingo
I’ve been using Duolingo for a week and found myself becoming irritated with the lessons. I’m progressing well enough but the phrases they are teaching aren’t ones that I hope to have to use. For example, “ a cat is not food. a man is not food “. while i agree wholeheartedly with the statements, learning them isn’t going to help me as a tourist unless i find myself at a questionable restaurant or among cannibals. The app, Drops, takes a different approach. During my first 5 minutes i was already committing words to memory that i can use immediately such as food items. The tone of the repetitive voice has staying power. I feel excited to learn again!
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4 years ago, wayvstrawberris
Premium Is The Only Thing To Get The App To Shut Up
I’m seriously annoyed how premium shows up all the time. I get you want money for making this app but can you at least not make it look desperate. The learning app is only living for premium, even if their user is poor or rich. I shouldn’t have to be speaking about how this game treats its users like this. As much as your app is getting popular it’s also getting worse, I’d like to see improvements on this app. Cuz currently it’s horrible especially kids. Some kids can’t even say a word to their parents about buying premium because it’s expensive and a waste of money. The people who waste their money on this most likely are people who have jobs. Please make this a bit more free where money isn’t the only thing that matters.
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1 year ago, mia.m_j
Highly addictive! Totally recommend!
Learning Korean for me through Drops is such a good call! The interactive modes and constant repetition are what gets the language to stick. You can choose on how long you want to daily practice, and keeping up with it gets you bonus time! Even if you don’t go premium, Drops lets you work around it! If I complete a section, they give me another to work on. It doesn’t overwhelm you into cramming words, then you forget them. You go through words multiple times even when you’ve mastered it, gaining strength in those topics/words. Highly addictive! Totally recommended!
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6 years ago, K-Pop FAN(❤️BTS❤️)
Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love ❤️
I have been trying to learn Korean ever since I’ve plunged into the world of k-pop and k-dramas!. I’ve gone through almost all of the learning apps in the App Store. But I’ve finally found the right one...Drops! Drops has improved my Korean by a lot. In the beginning I didn’t even know what Hangul was! I totally recommend this app to people who want to learn Korean but don’t want to spend boring hours just staring a alien sighs trying to remember them... Drops helps you remember all the characters easily by giving you little mini games and saying the pronunciation each time. When summer is over I’ll be able to read and write Korean like it’s my own language!!!!😘😘❤️❤️!. 가자!!🔥❤️🔥
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6 years ago, Miss Royal Unicorn YT
I love it but some bothers
I love how you can learn it I think it’s better then doulingo (even tho you learn many other) it’s easier to study Korean you don’t just learn the syllables and run out of hearts but if you mess up you can retry I love this so much keep up the work :) But I don’t like how you have to pay to learn EVERYTHING I want to learn everything for free and I get that it’s hard and you guys want to at least get some money or something but it would be nice to learn the whole language so that if anyone ends up living in a place where they lean the language and they say a word that’s unknown to them they don’t go like what please take this into consideration Thank you :D
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6 years ago, Turtulguy
This app is near perfect! One thing to mention.
This app is amazing, it truly teaches you your desired language in a way that makes it easy to remember. However, i do like to learn the pronunciation of a word first and once i learn the sounds, i move on to the alphabet & writing. I turned off the “writing practice” option, but there are still some pages that pop up that only have the writing, and I’m unable to complete the section because of this! I’m not sure if this was intended, but maybe could you remove the writing only practice pages if the “writing practice” is off? Other than this, 5/5 stars, beautiful layout, amazing job guys.
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4 years ago, Ashley03826883929272
Oh my gosh I swear this is the BEST and most efficient way to learn a new language! This program really goes in-depth helping you learn every word. This is the best place I've ever found while trying to learn a new language. The only thing I would change if I could would be if we were able to use this program for more than 5 minutes every 10 hours. I feel like having more time would definitely help the user memorize the words easier for the next time they come back. In 10 hours you kind of have to have a whole refresher to remember again. Still though, my point stands. The way this app works, not counting the time limit, is the easiest way to learn a new language.
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3 years ago, careee14268
Good for vocab
This app is good if you want to become familiar with a lot of vocab that you probably won’t be able to get as easily from other sources. Not helpful at all when it comes to grammar but very nice, painless way to be able to recognize a lot of different vocab words. The big criticism I have is how they don’t allow a monthly subscription option. I would easily pay ten dollars a month for this subscription but not a lot of people can drop $110 all at once to pay for something they’re not even that confident they’ll use for the 12 months they have access to it. Make an affordable monthly subscription and I’m on board. Otherwise I don’t think I’m going to use this app that much.
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10 months ago, bo bally
Annyeonghaseyo! This app has really improved my Korean, pronunciation, and writing. And it’s all in 5 minutes. 5! I’ve already been learning with Duolingo, but this app is way better. It teaches you 15 words in only 5 minutes. When I first looked at it, it just looked another one of those language apps. But to my surprise when I downloaded, it was full of fun, creative ways to help me learn, and it was the best app that I’ve used to help me learn Korean. And one of the best parts is, there are absolutely NO ADS!!! I think this app is fantastic, and if you download it yourself, you’ll think that too!
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6 years ago, Player#1283789447314896;46535
Great App!
I love this app so much it’s really fun and allows me to learn anything I want from each category the only thing is the 5 minutes for every 8 hours is too long because you have five minutes to learn new things and then can easily forget it until the next 5 minutes return which you quickly review and then move on to more words which only stays in your head for a moment. It’s a great app for a lot of languages but that would be great if it could do a little longer or help with better review. Also I wish there was a way you could practice how you are saying it. So along with hearing it and writing it properly we can also speak into it to sound correctly.
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12 months ago, stanlibras
Amazing app
This is a very good app, I downloaded this app so I could learn the Korean language and study the Korean culture. I recently got into K-pop so this is very helpful when it comes to trying to learn lyrics. This app can be a little confusing in the beginning but you get the hang of it the more you continue. I also really like how you get to set goals and how there is a timer on the app so you can know how long you’ve been practicing. I do ten minutes a day and sometimes more. Overall this is a great app and you should download if you’re looking to learn more about the Korean language!
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4 years ago, Amanda_vampiress
I’ve enjoyed this app
I have only spent 10 minutes using the app before I was given the option to leave a review. So far, I have made it through the first 5 minutes of active use of the app; the first 5 minutes of use was given to me to use for free. At first, I was annoyed that I had to pay to use the app after only the first 5 minutes, but then I turned it into a game to just do the 5 minutes a day and leave it at that. I played through a series of flash cards and the category was food. I felt like the vocabulary given was easy enough to learn. I felt that it could be useful for both beginners and users who have previous experience with the language.
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3 years ago, aa.chambs
I was really excited to download this app and start studying the Hangul and learning Korean. I purchased the premium yearly subscription but my account never upgraded. I kept getting offers to “go premium!” and I still had to wait the 10 hours to continue the lessons. So, I checked my subscriptions on my Apple account and it was there, money already taken out of my bank account. But when I looked at my Drops account it said “go premium”. Super disappointed, requested a refund. Will delete the app and try a different one once I know the status of my refund. Other than the subscriptions issue, I thought the content was good. The voice pronouncing the words/letters was a bit robotic but I was able to understand enough.
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