KPLC 7 News

4.6 (6.1K)
67.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KPLC 7 News

4.57 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
6 years ago, MawMaw Jean
To the news & weather crew
You guys are the best!! Only thing is once in a while you’ll say you will follow up on a story but we never get it!! But you are great with local news, news near our areas, and national news!! GREAT JOB to the weather team!! Thank you MawMaw Jean
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9 months ago, nikksto
News crew can’t follow notification settings
Your crew constantly puts sport results under the news header. What’s the point in having setting for what you want to be notified for or not be notified for if everything is “news”? Huge spoiler for busy families that plan to watch a game or currently watching a game behind live tv and your team is sending out results as soon as the game ends and your still in the 5th inning/3rd quarter. Previous GM fixed it but current GM won’t. Never even replied to my calls or emails. Unfortunately, have no choice but to delete the app and miss out on all traffic and real breaking news because the KPLC team doesn’t follow the notification settings and chooses to be first with all news rather than have morals!
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6 years ago, Kristie’s Mac
Enjoy having the mobile app,, but
I enjoy having access to the mobile app, but the site isn’t updated often enough and a lot of the time seems I’m reading old news. The weekends it seems nothing is added and lately I just avoid looking at it for that reason! I enjoyed the older version v/s new updated version in appearance anyway bc the time and date information was posted with the article submitted. Love KPLC news, keep up the good work guys!
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6 years ago, Mikey70504
I like the KPLC news App
There was only one problem that I encountered recently—some of the headlines had a black font with a dark blue background that was difficult to read, but that has been cleared up, apparently—they do a great job on their mix of stories both local and national and they are outstanding on weather and traffic-thanks again—-Mike R.
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6 years ago, newz on the go
Latest update
Neither my fiancé’ nor I like the latest update on the app. This new version is not as user friendly as the previous. Seems to have more congestion, less “flow” from story to story. Also, we’ve noticed an increase in the advertisements. We both enjoy being to keep up with the news on our cell phones as work schedules and life prohibit us from sitting in front of a TV during news broadcast hours. Possible to find a happy medium between the previous app layout and the new??? 😬
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6 years ago, Longville REB
New update doesn’t provide news in easy to read format
With the new update it’s much harder to view the news stories. As you scroll thru you see the same news story multiple times listed. And there are so many advertisements there is no pattern now In the news feed. It’s just chaotic and unorganized. In the past I opened this app multiple times per day, if the news isn’t easy to see I won’t be using this app near as frequent. Please bring back the older version.
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6 years ago, Itsucksitsucks
I don’t like it.
Too much advertising and the same old news from a few days ago.
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2 years ago, love my burgers
Lacks consistency in timely local news updates
I have noticed that there has been a lot of inconsistencies in timely local news updates. Today (9-9-22) @ 11:00am there are no new local news updates. Same as yesterday. I live several states away, but like to keep up with what is going on in my home area. This seems to be an ongoing problem.
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1 year ago, CJ Morris
Eye Discomfort
There is still screen tearing while scrolling through the newsfeed, after the latest update. I use an iPhone 13 Pro. Please fix this. It makes using the app unnecessarily unpleasant. Reading the news shouldn’t cause eye discomfort. I give 3 stars because the layout of everything else is great.
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6 years ago, Indian A.
Horrible new update
I used to love the app. Could get all my local news without having to go to on a website. Now the app sends you a notification and when you click on it you are brought to the app then redirected to their website. If I wanted to go to their website I would but I don’t. I also don’t like the new layout of it it’s not very organized.
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6 years ago, GL1675
Kplc app
I do not like this update on the kplc app. For one thing I saw the same add 5 times on the homepage. What was wrong with the old app? It was easy to use and did not have the same adds repeating 3 to 5 times an the home page. Also there are way to many adds on the homepage.
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4 years ago, Byugal9
Never has the latest info
This use to be a great app. But recently it is hardly every updated for what is happening now or just was on the news. No info on community events in a timely manner. News stories are from a month ago. And the news on the tv is all fluff never things happening in our town only in the rest of the country. Not the good news and reports it use to be
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3 years ago, MommaLife17
Good until version 6.6.5
Version 6.6.4 worked great. Then they updated the whole app. Personally, I find the tile-layout on the home screen to be too much. There’s so many fonts and colors, it’s all distracting. There’s just too much going on. I understand what they were trying to do, but I think more uniformity would have helped make it easier to use. And anytime I click the bell icon, then click a notification to view, I get kicked out of the app and can’t view any notifications. Frustrating.
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6 years ago, Shespring
Liberal news
A little too much lean toward Democrat liberal extremes. I do not like our President disrespected by anyone... no matter who our president is. There’s enough liberal extreme nasty views everywhere. A little less on our local venues would be nice.. even the tone of headlines is starting to make me feel ‘enough’!
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6 years ago, Barbboyd
KPLC news
I really enjoy. I had to have all my cable stopped due to cost. Now I can still watch news on my phone or I pad.
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2 years ago, HiLifeRocker
Last Update Broke/Removed PiP
Last update broke/removed the picture-in-picture functionality while watching live broadcasts. It’s important b/c people have to use their phones or control lights in the morning while the newscast is on. Is there any QC any more?
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3 years ago, Majsnnanms
Broken app
This app is even more buggy than it was before the update. Can’t get videos to play the ads just repeat when they are finished. If I’m lucky enough to get the news video to play once I turn my phone to the side it stops and plays another ad.
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1 year ago, Madame Cindy
I live the nes articles, alerts and updates that come on my phone!! Thanks to y’all!
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6 years ago, Where did the news go???
Terrible update
Have to agree with previous reviews. Terrible update. No longer use this for news. So few news stories, so many ads. If you like Fox non-news, you’ll like it. If you prefer actual news like CNN, don’t bother to update...just delete it.
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4 years ago, Daddy of 3!!!
Best up to date news available!!!
Don’t get any better than KPLC. Best up to date news and weather for southwest Louisiana!!!
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6 years ago, oldschoolisbettersometimes
I do not like the updated app. The older version was better, too many ads everywhere!
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6 years ago, unhappy 3557
New App 👎🏻
👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 This new updated app has WAY TOO MUCH junk in it. It’s like it’s throwing EVERYTHING IN YOUR FACE, I liked the old app where it showed the stories and weather was easy to access but looking at this app is stressful. It looks like whoever created this was an amateur and tried to just shove everything in instead of paying attention to detail.
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1 year ago, Bowser58
Traffic alerts
It would be so nice if KPLC would prioritize their alerts. Traffic congestion is very important especially at 8:00 am and 5:00pm. The only alerts we got today around 5:00pm was about Will Wade. Prioritize please!!
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4 years ago, Scarzilla
You don’t report ALL local news, your app is always the same stories from days before, instead of updating to daily news you just add one new story ....much more news to report that isn’t ever reported! Why is that? Why aren’t you reporting ALL local news????
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5 years ago, Tya811
Just did the newest update and it wouldn’t open. I had to delete and download again. Now it works. Yay
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5 years ago, "HELP" voice
Why is it cutting out when you hit on the icon. We can’t get the news to come up. I love it but having trouble
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5 years ago, Jeffy2284
Fix bugs!
Great local news source, but the new updates cause the app to crash every time. Needs fixing ASAP!
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6 years ago, lylapat58
Too many pop up adds!!! It’s my IPad and I don’t appreciate all the adds at all!!
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3 years ago, 777pj
Do not like recent change
Do like the updated version, you do not include first alert weather written forecast in news or weather. I do not like the changes you have made and must go elsewhere to find what I am looking to learn.
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3 years ago, NellyNan
Where is the news story??
So you get an alert on your home screen. Click on it and you end up in the news app. Where is the story?? If you click news, it is not there. I am not sure how to find the alert story.
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5 years ago, chap122c
Latest update
I am not able to get on since I updated it last week I click on it ant it pops up then back to my home screen
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6 years ago, J T 00
Ads ruined it
I like being able to access my local news. However, I’d much rather push my fingers through my eyes than have to close an ad every 3rd or 4th “story” I try to read. Come on KPLC, do you really need the extra funding from the ads? Deleting this nuisance.
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3 years ago, 567434
The app once was pretty functional. Very easy to use, click on app and the news. Now it’s an absolute train wreck. Works when it wants to, irrelevant content, can’t open app without an ad, whomever designed this one, I’d ask for a refund.
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9 months ago, Oakdale resident
The new newscaster needs to stop the funny looking hand motions. He is a great speaker just takes away from his performance.
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3 years ago, tc123499
So tired of all the ads!!! All I want is to read the news not open the app, click the x to close an advertisement, then be scared to death because an ad for a casino game starts blaring over my speaker! You can do better than this KPLC!
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3 years ago, WRC76
Used to be 5 star
The newest update is busy and the alert sounds are awful. I plan to uninstall the app if nothing is done about the sounds. I can adjust to the new look as change is inevitable, but the sound.... ahhhhh.
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2 years ago, emahjin
Weather Stats
Bring back the weather stats, plus moon and sun rise and set times.
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3 years ago, Djrifndhsnnx
The new update is horrible
The new app is horrible. Nothing but adds popping up and the Home Screen is just confusing and filled with ads. I no longer even open up the app.
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3 years ago, trihard7
Not loading
Since the newest update, every story I try to look at doesn’t load properly
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3 years ago, CajunK35
New app crashes
😡 I don’t like this app. I miss the old one. This one crashes a lot. When you clear alerts it says it’s cleared but the nest day ALL the alerts are back... what a mess
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1 year ago, kdmolito
Need to update scores often. Still got scores from 3-4 days ago. Games were played last night and no scores shown.
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6 years ago, ashbLC
Horrible upgrade
The older version of the KPLC app was very easy to navigate. This new version is complicated to maneuver through and there are 10 times as many ads to sift through. It wasn’t broken, didn’t need fixing.
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4 weeks ago, Fache na sid
Locked up
I have downloaded and deleted and redownloaded this app twice and it stays locked on the first page which is some settings. No way to get out of it so it is no good to me.
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4 years ago, Stressed82
Tells me there’s an update so I go to update it & there’s nothing! Go to app & continues to tell me about some update that doesn’t exist!
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4 years ago, traderarm
Extremely poor response to new cancellations. American Press published within 12 hours. KPLC News has not responded after 48 hours, leave alone published cancellations which started March 14.
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6 years ago, 40lenneC
Ad’s are blocking some parts of the stories. Can not see everything. Also have to go back to home page instead of swiping to the next page. Hate this update
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11 months ago, GammaMsP
Voice over ads
I do not want an ad with a voice over popping up when I open the app. This is very annoying and also disruptive.
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3 years ago, b_real22
This is by far the worst update I can barley check the news on my phone. I have to open and close the app 3-4 times just to get it to work
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6 years ago, Deedeegirl88
Other app was much better
The other app was much better. The pictures are not visible at times. You can't scroll thru the articles. Please go back to the way it used to be. This is really terrible.
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5 years ago, Mightyorion
Latest Version Doesn't Work
I've always enjoyed this app even with the slightly buggy ads. The latest update force closes immediately upon opening on my iPhone xR iOS 12.3.1. Please fix!
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