KPTV FOX 12 Oregon

4.5 (4.3K)
53.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KPTV FOX 12 Oregon

4.53 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
3 years ago, dabado GM
Thank you for your constant coverage of the storm. Videoing outside in the freezing conditions shows your dedication to your viewers. Because of your predictions I was able to prepare just in case we lost power. So far we’re good. It is easy to cope and make good decisions when we know what is going on. We shovelled 8 “ of icy snow off our deck. We live on a hill behind St. Vincent’s. Thank you to your TV crew. Karen Davis
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2 years ago, P.OS.!
Very poor update.
The latest update turned this app from friendly and usable to a very unstable, barely functioning app, overloaded with long repeating ads that just randomly start playing. The top stories are almost never current. The live feature to watch the news and good day Oregon used to be a bit glitchy, busy at least worked most of the morning. This new app can’t even make it through one commercial break without freezing or you’ll see a never ending load circle. There are no longer video controls, so then you have to reload the app, just to have it happen again. In theory, the new menu should make the app easier to use, but just the opposite has happened. I will have to delete this app and no longer watch good day Oregon! 😢. Bye Shawna and Kim, Andy and Tony. I grew up with you guys. We don’t have cable anymore so this was our link to good people and quality news. No more.
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2 years ago, Pianimo
New update is terribly disappointing
I’m not one to give negative reviews… but I’m finding out this new version of the app to be a massive letdown. Several of the features I’ve come to rely on for simple news and weather access seem to have disappeared. For example: where’s the 7-day weather forecast? Also, I really dislike how news articles are followed by advertisement “articles” that are presented to look exactly like the news stories! Paid advertisements should look distinct from news, so viewers don’t assume that they’re something they’re not. That’s basic journalistic integrity. I sincerely hope FOX 12 revises the app soon. I’ve used the FOX 12 app for years. But sadly, I’m not finding it to be an effective way to get the news anymore. I’m afraid I may need to resort to a different station for news, even though I’d rather stay with this one, largely because I love Mark Nelson’s weather forecasts the best!
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5 years ago, Profen
Love Fox 12, app is OK but could be great
Good- stream live broadcast to TV via AppleTV works well. Andy Carson and team are the best meteorologists in Portland, with the most consistently accurate weather forecast (not overly sensationalized, just accurate). The layout of the app is perfect. Bad- the ads don’t work properly half the time. I’d love to just watch the forecast every morning, but to do so requires restarting the video two to three times to get past the ad. Offer an ad-free version and I will pay for it. Or at the very least, make sure the ads work and don’t stall the app/video playback.
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3 years ago, Mr. X-Y-Z
Frustrating Swipe Left/Right
I absolutely hate it when I am scrolling through an article and I accidentally slide my finger to the left or right. Even a tiny swipe (a few pixels) to the left/right causes the article to reload and sends you straight back to the beginning of the article. Please fix this. Make it so you have to do a larger swipe before the next/previous article loads. Better yet, turn that swipe feature off (or give us a setting to disable it). I can select which article I want to read from the previous menu. PLEASE fix this.
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7 years ago, Al's welding
Great App, great news coverage
We don't have access to Portland news on a TV, so use this app to keep up to date on the news. They are quick on updates, and tell an accurate story. I have never had an issue downloading updates with their app, like I have had from other news channels.
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6 years ago, Blind Stitcher
Enjoy, but have a problem
Program is very good, but you changed your app and now I can’t reduce the size of the picture and mostly listen, as I usually do. Hence I miss a lot of your coverage when I have other needs to do. And I have to find the spot to turn on after I have turned on your app. I don’t have tv, can’t afford it, so I have internet only. You are the best news station for coverage. Keep that up. Just, please make it as easy to use as it was.
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5 years ago, Sheri from Chapman
Better than the other local news apps
So much easier to scroll and catch headlines and then decide which to read. Some have gone to the look of the national news stations. Some are way to political and don’t really give me what I want which is “local” news.
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4 years ago, nkklz
Old app was better
I would only use the app for the live stream on my iPad in the mornings while getting ready for work. At some point there was an update that removed the ability to view in landscape mode. This seems like a minor detail but my tablet is unable to be supported upright by its case, so sadly I just stopped using it all together. Live stream isn’t available on the KPTV website, so this has caused me to just go without my dose of local morning news
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6 years ago, oh.Mitchie
A must app to have
It’s a must to have when you don’t have the time to sit down and watch tv. You can check the weather to your destination & also the traffic alerts around that area that can save you time and gas money!
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7 years ago, BMacWX
Good app from the best news team in Portland
Love getting push notifications about breaking news. These guys have the most reliable forecasts too. For those of you who are complaining about ads... that's how they pay the bills.
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5 years ago, John in Stayton
Fox News Oregon is Oregon’s best news
I just wanted to thank you for the great news and weather. Not only do you report real and balanced news and excellent weather, traffic and community visits but your wonderful people make it entertaining as well. Keep up the excellent work! And thank you for reporting Santiam Pass weather too. Your team is a gem! We get your show for free down here in Stayton in HD on an inexpensive antenna. Appreciate the expanded weather including Scio, Stayton, Mill City, Detroit and Idanha. Thank you very much ! John Frederic
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4 years ago, KFBlyle
Thanks for ruining a good app
I loved the older Fox 12 app. I’m on the road and can keep in touch with PDX. Had tons of news stories and categories bi can’t find anything now. There are only 4 or 5 main stories. The old app had tons. This area is no better than the KGW app I stopped using a year ago. The new app is glitchy and very, very slow. It takes forever to load a story I click on. Half the time I give up and close the app. Again, thanks
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3 years ago, Joemamarama
Watching the news or ads?
I appreciate your news coverage but find it impossible to watch any of the clips on this app because of the constant ad videos and issues mid way through the clip. Sometimes i try several times to watch something and give up out of frustration because of this. Please fix the glitchy ad problem, I’m sure I’m not the only person experiencing this!
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1 year ago, Tator055
Too many dang ads.
When I get to actually watch the news this app is great. Way too many ads. Currently we are at 11 mins of straight commercials and the same ones over and over. I would even pay for an ad free experience because the ads also cut off the news and it is more than annoying.
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5 years ago, Savealittlesavealot
Fix App.
It is not very user friendly. Scrolling through news stories it tends to force you to open videos and repeats many of the same stories over and over. You may run across a new story in the mix but it’s as if the creator does not use it. Please get a hands on person who is involved with the app and have them and fellow employees use it for a while. It can be very frustrating !
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5 months ago, afcroz21
Doesn’t work
I can’t get the app to work. I downloaded it and at the bottom of the screen it says continue so I tried to get it to work by tapping continue but there is a line through it and it will not go to the next page no matter what I try to do. I’ve deleted it twice and re added the app twice now and still won’t work but I got the weather app to work so it’s not me it’s the app.
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4 years ago, GOG$$
Traffic Map
I use Your traffic map daily, for many years. I just did Your update. Wow, what a Poor update. I have a I-phone. The screen is hard to operate. What’s with the + & -? It has information from accidents that happened yesterday. Also I don’t like all of the construction icons. They clutter up the view. I won’t be using this application anymore. Bring back the old version. 🥵🥵
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6 years ago, Healer58
Spot on and up to date.
I keep this app for a very good reason. Most news is up to date and gives high lights of the day and a few days before. Works great with few flaws or issues. Spot on man. 🌲
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6 years ago, CoolAbbyGibbs
I rely on the current news announcements from the Fox 12 app. As I rush through my busy days away from a TV set, my Apple Watch taps my wrist to let me know that Fox has a new item of importance. Great way to keep continually informed while “on the run.
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2 years ago, S Tishbite
Difficult or Impossible?
I can’t get to todays current new. I got yesterday’s today fairly quickly and wouldn’t have noticed it was yesterdays except it was outside of my short term memory loss. I think it is a horrible wast of everyone’s resources for news shows to advertise themselves. We’re watching you! What’s the purpose of an add?! You are chasing me away. Bible Gateway is more up to date and accurate.
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2 years ago, Me gma
Had this app for years - dumping it
Sorry - but this app is not user friendly. Previously you could scroll through and see news updates quickly and efficiently. Now you have to tap through - too busy to have to hunt down and click through to find what I am looking for.
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5 years ago, Lobolu
Wish you that you had more good and cherrie news! I’m dumbfounded over the number of motorcyclists involved accidents! It never used to be that way when I was driving a car!
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3 years ago, Sad Weather App Fan
Weather App
Bring back the weather app! I relied on that app almost daily. I liked being able to just get weather information without having to subject myself to stressful news updates. The weather app was always the first place I would go if I knew a weather event was going to happen. I also liked reading the weather blog. :(
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2 years ago, ValerieOakleaf
What happened to traffic?
You’ve removed one of the main reasons for a person to look at an up-to-the-minute website. Very short-sighted of you. And drop the constant ads for Covid. We’ve been inundated with them for 2 years.
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1 year ago, Good things can happen.
This news site uses only extreme sensationalism News
You can become addicted to this kind of sensationalism!! It makes you feel angry hateful, sick , unhappy awe struck rapid heart beat and you become addicted to the feelings. Try a happy news site that have stories with love and heart and start feeling positive about people and life’s possibilities, not the doldrums ! This channel picks hateful things to get your attention.
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6 years ago, Seragnone
Progressing toward so-so
Have had this app since it started. Most improvements have been welcomed. I like to read “print” news. E-news is easier than papers. The one dislike that shouldn’t never been allowed is the 2/3 page add that appears as soon as the app opens. It doggedly resists closure. Please offer an add free version. I want to read the news not play “let’s close the add” game!
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7 years ago, NCharlebois
Just started crashing hard. Open to crash in under 2 seconds, right after the spam advertising comes up. Generally a good news app except for the 30sec commercials and clickbait and popup advertising that seems to think its the whole reason for the apps existence rather then that silly little thing like news
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5 years ago, Tybbty
Live news
Used to work great! Now it closes on me all the time! Also doesn’t give me the option to cast anymore. This Is my go to news so this is a disappointment.
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6 years ago, mschwart
Great coverage for Vancouver News
I live in Vancouver, WA and I greatly appreciate Fox 12 Oregon’s coverage of local news for both Portland and Vancouver. I can’t afford the $9.99 monthly charge to use The Columbian app so this is perfect for me. Thank you!
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2 years ago, G6unit
Sign in?
Why is this app showing a sign in with a password when trying to access stories? It’s never done this before. I have always been able to click on a story a be taken right to it from the notification page, hit clear when I’m done and that was it there were no steps to get in.
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2 years ago, probable ex subscriber
Not happy with changes
Evidently users don’t need to be able to choose what to see in the news. The new version doesn’t allow to choose between local and National news stories at all. Every new version takes more news away and adds more of what some random person decides what we need to know about.
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5 years ago, Maks57
Stream with Chromecast
I choose to stream rather than buy cable for tv viewing. I would use this app morning & evening if you would allow streaming using Chromecast. Looking forward to that update soon⁉️⁉️
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6 years ago, Orygundux
News from home.
We like to keep up on the news while we’re traveling, and this app does exactly that.
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7 years ago, swiseman15
Wish I could give 5 stars!
I love the alerts regarding breaking news and weather, but I wish the app would live steam better! The delay is at times a whole story behind; for this reason I give the app a 4 star rating.
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4 years ago, JukeM@
No Live Coverage
I don’t have TV but wanted to watch a special spot they did on a business. Since they no longer live stream on their website I downloaded the app since it says it broadcasts live. Once downloaded, there was a notice at the top they were live on air and to click to watch, but it didn’t work. It played an ad but did not show live news.
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6 years ago, Walking the streets
Top News App
I have access to channel 12 however whenever I’m traveling away from the area it’s nice to see what’s going on in my area
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11 months ago, LSchmal
Live stream ads are unbearable
I don’t mind just getting the same ad breaks as on broadcast, but this morning we got the same few ads back to back to back and the actual news was interrupted mid-sentence for a minutes-long break that went right to the anchors prepping for another ad break. Turned it off in disgust.
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7 years ago, SlvrSet7
Good coverage
I like that I can sometimes see different news stories from the ones the other local channel are broadcasting. Good local news coverage.
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1 year ago, MacToirneach
The news story I looked at didn’t load, stayed blank.
I know that using this app for maybe a minute isn’t enough for a full experience or maybe even to decently understand it. But the news story didn’t load, and stayed blank. I don’t know how to fix it. I’m going to try another news app.
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7 years ago, Anne49r
I love Fox 11 News.
Enjoy getting notifications when news is happening. Like others, I could only give 3 stars because of the annoying pop ups and shade ads that you first see when you open.
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7 years ago, Az7647
Annoying pop up ads
The recent addition of pop up ads is very obnoxious. I preferred the last layout vs the newest style. News and local traffic are available and up to date.
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5 years ago, GreenGablesFan
Attention to people using assistive technology
This app does not meet web content accessibility guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web consortium. This is especially noticeable using voice over, play screen reader that comes with all iOS devices, which affects people with vision or other print disabilities.
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1 year ago, Ima Bob
Repetitive news stories
Seems like there’s enough going on in the area that the same news story shouldn’t repeat every day for a week.
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5 years ago, 70's Eagles Fan
Review of Fox 12 App
The app is not reliable. The streaming is poor and doesn’t live stream as desired. I’ve streamed Fox in Bay Area for years and I could depend on the local news feed. Need a local consistent and reliable live news stream.
Show more
2 years ago, PDX-JD
Ads when you don’t want them
I’ll click on a link to read a story or a headline, and have to sit through ad after ad after ad, before even getting to the story. Enough is enough as it’s just getting worse as time goes on. Uninstalling this piece of @!$* app
Show more
1 year ago, bubbster18
From good to bad
Used to be a go to local news app. Now after update screen does not scroll smooth and searching between local and national news takes extra step
Show more
4 years ago, col2or
Latest Update, Thumbs Down
I used to love this app; the best go-to for local and Oregon news. The latest update has complicated itself unnecessarily. If I wanted national news I’d go to a different app. Why muddy up what had been easy to navigate? More is not always better!
Show more
7 years ago, Holy Achievements
I do not want to buy an Acura!
I don't want to buy an Acura! Update: random video ads start playing even when phones on silent make this app unusable. Give it no stars if I could. You obviously found the same app salesman that KGW used. I use the KGW app as well and I always did prefer your old layout. Too bad they are actually the same now.
Show more
2 years ago, gsipe
Ads disguised as news
The most recent interface update is terrible. It intermingles advertisements with news stories, tricking you to click on them which gets you targeted by those ads on other platforms and aps.
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