KRCR News Channel 7

2.7 (9)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bonten Media Group Holdings Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KRCR News Channel 7

2.67 out of 5
9 Ratings
9 years ago, Ej Jane
Great staton
Great station, with so many depressing things happening, they seem to try to always end on something good. And it's nice seeing the radar weather images for the Alturas area. Nice they keep us in mind. Just wish they could do the 5day forecast for us as well, we're never the same as Redding or Chico. Great station all through the day.
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2 weeks ago, NorthRanger530
Our local Sinclair station
With an obvious attempt to be neutral during these divided times the local station does a good job. When the Sinclair national segments come on it’s very clear they’re trying to influence and not just inform.
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7 years ago, thisApp&websiteSuck
Version 7.0.13
I don’t like the look of this new version. I like to use in landscape mode but this one is only available in portrait and only with the home button on the bottom which interferes if you have it plugged into power. Let people choose which way they want to view it. I liked the tabs at the top for local, national, coast better then the new style. Just add new tabs for the new features. I have been wanting to be able to see more then just the last so many articles which limited what you would see unless you were on there several times a day before they would disappear. Guess I’ll have to find another way to get the local news. Keep what works but expand on it instead of major changes.
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2 years ago, KatsK9s
Frustrated with New Version!
Very frustrated. This app freezes when clicking on certain articles. I don’t like the inability to read or look at things in landscape mode. I like the tabs at the top and the ability to look at many articles under each tab. However, I also liked the previous version of giving the Top News of the day. I don’t like the sports section being so limited and not updated. The sports stays the same for several days. Same with the “entertainment” section.
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11 years ago, ChicoBeck
Good app overall!
Good local news app that i can easily check while on the go. My only beef is that on the sidebar, the captions/titles for the images should be BELOW the image, not above. You have no idea how many times I've read the title, and had to figure out that it went to the photo below it. If you are going to leave it above the image, the least you could do is better differentiate the images with a border/color/something.
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7 years ago, trickylms
Love getting the news updates on iPhone
It is nice to get news updates in my local area. Since I live close to the Sutter county line, but still in Butte county I like to get all the local news in all the north state. This was especially true with all the Oroville Dam problems and Evacuation! I like this app, because it gives all the alerts and notifications as they happen and then I can tune in to get more info on the situations.
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7 years ago, E Z Pickens
Absolutely the best news reporting! Our home is in Oroville and we are working in the Bay Area. My 93 year old Mother lives in our home We new every moment in detail the situation in Oroville. Our home is safe as we are above the dam. I can't thank you enough for this free App And your precise accurate news reporting.
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8 years ago, Rollerblader23
Timely notice of news, road closures
I got this app a few weeks ago. A friend has been using it for a while and was sharing info from it about accidents and updates for my work commute. Now, I get the news directly myself.
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8 years ago, LuvzRoses
Overall fairly decent app
The notifications on breaking local news is helpful and great. Most of the time the news stories are outdated. Many stories will indicate they are in progress and it is suggested we check back for updates; and either there are never updates or it takes forever for the full story to be posted.
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5 years ago, Whyyyyyyyy😭
A fine app for updates
You’re most likely going to enjoy this app if you just want quick updates, if you need details that have depth then just stick to the news.
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8 years ago, grandpaJimmy47
It helps!
The push alerts really make it easy to get up to date news and weather alerts. I am old and don't see very well but it does the job.
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9 years ago, Spidermine Gang
Weekend - nothing happens
On a whole I enjoy this site; but I have two problems. First, sometimes when I go to Events to follow a tag, it doesn't take me directly to the site. For instance, to cast vote for the local singer. Secondly, and the most annoying, if it happened on the weekend; it didn't happen. There is nothing, nota, zip of chases, fires, accidents reported.
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9 years ago, Tealke1701
Abuse of the notification system
The app was fine as long as notifications were kept to important news. I like to know especially during fire season what is going on. Lately now these notifications for your afternoon headlines are annoying. Leave the notifications to important breaking news and not to promote regular stories.
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7 years ago, 9erfan4life
Below average
The KRCR is below average to me their isn't enough follow up on stories that need to be updated and whatever happened to current news coverage on the weekend it's like nothing ever happens you see the same stories on Sunday that were posted on Saturday if they want to call themselves the Northstate news leader these are a couple of areas that need to be addressed
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8 years ago, Edna 1952
News for Free
Now that it's hard to get the news from the Record Searchlight, it's nice to be able to keep up with what's going on in town.
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11 years ago, Fscovilljr
Superior service
I don't always have the opportunity or the time to watch the broadcasts, so, this App has provided me with up to date weather @ news at my convenience! Love this!
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8 years ago, dragonroze02
love love thank you
like that I can get breaking news & updates on what's going on in my area. love knowing what's goin on I'm such a news hound & being able to know at a moments notice is important for me.
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7 years ago, BM...leave no trace
Black rock city guardian
I've always found them to be accurate all-inclusive and fair they have a lot to cover and not a lot of time to do it sometimes because the news breaks so fast keep up the good work and thank you
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9 years ago, Exar
Should be a local ADS app, no news here!
I just downloaded this app today to get local news, and not only is there barely ANY news articles at all, you have to look at ads constantly while scrolling through them. In addition, it's slow, and has already glitched. Like another reviewer said, I only want local news from this app, and it's much better at showing ads. DELETE.
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9 years ago, Christinez2
This App is Great!!!!
When you updated this app it had a new face. I love it. There are a lot of adds though but all in all its a good app. I keep up with the news when I'm at work.
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8 years ago, hogster95
Not good
App is a disappointment like the TV news. Biggest thing is behind on news and sports. One of the Fails is they report a story and hours later they say they have an update but most of the time its just a repost word for word of the original news story. The app seems less than it could be in this day and age
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9 years ago, ChattyRanie
Local news
Great app, I enjoy being kept up on the news through digital. The fires coverages were great I was able to keep my family updated what was going on in my area...thank you
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13 years ago, mtntrek
Great local news app. It works well!
Since I am a freelancer, this app will be useful for random news clips, and etc. And being a N. CA storm chaser, this app will come in handy for sure. Kudos for a stable, local news app thus far! :-)
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7 years ago, Deaf-Rider
Lay-Pastor Ted Neeley
Thanks for the great coverage all the time, and what a great bunch of reporters. We don't watch any other news channel, so stay up to date, and get it right all the time. Great job guys. Lay-Pastor Ted Neeley
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10 years ago, Sdavlin
Great app.
Would give 5 star but they are slow to update weather video sometimes. But other than that would highly recommend it easy 2 use & i use it everyday.
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8 years ago, bbrown2206
KRCR News Channel 7
Great resource for local news and weather. I really enjoy having the current information at my fingertips!
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9 years ago, Motocross fanatic
Great app.
I really like to be able to see the current news whenever I want by just clicking on my app.
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12 years ago, defalkner
Pretty convenient
I like this app fairly well laid out. Only thin I would suggest is adding a folder similar to skycams but shows all the Caltrans cameras for i5, it would be way more convenient than going to their website.
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9 years ago, Cjinorland
Channel 7 News
Love getting the latest news when I want and at my fingertips.
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8 years ago, Rhonda1073
Important Information
I like having the important information throughout the day, I don't have time to watch the news until 10pm.
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7 years ago, Dwightrussell
This is a wonderful app. I can get the news and weather anytime. I like that they update their news often.
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10 years ago, zakis1
Highly Disappointed
The up to date news a lot of the time is irrelevant. There are many stories missed, and there needs to be more coverage on car accidents, fires and other important matters. There seems to be a lot of important news that slips through the cracks. I really would like more pertinent news and information.
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10 years ago, Misguidedone
Not worth the time
This version, that version, not a frequently updated app. Did not even post Napa quake on Home/Local page till 9 hours later. It could be found on National/World News pages after fumbling and searching for it! Combine your home/national pages with current, top, news stories. The Napa quake was not local enough?
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8 years ago, Redding Gal
Local News
What happened to the local part of local news? Today it is all about China, the Pope, and Trump. There is rarely anything local other than robberies or car accidents. I would like to see upcoming events and current news for our area.
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9 years ago, Fijits
No good!
This app is awful! I have a weather app for the weather, I don't need buzz worthy, entertainment or anything else. I put a news app on my phone for the news! Now it's just crap and I don't even use it. I only kept it waiting for the opportunity to rate it! The only reason it has 1 star is because I was forced to put at least 1.
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2 years ago, GP on the road
I have an iPad
This app,does not support landscape view. Very frustrating as that is what my choice of viewing apps is. Seems like it would be an easy fix.
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8 years ago, Jaymy05
Good for local news
Check the app every day. Appreciate the notifications when there's severe weather in the area.
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9 years ago, Dielafn
Local App
Great to have an app to get local news, weather and notifications!
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8 years ago, Drew Swagger 24
Works great!
I like how I receive notifications about serious news around the northstate.
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3 years ago, Normans5
The only thing this app is good for is the weather! They barely cover Redding and when they do it contains very little about our community mainly Chico might as well just download the Chico news app. They are professional weather and fire news team.
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8 years ago, FourUnderFour
Best news app!
Easy to use. Updated often. Ads are not intrusive like other apps. Nice!
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9 years ago, Boderek24
Works for me
Easy to navigate and catch up on the current news and weather.
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8 years ago, Bonemanj
Way better
The other reviewer is clearly a tard. This is way better than what you had.
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8 years ago, Naninich1
Appreciated App
I appreciate this news app, especially the local news!
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9 years ago, Greenthreeangle
Been hoping they would put a live stream up for a few years, well, they did. EXCELLENT ps bring back Chita
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9 years ago, Jahhajfkeiv
I've been using this app for a while now, and when this new update came, it got so much worse. First of all, every time I'm scrolling through the app is see ads ads ads ads galor. One article, then ad and so on. It isn't pleasant and I have found myself not reaching for this app anymore.
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9 years ago, Southou
Old one
I appreciate the professionalism of the workers, especially the weather.
Show more
6 years ago, in_redbluff
New Version Bad
The new update of this app is annoying! You can get push notifications but when you go to the app you can’t seem to find the article. At least with the older version it was there in limited form saying more info to come.
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7 years ago, wcidavistodd
This app is a good start, look forward to see the next big update to make it amazing. Still the website is better than the app.
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8 years ago, Tleevs
I love KRCR It's my first go to station in the evening and early morning. They cover the whole valley and keep people very inform as to weather, and all in between.! MH
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