KRGV 5 News

3.6 (34)
39 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mobile Video Tapes, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KRGV 5 News

3.65 out of 5
34 Ratings
9 years ago, Ryan Mathew
Overall Good App
I like that the updated version implements the iOS 7/8 look. However, I would stick to a color scheme. More defined borders separating the stories would be better to look cleaner. Check out Buzzfeed's app. Something similar to it would be nice. I know you guys are on a budget and it's difficult to develop an app but I'm excited to see future updates!
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4 years ago, funnybones7
Bad app
Ever since I downloaded the app before COVID-19 this app has not worked very well. Streaming voice goes in and out and pauses too much. My husband downloaded the app as well and he gets an error message that he can’t stream because of the area yet I can with the defects.. and anywhere we go it doesn’t work well... very disappointed in the app to help me keep up with the news
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3 years ago, scottyR00
Not up-to-date as the website
Installed the app and noticed that it’s at least 3-4 hours behind the news with the website. Deleted app and just created a shortcut to the website on my home screen. Why even build a news app that has older news?
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4 years ago, polyphia3
Text is to small
The text is hard to read for my grandma without her prescribed glasses. I want her to wear blue light glasses so she doesn’t strain her eyes but the text is to small. It would be helpful if you can add a bigger text option.
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5 years ago, Gerardo Rangel
I live in the RGV and initially this app was helpful but since 6 months ago I receive notification but once I wanted to open, does not shows anything, I have been uninstalled and reinstalled delete and put it back and no luck
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5 years ago, smakdave
The Best!
KRGV is the station and now app I watch and use for all my news!
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9 years ago, 5 is # 1
We always watch the local channel 5 for updates on news & weather. Also, ABC seems to be our most watched channel for shows, too. We enjoy watching the "new" people that try out for jobs & give nicknames to all the new weather people $ bet @ other to see who stays. We feel like we know Dina, Lisa, Joel, Alan & Tim & other "old" guys. We really like that you take on viewers and their situations and almost always get good results. We would call if we had a situation that we couldn't resolve. All in all, we may be your best fans. Keep up the good work. Mary a Harris, McAllen.
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9 years ago, kmhlang
Channel 5 Mobile App Rating
Not enough news reported, especially on weekends. Readers donor have any way to comment on news stories.
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9 years ago, Prosop
Pathetic !!!
KRGV went from having one of the best news websites to having one of worse seemingly overnight. They deleted live streaming; they deleted news replays; and they made it difficult to understand why anyone would now want anything to do with them. In effect, they turned themselves into a cheap, amateurish site. So I am deleting you and I'll go somewhere else for news. I'll bet many others do exactly the same. What a pathetic bunch.
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12 years ago, queenmarceline
Good enough.
Ever since the switch from analog to digital I've had the worst luck picking up channel 5. I can't stand the low production values and the obvious pandering for views of channel 4 -with their constant giveaways and embarrassing pleads for facebook likes- so I don't even bother watching anymore. This app isn't as good as watching the newscast live on tv, but I suppose it's the next best thing.
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12 years ago, Ricokong
Really, really bad design
I give one star cause zero is not an option but who ever designed it for you guys must have not tested it on an iPhone or just not tested at all. The adds are covering the tab buttons, the alpha images are of a low pixel quality that doesn't look clean on the higher resolution iPhone 4 or 4s. When you got the more tab the entire table view is covering everything. Really really bad design.
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9 years ago, Eddie789
Keeps me well informed.
I like this app it keeps me well informed, but I'd like to have back the live broadcasting on the app since I'm sometimes away from the tv, overall this is a very well done app.
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8 years ago, Friend of the valley
Another winter texan
Check this site daily for the news of our favorite place in the valley. Very good and informative! Keep up the great work!
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9 years ago, hildahall
Channel 5
I live in Houston now, but as a child I lived in the valley. Still visit family when I can. I have this app because I get the best, most concise news!
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9 years ago, Sam50005
Great news app
Love to be able to catch the latest news any time day or night. 5 stars
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9 years ago, Cooper0315
Enjoy being able to access the news on my phone with ease. Great coverage.
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9 years ago, Want to find out
Love This App
Keeps me informed with the News I can view it any time any place thanks to all the staff at channel 5 for such a wonderful job .
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12 years ago, Bluewavesix
Updated app
I guess this is the new krgv app. Works okay, but I liked the other one better.
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9 years ago, liar51
Great news app. Keeps me up to date on what's going on back home, since I now live in California. Keep up the great work.
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9 years ago, BlueMel21
Great news team
Great news team, informative and the valleys news channel.
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8 years ago, rosiemar52
Channel 5 news is the best news center to watch and follow always have the best and are very professional
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9 years ago, Solispolice
Good Information
Always keeps you updated
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9 years ago, Janie L. H.
I love this app. I get caught up with the latest news when I'm on the go.
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9 years ago, fudoddle
The best
Always current, couldn't ask for anything better 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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9 years ago, Vick3@1
Great app
It's a convenient way to stay up to date with the news. Great coverage.
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8 years ago, Mr. Likes it
Good job!
I can check to briefly see what is happening then look into deeper upon interests.
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9 years ago, jaimejamesg
Always enjoy your news stories!
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9 years ago, Jtchava62
The best
The one and only news station worth watching.
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8 years ago, *SILVA*
🖐🏼is number☝🏼
Great resource for our local news.
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9 years ago, Jesse Lucio
Overall, I'm content with the presentation and the selection of items featured. Keep it up.
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9 years ago, Aria182
Bad bad bad...
I don't know what you guys did to the old app but bring it back... I would watch the news in the morning while getting ready and now I can't.... Lame... Shame on you guys for taking off the live streaming and making this app not user friendly...
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8 years ago, drakko22
Terrible app keeps getting worse
News feeds are unorganized and chaotic. Updates are also terrible during the weekends. Finally this app has successfully warranted me to seek other more reliable and dependable local news apps.
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10 years ago, jc3fast
With this app I can stay up to date with the local news on the go. Nice !
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11 years ago, Ram88887046
Push notifications!
Best source of news but I always fund out from someone else and then check the app
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9 years ago, Newsfed
Love it
Great app. Helps me keep in touch with important local news.
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9 years ago, Deacon Ray
5 is No. 1
No contest. Channel 5 is the clear news leader. Thanks for your professionalism.
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7 years ago, imtz86
Put out recent news.
Most the news are 15 to 20 hours old. I keep going back to see if for any reason channel 5 post recent news but no I don't see the point of having this app.
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9 years ago, Yo'mamma!
Old App. was the best!
I'm deleting this app. after writing this review. The old one was great, this one I just don't care for. Channel 5 is still #1 though, I'll just have to stick to the tv. Giving app. one star, because it doesn't let me pick zero.
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9 years ago, Jeff contreras
Avid fisherman
I would like to see the Tide Chart on one of your apps. Sure would be great.
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11 years ago, DDGarcia05
No iPhone 5 Support
It's been over 6 months since the iPhone 5 has been released and still no support for the larger screen. Get the Channel 4, KGBT, app which looks much better or use your browser instead of this app.
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12 years ago, Sic2ss
Great app!!
Very well put together , well done channel 5 :-)!
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10 years ago, Cheyenne 🐷
The Bomb Dot Com
I love it, keeps me posted. Very quick, easy to use And shout out to Weslaco Panthers! #panthernation
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9 years ago, AMC3321
Great app, moved to San Antonio and still watching channel 5 news!
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9 years ago, Nikynikypopo
Super job
I rely on this app to keep me up on what's happening in the valley.
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12 years ago, Monty girls
I like it better than channel 4:)
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9 years ago, Weatherman222?
Impressive site. KRGV seems to be able to cover all the angles. For sure its the best in the Rio Grande Valley.
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10 years ago, LeroyBerrones
5 is #1!!!
From morning to night, KRGV Channel 5 News is BEST station in the Rio Grande Valley!
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9 years ago, budwoman11
Could be better... I would like up to date alerts sent to me with having to open ap..
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9 years ago, KRGV News Reader
New Upgrade
This new upgrade is not very friendly. It is more difficult to easily read news summary. I don't think this application needed an upgrade.
Show more
11 years ago, Cesar Joshua Garcia
Poorly Designed
This app is very poor in quality. Just like the Channel 5 News Website KRGV. It is confusing and runs on old design concepts. This app needs a complete redesign with modern techniques
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