KRON4 Watch Live Bay Area News

4.6 (709)
156.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nexstar Broadcasting
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KRON4 Watch Live Bay Area News

4.57 out of 5
709 Ratings
5 years ago, Istacio
I LOVE KRON, but this app though...UPDATE*
Cmon what are you doing Nexstar??? CONSTRUCTIVE •How about instead of signing up with an email. You instead make it a 1 time in app purchase. •Or run advertisements. •You already have competition like KTVU Channel 2. I actually downloaded and used their app because it’s free but with advertisements. •I as a consumer am willing to make a 1 time purchase to unlock a year of streaming for $30 BUT It has to be through the apple App Store. •Also if you can’t perform recurring annual charges on the App Store. Then sell fake credits within your app to allow people to do it themselves. iPhone users have their accounts tied with apple. We don’t want to give up the main selling point of an iPhone, which is Privacy, just to watch local news. Sorry. That’s not going to happen. UPDATE. THEY FIXED IT! You can now use and pay for local news with your Apple account. You no longer need to give your personal email to sign up. However you will need if you want it on all devices and computer etc. Great job Nexstar! Thanks for listening. Here is your 5 stars. And I’m a subscriber now.
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2 years ago, BryceThaBarber Sf
The Best. Period.
Just felt the need to let the entire crew of Kron 4 know that they are the absolute bomb. Been watching only you guys for years and the energy, the flow, the information, and details you guys give is what wakes me up in the mornin. Darya and James 🔥🔥🔥 Will 🔥🔥🔥 John and Reyna 🔥🔥🔥 Sara 🔥🔥🔥 Jason 🔥🔥🔥Justine and Grant 🔥🔥🔥 and everyone else. I’m an early riser so that’s who I know. I apologize for the long review. I’m at the Dmv and still have 45 min u til open so I figured I’d bless you guys with this. Keep doing your thing. Thanks.
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1 year ago, earl of oxford
Bay love
This station , KRON, is really satisfying my need to be in the Bay area virtually, as , in reality, I am thousands of miles away. One can dream, but seeing the events of the day play out on KRON sure makes things tingle with interest and caring. I did leave a lot of things in the Bay but with KRON, I am keeping them in view. Not affiliated with KRON, any of its employees, sponsors, etc . . . Just plain ‘ol likin the vibe.
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2 years ago, NeyLoMay
Horrible bug
When it comes to news, I watch it live everyday. But lately, KRON4 app has been terrible primary oh their AppleTV capability… I always use appleTV to steam news onto my TV. Abc, fox, cbs5 and kron… all of it, KRON4 is the only app with a very buggy streaming plugin. It always show a commercial right before streaming actually happen, then it will cause an error. It was working fine for like few years…. Until recently, it won’t stream properly anymore. You will probably be fine if you want to watch on your tiny iPhone/iPad screen… BUT Streaming news onto TV is the current trend, who want to pay for the stupid cable and watch the low definitely or even off air. To Kron4/KronOn - if you are reading this, please fix your streaming plugin- it no longer works for older devices….!!! I am using ATV2 and some older iPads…. Tested few different iPads, none work probably anymore.
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2 years ago, Lpetaluma
This is my favorite Bay Area news station. I watch every morning. The news, weather and traffic are great. The staff are upbeat and clear. The station works hard to promote Bay Area businesses and social programs. A special shout out to Dave Spahr , his extra use of weather patterns, the where, when and how of weather is great.
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1 year ago, Augmented
Good app - annoying repetitive ads
I love being able to cast the live video feed to my Chromecast on my secondary TV. And the app plays well on Apple TV. Only annoying part is the ads are repetitive, always the same. And sometimes no ads play at all during commercial breaks. Just silence and a message on screen that they will be back with a countdown clock.
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12 months ago, Portola Valley Barber
Every morning I wake up and grope for the tv remote and wake up to the morning news. For an hour I get my coffee hop back into bed and see what the conversation of my day will be. Being a Barber there is a lot exciting talks with my clients. Thank you for making me a much informed personality ❤️ Cecelia Medina
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1 year ago, Dawne Ca
Keeping me aware of my family’s weather safety
I can watch your weather and get up to date forecast at the Russian River! Thank you
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5 years ago, #Stop the Technology Overlords
The App Works but Requires Email Address
I liked the concept and the app seems well designed. But after about one minute it asks for your email and then to login to kron website. We have been burned by all the social media and google data mining, this ultimately looks to be the same. I guess you’ve got to pay for it somehow and selling ads isn’t working, so, data mine! Sorry kron, bad move.
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5 years ago, jaycoldre
I already have a Xfinity account with the station so why would I have to pay more!?
I already have a Xfinity account with this station,that I already pay plenty for so why are you asking for more money??!!!this is the best news and I can’t believe that this app is ripping off consumers!!!if you already have a cable subscription with KRON 4 this app should be free!thats how all the other apps work!if5 stars if you fix this!!!
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2 years ago, papa 808
News updates
👍right on
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2 years ago, ChKOt
App constantly freezes on my Apple TV
I’ve reinstalled this app numerous times on my Apple TV and I have to close and reload the app at least twice a day. It always gets stuck on a loading screen or freezes in the middle of a live broadcast in the morning and evening. Very very annoying.
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5 years ago, IMMORTAL '76
Free channel charges for news
So let me get this straight, a channel I can watch for free with the aid of an antenna now wants to charge? Paid for the channel you made lots of money on (with taxes and subsidies to pay property taxes, etc.), your news should be a good start to paying back what you received. Don’t charge for local news. The first amendment protects you to keep us informed. Remember what you used to be. Free news means a free society.
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12 months ago, trussellsprout
Need my local news while abroad
Thank you for sharing this app!
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1 year ago, God Of Heavy Metal
App Crashes constantly
Kron on app would be great if it stopped crashing every time when you cast to a TV. It works fine if you watch on an iPhone or an iPad. Please fix this problem with the app, it’s useless to use if you want to cast to a TV or a streaming device.
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2 years ago, TargetBat
Get the app
Great local news and up-to-the-minute traffic and weather.
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2 years ago, tvwatching2day
It’s a great app when it works right. The app on my Apple TV seems to have lots of issues. And only works properly about half the time. But it’s great when it works so I keep trying. When it’s not working I switch over and watch the CBS app, it always works right.
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2 years ago, lexi_allpinnedup
Love kron
Love the station and so happy to have the app that way I can watch the news wherever I may be.
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5 years ago, Lewwhitman
Turn the “break music” down!
This is a pretty good app for having on during breakfast but the break “music” is obnoxious. Turn the volume down so we can think, please. Thank you.
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2 years ago, william 1955
Local news
Enjoy weather report and traffic updates and local political news. Though I wonder how deeply some stories are researched
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1 year ago, Mrs. Jochi
Best Bay Area News
Always live news with no too many commercials. 💯👍🏽
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1 year ago, Damiselon
Love Kron4 News
Great way to start my Morning, enjoy my 5 AM coffee with a update on Life!
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3 years ago, jes-13
Casting bug
This App has a serious problem casting to Chromecast. App drops out & starts playing audio on the phone while still casting... Audio is not in sync, so annoying. Because of all the restarts, you end up watching more commercials than news…
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2 years ago, SedonaSilverado
Wish it didn’t start with an ad
I do get tired of the same ad coming over and over
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1 year ago, 8762usmc
News reports
The best news I have heard
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1 year ago, Señorita Chacon
Much love for Kron 4
Best Bay Area news station and app. I love to stream on literally all my devices.
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2 years ago, Hightidetech
Love Kron4News!
This app saved the day when I could no monger get my favorite local Bay Area news on cable.
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5 years ago, I AM THE BEST820839183
Thank you...
You let me know the news.
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3 years ago, G_bhasker1999
Drops out every 10 mins with chromecast
Drops out every 10mins. Need to recast again and again. Also after casting, app still plays its audio in phone too.
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2 years ago, Ally M's
Redundancies in ads gets old but otherwise it’s my go to for news
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4 years ago, Selino
I got more commercials than news
The commercials streamed just fine. The news stories? Not so much. You’re better off watching television. You’ll see fewer ads. 🤷🏽‍♂️
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2 years ago, kron fa life
Kron rocks
A+ news team
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5 years ago, Thizzlam689
Stupid app ask you to pay to watch !!!!??
I’m not paying for free press. Freedom of information. This is the stupidest way to generate revenue, just like adding tax to soft beverages even to the people who don’t drink them. Convert back to a free to view app or lose many followers of KRON networking/incorporated
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1 year ago, elmer1356
Your apps Very easy to connect to my iPad & iPhone. I enjoyed your kind of reporting.
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2 years ago, matttolong
Disappointed or user failures
Nothings special with this app. SHOULDN’T NEWS be on auto run? News should roll on continually, but instead I have to click every time I want the next story.
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1 year ago, sfdma
Annoying startup process
Stop asking me if I love the app every time I open it. I just want to watch the news. Super frustrating. Click, open, news.
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4 years ago, Kshar35202
You kidding me?
Why in the world would you make us pay for a news app???? To many commercials, nothing is up to date, and quite frankly it’s not worth it when the pot of news online is sooooo large THANKS BUT NO THANKS.
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7 months ago, Kickershit
Why do I think. That this internet is interested in confusing me! THE WHO is at work no doubt in twisting my comprehension to MUSH. who IS ALL WAYS watching. WHO will eventually get you TOO.
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1 year ago, daily news kron
News Kron
Great station
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12 months ago, bishop341b
Ghosts in the App
The app randomly starts playing. It always occurs when the iPad is locked, display is off, and nobody is touching the device.
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1 year ago, Sf,fan
I Love SF Because I am part of Living in Contra Costa County area
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2 years ago, TheresaT2688
Love the sports and Jason Dumas
I love watching the sports anchor, Jason Dumas and his cool clothes and shoes.
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4 years ago, PepperU
Today Nexstar app does not recognize my email address.
Links for support go to the news website
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5 years ago, ButterflyV999
Put KRON4 news back on AT&T U-verse!
Enough is enough! Nextstar needs to get over its dispute with AT&T and remember the viewers. I am NOT paying to watch TV on an app. Give us back our channel 4!!!
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2 years ago, Mr.Stradivarius
news togo
news on the go, just what i needed
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10 months ago, reviewer jbh
Great bay area & national news
Best news of bay area and nation.
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2 years ago, DannyV@510
I really love this Kron App.
Specially morning Crew
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1 year ago, Bnono1979
What a great news app for the Bay Area!
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3 years ago, Compound i
Unfettered ads. Delete
First launch and the app immediately started playing an unmuted ad. Deleted.
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5 years ago, Sdw!
Keeps disconnecting.
It has a problem reloading on fire stick
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