KRQE News - Albuquerque, NM

4.6 (4.6K)
87.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KRQE News - Albuquerque, NM

4.61 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Stoney Haze
Real Reliable News
Love it. Believe it. Need it. You guys are an amazing source of news. Thank God Crystal didn’t leave us!! I am not enjoying the changes this year with Kristan C. leaving or loosing Adam A. They were amazing and your replacements are young and struggle on occasion but the news and weather are still on spot. I like that you hired young and I am sure they will not let any of us down. I am excited for their future and getting used to their adorable faces. I want to thank you all for your ability to show up and deliver the news honestly. I feel I know what is going on and an honest version and I have you to thank for that! Please with the new changes coming for our state I’d like to ask that you start referring to Marijuana as cannabis. I am a holistic healer and Marijuana is a slang term referenced in the mind as deviant. You’ll look much better, more professional, and accepting of its medical value if you use proper terminology. Keep up the great work and again Thank you!
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3 months ago, c.moff
Good app.
I decided to give this app another shot. They have changed it completely since I used it last and eliminated the previous deal breaker
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1 year ago, BrianBrian575505
Biased news with no comment sections for discussion
Heavily biased news written by extreme leftists who try to control the media and information narrative for the entire state. ABQ/Santa Fe and surrounding areas have the worst crime stats and yet try to act like they are progressive and leading the way of the future. The rest of the state makes the money while these areas house all the zombie criminal people. They have a big population/vote but very few actually contribute tangible services/products to the states livelihood. The problem with this news service and organization is that they are completely left leaning. They are not open to anything but their own views. These sites use to have comment sections but after so many years of reader’s debunking , challenging, discussing and destroying the news stories, the outlets removed the comment sections and now readers can’t discuss the subject matter! Which is limiting free speech and challenges to the information being reported. Not a place to visit to discuss the topics with other readers because they don’t want you to poke holes in their stories.
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4 years ago, PlasmaNM
Uninstalled due to ad splash screen at startup annoyance
Fairly recently tried this app, but found it too annoying to keep. Installed after a few days and instead kept the KOB-TV app The problem is: the app developer has inserted a splash screen ad that requires a “swipe up to dismiss.” Any iPhone user will tell you that swiping up on the screen pulls up the iOS utilities menu, so the ad can’t be dismissed. Clearly the developer has NEVER tested his/her app with an iPhone emulator to recognize this. I understand the need to pay for the app and business through advertising, but if KRQE is only providing an un-dismissible ad and not providing access to news, then who is going to want to use the application?
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5 years ago, lasergirlnm
Slow down!
One of my biggest gripes about this site is that you seem to be so very anxious to get bad news out to the public that you don’t thoroughly do the job. There are many times when breaking news will appear about an incident about which you have only bare bones information and you promise to update. But the update never happens. We never see or hear the follow-up. How about backing off the “breaking news” and report what you know, not about things you have no information about.
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7 years ago, Jmortley
This app got worse
I am editing to reflect some thoughts about the latest version of the app. They somehow managed to make it worse. It's mostly design issues. It's ugly and clunky. It's harder to find things like weather and sports because they are all hiding behind generic blue boxes with poorly designed graphics. The weather is SO bad. Half the time the forecast video isn't available, so I'm stuck reading the three sentences the meteorologist's decide to put up. I feel like I'm scrolling a lot more because there is an awful amount of white space.
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4 years ago, lmelect
Does not obey Apple silent
Have the side switch on side of iPhone to instruct for no sound. After going to this app, the video starts to play automatically, which is annoying by itself, but then the video sound starts blaring. Terrible feature. Another terrible feature is there doesn’t seem to be any new news. App front page updated once a week it seems like it.
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5 years ago, stalkergranny
Where is the weather girl the blonde that was been there in the morning forever she is the best one I didn’t have channel 13 for almost a month because of DIRECTV and the negotiations come back and she’s gone why we liked her where did she go bring her back
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4 years ago, lucy bridge
Good info
Thank you for the up to date news. I check my county and home town for the increase of the virus.
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6 years ago, jewelryluvr
Awesome News
I have always loved KRQE since I moved out west from PA. This news always has the most up to date information and I love all of the staff that is on TV. Thank you KRQE for being the best!
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5 years ago, mi honee
News at 4pm
Our great granddaughter Ali love the news we watch it every day with MARK Ronchetti she is 3. It is amazing she listen to everything he and Kim say. She thinks “Mark is soo cute with his pink cheeks. Your biggest fan Ali.
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7 years ago, Pcta
October 2017 update. Downward spiral of web design hits rock bottom. I have deleted. Jan 2015 update is going in the wrong direction. What is it that compels designers to believe that the more you cram onto a small screen the better your app? This is messy, overcrowded but surprisingly without more info. A definite wrong direction. Lordie I wish they would let you downgrade to the previous version. Guess I'll be using the KOB app a lot more!
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3 years ago, Nachoselheffe
Glitchy App
The Idea is great, the app is trash. Constantly fails to show videos, freezes, crashes, and in some cases fails to even open. Once in, you’ll find 9 ads on a page for one single story and only 5 mins to legitimate stories by this news organization. I gave it one star only because you can’t give 0 stars.
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4 years ago, gwlk
Really-Really dislike the Videos
Message to KRQE, am I the only one? The video story doesn’t have to accompany the written story, does it? When I use the app, the ad plays & then the story. I turn off the sound real quickly so I won’t disturb others around me. Sometimes I exit out app. Saying this: no video, reading is ok. Yep, I can read, I used to buy newspapers plus I know cursive. I’ll go elsewhere.
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7 years ago, 1jowada
Trying to rate
6 stars would be easier. I could do half and be happy with it. I use this as much as eBay,Which I haven’t used lately to make an accurate rating. So there lies the problem. How do you rate if you don’t use it enough to be happy nor angry ? 🧐🤨
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3 years ago, Mipeepee
Great reporting of news, guys. Very professional, you dress very professionally and good looking female reporters. God bless you and the entire staff.
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3 years ago, dmagett
Slow and frustrating
This app is just awful. It takes forever to load and then a full screen ad in your face. Then news articles are in video where you must watch a commercial first. Look at your competitors site and see good ones! Deleting.
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5 years ago, knm chavez
KRQE is a main part of my husbands and my day. Everyone is very genuine and we actually enjoy watching the news when it’s presented in a way that impacts you while not depressing you. Sounds strange but it’s real! Thank you KRQE!
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4 years ago, jossnez
When I click on a story I want to read, the video starts playing automatically and there’s no stopping the video unless you turn it down, which is not fun every time I want to READ a story instead of watching it on a replay every time.
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4 years ago, dskochbe
Turn off auto play
Please turn off auto play when opening a story. When in public or around my wife sleeping it just turns on and is most annoying. If not done I’ll delete the app and get my news from someone else as there are other local news stations.
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5 years ago, Everett sr
Hey what’s up?
What’s up we have no tv channel up in the four corners and it’s been going on for two weeks. It is my go to news for local news. Guess you guys could care less. Fix it please
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5 years ago, Hunke327
Fire the app dev
This app is straight trash. It basically redirects all traffic through their website. That’s just lazy. What’s the purpose of an app? Learn to embed the articles. Also, the ads are awful and until dismissed, you cannot interact with the UI. Then the ads reappear seconds later, so you can’t enjoy reading the article.
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7 years ago, ickybic
Much Better
New app is much improved over the old ... loads faster, easier to navigate... Thank you
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5 years ago, 80fortynine
Update your sports stories daily and get back on directv. Also can’t watch morning news anymore if you get rid of the weather girl, only reason why I watched.
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7 years ago, SWDesert
Poor design
I really dislike this new design. Big red boxes not really telling any thing. Just another click to go through to see if I want to follow. I know programmers want work. But I want quality. Not sure why you think this is a good change.
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7 years ago, no1adjuster
New app is awful
I dislike everything about this new app. You all have always been my favorite news source in Albuquerque and still are, however this new app needs some extensive help. Thanks and sorry for the negative review, but it looks like I'm not alone.
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5 years ago, RRTown
I find all the updates and breaking news very useful.
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4 years ago, slackplanet
Love KRQE but HATE the App!
Crashes CONSTANTLY and frustrates me SO MUCH because I want to read articles and move between pages on the app- but sometimes I’m lucky to spend one minute on the app. Forces me to give up and go to the KRQE web page. Please fix this!
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2 years ago, Schaeffer2015
Please help
Please make an Apple TV app I get all my news from you guys but want to watch from my tv so please get the Apple TV app soon thank you
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3 years ago, Reid Warner
So glad to see Mark Ronchetti is back!
Show more
6 years ago, M33k1234
Worse than before
I agree 100% with JMortley. Took the words right out of my mouth. Before implementing or changing something to put it in production you should at least test it. You would think that is the most obvious thing to do.
Show more
6 years ago, UASPilotMRG
Too many ads
Too many ads, sometimes there are 3 of different sizes overlapping each other at the bottom of the screen. You close them and they reappear with the next screen refresh. Uninstalled...
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5 years ago, lovnews
I really get a kick out of the wonderful staff you have.....keep up up the great job... I love watching.
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5 years ago, sparkymom13
Mark the weatherman
We love Mark Ronchetti and his very accurate weather !
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6 years ago, Hippoverde
App review
Don’t like the ad when it is opened. And it not updated very much during day
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6 years ago, Sunny nm
I like KRQE News the best on TV but the app gets stuck or takes forever. And getting the weather is even harder.
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4 years ago, katt543
Freezes all the time
News stories are ok and updated fairly well. However the app crashes all the time
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4 years ago, 34nm
Auto play
Stop auto playing videos. Kind of annoying To you tech guru’s. Yes, I went to settings and turned auto play off. App settings as well.
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6 years ago, Lots o slots
Great reporting keep up the great work!!!
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7 years ago, Jsnpy
Really Bad
The graphics are horrible. The new weather feature is so bland. Nothing about this new layout is appealing. Bring back the old app or sue. This is not in any way user friendly. Only KOAT's app is worse and just barely.
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3 years ago, stmch
Doesn’t scroll smoothly, I’m unable to quickly enable sound on videos. Pretty disappointing news app
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4 months ago, Constant Reader Jr.
New update a disaster
Can no longer open app - it hangs on a screen telling me to accept alerts, which I absolutely don’t want. Deleted the app.
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3 years ago, Albu bolsa
Meteorologists on KRQE
The meteorologists on KRQE I like best are Mark Ronchetti and Erica Meyer. They are professional and fun to listen to. Good work! And welcome back, Mark.
Show more
3 years ago, Jpotter316
Constant problems
My only all out of nearly 100 that continues to give problems. Very amateur
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3 years ago, CarlyMonica🖤
KRQE Albuquerque
Keep up the good work!!!!! Love ❤️ your station!
Show more
5 years ago, Rck$tar
Too many ads
Very annoying ads that now you have to scroll through
Show more
2 years ago, BluSunflowr
Does not load live news at 10
Show more
7 years ago, Ttich2
Great app
This Albuquerque news app is the best around. Thanks T. Rogers
Show more
7 years ago, SF/NM
Not a good layout. But your app is better than Koat. Get rid of your anchor at Nine she is awful. Stopped watching!!!!
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5 years ago, 13loyal
No ad
Don’t open your app with an ad. Your competitors don’t do that.
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