KSAT 12 News

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10 months ago
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User Reviews for KSAT 12 News

4.76 out of 5
29.9K Ratings
10 months ago, Need police
Shooting at the old Saddlebrook
KSAT 12 recorded of a shooting that occurred on the southeast off of SouthCross Reporter did not give the correct address did not happen at Southcross and Flores Street the correct apartments continue to have violent shootings killing it is time to clean house need more police officers management needs to clarify who lives there most of us cannot afford to move out we are there for a reason we pay extra to get in there $750 known as risk fee we will not get this back if we move plus 354 deposit Please report on the correct address
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5 years ago, Sdhhkmmmmm
This is in ref to Facebook (FB). I follow KSAT on FB & this is the ONLY way I can get my message through since they block anyone that may have a different opinion. I was blocked TWO YEARS ago, ONLY b/c my opinion was different than that of the now "former" Meteorologist. I believe she left for Tyler or somewhere near that area for a new job. I disagreed w/ a forecast & THAT is why I got blocked, so now if I want to send in weather pics to your FB page or to be able to interact, I can't! I feel as if I'm being discriminated against & left out. I enjoy your station a lot. Rooftop Weather, lunch w/ Katie & Dave, the regular special news stories, etc but unfortunately, I can't even interact because of that one former employee that blocked me 2 yrs ago. It's my understanding that if you're a business and a public entity (a PUBLIC page w/ a blue checkmark) all people should be able to have their First Amend. (1A) right, to freely speak their opinion. It's my sincere hope that KSAT will allow "ALL" people to freely interact w/o censuring & blocking folks they may not fully agree w/. Does KSAT have any interest in resolving this issue w/ a loyal viewer or will you continue to exclude people from their right to interact? You probably won't even reply to this, but we shall see.
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8 months ago, Draggoh
I was just watching KSAT news and they were talking about all the schools starting back up. They then show a list of schools on the site were you can click on the school to pull up the academic schedule. They said go to the site to pull it up. I checked and couldn’t find it. They have a link for education but a quick search failed to find it. Same with alerts sent to phone with a news story. You click on the link that it sends you and rarely does it take you to the story, but you have to search for it. App would be a lot better if you didn’t have to spend so much time searching on it especially on links they send you.
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4 years ago, jealgone
Awesome app
So on today’s world not to many people get to sit down and watch the news with lives going 100 mph so I downloaded this app at the recommendation of someone to keep up with what was going on in the world, politics and of course what the weather was going to be like and well I LOVE IT!!!! it sends me traffic notices the latest news updates and of course keep me informed with the weather. I tell everyone they should have it.
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1 year ago, Melsabeth
The new updates make this app unusable
I’ve had this app for years - i use it multiple times a day, every day. But now I’m about to delete it and find another news source because the new design updates are horrendous. They make the app impossibly slow. You have to stop an article from scrolling to get the back button to appear - and even that is finicky. If you accidentally click something while it’s taking time to go back you get stuck on a screen with no options and have to kill the app to reset it. Scrolling is clunky and slow. The delay from click to action is ridiculous. Huge mistake. They should fire their app developers. KSAT12 is losing a daily viewer who shares their stories because of this disaster of an app.
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2 years ago, Rcarnes
As large metro news goes...average
Light on serious content, big on "dog bits man" or "man bits dog." Short on serious content or there's nothing really substantive going on in SA. BUT...most people probably want: sports, weather, and who ran off the road. Your stringers need help with basic composition and use of nouns that are appropriate for the circumstances. I will pick on Cody King for an example. “He was pronounced deceased at the scene.” The word “deceased” is used to describe someone who has been dead in some distant past, or as a pronoun. “The victim was pronounced dead at the scene” is more conventional and correct. Some of Cody’s writing parallels “police-speak” which is often an overly legalistic or jargonistic form of speech. A fleeing subjected is not “caught”, he is “apprehended”. Actually, if he was chased through a neighborhood and tackled, “caught” is a good verb to use. Someone in your organization could actually help some of these writers by making some critical editing or post-how suggestions to improve the sharpness of their writing. As an organization, you will come off more crisp in your writing and more credible.
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3 years ago, sad not mad
Used to watch KSAT all of the time. I don’t watch it much at all anymore because of its increasingly progressive, skewed agenda. It is no longer an honest representation of what is happening in San Antonio, or around the world. Not one news story of anything positive that our president has done has been seen in the last few years. Not one news story of anything negative that occurs because of the increasingly violent, hateful, and intolerant progressive community is shown. You have become a vehicle for lies. I feel sorry for the anchors, and reporters that are forced to present this garbage for fear of losing their jobs. You no longer present news, and will be partially responsible for the ruination of our country. I watch and use the app only for the weather and to try to keep up with what’s happening.
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2 years ago, Jbaker0850
No wonder no one pays attention to local news
I’ve used and follows this app for years. It continues to get worse. Every headline/notification is slanted political garbage. Half the time when you click on a notification it doesn’t take you to the right story. It’s a shame that you can’t get straight news on local stories anymore. If the station (or more often, The Texas Tribune) likes a particular subject, it’s treated in the best light possible and others are blamed. If it’s something they don’t agree with, it’s given the most unfavorable characterization possible. This is true from everything from the way different school districts are covered to the typical political hit jobs.
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4 years ago, Cold in Colorado-Burr!!
Great Broadcasting!! Keep up the good work!
I sincerely appreciate the great coverage! I currently live in Denver Colorado but most of my family and friends still live in the San Antonio and New Braunfels areas! I depend on KSAT news to keep me updated on all the current news and weather! Thank you for always being up to date on a variety of current events! Please keep up the great broadcasting! 🇺🇸 🇨🇱 Katie Thomas/ Denver, Colorado
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4 years ago, msrivers
A little disappointed
I’ve always seen ksat 12 news but was so very Disappointed this morning the News Conference came on because i saw it all and then as the Spanish version was starting for the Hispanic people it went back to the ksat 12 news and Marilyn Morris said that we had already heard what we needed to hear BUT what an insult to the non speaking English people!!! What the heck!! Don’t they need to hear the news Conference as well! I was totally livid for the Hispanic people. I am an American and know English but why aren’t they worthy to hear the news as well! Ugh!! Won’t be seeing ksat 12 any longer!
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6 years ago, John645628
Hi all, are you guys using breaking news for sports updates? I'm getting interrupted a lot because of those notifications. And I have sports notifications turned off. Weather should not be a separate app, confused for reason on that. The amount of breaking news is terrible. Why are you all using a random factoid as breaking news? I like your station but your app is a nightmare when I’m trying to concentrate on work. The notifications literally border on you all doing it for sport or to be funny. If I disable notifications I can miss the really important one. So either way I’m screwed. Get my drift?
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7 years ago, ❤️ᏟᏞᎪᏒᎪ ᎾsᎳᎥᏁ ᎾsᎳᎪᏞᎠ ❤️️
The ads are crazy
I can't watch a whole news cast without adds interrupting it. I understand that ads are how things get paid for, but I saw more ads than news Tuesday morning, one of which interrupted the traffic report. I of course didn't check any other road report and got stuck in traffic that took 3x longer to get through. If I could get the channel on my TV it would be great but I rely on the app because I can't get the channel. Please fix the advertisements. I already know way to much about power swabs and how precise thermometers need to be. 😉
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6 years ago, scouty52
Slanted and anchors biased—still getting worse
Gosh, if it was slanted news before it is just getting worse. Propaganda for Clinton and failed to report that Senator Grassley asked for an investigation and suspension of her clearance almost 2 years ago NOT just this year or last year as KSAT’s story reports. This App and KSAT news is so biased and slanted it is MSNBC and all the other fake news stations. These KSAT anchors and reporters just won’t stop adding their biased opinions. I have stopped watching the news and watch the weather forecast and then only when Katie or Justin are on. The others are so annoying! Better to just watch the Weather Channel and Fox News.
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3 years ago, E. Dawn
Slanted political coverage that would make CNN blush with shame!
1000+ cars, and at least 3X as many people turn up and completely fill the parking lot at Cowboys Dance Hall for a pre-election Trump rally along with no more than 2 dozen protestors (I counted them myself)... and predictably enough, what do these folks do? They turn up to cover to “cover” the guys waving Mexican flags and shouting profanity at children like they’re the virtuous heroes of the day... makes me sick.
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4 years ago, ppoobbzzxx
The peaceful march
People who is breaking up my city I don’t appreciate u messing up my city if you don’t like it in the U.S.A move to Mexico, London some other county what happened didn’t happen to you so get over it the law is taking care of it so stop this monkey see monkey do move on !!!! THE REPORTING needs to stop your just adding fuel to the fire so move on PLEASE
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3 years ago, Justanothernmbr
Ads, spam, and infested with bugs.
Pop ups slow app down tremendously and cause you to “accidentally” tap on them when trying to tap on a story. On Home Screen ads are just as enraging as the pop ups. They’re so sensitive that when you try to scroll they click instead and take you to some spam website in Safari. Also, the stories often lock up or don’t show their content. Overall terrible app and horrible abuse of pop up/wallpaper ad links. I deleted it and just went with KENS instead.
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2 years ago, oakylene
Females clothing
Why does some of the reporters allowed to dress terrible their clothes is to tight for their bodies it’s very sickening an unprofessional looking Some need to lose a lot of weight how do they see over their bellies Ursula always looks beautiful an so does both Sarah’s an Katie the new woman an the lady with beautiful long black hair an Mira are also very pretty
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6 years ago, janie from Lytle
Morning News Team
The morning news team is the best,it's like they are a real family. I love how they are serious when giving the news & how funny they are when playing with each other. I can't wait to see them every morning 😊 Janie from Lytle thanks guys
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2 years ago, MikeW2k
Sports scores notifications
Started getting push notifications for local sports scores and it’s annoying. My sports push notifications is turned off in the app yet I still get them. Way to many notifications. Also as others stated, when notifications come in for news and you click on the notification it either takes you to the wrong story or just opens the app home page. How is this getting published broke like that?
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3 years ago, Texas-rated
Not helpful
So I wanted to get updates on the weather during our super freeze on February 17th. Our power has been out for over 48 hours. I downloaded the KSAT news app and was finally going to get an update. I selected the “Watch Live” button and it showed me Tuesday afternoon and evening weather. That would have been fine if it wasn’t already Wednesday. I guess when they say it’s live, they mean it was live at some time during the previous week. Worthless app in my opinion. I will be looking for another app that is useful.
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1 year ago, SanAntonioChick
Stop the videos
I use my app to read the news. I can’t even open the app to read articles because it automatically starts playing the news clip; with a loud ad first. I have to hurry up and try to pause it before reading it. Good luck if you are in the office or somewhere where you don’t want to have audio on. So annoying. Not liking this new app at all. Im deleting it and using other SA news sources where it’s not so clunky… and no automatic videos play.
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6 years ago, BellasMuse
KSAT is the only local station I watch for the up to date news and weather. They are like family. I watch from early morning until the 10:00 pm news. I record them in case I have to leave. I never miss ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT WITH David Muir at 5:30 either. If you’re not watching KSAT, you’re not up to date.
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6 years ago, HML2010
Way too many commercials!!!!
The number of commercials on the live cast are ridiculous!!! Absolutely ridiculous!!! There were 8 consecutive commercials. Couldn’t even watch the newscast. Missed lots of the news content. False pretense of starting that you have a livecast!!!! Very, very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Peacegreen
Amazing app
The KSAT app is best I’ve seen for a city app on phones. Very very comprehensive and full of user friendly tech. Instantly watch and see up to date as it goes on. I had “one of the other news stations “ app. I deleted it. Was of no use !! Thanks for your commitment to educating San Antonio with the facts as they Happen.
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1 year ago, CHONDRO361
Repetitive and convoluted
This app used to be pretty good. After this recent update the total layout changed it is full of ads. What's more, is that the same story will show up 3, 4, or 5 times under different categories. You can rearrange the way the stories are presented but they're still very repetitive and it's all jumbled together amongst a whole bunch of stuff. I am going to delete this app because it's ridiculous how horrible it has gotten!
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3 years ago, Delgado#8
KSAT football games.
Great app. for the viewers to keep up with high school football where many parents and grandparents can watch there kids play and keep up with them. To what there special moments. Thanks for doing that for us.
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4 years ago, alamodriver
Day of the dead broadcast
Great event. Great TV broadcasters. Need to work on the production side. Too many audio and video glitches. Blank screens. Who’s on first? Broadcasters seemed to be surprised by many of the floats. Good background reports from Mexico. Again...Super event. Can’t wait for next year’s parade. And a big Thanks to KSAT for broadcasting the event.
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5 years ago, deutsches Mädel
Morning News
I love the morning crew! You can tell they all get a long great and I love how they tease each other. Getting up early is hard enough but having a great news crew with your coffee makes it all better. Keep doing what you are doing ♥️👍🐾
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4 years ago, x-man5,000
Can’t be without you
I start my day with “Good morning SA” and a nice hot cup of coffee. Then I head off to work and keep up on current events. Lots happening in this world today that we are on edge all the time. Thank you for keeping me informed through these seemingly perpetual times. ....X
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4 years ago, HHankk
Excellent Update!
I am really enjoying the constant updates that are sent out. I really feel I am in tune with the latest news in and around San Antonio. Especially during these unprecedented times, Thanks for all the updates.
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5 years ago, king0789
Separate alerts???
Why do I keep getting different alerts on separate devices? I get more traffic updates on my iPhone then I do my iPad and all notifications are set to on for both devices. When I’m home I predominately use my iPad and when I’m out that’s when I use my phone. I shouldn’t have to be reaching for two different devices when I can just use one. Also would be nice if there was some type of sound/tone when we get an alert. Please fix
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4 years ago, you really dont wanna see this
Still crashing
Was hoping latest update would solve problem. Watching live stream from within an article: about two minutes into it, it stops. Must touch “x”, wait to return to article, then push play, wait for ad to finish, then watch 2 minutes and repeat the process. Really not very effective way to deliver news. Other than that I like the app fine.
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5 years ago, wreckernick
I always look forward to your reports,, I’ve watched y’all for years and I’m always impressed on your funny, professional, and heartfelt stories.. I will continue to always look for your reports and a way follow you all with my K-SAT 12 app,, thank you and total love for ya!!
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6 years ago, Ea$y Money 💸
One of the better news apps
Don’t even try to compare this app with the other locals. I like how they bring the updates the quickest but more than anything they fixed all the stability issues that most news apps have. Shout out to their developer. Good job 👍🏽.
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7 years ago, SA Golfer
KSAT is my go to station. Never make stories up.. always fair. When Steve Browne, or the rest of his weather gang says it’s going to happen.. it happens. Leslie and Mark.. fun to wake up to. Unlike other stations that lead with sound bites..KSAT, Doesn’t!! They are the epitome of professionalism. Maybe CNN should come down and spend a week with them!
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6 years ago, fdali
Detailed topics
They keep me posted all day, from accidents on the road, to construction on roads. Sometimes all the way to Austin Texas, and coming back, to San Antonio,With updates on my phone. Weather also sunny in SA crazy weather today in Buda TX, strong cool winds. Crazy. But there in top of reports. Awesome team. On are side.
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4 weeks ago, jcn98615
Stop autoplaying video when I open the app
It pauses the audio (podcasts, music) I’m already listening to and I have to go and restart it. Also add a traffic section or a better way to get traffic notifications.
Show more
3 years ago, Paula Arredondo
I start my day by checking my KSAT mobile app . Weather first as this is Texas . After this I know I can depend on all the latest news ... most especially updated information on Covid vaccine availability . Thanks KSAT !
Show more
4 years ago, Nina And Stormy
The best news
I am from Laredo we were able to watch the news years ago here in Laredo not anymore, but now I still watch the news on my phone or on my iPad very professional and love you tv station 🥰❤️
Show more
6 years ago, keepmyeyesopen
I always say let’s see what’s going on!
I love to read the KSAT news on my phone. Sometimes I’m the first to find out before everyone in the family. But the elderlies tell me “ well yeah, you have a touch phone and we have a flip phone” Lol! Too sweet!
Show more
4 years ago, iPad user SA,TX
74 yr old republican
Several weeks ago I downloaded the app KSAT12. What a great job of reporting the news here. I’ve download for a long time Kens5 and Woai4 in San Antonio, Tx...if you a one sided view of what goes on here...then...I hope you like socialism...best to ya...but...it ain’t succeeded yet any in this world yet.
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6 years ago, Mighty E
Traffic update notifications
This app is well worth having solely for the push notifications about traffic. Accidents on freeways from Devine to New Braunfels are reported and, typically, a follow up note to advise they’re clear is sent too.
Show more
4 years ago, mjsatx
Watch Live not working
I used to enjoy watching the morning news (6-7am) on my phone as I got ready for work. However, the “watch live” part of the app hasn’t worked in several weeks. I sent an email to KSAT through their website but haven’t received a response and the function still isn’t working. Maybe someone will read this review and act.
Show more
5 years ago, satxrose
Greates newscast in San Antonio and surrounding areas.
I’ve enjoyed KSAT since I was very young like in my teens. I love the reporting and especially national. It keeps in touch with what going on in local to national and even international news. Thank you all for all that you do.
Show more
6 years ago, Jclor
App has problems
I’ve been viewing the morning newscasts on my phone while getting ready for work. News cast keeps interrupting and during the most important parts! Screen goes black and I have to exit and restart the news cast. It’s been going on for months and I would think they would fix it by now but I guess the app isn’t a priority.
Show more
6 years ago, Dogfreak9k
Excellent Reporting
I love this channel and like that you report the news quickly and as precisely as possible. The app is great also. Thank you for your jobs well done and keep up the good reporting!!
Show more
1 month ago, Gangster Stick
It was good until recent update
Can we please get a way to disable that auto live play? I have looked all over the app and don’t see a way to turn it off. All I see is to auto play on wif but I’m not even connected to wifi but it still starts to play automatically. Please fix
Show more
4 years ago, HelloThereKenobi1
Delayed Notifications.
Love the app, but recently my notifications have been delayed. I will get a notification but it will say “5 mins ago” on the time stamp or something like that. Not every alert but enough for me to notice.
Show more
3 years ago, Grandma jul
Up to Date News
I really enjoy receiving updated news stories.
Show more
5 years ago, CMB210
You all should have the news going in a constant manner based on when the person logs on,because I don’t catch it live all the time.
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