KSBW Action News 8 - Monterey

4.3 (2.3K)
110.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KSBW Action News 8 - Monterey

4.32 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
3 years ago, 07sportster!
Stage left
I love your new cast. I always feel informed after viewing the KSBW news. The weather people are great...but. I do wish Ms. Delveccio would stand stage left like the other weather team members. I can’t see Madera through her body. Seems to me she might consider observe Mr Jarred or get some direction from Somebody as to what viewing experience is best for the audience. I think I’d throw the fifth star, but she’s in my way.
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3 years ago, "Forget about it!"
Both Stations-waste of air time
Both review same news - Eeek & both ONLY on rare occassions cover Carmel &Monterey Eeek,eek. /Dan G is good. Other female reporters are pleasant. Both my Sis & I say>Erin is boring, needs a new bra w/up lift AND reports 1/3 news on Salinas yet can’t pronounce Spanish names & places after all these years!!! / Better if —one station KSBW, e.g. report on N. counties e.g. Holister, S. Benito., S.Cruz, Salinas & Salinas Valley; & other Station can cover Pacific Grove,Carmel, Pebble Beach, Monterey,Carmel Valley, Chular & So. Hwy1, also Moss Landing, Marina,& Seaside BUT probably not fun because less crime. “Weather Reporters” are good especially the black gentleman reporting on weather (regret to say - I can’t recall his name, sorry.) That’s all for now - just off the top of my head. All these points have been discussed in our homes for years. Also, will never forget the 49ers won a season and were given their celebration parade - Erin was suppose to be covering this “huge celebratory even - Weird She was on camera rambling on about some other subject for a good whole 5 minutes. “What” - “grief” she was not tracking! Eeek! We in the family - all of us - were commenting... “Where is her head?” Obviously, we never got over that. “Thank you for asking our opinion.” Good luck. Why are these two stations over-lapping news programs.
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4 years ago, Pattimax1
Family of Five loose their house to fire
Ms Lisa Davis lived on Foam Street she was living on Foam Street off Cannery Row. Ms Davis works 3 jobs until Covid. She has been a server for many years. She has 3 children and takes care of 2 nieces. She is an Angel. She is now left with nothing. No place to live and shelter 5 children. No food. And now school starts and they must do online school Their computers and phones were burned and are gone. They have no clothes. Luckily people have found out about the fire and trying to help. She will need to find someone in our beautiful community that can help find her a house and job. I am hoping KSBW can do something to help this family.
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4 years ago, seranna 84750
Good TV Station Bad App
This TV station deserves a better performing app. Ads that freeze and prevent access to content. Terrible search function. There must be some organization to the layout but I’ve not figured out what it is. When I see something on TV and want to follow it up here I often can’t find it, especially if it is a secondary story or something that was just briefly mentioned. I keep the app because the news coverage is only one of two local options so I keep the, both. I get so frustrated using this one though, I often consider deleting it. BTW I’m not someone who generally has trouble with apps, I get good results most of the time. This is an app problem, not a reflection of my ability.
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6 years ago, Leland Alsop
KSBW is by far the BEST station anywhere. I will not watch any other station. It seems like one big family & I enjoy everyone's humor. It makes it more personal. Keep up the good work. What I don’t like is the commercials that we are forced to sit through before we are allowed to see the news article. Are they there to pay for the broadcast itself? It would be nice to find another avenue. Other than that, stay the same wonderful station I have watched for many years & don’t let anyone else retire...
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5 years ago, Bumperm
Lose the Adware
I view this app to read the news (and that’s laughs too), but I’m forced to read or watch your adware without any provision for deletion before I’m able to view the news. If you’re going to force viewers to watch adware, then you need to pay your viewers for doing so. If not, stop it!!!! Additionally, you must not have any real journalists left on staff, because all I see is video. If your staff can’t write, then perhaps you should hire journalists that know how to spell and write. Seldom in a position to “watch your news”. Keep this garbage up, and I and my friends will seriously look elsewhere. Will also talk to my attorney about suing you for making us view your adware.
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4 years ago, PF Ken
This is our nightly Station - KSBW
We love all the news teams, their professionalism, and their friendly, homey approach to talking to us. Dan, Erin, all of them are enjoyable to watch, and they become serious when it calls for it. I thought when Jim retired, the weather reports would never be the same. But no, you assembled a first class meteorologist crew with all the weather folks, weekdays, and weekends. Thanks for many great years (we used to watch Roy Stearns), and many more to come.
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1 year ago, Buddy &kola
I love the weather and the new here on channel 8 news and what a beautiful job of the students that send in pictures that they draw about the weather my children are grown up now they sent a picture in once and they were so happy to see it on the news that’s so important for children every where one day I hope my grandchildren do the same soon
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6 years ago, marie e
Central coast
The weather cast dominates the whole NEWS cast... no one besides a future meteorologist is that interested in the weather. There’s tons of commercials and the same ones over and over and over again. Believe or not everyone is not original from the central coast.... I’m sure there are sports fans from all around the world living here. Can we hear stories about our teams too?! Some times the app only has audio and no video. Some times it is still playing news from sunrise in the afternoon. There’s a lot of technical difficulties. I have the app on my iPhone10 and firestick for my tv, same issues with both.
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6 years ago, Swammy456
Lacks Content
Too many video only stories. App seems to populate with stories that look more like the click bait ads on many websites. Must sit through video ads before every story. Watch an ad, then video news clip. Next video you click on and you get another ad to sit though. Really annoying if you have slow broadband. It’s not like you have to watch an ad on their TV broadcast between every story but you do with their app. If you’re looking for local news the KION app has much more content. Also the stories don’t seem to update throughout the day. Maybe once a day they add a story.
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2 years ago, Mty1983
Not a fan of the app
Nothing against KSBW News, but I’m not a fan of the app at all. Each news story has a video playing at the top that starts with an obnoxiously loud commercial. And there have been numerous times I’ve waited out the commercial only to have the video completely unrelated to the article. I wish the videos started off muted and gave me the option of listening or not rather than the immediate assault. As a result I hardly open the news alerts.
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2 years ago, Sueco76
Bad App
Like most media in the modern, the concept of “breaking news” has gotten quite casual and the alerts from KSBW are no different. While I am tempted to turn off the many unnecessary alerts KSBW sends me rebought the day, I feel like I should leave them on as it’s my local news source. Also, I absolutely despise the adware that plays videos automatically when you are trying to read a story. This is something that’s need to be addressed as it’s will turn many people away from using this crappy app
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4 years ago, red100pony
How about giving Dan and Erin a night off per week and work some of the younger folks into the broadcast. Kyla and Caitlin are great let them come on together! Your forecasts for Pebble Beach are non-existent. Jim Vanderzwan used to have people all around the Peninsula send him info on what was happening everywhere weather wise! Move Drea to the other side of the screen so we can see her she hides over near Dan and her presentations are great but hidden! The pin ball machine bumper Dan and Erin sit at has to go looks ridiculous! Only Gina gives a great weather report we can count on! Hire Rocky from KPIG for the surf report he does each morning at 8:20 a.m. he is fantastic! Joseph Heston should be replaced by a woman from a larger market! Brittany and Lauren are the best reasons to watch KSBW besides Drea and Gina!
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7 years ago, JeanBru
Not a very good news app
1. I would like to be able to actually read the news on this app instead of being forced to watch the video. The text is buried at the bottom and so even if I stop the video it’s impossible to read. 2. The Search engine is wretched. Key words, names, etc frequently bring up nothing when these same key words and names are in the day’s news. 3. It takes forever to load a story plus I’m forced to watch an ad each and every time I go to another story. I find this app so annoying I’m deleting it.
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2 years ago, catmontereybay
Old news
Good morning KSBW. I just saw that if streaming, the news available is from Saturday night. It’s Monday morning folks, so let’s update! And while we are at it, updating daily and expeditiously would be a great step to get more viewers. We like new news not old news!
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3 years ago, mountan valley
We have enjoyed Erin, Dan and especially Miss Blackwell for many years. My relatives that visit from the LA area also enjoy the KSBW news reporting. We think Erin is a respectable news reporter, however she needs some assistance with her wardrobe. Keep up the good work. Wonderful to have local news reports.
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4 years ago, User GP16
Every story you watch requires you to sit through an ad that can run as long as 30 seconds (sometimes longer than the news story). It is frequently the same ad over and over again. App should limit the number of ads required for each session of using it and not repeat ads. Better yet, provide a “Skip Ad” button after a few seconds.
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4 years ago, Cheyanne1945
II do have trouble followings links. Every day I am interested in how many new Covid cases and deaths but I cannot find the info on new cases, Your staff is great( on air). I really liked Sydney Reed the other day when she reported the weather.i feel she connects better than Gina, Drea is fantastic. All your anchors and reporters do a great job.
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5 years ago, BDEV29
Staying Informed
We cut cable TV and now get my news only on the KSBW App. With no cable TV I missed my local news, but now get it through this App. It is the best news, most accurate weather report and traffic of all the local channels. Now I wish there was s KSBW App on Roku!
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6 years ago, mystorey
Yes. Video stories take too long to review. I like to look at the pictures of the event, read some news and jump out quickly. News happens fast and I don’t like wasting time to watch a video story. Get in. Get on. Get out.
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2 years ago, Tomthenewsjunkie
We watch the news everyday we’re home. We like the way the newscasters/reporters always find the right tone for their stories. The website helps me catch up during the day.
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4 years ago, Papa John G
Great Local News!
It is our own local station. I enjoy the news segments the most. The internet provides me with National and World news but here is where I find my local news and weather. Keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, schsJane
Trying to learn
Enjoying the improvements in getting to the stories faster. Love KSBW's coverage of our area. Would like to be able to slow down the interactive weather portion on the map. Thanks
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4 years ago, legsldy
To many ads
I enjoy reading the articles but when there is s one minute video with a 30 second ad, I don’t even watch the video I understand the reasoning for the ads but the length of them some of them are annoying.
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6 years ago, Friday Girl 714
Update broke the streaming news function
Latest update broke the streaming news function. It plays the ads fine (of course), but the news never starts. This is the only reason I have the app. Loved this app up until this to stay current on Monterey area news when not in town, but now it’s just the same as reading the stories on their webpage. Avoid until they fix this.
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4 years ago, nor nor
Why do ads work then
How come I will get the way too long ads and then get kicked out? Then it happens again and again. I have started watching CNN because of this frustration.
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3 weeks ago, H.Beans
mostly good
I appreciate the breaking current news and the weather forecast. What I dislike is the very loud commercials that are often impossible to skip. They are so annoying I often skip to another news station.
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4 years ago, 2anglers
Technical issues
When I’m reading a story your app does not allow me to read the full story. It is missing key information and is hard to understand. Can you please address this issue. Thanks
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6 years ago, ShoppeGal45
Already had trouble with new App & today it froze to death -- I dumped it & will reload but it's been a constant disappointment to try and get my local news. Ads. Ads. & More Ads!! Everything I’m looking at on other sites such as ZAPPOS shows up as an Ad in each article I read on KSBW news app! This is very troubling! How little Privacy do we have?? I check the app just for the local Weather and other Alerts — that’s All. Shame on KSBW.
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4 years ago, glfrmrk
Ads are covering news type
You are reading a story and all of a sudden it stops in the middle of a sentence or paragraph and it just comes to an end. Whoever proofreads your app needs some more schooling. Otherwise good.
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4 years ago, JWoman1
App never works
9 times out of 10 when I get an alert and open the app, it’s a black screen so I can’t read the alert. If I close out, the alert goes away. If I try to go back in, the screen is still completely black. When I am able to get the screen to come up, the article says the same short description as the alert with no link to additional details. Totally disappointing app.
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3 years ago, Chris($-/:)!
Love the local news presented as news without judgement
This is a great station. The app could use some help. Freezes, gets stuck on ads, glitches. Love the station, the weather reporters, the local news live.
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3 years ago, Claymonger
Great improvements!
Thanks for removing that loud annoying ad when launching app. Weather and local news alerts syncing with Apple Watch are helpful features.
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4 years ago, Yomama251
Good for news when the ads are finally over
When I open the app the page is black. After about 10-15 seconds an ad starts. It goes in for quite a long time. Very annoying. I have an ad blocking app but apparently it isn’t effective in this app.
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3 years ago, kjr300
Five Stars for station, app, & daily newsletter.
Truly spoiled with having the absolutely best crew of newscasters in the region. Only downside is when the all too often ‘contractual issues’ between Hearst Corp & Directv knock the station off the airways.
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4 years ago, Srferth
Unusable on iPhone SE
Impossible to read on the SE. Every 1/3 of a page an Ad appears — that wouldn’t be so bad, but... The paragraph you’re reading ends in the middle - the ad appears - and when you scroll down, the remainder of the text in the paragraph is nowhere to be found; and the next paragraph has begun... Impossible to coherently read news articles on my device. Ten thumbs down. Less than one star.
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4 years ago, nothing is good enough
Unable to read entire news stories
It’s frustrating when you open a news app to read the article & much of it is covered by ads so you can’t read the entire body of the article.
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3 years ago, ajk57281
Best of the Best
When I move from Tx to California I full in love with your station ,your the only station I download it on my phone ,I will recommend you highly your the Best of the Best
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5 years ago, weemalis
Have to start over at beginning
This app is very fragile. Seems like if I even breathe on it it closes. Can’t run it with the window off. When I start up again it starts at the beginning rather than where I was. I do appreciate getting local news anytime. DITTO!!!
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6 years ago, lovethepeninsula
Breaking news
Breaking News Headline has been up since July 18 on MPC possible bomb. It is now July 25 and it is still posted. Really? Please take it down. I like checking the weather on the app which is updated at least twice daily that’s why I’m giving it 3 stars.
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5 years ago, velo owner
Like KSBW news station
The mobile app could use some interface updates. Stories are presented in an inconsistent view and some stories are presented in more than one instance. Still l enjoy being able to get news when I am not by a TV
Show more
7 years ago, NanasDayGames
I have always liked your station but your breaking news is very slow. Sometimes it comes up to 10 minutes after other channels have reported. :-( You have hardly any interest in south county and that's frustrating when trying to get info
Show more
5 years ago, thecornucopiaguy
Great coverage
We enjoy KSBW every evening for the latest local news, but more importantly for me...the great weather coverage. Thank You to all there that make this happen!
Show more
3 years ago, Wizzie Liz
Too much memory and too many advertisements!
Every time you go to any headline, you have to watch another commercial. The app assumes everyone has the newest phones and that your phone is new enough to run this application.
Show more
5 years ago, rdvii
Not Smooth on iOS
The app dries not scroll smoothly on iOS on iPhones 6s, 7, X, and XS Max (the only phones I’ve used the app on)! This has been the case for the past few years. No dates on when an article was posted or updated. The KION app doesn’t have these issues.
Show more
4 years ago, TerriCanine
Ends too fast!
When I’m reading an article I can’t get to the rest of it ... very frustrating ... it’s all good to a point then ... I like the resources very much. I like the quick news updates; appreciative. Thank you for all that you are doing.
Show more
4 years ago, MLB1776
Frequently when I click on a story it freezes, leaving only a blank screen. I have to completely leave the site. I have given up trying to follow news on this Ap. Only when desperate for local news will I open the Ap.
Show more
4 years ago, Jakesmtn
Frustrating App
Okay for casual news review - but hard to follow alerts - ads play out loud and can’t be shut off without leaving the app - and there are ads that look like news which clutters the interface.
Show more
2 years ago, Melodius5
I have had to re-download this app about five times. I am now sick of it. There’s some bug fixes that really need to be addressed. The app won’t load I just get a revolving icon
Show more
4 years ago, 1853Sherr
Hate this app
I really try not to go to this app and that is really a shame because the KSBW news is my favorite local news station. My husband and I love the news team but this app is SO annoying! I tap on a story (so I think) and I get a video. I should be able to choose a video if that is what I want, but it is my only option. Not good.
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