KSHB 41 Kansas City News

4.6 (257)
56.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
E.W. Scripps Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KSHB 41 Kansas City News

4.59 out of 5
257 Ratings
3 years ago, Free cell fan
Great news app
This is the only local news app for me. I used to be—years ago—a faithful user of a different news app. It was tinkered with until it was unrecognizable, with ads popping up at unexpected times. Not so the KSHB news app. It seems to me when I got it, years ago, I may have paid a small fee, but I would pay it ten times over. No ads popping out at me, I just click the easy-to-find story I want to look at, and I can read the story or watch it, or both. Naturally it includes national news, so I feel very up to date.
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4 years ago, thiswastoohard
41 Treehouse Lane
50 years of watching KSHB that started with 41 Treehouse Lane. Shave and a haircut- 10 cents! That was Mr. Ed’s version of two bits! Back then the days moved by slowly, like a daydream. Fast forward to today, flying cars and all, and I have a face full of apps on every device. This morning when I pulled up this app, as I do every morning, it asked me to leave a review. Like the drone I am, here goes...love the app, use it every day without fail. Gary Lezak is a jewel in KC’s crown and understands our odd weather better than anyone in the world and I’d bet money on it! The news feed is great, as is the writing within them. Thanks 41KSHB!
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2 years ago, Charlae June
41 News & weather
My Wife and I always rely on 41 news and weather everyday for correct up to the minute news and weather. We absolutely love Kevin and Ms Dea for our news, and Gary for our weather. The three of them makes us feel line we are listening to family, and always folks we totally trust. Thank you so much for all that you guys do!!!
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4 years ago, sirley1083
Simply a good news channel for KC
There are some time lagging issues when under heavy use, but the video and sound come through efficiently and with quality. The news casters are all top notch experienced personalities who are very personal and yet professional. All of the metro KC area is fairly represented in news, weather, sports, and the humanities.
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5 years ago, CharlieHarley2x
41 Action news
I’ve tried other station; this one consistently gives me everything I need, and want, in my local news. Gary is the best in town, and in the cities I’ve visited far and away the most passionate.
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4 years ago, Nicky b baby04
NFM advertisements kill this APP
Your advertisements, especially from NFM (who seems to pay for most of the commercial spots), are very annoying and concerning. When something major happens in this city, and or a major weather threat is imminent, I don’t feel like a 30 second commercial, or even a 15 second commercial should be produced though a simple tap, or click to access the article or video ..... when instant access is needed to crucial information. Guys/Gals come on and get this part right!!!!
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1 year ago, TroyJedi
Great news - poor interface issues
Sends good headline updates and easy to read article on mobile device. However, once you open an article, tapping the back arrow or drag-n-drop down the article to return to the main screen rarely works. iOS 15 & 16 have the same issue. Has been a problem for months. Have to close the app to get to other articles.
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2 years ago, Lamarr61
41 Breaking News
I only watch channel 41, I enjoy the breaking news, the reporters, and the sports coverage. Need to give sports a little more time on each of the broadcast.
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4 years ago, Ldevereaux
Easy-to-use app
Easy to use and convenient. I can see the weather anytime. I can watch the video or read the article. Local and some national stories, too.
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4 years ago, GC Nana
Great app!
This app offers the most up to date and informative news updates. I only get notices of breaking news which is all I want and need! Great job KSHB!
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1 month ago, cpro133
Bye bye, KHSB
I have an older iPhone which is perfectly suitable for my needs will not upgrade to the current operating system required by this app. Since I will not be shelling out for a new phone it’s so long KHSB.
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6 years ago, Themusicman08
Am I missing something with this application?
I have this application for both my AppleTV fourth-generation, and my iPhone 6s. For some reason, I have no notifications coming in on the iPhone. Why is this? Is this broken? You might want to look at why this is happening. When I go to the AppleTV fourth-generation, I do not see a broadcast playing either when it is live. It just says the channel name.
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1 year ago, Mid-West Chief fan
Lindsay Anderson’s sweater
Luv, watching Lindsay Anderson forecast the weather, especially today with her awesome Chiefs sweater. Hoping she will tell her fans where 2 purchase that sweater. Merry Christmas 2 all!!
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3 years ago, CKabNKC
Best Weather Forcast
The KSHB Weather team are the most accurate meteorologists in the area. I like that I can check out what they have to say anytime. Plus they are fun to watch.
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2 years ago, A-Arons Handyman Services
Favorite News App
Best weather team in all of KC! Gary and his bunch keep things fun but to the point. Can always trust their forecast wit the LRC. App is clean and easy to use.
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2 years ago, Jackie Fay 1948
Best weatherman ever!
Love the quick updates with my app especially Gary Lezak’s weat! Watched this station since it came on the air. At least since 1954!
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3 years ago, Jeffrey Daniel
Great viewing options
I love all the various live viewing options: news, COVID-19 updates. etc. keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, meage123
Love it.
I love the KSHB 41 team. I watch them every night. They always get me through my days :)
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4 years ago, Mmacksr
41 action news
Love the app easy to use, following all the KC news and weather 😎
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4 years ago, Ken Thedane
App and web site
The app needs major improvement not user-friendly is supposed to be weather related but it leaves a lot to desire very laggy same goes for the website total I can’t hear anything doesn’t matter what device you’re on
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3 years ago, Alexander Moore
Best news app in KC!
Love this app! User friendly and precise content with the best weather team in KC.
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9 months ago, Roy.E1966
Much Improved
Don’t like woke journalism…thankfully…minimal here…great UI!
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5 years ago, CoffeeCup1966
The app is much improved!
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5 years ago, Jdubkc
No Videos
I use to watch the weather videos faithfully on this app. Now they won’t play. The ad plays just fine and then the news video hangs. I wait forever with no luck. Bye bye KSHB weather team!
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5 years ago, american_guy
bad app - made in the 90’s
Constantly crashes, typos galore in the stories, can’t zoom in on photos, very infrequently updated with new stories. Questionable use when free. Definitely don’t pay for this.
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10 months ago, Dricketts11
Very buggy for months. Any updates typically break the app. Currently no sound with latest update. Waste of time.
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4 years ago, karina V K
They don’t even try to be objective
We can think, you do not need to tell us how to interpret the news. What about showing both sides once in a while?
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6 years ago, xcalibur
NFM ads are unbearable
The app works fine, but the Nebraska Furniture Ads between segments and clips are loud, obnoxious, and downright unbearable. At times, no fewer than 5 NFM commercials will blare on the screen in a row. Moderate the volume of the ads and get varied sponsors.
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3 years ago, Slugga 12
Super chic and super current at reporting.
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2 years ago, ScottyByNature
Garbage All Around
Garbage stories, garbage forecasts, garbage reporting, garbage app performance; you getting the picture yet?
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10 months ago, PincheCulero
Divisive stories. Far left slant
Editorialized, biased news stories. Propaganda headlines that keep people divided. Garbage app.
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10 years ago, ryanschreck
Much better!
This is an app that I open several times every day. I was so used to the ugly UI that I was used to it. Imagine my surprise when a new icon shows up today...and after opening it I realized just how bad it was before. The new look & feel is great. The UI is much easier on the eyes and the navigation is user friendly. There seems to be more content as well. Great update!
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8 years ago, padnerual
Compared to the previous KSHB app, this is horrific. The setup is terrible, I miss the ease of going directly where *I* wanted to go and DISLIKE all the pop ups. Blech. I've still been using for the weather (I like the team), but hate to try to find anything of interest or even the "news". I even checked the "preferences" specifically for breaking news, traffic and weather, hoping that would help, and good grief! I don't really think stories like "Are you afraid of Friday the 13th" qualify as "Breaking News" but there you go. Would love to go back to the other format, but they've taken away the weather radar map. Will be looking elsewhere for my local info and weather until this hot mess gets cleaned up.
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11 years ago, Badapple22
Not the best news
I was looking forward to using this app a lot for all my latest updates. For the most part it worked in a timely manner with semi new news, but the app continuously crashes not just on itself but caused my iPhone to completely blank out. I had to Master reset the whole thing. I logged into this app more than once with an error message "serious error occurred". The first time I thought maybe I just got a bad batch on the iPhone system, but the second time it happened and crashed my phone I was done with it. No other app(s) on my phone have ever displayed this type if message. Just beware of this crummy app!
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8 years ago, D average
Not bad, but not great.
For the most part the new app is not really that bad. My main issue is you need to have sections for local and national news. Having all on one page is tedious. I believe most people probably use your app to check for local headlines and not the national news so your main focus should stay local. You also need the other sections that are available on your website. Right now the app is pretty limited. Aesthetically I like the look better than the old version.
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9 years ago, Bianca Waters
Good for Breaking News and Weather
Living in the Midwest is completely nuts. Between the gun carrying nutbags and the tornados trying to carry you away, things can get unruly. I use this app throughout the day to stay up to date on headlines, weather and traffic. All the stations have these apps. I just happen to like the story selection on this one best.
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10 years ago, KC Somethingorother
Solid local news app
Probably the best app for Kansas City area news. Easy to navigate with a clean interface. Usually alerts me to breaking news stories before other apps. Good for watching local KC news when you're out-of-town.
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9 years ago, KSBoiler
Good app but....
I used to love this app and I still use it daily but the weather video never seems to play right on my iPad Air. Generally when I click on the weather video, an ad will play but the weather never seems to play afterwards. This has happened about 10 times to me so I no longer will click on the video. I just read what it says below. Too bad because the weather video used to be my favorite segment.
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10 years ago, Todd 200
Much better
I had the old app and it was not friendly, so I deleted it. I then saw it was updated and thought I would give it a try, I can see myself checking it regularly!!!
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7 years ago, amdjeuebdmsoqks c
Not so hot
This is not so good! When launching into stories they will often go grey and the page will freeze. I have to close the app and relaunch and it sometimes fixes and others don't. The content needs to be refreshed more often and there are times when a one or two week old story continues to appear in the current news section. Needs some work and more attention.
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10 years ago, Monicafl30
Pretty Good App
This is my "go to" news station for weather! Love the weather blog. it would be nice if your push notifications opened up to more information related to the notification.
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7 years ago, SoniDJ
Up to Date
The weather is very good and the news is up to date. The alerts come through on important stories not all stories. Lay out is good as well.
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12 years ago, AngAnd
It's an alright app. Good place to get the news on the go. The only thing that I don't care for is that the alerts are not often newsworthy, like what the temp is going to be today or that it might rain. I have KMBC and FOX 4s apps as well, and they are more respectful of my time with what they choose to alert me with.
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8 years ago, ConverseMan
Ad placement lends to poor UX
The app itself works well. Loads quickly and accurately. However, the ads that are placed in the app are too big (almost as tall as the screen). It is inevitable that you will click an ad while scrolling. To me, this degrades the user experience immensely. The size of the ad seems malicious. Not cool in my book.
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10 years ago, DecoJake
Great app
This app is excellent for browsing news or checking the weather. The only complaint I have is that there aren't any live radar maps, so I have to have a second app exclusively for that purpose. Add some live radar and this review becomes five stars.
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10 years ago, Essie731
Better user interface
Easier to use than the last version. Great way to keep up on news and weather.
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10 years ago, Runsabunch
Informative App
Always has the most up to date info. Easy to peruse news stories. Would definitely recommend.
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7 years ago, Col O
IPad version not very functional for weather
First, you have a choice to not use your location with the app ever or allow KSHB to track your location at all times. Why no option for when the app is open? Second, weather radar is constantly in motion- no option to freeze it at current stage.
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8 years ago, JamesDVB
Cumbersome to see headlines - icon glitch
This version of the app makes it very cumbersome to scroll through a list of the headlines, so it takes a lot of scrolling to scroll past each article. Also, the app icon shows a sliver of white on the left edge and bottom edge on an iPhone 6S, and does not appear to be intended as part of the design.
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7 years ago, Hvacdan
Doesn't work
The Kshb app is terrible, most of the features don't work and you have to register your email to even find out that it doesn't work. Don't bother trying their website either, it's just a big white page as well, only it has a bunch of broken links on it. 41 used to be one of the best news sites in kc, now it's just a frustrating waste of time.
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