KSLA News 12 Local News

4.7 (4K)
64.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KSLA News 12 Local News

4.66 out of 5
4K Ratings
6 years ago, "dino54"
News lover
I love this app, because it keeps me up date on what’s going on in the world, and some people don’t have tv, but have smart phones, and they are able too keep up with the news, people who works, who can keep up with what’s going on, because it pops up on your phone. Yes I love this app.
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6 years ago, cross lake
Discrimination The Grigsby
My husband and I live in a small HOA in Lake Pointe Place on Cross Lake.. We are the only Africa America Family in the HOA.. We have contact KSLA to report our story.. They refused to do it. But every time you turn on the TV they want to report crimes and shootings.. They don’t want to report the real news. What’s really going on in Shreveport/Bossier City that is racism, and discrimination. We have been Victims of discrimination by Barksdale Federal Credit and Lake Pointe Places HOA ..They wants to stop us from purchasing/building our dream house on Cross Lake.. KSLA refused to report our story to the media so our true story what get out to the people of Shreveport/Bossier City. Our America People racism is real and with KSLA help you will not get the truth.. Mark and Darita Grigsby
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3 years ago, Game$in
Update Trash
This new update is horrible, even the icon looks like an amateur made it, the icon has borders showing that shouldn’t. The navigation of the app is impossible and the alerts just keep building and building no matter how many times you open the app and go to notifications. I now have 123 badge alerts for this app. Rethink this entire update, go back to the drawing board. You guys are my favorite news station and I hate to see this as the app to represent your organization.
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3 years ago, rxaermom
This new update is awful
So I just saw the new update and think it’s horrible! Now you have to go by way of Dallas to find the regular news. Don’t click on the breaking news or you’ll be sent to live updates which is just watching the news which I can do all day! And to make things even worse, when you try to check something g for the menu now you HAVE to watch commercials to get to it! I might as well just delete the app and watch the nightly news
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5 years ago, Mulberry 1206
I updated my app yesterday and now I can’t get the app to show me my news i clicked on it and it pops up and goes off I love the KSLA app until yesterday when I was trying to see the breaking news of the mail carrier🤦🏾‍♀️
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3 years ago, Keke_78
I still can not get the updated version and have tried numerous times!
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4 years ago, Tarcil69
Needs improvement
This app used to be great. Over time updates have made it almost useless. You receive alerts all the time but never can open it to that article. The user interface seems cluttered and just doesn’t flow well. The older app was super clean and easy to navigate and find the current articles. Please update.
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6 years ago, Ministerlady
Keep me informed
I love channel 12 news especially when come to subjects like Taking back our streets, Good reports that Doug Warner, investigates reporting is awesome Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, Silver Nichols
Since the new update I’ve not been able to open the app and haven’t gotten any notifications.
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4 years ago, barbrajean1022
Great job keep it up
It’s nice having all the alerts and news in seconds great job
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12 months ago, tiny little dog
Reader of news thru app
I love this app it was nice to have it when we traveled to the air base to visit every month for seven years. You have some good winters. I am from central il 75 miles east of St. Louis
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1 year ago, Miranda107
Need more local info on Texarkana
Seems like every single notification I get from app is about Shreveport. I live in Texarkana. I would love to see more local news
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6 years ago, G-Ma Nina
News ,,
Read this news everyday , Thank You for keeping us updated. Lynda Whiteside
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6 years ago, mechanical1dr
App shuts down
It seems that after the last update, the app shuts down and sends me back yo home screen. If I try to open random news headers. I’ve tried the reboot and checked for update. iPad
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4 years ago, frustrated app navigator
Not user friendly app
This app is not user friendly at all! Anchors always say find things on KSLA APP but when I go & get the app & then try finding things it’s crazy! Even trying to use search of subject the anchor talked about in on the news it comes back unknown! UGH!!!! KTBS NEWS APP IS SO MUCH BETTER & user friendly! Even a dummy can use it!
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6 years ago, Beckie0525
They are always so accurate about what is happening in the ark latex & keep us informed about anything that we the public need to know. I VOTE KSLA TO BE THE Best NEWS STATION AROUND. Thank you KSLA
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2 years ago, boone 2
We miss seeing her ! Is she with you anymore ?? String bean Boone 2
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3 years ago, shea__23
App doesn’t work
The app stopped working for me. None of the updates seem to make the app work. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, still doesn’t work. I even restarted my phone and nothing.
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3 years ago, Jacobfishing
App crashes
The app crashes when you click the notifications.
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1 year ago, 1976-Kloitr
Update does not work
Just updated the app and it does not work at all, and hate the new format. Never, ever do I want to stream your video. It shouldn’t be the first choice, just want to read the news.
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6 years ago, Hhllbv
You asked for it.
News doesn't get updated enough..... story's stay posted too long ...... at some point you need to look up the definition of news and especially breaking news. Please leave the light on.
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5 years ago, D Bryant
App Review
This is a great app to keep us informed about current events in the Arkla-Tex.
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3 years ago, kbesr
Horrible pop up ads
You can’t read a single article without an ambulance chaser lawyer ad coming up EVERY SINGLE TIME
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5 years ago, totally correct
I love this app easy to use and beneficial!
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5 years ago, Purple np
Good app
Stories could be better written - they often contain misspelled words and grammatical errors.
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6 years ago, a/c!
App Rating
The old app was better. The local news section does not work either. If it doesn’t improve, I will be switching to KTBS as my news source... thank you
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6 years ago, Rsrelram
Hate the update
I do not like the updated app, find it harder to navigate. Hope they make changes quick or I will be using other news apps!
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6 years ago, Drinkdoc
New app
Updates are not as frequent as old app
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5 years ago, 19Sweets78
Keeps crashing
App will no longer load after newest update. Please fix so the app will run when you click on it. Thanks
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3 months ago, LessontoLearn
The article states that someone is “holed” up. Does that mean that the person was in a hole? Please check grammar when posting articles.
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5 years ago, Glock241
The update makes the app not work it want even open just closes right please fix the issue
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6 years ago, mlehalh
Like the old layout better
This new layout is horrible
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6 years ago, Trooper'Liberti
Best app
If you want to be on the know of the Arklatex...KSLA News app is a must.
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5 years ago, Scott2K15
Pop up ads
I hate this app. You can’t finish reading an sticker without an ad popping up every 5 seconds...literally
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5 years ago, dustpark011
ksla12 app
the ksla 12 app is great app wen comes to news but also don’t forget ksla12 all so has a great weather app as well so ck them both out .
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6 years ago, madd cake
Opal Claiborne
I just love everyone at KSLA thank God for you all
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3 years ago, Towngirl2
Love, but…
The app has stopped working! Won’t open up at all!
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12 months ago, stephen251957
Stephen Shaver
Come on man! These newscasters can’t even read! Waste of time ! Not interested in this station. Anymore! What happened to y’all?
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1 week ago, LT/*
this local news station app states it has breaking news notifications. it lies. it gives you constant notifications about their articles. this is supposed to be for breaking local news.
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4 years ago, Herb72447
Herbert’s Review
Great on the scene coverage of newsworthy & community events!
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3 years ago, riverrat115
New app
This new app is so sorry an mess up y’all really need to fix it or take it off
Show more
3 years ago, blanchard bound
Worst app.
Got the app. All I see are advertising....will be deleting it as soon as I get through with this review. See ya.
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5 years ago, lrsses
Coverage it’s great
Show more
6 years ago, micahcjames
Non biased my arse
What happened to real journalism? What happened to non biased reporting? What happened to just the facts? We have here is just biased click bait.
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6 years ago, Beauty Precious
Love It!!
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4 years ago, fast pas
Fast pass
Terrible. Nothing but ads.
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3 years ago, The Only Mrs.Pace
Loves this app at first!
App will not open for me any more!! Very disappointed and a little sad. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!
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5 years ago, M.L. (haughton)
The best news cast since slice bread
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6 years ago, -no-,body!
Change the app back to the way it was please
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5 years ago, EZ15151
The app does not open with the new update.
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