KSN - Wichita News & Weather

4.5 (2K)
64.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KSN - Wichita News & Weather

4.55 out of 5
2K Ratings
6 years ago, Chiefken
Hoppy Wagon Rider
I started watching the first time in a little over two seconds but now I’m just getting back from my new job. I’ll get you some more time in my life and then get you to get the truck and then pick up the stuff and it is a wonderful time to be done with it thanks
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5 months ago, Screwthiscrap1!
Can’t get past preferences…
I liked this app for news updates, until a few days ago. Suddenly when I try to view a story I’m notified of, I have to re-enter my notification preferences. I can get past the first page, but then it asks about weather and my location, and no matter what I do it won’t let me past that screen. It’s been this way for several days. Deleted and re-installed, but same thing. At this point I’m just deleting the app since it is now useless. I guess I’ll be seeing what the other local stations have to offer. What a screwup.
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7 years ago, Nessajoy711
Love it!
I've always been partial to channel 3, idk maybe it's from my parents watching it when I was young. I use this app everyday to look at the news and weather. In conclusion I use the app everyday and it's very user friendly.
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5 years ago, ChaseCoKanza
Great Team
The entire KSN team does a fantastic job of keeping us up to date on the latest news and weather. They are SO good👍
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2 days ago, Jaquline Barker
Needs More Options
Everything that you can do in the website, you can do on the app, except election research and contests to win local prizes from KSN. Would love to be able to do that in a future update.
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5 months ago, DTPDERBY
Crashes when selecting weather
Good app for news but closes when you select the weather tab. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but did not work.
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2 months ago, LoneWolfo6
Don’t Use in Life Threatening Storm!
So downloaded this app due to life threatening weather in southern Kansas. And the live feed is two hours old, and the watch now live is also two hours and ten minutes old repeating feed? Did everyone n the news station run for bunkers? Don’t use this app if your life depends on live weather and tornado warnings!
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6 years ago, JCooz
Use it every day!
Clean, easy to use, up to date with local news and weather!
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6 years ago, Zirtie
Central Kansas
I like the news alerts. We don’t have actual Cable TV, so this is where I go to get my weather and news. 👍
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5 years ago, Tokehm
New app for me
This is new to me and I appreciate having it on my iPad I am just now learning how to use it thank you!
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11 months ago, App stinks!!
Lousy app
This app is NOT user friendly. It will not let you back out of video without closing out. It also does NOT let you watch the news in real time. It’s always the news cast prior to. Other apps lets you want current news as it airs. Disappointed!
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5 years ago, Bee 67
Love all of the reporters!
They are like our friends reporting to us daily!
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4 years ago, Shyeth
This app has been crashing after being on it for a short time. Started happening after the last update
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5 months ago, sss111aaa222
Latest update ruined it
Why are you requiring that I do notifications. I’ll get my news elsewhere. I deleted the app.
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4 years ago, Woodmanor
Good newscasts!
I like watching KSN news because it’s refreshing and gives the common “joe” (like me) the facts, good simple to understand FACTS! Not watered down. Keep it up. Kenn Woodard
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4 years ago, White Butterscotch
Seldom works Default setting is mute and sometimes the icon to unmute doesn’t display. It works better earlier in the day, than for evening news. I like the station, though.
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5 years ago, joe612109
Great source Of information and good looking weather girls
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12 months ago, g fogg
No mornings
Can not watch the morning news it always play the night news and it’s small snippets of that. Very upset what to do
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5 months ago, agoolihee
Alerts screen
Been using this app for years but suddenly I can’t get past the “alerts” screen.
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6 years ago, GS Warrior1
Excellent news reporting.
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3 years ago, pmfox
News - Not Ads
When I click to open your app, the first thing I am greeted with is not news, but an ad. Bad. I want to be informed, not solicited. I am removing your app.
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7 years ago, Tyrdran
Full of ads
This app used to be a descent app. Now it is full of ads. You can barely go from one story to another.
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4 years ago, aceinone
Constantly crashes! Fix your site
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4 years ago, dgdgifc
This app keeps freezing up on my phone. Have to sing out in order to unfreeze my phone
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5 years ago, heartof-gold
Love the weatherman in the morning!,
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6 years ago, Pantherman776676
I get notified of a story and when I swipe to view it the app just stall out. Ever since I got the app it has been glitchy AF. Lame
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13 years ago, lishchat
Love this app
This is probably one of my most used apps! Everything is easy to find and always up to date. I never have really had a problem with it. And use it throughout my days frequently! Love this app!
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4 years ago, Ivubsoisxn
Click bait
Click bait
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9 years ago, Pupraser
The news alerts are great, they pertain to Wichita areas or high profile cases. The site itself is easy to use but my reason for not giving it 5 stars is that there is no way to set preferences on weather alerts. Up in the right hand corner of the screen is a circle that changes color according to the weather threat, the problem is that the threat might be down in Texas or or parts of Oklahoma that will not affect our area. One day there were like 7 threats so the dot had a 7 beside it, not one pertained to our area. Need to be able to preference an area for alerts. Radar is great though. Love being able to see where earthquakes have happened recently, and other details.
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11 years ago, Sharladawn
Good news app in desperate need of a proof-reader!
I use this app every day to check up on local news. The articles are short and easy to skim through and read in a few minutes, HOWEVER ... there are way too many incorrect spellings, grammatical errors, and typos for a news app! It seems as if there is no one double checking any of the articles on the app. On any given day there are at least 3 or 4 articles with multiple problems in the local news section alone. I've just gotten used to reading through them and sometimes having to try to figure out what the writer meant instead of what they published. Aside from the literary errors, it is easy to navigate, and has good traffic maps. I really only use it for the local news and traffic so I can't comment on any other sections.
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9 years ago, Wichita_native
KSN News App
Very nice app that recently became poorly managed. I have used it for a while now and had no complaints. However, they have gone crazy with the notifications. Previously you would get notifications for severe weather etc. now you get one before each newscast. I have stopped using the app as a result as I know what time the news comes on and don't need a notification on my phone and tablet.
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13 years ago, TheJoker845
Really Reliable!
Alerts me when there is a severe weather alert. Could make it better but overall great.
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11 years ago, Cap'n Jessica Jigsaw
Why did I update???!!!
Does not work right. Crashes. Freezes. Cannot add other locations to check weather. It is of no use to me anymore. Please post previous version so I can download it and then I would use this app again. What a waste of time. KSN should hire someone else to make their apps because whomever thought this one was ready for release is clueless. Update: I am using the KWCH 12 app now to get the info I used to get with the old KSN app.
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11 years ago, Gray5482
Before it was updated it worked fine. Now when u click on a news story and then try to go to the home page it takes u all the way back to the beginning. It also has been saying alert- error loading page- frequently and I can't even get into the app at all. Going to delete and get another local news app.
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13 years ago, Supermanflies
Prefer the old version
Too much room on the screen is taken up with extraneous stuff. The ad at the bottom is in the way and why is there a "news" bar at the top when there is a news button at the bottom also?
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10 years ago, Ourstanley
No network connection, yet it still shows me ads!
Completely useless app. When I open it I get a full screen ad, but when I close the ad I just get an error message telling me that I need a network connection to use the app...... KSN have obviously outsourced their app to a developer who is more interested in serving ads than the core features of the app. FAIL!
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9 years ago, The Cheez-Czar
Auto play ads downgrade the whole app
The news and weather are ok, but when I have click to turn off a full screen ad, before I can view them, or when an ad starts playing sound automatically , it downgrades the whole experience .
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11 years ago, Kayerin08
Not Impressed
Hate Hate Hate the last update. Before I could just swipe through the stories, now you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the next story. Hate it. I will delete app if it doesn't change. Not user friendly.
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10 years ago, Bill 99
The latest update crashes when launched. Please fix!
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11 years ago, Jaylehmann1
Latest update
The latest update is terrible. Hard to follow. Was so used to the app before and was so easy to follow. Now the app is terrible! So many problems. Photos and have trouble uploading on my iPhone. Just completely unorganized and poor design. I will be switching to a different news app for wichita area. Possibly channel 12 now.
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13 years ago, bringheat21
It pretty good
I kind of like this app, it isn't the same cookie cutter apps that all the other Wichita Stations have.
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10 years ago, CrypieHef
This app looks like it was written by someone who learned Xcode yesterday then tested by a control group of 3 year olds. Videos don't work. When you click on one it tries to open then gets some bad programming overlay then it vanishes. Pretty much useless except for some of the stories. Ditch the app and just use the site.
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9 years ago, RK7175
Not a good app
I live in Southwest Kansas. It it virtually impossible to find weather for this area on this app. Up in the corner it is always showing the weather for Wichita. I have not found a way to change it. All the other Wichita stations have settings to get my home weather.
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11 years ago, KanNative
Wichita only?
I mainly use the app for radar and weather. but is it only Wichita that is set for? When I choose forecast it gives me the hourly but then again is if for wichita? I'm confused. I live in southwest Kansas. Probably going to hide this app until an update or maybe just down load KAKE's.
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11 years ago, Khanson
Hate latest update
Loved app until latest update. Not user friendly, once you switch type of news story, then you can't drill down into the headline to read the story or then switch types of news story. Layout is awful
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11 years ago, TLGleason
I love this app! Although I am have problems with the new update. But keeps me up to date on the things going on around me! Love!
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13 years ago, Crap! App!!
The old app was better
Since the update the weather forecast is always old information!!!! At least the old app had the correct forecast
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11 years ago, Mav390909
It won't load news at all. You guys need to revert to the last edition of this app. It worked just fine. There was no reason to change to the new layout, because now it won't even work.
Show more
11 years ago, Fellows1213
Latest update is awful. It takes forever to load a story and navigate between sections. It's horrible. Thinking of deleting and using another local news source.
Show more
11 years ago, Ponger McGee
This Update needs a Update
Since the update a few days ago, not only is the layout changed but pictures don't load and it keeps throwing error messages. You guys need to update... Again!
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