KSNT News - Topeka, KS

4.6 (1.9K)
86.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KSNT News - Topeka, KS

4.62 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
6 years ago, ZorfearSpedy1
Overall good for what is produced. Keeping up with technology is key.
I’m generally happy with this. I would hope for more content if I can’t watch vids.
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3 years ago, KHermanson
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my device, making sure it’s always up to date and even force it close and reopen to refresh the app. Even with all of this I continue to have constant issues with the screen freezing within all areas of the app while trying to scroll to see the complete information/details. I do not have this same experience in our other local news coverage app and unfortunately have had to rely on them since I keep having issues with this one.
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6 years ago, John Birtch
App is Crap!
Crap app! Live news selection doesn't work most of the time or is just a picture of a radar weather map with some lame elevator music blaring in the background. The rare time the live button provides live news, don't wait too late to catch the weather forecast, you can end up missing it because of being forced to first watch a commercial about bowel movements or stopping smoking. Then if you touch the incorrect button, it will throw you back to the main screen, only to be forced to repeat the dreadful process all over again, and end up missing the weather forecast completely!
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4 years ago, bookin4life
App continually freezes up
I love KSNT news & this app, with the huge exception that it freezes up when I try to read the breaking news. It’s so frustrating. I thought it was my older phone, but with my iPhone 11 Pro Max, the articles freeze up, too & it happens on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times in a day. I swipe & remove the old pages daily, but it still freezes. I wish they would get it fixed, but if not soon, I’m ready to change to a different app. Beware.
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4 years ago, Live for a Living
Love it, but it crashes
I really like this app and its features but I crashes almost every time I open it! It’s REALLY frustrating. The KSNT weather app does the SAME THING. I’ve tried troubleshooting, with no avail. I just want it to work. This app would get five stars if a) they fix the crashing b) more accessible live stream and previous streams c) IT NEEDS CAPTIONS
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7 years ago, Hassydad
News coverage as well as weather .
Up-to-date broad coverage of local state and national news. Reported with clarity and forethought. Good reporting, follow up of stories is welcome. Sports is a strength as well.
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5 months ago, Critical analysy
Critical analysis
The app has some issues. It used to work great but now it’s stuck on the same pagei
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5 years ago, Achild13
Outdoorsman show
I work as Veterinary Technician and I find this show a insult and abomination to the life of all living things! This program is disgusting you can’t talk about how beautifully an animal can jump while it lays dead at your hand seriously what is wrong with you people and why would you put this on your network??? This program is in one word awful!!!
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5 years ago, redsun14
David George
I love his weather forecast that pops up in the morning ,however I can never find it again .
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7 years ago, skbuckbee
News and weather
Great job keeping me up to date with the good and bad news.
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4 years ago, adseam
Great Work
Write the latest, uglies and prettiest news that what what it makes it worth to read.
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7 years ago, Ditzy2222
Great Team
I love the team. They all work well together and are good to watch. They each have personalities that are interesting and easy to listen and watch.
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3 years ago, NameAlreadyTaken9999
Wish it worked better.
Frequently freezes. Have to force close and restart to be able to use again.
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4 years ago, Linda who lives near the lake
New Reporter, L.L. is very professional
Lindley Lund has been the reporter on many stories from the field, I’m impressed with her maturity and professionalism.
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4 years ago, Twocmatt
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5 months ago, Pig Hostage
Broken again
The weather tab is broken and crashes the App with the latest upgrade.
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5 months ago, Rexroad and maxie
Cant get rid of the introductory pages. Cant move on to the news stories.
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4 years ago, pridenirish
Marshall Sheppard
The app freezes up almost every time I open it the first time, I have to force close it and reopen it, gets annoying is all
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4 years ago, Willywabbit
Nothing But Adds
When adds pop up, which I’d frequently, I go elsewhere to look for news.
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3 years ago, jecsparky
New format
Don’t care for the new format. Too busy.
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5 months ago, Mr289NHRA
New version don’t WORK ,
Can’t get past the set location!! New I phone 5G SE- iOS 17 Cell data- on Location-on
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4 years ago, Drag butt
App freezes constantly on my iPhone and my wife’s phone
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7 years ago, Jobriloy
Newest version is great!!
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7 years ago, jimmywparker
This works ok.
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11 years ago, Don Johnson24
Love it!
I find this app easy to navigate and the video quality works great. Since I don't have cable I love that I can watch Kansas First News anytime with their live stream feature. I don't know why people are rating this app so low because I think it is the best news app in Topeka.
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9 years ago, KSU messenger
Notifications won't go away
I don't mind receiving the notifications of stories as they break but I don't want the notifications (number in red) to remain on the app. If I choose to read them - great. If not - great. Either way the # should go away when I open the app. I have tried to resolve this in my settings but the number is still there and I've read all the articles. Didn't happen til the last update. Please fix this.
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7 years ago, Dbcarl
Pop up adds crash program
This program has been my go to news program for sometime, but since the last upgrade there have been pop up adds that cause the program to lock up on the add. The program must be closed and reopened to get past the pop up. Still a good program and would rate it higher except for this problem.
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11 years ago, Obitbone
Love the live portion of this app, most updated app on the market. Best app for updated and accurate weather.
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10 years ago, Curley61
When it works, it works. Too often, it freezes and I have to turn off my iPhone 5 to do anything. Sometimes, it freezes on the current page and sometimes it goes black and freezes. Although there have been several updates, the problem persists.
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9 years ago, PatS45
Notification alerts
Same issue. Cannot get rid of number on icon of notification alerts
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8 years ago, Kloe16
Regarding the earthquake felt this am.
Good reporting. We felt it in our area- Knollwood. Also, my sister in Omaha, Nebraska felt it- like a rumbling/ a heavy truck going by.
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10 years ago, Ducksan1088_
iPhone 6
Worked good with OS7 software on iPhone4 when OS 8 software came out on iPhone 6 won't open a headlines
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10 years ago, KS FF
Problems once again
It seems like half the time they update the app it breaks in one way or another. Time to find a new app development company. When this app works it is a great app for local news. Currently it is broken though.
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11 years ago, Colt45GOLDCUP
Like the old app much better
Old app was much easier to navigate. I liked the icons for news, weather, sports etc on bottom of old app. I will use WIBW app from now on.
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13 years ago, kswx29
Pretty good app!
Pretty decent app. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the ads but every free app has ads. 4stars!
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10 years ago, Magicallyinvisible
Was good before the "bug fix" update. Now clicking on a story brings up a different story. And video never did work. Just made the app crash.
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7 years ago, Delta963
What happened to State & National news headlines? Homepage is smaller and difficult to read, repeated stories on same page and navigation is dreadful! No settings option and you can't adjust weather forecast for your own zip code. Should not have updated until ALL changes were complete. This app will hit the 'trash' if not Improved quickly. 5/5/13 update: This new app has not improved. Categories have been added but are a jumble of repeated stories. I don't want all sports on the local headline page, there's a sports category for that. App always freezing up and slow to respond. I give up - deleted. 9/14/17 UPDATE: Sorry I haven't updated this long before now. Many changes & updates have occurred over time and the newest format is even better imo. This app is now one of our go-to apps for local news and info. Keep up the good work!
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11 years ago, Oppossom
Half the time it doesn't work at all...the other half it's so slow that it times out. Side note: there are always tons of grammatical errors in every article.
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10 years ago, BC Price
Needs work
I DESPISE the popup ad everytime you open it up. Also, the breaking news badge will not go to the story in the badge, so you have to find it amongst the news stories.
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8 years ago, ARRIGGSIE
Ads take over
If you don't mind a car salesman blaring in your ears while you are trying to read the news....go for it!
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9 years ago, Jjsdoll
Is it winter?
Must be really cold because all this app does now is freeze. Please do some bug fixes soon! Worked great until latest update.
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10 years ago, Medi8tor
Used to be good
What happened to you guys? Don't you use your own app? Crashes and brings up wrong story when doesn't crash.
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10 years ago, W3N1M5
Doesn't work
Hasn't worked on my iPhone or iPad since I upgraded to iOS 8. Says it can't find a network connection.
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11 years ago, Rob Welcher
El terrible
Seriously buggy. Live video not working. Will download again when it works.
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10 years ago, K R L
Popups much?
Too many advertisements and scant on news. Poor attempt.
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10 years ago, KansasBob
Doesn't Work
Current version doesn't work period
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11 years ago, Annoyed like others
New update BLAH
What no State and Regional news anymore? This last update is terrible go back to the way it was.
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13 years ago, Berd terd
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5 months ago, KevinOwensby
Notification options don’t work
You’ll get the stupidest notifications from them sometimes. Like the one I just got, “SWIFT IS HERE- Taylor Swift is at the Kansas City Chiefs stadium. KSNT.com” Oh… kay… I don’t care. At all. It’s not news. I ended up just shutting them completely off. The app itself is so clunky and hard to use through multiple updates.
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2 years ago, Burbby
Locked up
1/22/22 They completely updated this App and it’s worse then it was before. Every news story is full of ads and multiple videos (ads) that automatically play. You can barely scroll because it’s so glitchy. Locks up on almost every story but, don’t worry, to get out of the story you just have to close the App. I selected a story this morning that ended up being just a video and I couldn’t get out of it and back to other news stories. I had to close the App. So why do I keep using the App after my first negative review of it? Because there’s only two local news sources here and, they offer different news stories. Hopefully the idiots that can’t figure out how to get this App to work properly will be fired and things will improve. But I doubt it. Nobody over at ksnt is very bright. Worst news app anywhere! Continually crashes. Over and over. obviously KSNT doesn’t care or they’d fix it. This didn’t just start happening, it is the history of the app. 11/23/2020 update. I figured out why this App crashes so often. Because once it crashes and you open it again another ad pops up. It all about getting paid every time the ad pops up. So...more crashes, more $$$.
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