KSTP 5 Eyewitness News

4.6 (14.2K)
74.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KSTP 5 Eyewitness News

4.6 out of 5
14.2K Ratings
3 years ago, julesRRN
Great Team!!
Just a note to let you know that we have watched 5 Eyewitness news for many years and I think this is one of the best set of anchors and reporters ever!!! Kevin, Jackie, Lindsey, Paul, Kirsten, Jessica, Ben, and everyone else, I feel you all are so caring and compassionate about your work and the that is what this world needs right now. Accuracy and kindness is very important to everyone and I feel that is what you portray! We will miss Dave and we wish him the best!! Sam Ryan wears many hats and does a great job! Keep up the great work everyone, we will continue to watch!! Happy and healthy 2021!!!
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3 years ago, AnonApple007
Best in Twin Cities, but still bad app
Let me start with the good things: KSTP seems to report the most “news” of any local station and generally does not report opinions and speculation, like some of the other stations. Copper 5 footage can be watched live and raw through the app when an event is happening, which is by far the most unique and best feature of the app. Ads are generally short and can often be skipped, which means I can actually spend some time on the app before I get to annoyed by ads and cannot watch anymore. This has all the makings of a 5-star app, but: It is incredibly annoying that when you open a news app to read the news, the first thing you need to do is click on a button “more news” to actually see the articles. I believe most users open up this app for news and it should open to the news. Then maybe tabs across the top to switch to other things like weather. Or, have a “dashboard/home” button and let the user decide how to start the app in settings. When you are reading a story, close the app for a minute or so, and open again, the app restarts instead of coming back to that story. Horrible design. You cannot copy/paste more than one paragraph at a time. Also annoying when you want to send part of a story to a friend who isn’t going to click on a web link to see it. Otherwise a decent app, but mainly needs an option to open directly to the news!
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2 years ago, G-Ma DI
To the channel 5 News casts:
Channel 5, KSTP has exceptional news coverage! The reporters and ALL Anchor News people make this by far the best station to watch!!!! The morning group: Chris Evert, Megan Newquist, Ken Barlowe, and Josie Smith are my favorites to watch, as they start out my days! But all of the others are wonderful too, and the field reporters are awesome too! I love listening to Joe Mazan and his SO MINNESOTA, and the clever puns that he uses in his reports!! ❤️ A lot of people i know, don't want to listen to the news all of the time because there seems to be so much sadness and hatred in reports but i want to be informed of things going on especially Local News. I care to know. The “ KARE” and consideration; thoughtfulness of the reporters and Anchors helps so much in their delivery to make news heard in a needed way. Thank you for being there! All of the TEAM PEOPLE❣️❣️😀
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4 years ago, Engif
App update
Well, the malicious banner ad pop ups stopped. So that is good. And I guess at least adding the little “ad” logo on the ads makes it better, even if every ad is still clickbait crap. I know ads pay for the app, but I still hate seeing a “news” app littered with misleading clickbait links every couple of stories. But now I have to see an ad picture of someone removing earwax between each article. I think I am done Besides that, and more of a general thing than just the app, please hire writers that can use proper grammar and please hire real editors. The number of paragraphs cut off short, typos and examples of poor writing is embarrassing for a “news” outlet. Don’t worry, Kare 11 is just as bad. Makes me ignore half the local news. Being first out with stories should not come before being accurate and actually proof reading the content.
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2 years ago, ericathman
Send better links!
I love channel 5 news, but the mobile notifications do not link back to the story. When I get a notification on my iOS device, the link takes me to the live broadcast. I would prefer it goes to the actual news report I’m being notified about or to a listing of the news stories.
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1 year ago, MNMominWestMetro
App works w/ads but all bad news
I had this app for over two years. It works, but you always have to scroll past the intro advertisement and then when you are reading through headlines other advertisements change out and cause the page to skip so you can’t read the headlines without scrolling up and down to refine them. I also noticed over the past three months all they report is bad news in the headlines. Rarely are their good things reported on the main page. Deleted app and replacing with better local channel apps for coverage that is more balanced and less advertisement flashing.
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2 years ago, yasonrad
Great for Cord Cutter
This app is fantastic. It is the best local app in the Twin Cities market. They have an app for all Apple products including Apple TV. This means you can watch the local news and weather without an antenna. And because KSTP is currently the only local channel to be this forward thinking, they happen to be the only local news channel I watch on TV.
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3 years ago, Fjaarland
KSTP..my connection to Mpls
KSTP has been my go to channel in the Mpls area for many years. Living in the North woods has its benefits, when I want to know what is happening in our area, our state, you folks provide that information. Keep up the excellent work, I really appreciate your service.
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3 years ago, Mrs. Redbear
New update is awful
I have greatly enjoy this app for years, it’s been my go to for news & weather. Unfortunately, a recent update included ads automatically starting each time a news story is clicked on to be read. It is SO annoying and irritating that I will sadly need to delete this app and find another avenue to get news and weather. I used tell my family and friends to download this app, I can no longer do that. I now advise to avoid this app unless having ads blaring while trying to read the news is not bothersome, irritating or annoying to you.
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2 years ago, mnole0909
Not the greatest for breaking news
My only complaint about the app, other than the ad issue which is annoying but certainly not unique to KSTP, is that the homepage doesn’t update very frequently. I’ve uninstalled it a couple times because I was just tired of seeing the same not-new news. The world moves much too quickly to have the same top story posted for multiple days.
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6 years ago, Jspies22
Terrible!!! Can't even play a 30 second story without buffering.
This app is absolutely terrible. After a video ad plays for 15 to 30 seconds flawlessly a 30 second news story can't even play for five seconds without buffering. And this is with 5 bars LTE service. I find it amazing that all their ad way flawlessly but all of their new stories buffer within 5 seconds of playing. And continue to buffer every 3 to 5 seconds, doesn't matter how long they are. I expect a lot more than this out of KSTP! It should be noted that I have the latest version installed.
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10 months ago, AgateHunterMN
Needs work.
There have been problems that I wished they would fix. I have super-fast Internet (Xfinity), but while watching the live broadcast, it keeps stopping. Then when you click the play button to restart the broadcast, you have to watch an ad waiting for it to play again. Also, why do I have to click the play button when choosing the broadcast I want to watch? It should start automatically at that point.
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2 years ago, Soldbyjeff
Scrolling is annoying
There is a scrolling function built into this app I assume is to make you look at the advertisements. But it is extremely annoying when you’re trying to look at the content. Used to be one of my favorite news apps but it’s now at the bottom of the list along with Fox News, which by the way are my favorite news sources. Find a way to advertise without being so annoying.
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5 years ago, Happy Joni
Ratings for new format
Do not like the new format. It is really difficult to track the current, up to date weather. It keeps old information so you think your looking at current until you look more closely & then realize it’s hours sometimes days old. The watch & warnings are the same way. Very very disappointed. I’m keeping this app but I’m going to try other local stations app.🙁
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3 years ago, Newsie74
Given up!
I’ve given up on this news app and have deleted it. This news channel is by far one of the most liberal news channels. Just want the news, not your hating on it... is that too much to ask?? The last straw was the tap to watch feature. I just want to read the story without watching the nonstop ads. I would just skip the story entirely. So if you going to skip the story what good is it to have this app, not everybody in the room wants to hear it Fox 9 is a great news app instead
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4 years ago, JT in MN
Great for weather and more
I got this app for weather, KSTP has a very good weather room and here in MN weather can kill you. Best to be prepared. Then found they are very good with local news and other alerts. Stuff you need not just a load of alerts like others. Very good!
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5 years ago, MNgalthru&thru
Do not like how the weather app was incorporated into the news app!
I really liked the previous weather app where I was able to receive separate alerts that are just weather-related. It bugs me that to receive weather notifications, I also have to receive news notifications. If there is a way to change this, I haven’t figured it out.
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6 months ago, Likud mom
Unwanted audio
I appreciated this app for news but I was frustrated that when I opened a news story the audio would play. I like to read while in public places and was dismayed that the audio would play before I could turn it off. I would definitely reload this app if it was modified so I could turn on the audio if I wanted but not automatically play when I opened a news story
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6 years ago, Wv1224
Advice to the developers
Stop sending push notifications with a headline resulting in a video feed about said deadline. I personaly( don't know about others) would like to read the article as oppose to watch it as firstly it's not available to watch and secondly I don't always have fast enough connection to watch streaming. Thank you :)
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6 years ago, Prettybird33
Must have!🌟
I have used this app for around a decade and love it. It's a must have for me. I am a very busy person, so I never watch TV. Therefore, I never get to watch the news on TV. This is my main "go to" for the daily news. 100% Satisfied! Great great app! You will be very pleased.
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5 years ago, jkug4453
Not good for those who just want weather
The new upgrade makes me so sad. I’ve had the KSTP weather app on my phone for quite a few years. Just deleted it when I saw that there was not an option for just the weather. Also, when I tried to use the app the new radars were frustratingly hard to use. Same Wi-Fi, and the app also seems incredibly slow. Very sad since this weather guys are my weather guys.
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3 years ago, ldawn46
The Truth
People are sick of your lies. I don’t watch the news anymore I don’t watch you I don’t watch CNN I don’t watch any of the fake news stations! I don’t believe anything you say and I’m just sick of it, I would love to have the old news shows back where I enjoyed it look forward to watching it and could believe what I was hearing. You have lost most of yourAudience because of your bad choices 25 .You have lost all credibility with the American people! Are up before it’s to late!
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3 years ago, 83039946
Videos Constantly Play
News story videos constantly start without prompt. Thought that was against the law? Scrolling through the news articles and it resets and brings you to the top for no reason, having to scroll to where you left off, only to again refresh to the top. About over this app. I can get local news so many other places. Not worth it.
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4 months ago, Inthegarden
Now I Love it!
I love KSTP and since the last update I finally love the app too. It works smoothly, quickly and just perfectly! I’m not missing anything like I used to before the update. Good work!!!
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4 years ago, Ronniesp61
My first source for news
When I want to check the morning news, I start with 5 News. It has the sections I want. A good blend of national and local news. After the latest update, each story appears twice as I swipe through the news. Only annoying, content is still enjoyable. After the latest update, I can no longer swipe left for the next story. Dislike having to scroll al the way to the bottom of the page.
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3 years ago, A Biscari
No volume when live streaming on iPhone 12
This app was great when using with my iPhone 8. After upgrading to the iPhone 12 I’m no longer able to listen to the news that’s live streaming however I’m able to watch it without sound. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it multiple times without a fix and also went into settings to refresh app without a fix. Will have to use a different app sadly.
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2 years ago, Ibraheem🤔💯
Alhamdulillah-All Praise be to God!!👍🏾💯
Love ya’ll very aggressive nature in journalism!! Only One ☝🏾 thing just wish to see more color on ya’ll team that’s other then Hands Down 🖐🏾🕵🏾 Top Notch all across the bored!! Were my Sister’s and Brother’s at add some Coco pebbles to the Cereal 🥣
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2 years ago, Winmeister1
Constantly resets
The news coverage isn’t the problem with this app. The problem is too many ads and every time an ad switches it reboots the screen sending you back to the top where you have to scroll down again to find where you were. I’d be reasonably happy with this app if it weren’t for this constant problem that has never been fixed.
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4 years ago, blg crazy
I like the investigative reports I think a good topic to check out would be Long term affects with people that have neophobia I think it would be an interest in the medical field thank you for your time. Also checkout disability hold up, that OK
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4 years ago, what isbt?
KSTP is hometown news, with a hometown feel. Like a hometown, you learn to trust the people & reporters, to tell you the truth and news the best way they know how. And to be there for you when you turn to them. Honest, friendly folks with smiles. Thank you! Gail Blackmon
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5 years ago, Wr55138
Format nice but refreshes in middle of use
It’s my favorite local news option but it’s so irritating when the list of news refreshes while I am scrolling down...and so I need to find again where I was just reading. I realize now that the refreshing is due to the ads updating. That adds to my frustration. I just close the app when it flickers and I lose my place.
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3 years ago, maryg301
Need notifications
We should have notifications on each New headline. Don’t want to go to your app to try and find what I just saw on news!!
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3 years ago, Ahuuysyhb
Alert notifications
I am constantly getting alerts when I do not have the topics selected to notify me within the app. I only have weather alerts selected for notifications and yet, I get multiple news and covid updates throughout the day. It’s very frustrating because I need to be notified of bad weather in my area but I am temped to delete app because of the constant notifications about news.
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3 years ago, Smithstone
Since I moved away from Minnesota KSTP has been my best and fastest option to keep up on what is happening in my hometown. They keep me abreast of everything and do so with speed and accuracy. Thanks to KSTP and it’s great staff!
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6 years ago, Llama lover 28
Great app!
I recommend this app personally. I love the weather notifications. What I wouldn't recommend is putting news notifications on,if ur not the kinda person who wants to hear about ALL the news in text. Still a good app to use!
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3 years ago, unhappy with kstp app
No respect!
I have disabled every notification on the app except for weather. They still send notifications for everything...except weather! I could turn off notifications in my phone system settings, but then there will be no possibility to get weather alerts. Either they do not respect the wishes of people who don’t want to be disturbed, or the app developers don’t know what they are doing.
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6 years ago, Sugar Tree fan
My favorite app
Great for current local news! Love the weather reports and the radar map. I’ve used the radar map to view areas around the world in detail.
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2 years ago, Mr. Baitman
5 KSTP Review Definitely 5STAR
Al ways online when I want it .great current most up to date radar which is great to keep an eye on when storms are in the forecast. Mark BonAmie
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2 years ago, 19571980
Minnesota Live is absolutely terrific.
Thanks to the entire team for Minnesota Live and the news. Couldn’t watch anything else. Daily viewer.
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5 years ago, Donye_East
“World News” Section Gone
This had been a very good app which covered local and national headlines with a large section containing world news. However, they have recently removed said latter section resulting in an app scoped similarly to other local and regional media offerings. All that to say, this is no longer much different from WCCO, KMSP, KARE, etc. now. I am fairly disappointed.
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5 years ago, BigJoeRice
Fix the weather function...
Click on the weather map for real time look and it crashes my iPad. The weather detail section and hourly review rarely loads at all. With thunder bumper season upon us we need this live weather service to work properly.
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6 years ago, Blairsbaby1
KSTP is the only local station that I watch. There are many others, but this one is my favorite for content, accuracy, personalities, investigations and they bring the most up to date.
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2 years ago, lmgaryed50067
I’ll scroll a few news stories down. I’ll be reading a story and suddenly the screen jumps back up to the top of the story. If I’m not reading a story but just scrolling down, suddenly the page jumps right back up to the first news story. Impossible to read with this happening every time. Pages flicker.
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2 years ago, New_New1017
It has the ability to go in and individually choose what you would like to receive notifications from. I go in, select ONLY weather in my area. And I am CONSTANTLY getting notifications for live updates. And for news in the capital. I’ve gotten 3 notifications in the past hour.
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5 years ago, cp .com
News stories
Quite putting the good news off until the ten pm time. Some of us have to get up at 4 am
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5 years ago, Ready for Reason
Trash Reporting
I downloaded this app for quick access to local news stories, but am deleting it. This station has turned into mostly anti-police, anti-Trump garbage, with very little actual news. The investigative journalism is terrible too. Stories and statistics are either purposefully twisted to promote an agenda, or the journalism is the laziest I’ve ever seen. KSTP, you’re trash...if I could give you zero stars, I would.
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2 years ago, vfrflypacer
Channel 5 KSTP is great! Their app stinks
KSTP app does not behave properly while scrolling through articles. When scrolling down often jumps back up. This has been an issue for a long time. It seems to be related to loading ads but that’s just a guess. Please fix it!
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3 years ago, Chet55
Turn off the autoplay
Some of the problems with the app have been fixed.... but why in the world would you have this set up when news stories (videos) automatically start playing when someone is reading a news story. This is a deal breaker!
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3 years ago, coladymn
More current
Needs to be more current with local and international news particularly in the morning
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3 months ago, GPS Reverse
Separate news,weather and sports in your apps when opening.
It should open up with the last page you were looking at. Separate the pages. I mostly want your app for weather updates in MN.
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