KTAR News 92.3 FM

1.9 (24)
19.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bonneville International
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KTAR News 92.3 FM

1.92 out of 5
24 Ratings
2 years ago, warning 0926026
9.0.1 is terrible
Please revert this app to the version before 9.0.1. You made it painful to use. Pause button on lock screen broken Nagging popups asking for location information Unpausing after switching from another app plays the rest of the audio from the ad I skipped instead of the show, and then silence After restarting app to get it to work again, you force me to watch another ad, again, skip ad again when timer counts down, and tell you I won’t share my location information, again. Far too many clicks. Many more bugs Anger at app gets associated with your sponsor
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1 year ago, Serafin10CP
Login/Register Requirement JUST to Listen? No Thanks!
I’ve been an avid and continuous user and listener of the KTAR app for quite some time now. To make it a bigger hassle to require folks to login or register just to listen to the show on the app is a big no thanks from me. I’ll continue listening on the radio in my vehicle periodically, but the app is where I was listening to my favorite shows and segments on here without the need to sign up.
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4 years ago, 671Ryan
Too many advertisements!
The 72Sold advertisement every time I open the app is very annoying. Also the amount of advertisements through any show is ridiculous! I would be listening the KTAR app on my phone and I would get in a vehicle for work at the same time and I have listen to about three minutes worth of ads on my phone! However, the radio host is carrying on with the show in vehicles radio. LIMIT THE ADS IN THE APP PLEASE.
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11 months ago, 29749271
Constant crashing
Please fix this app!! It constantly crashes all the time all day have to always go to the app and restart if for it to continues playing. It’s not my phone it’s the app, my wife has a brand new iPhone 14 and it does the same for her. So frustrating
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11 months ago, TeeWhy15
Good app update
This app has improved with their latest update.
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2 years ago, p!ssed0ffcustom3r
This update ruined the app
Now, not only do I have to listen to the commercial before the station opens to commercials, but it also just sounds like it went to dead air every few seconds. Will uninstall app soon if it’s not fixed
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1 year ago, wxthikybracrhijrbszchyevby
App was never great. Now you’re forced to create account
The app was never great, but it was tolerable at times. Absolutely no interest in creating another login for yet another app. No longer even mildly worth the trouble. Removed app. Will use podcast if I want to listen.
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1 year ago, Radio Loco
All this plays is ads
Where is the actual program I want to listen to?? This is garbage. You MUST listen to 10 minutes of back to back ads. Then the program starts. Don’t waste your time. Deleting app.
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1 year ago, William0481
9.1.1 update is no good
Sign in to read the news. No thanks. Sell my email for more money, no thanks. There are plenty of options out there. I’ll reload once they fix this.
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1 year ago, bkjk2002
Not sure the developer uses the app
Do you guys even use the app? Massive battery drain and phone gets really hot when using. Other live streaming radio apps don’t have these issues.
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1 year ago, Tangier14
Now requires your personal info? No!!!!!
So this app was decent until KTAR recently began requiring an account with your personal information. I’m not going to give that out - there’s no reason you need it. So goodbye KTAR!
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2 years ago, Jerry Laufer
No landscape mode
I installed this on my iPad. It is always in landscape mode, and the display insisted on staying in portrait mode. I deleted the application.
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1 year ago, Fred Staples
Very sad
Very disappointing revision. Does the money greed ever end. Will longer support your Phoenix sponsors like Sanderson Ford.
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1 year ago, davidandtoni
Require Login
Must register to use app now . Nope, I’ll pass bye bye KTAR
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1 year ago, Brights4
No!!! Won’t do it!!! Put a card in for a totally free app!!! No!!!
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3 years ago, Whas Hat'nin
More Advertisements Than Actual Content
You have to watch an advertisement every single time you open the app if you want to listen to the radio. Radio show hosts talk for 30 seconds then go to commercial (more ads) this station has more ads than actual content. Comments section at the bottom of each news article is filled with ignorant vile racists, obviously this station doesn’t do any moderation. Just listen to KJZZ instead, at least you can listen to the news without a thousand advertisements in between.
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3 years ago, Rob27036
What happened?
With the new update, the podcasts go in reverse. So now I have to either listen the podcasts out of order or I have to go back in the app and click on the podcasts. So dumb. Would be nice if it could change to the old format.
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11 years ago, Yayo.19
Great! except 1 thing...
I LOVE KTAR, and love this new app. Much better than the last app. However... It doesn't let me sign in. I have tried many different times. I can sign in online, so I know I have the right email/password, but it says they're invalid when I try to login.
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3 years ago, lazer204
Nothing wrong with this app. Works great. Only a 15 second commercial when you first open the app. Not unlike many other apps
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5 years ago, SpaceAstronut
Annoying commercial
Every time you start the app you have to listen to a commercial. Commercial could be pictured around the app display without listening to an entire add play every Time I turn it on. I miss half of the news waiting for the commercial to end.
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2 years ago, ghh FG jd
Bunch of ads
Terrible! If I want to quickly pull up the app to listen to some breaking (and import) news it forces you to sit through a long ad. You can’t even mute it while in your car because then the ad will stop. And heaven forbid your signal gets interrupted because then you have to restart the app and listen to the ads again
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2 years ago, Kjmachain
Crashes all the time and 72 Sold adds are ridiculous
So I get a notification to tune into KTAR for breaking news and by the time I login and get through the 72 sold advertisement the news has ben reported and onto the next thing. Ok… maybe I’ll try listening to one of the podcast. Nope. Crashes every time. I’ve just resorted to using TuneIn.
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9 years ago, Tstutts
Poor performance.
I got this app because I moved from AZ to FL, but I still love listening to Mac & Gaydos. The problem is the app is way too unstable. Only works for about 2 min, then crashes. Constantly repeating/double talking over itself. I've tried resetting my phone, network settings, deleting the app & reinstalling it, nothing improves. Sadly, probably one of the worst apps I've ever dealt with.
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6 years ago, Adament cause
Annoying ad to start listening
Now you have to watch a 15 second ad every 15-20 minutes now. I used to hit play and listen for hours on end, now I have to do this garbage. 70% of every hour of listening is already an annoying ad, now you have to watch one every 20 minutes. Absolutely BS and garbage.
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8 years ago, CGoddess1973
App used to work great
App is twitchy and buggy the last few weeks. It will start and stop streaming and start over. I think it's a way to make us watch the silly commercial at the beginning.
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8 years ago, MesaMomof3
So I've had this app all of 10 minutes....
I love this station but your app is annoying!!! It buffers CONSTANTLY!! In the 10 minutes is that I've had the app I have actually heard maybe 4 minutes of the show. So disappointing 😟
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4 years ago, sharpmomof3
Horrible App
This app constantly drops while listening. I have always had issues with it since downloading it a few years ago. Completely unreliable. Also HATE that I'm forced to listen to a commercial before getting to the live radio. So frustrated with this app!
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11 years ago, AZ-Beginner
KTAR what a disappointment
My first review ever. I have over 200 apps on my phone and have NEVER been so disappointed because I expected this app to work. I wanted to listen to KTAR, but instead I listened to more than 5 minutes straight of commercials. Not what I was expecting. It must be a big bug. Where was the live feed?
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3 years ago, lbbetal
Whose nephew wrote this piece of dreck?
The feature that’s supposed to allow me to log in to comment on articles is badly broken. I complete the captcha and then click on the userid field and it throws me back to the article.
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3 years ago, alenebailey
As you read some of the news stories, it gives you a few seconds to read before it scrolls back to the main page. Completely annoying. I can’t believe that they don’t fix this!
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2 years ago, a62dave
An advertisement app with some radio content
Using this app is NOTHING like turning on the radio to 92.3. This is an advertisement delivery app first and foremost. If you want this app for the primary purpose of listening to the radio, you will be disappointed. Browsing the “print” news articles is similar to any other news app. If trying to listen, you will have the 72 Sold commercial memorized within the first day. If you pause the playback for any period of time, or switch to another app that requires audio, you’ll get to listen to more ads each time you resume playback. Do yourself a favor and go to KTAR.com and click on the “listen live” link.
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4 years ago, click fraud
Advertising in news feed
There is absolutely no way to scroll the news feed without accidentally clicking on the advertisements that randomly appear. It is borderline click fraud. Hopefully it is just a mistake in the coding, but it feels intentional. Please fix.
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3 years ago, sdj0311
Does Not Download News Properly
For the past week only one article has downloaded. I have tried reloading app and restarting phone without success. Only app with issues, if not fixed soon the app will be deleted permanently
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9 years ago, Imperius*Rex
Downhill struggle
A news app with out news is almost worthless. Over the last few weeks headlines do not work and on demand sign up takes you to a 404 screen. The only redeeming content is the live streaming but now half the day seems to be Dave Ramsey reruns.
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6 years ago, Freedomdog99
Bad app Good New
Shows are great! Morning and afternoon. The finance guy from 12-2 doesn’t belong though. The app works when it wants to work. If you pause show, you’re subject to the same commercial intro when first signing on. More commercials than news...
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3 years ago, Markkron
Won’t play
Freezing up, won’t play, I’m guessing because there is an advertisement trying to play but won’t load.
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5 years ago, Cal...
In addition to the buggy commercial stuff, the app also has a tendency to have trash audio and sounds like crackling constantly. Unusable.
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4 years ago, Rebel_Man
Littered with bugs. Has gotten worse with each version release.
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5 years ago, Onbender
Shuts off when your screen goes to sleep.
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4 years ago, pissoff78655443566
Garbage ?
After reading the reviews I didn’t even try to download it
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9 years ago, Msburgis
Won't turn
I don't care how good an app is, if it won't turn landscape, which is how I keep my iPad, it won't do me much good.
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9 years ago, Azlandpro
Don't waste your time!
Download app - delete it! Shameful! How about no stars!
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6 years ago, CLB1130
This app suks
If I could give it no stars I would. Constant drop outs.
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2 years ago, Darkfigga
Low grade
One the worst app’s I’ve ever dealt with…
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6 years ago, B5g2
Can’t play station while my screen is off?!
Ok, it is almost 2019. So why can I not play your app station while my iPhone screen is off? I don’t get it. I like listening to your station, but come on! When I go walking my dogs, I really REALLY don’t want my phones screen on constantly just to stream your app. Only YouTube pulls this crap, and guess what? I no longer listen to music from YouTube while out and about, I don’t want my battery drained due to the always-on demand! I think it’s pointless and stupid.
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