3.5 (30)
39.4 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for KTBS 3

3.47 out of 5
30 Ratings
10 years ago, Fghz45
It's ok
This app needs a lot of work! It's very slow and doesn't update properly. I mostly use it to check the weather and its never fully loads updated information.
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9 months ago, Paige2097
Need to fix your technical issues!!
Keep having to delete the app and re download it to even get the app to open up. Works for a day then I have to do the same thing over and over
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5 years ago, ThankuRustonect
Ruston Strong
Always up to date on what is going on.
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6 years ago, opel 13
Not everything needs to be a video. Sometimes it’s not appropriate to launch a video in a doctors office for instance. Please give option to read story.
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5 years ago, Jlc1996
Video only
I would like the option to READ the news. I removed the app because it was only video.
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5 years ago, Emedic300
Not so good
I don’t need to see the same story repeated several times as I scroll down. Don’t need videos that begin with an ad.
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6 years ago, WrightIsland
Want news; turn off these sports scores.
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4 years ago, Towngirl2
KTBS3 App Poor!
Constantly crashes upon opening!
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10 years ago, early morning viewer
early news
I have has many problems with loading the morning news. Some days all I receive is a blank black page with " loading" . It may last a minute or it may not load at all. When the page finally starts loading, there is a wait for a commercial. I only have about 20 minutes to watch. Half of that time is spent loading the page or viewing commercials.
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9 years ago, cjmadea
Greatly improved!
I deleted this app 2 years ago because it never gave alerts and my other news app was better. But after re-installing recently, I've come to quite like the features of the KTBS 3 app. And I get breaking news alerts!
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9 years ago, CoreyAsk
Love the breaking news
Love the updates it gives, for an example would be the Amber alert just issued. Always first to get the news out that really effects the community!
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8 years ago, Cadenza2
Like the notifications y. Much improved over when I first got it.
I read The Times to keep current on local news, but love how this app lets me know what is breaking locally all d
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9 years ago, sponder53
Reliable Source for Hometown News
Living out of state, this app is great for keeping up with Ark-La-Tex news and events, especially since we still have family and friends back home. This app rates 5 Stars!
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11 years ago, Darkjiff
Ads Ads Ads
Look I understand we don't have to pay for the app but you do therefore you have to put ads in the app that don't bother me but now twice today I have gotten ads as a push for BPCC! That is not news so don't send as a push! If it happens again I will probably just switch back to KSLA app because there are no ads at all...
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10 years ago, JudyC333
Great site
This site has the best news in the area. Clear and concise. Everything you would want in a local news site.
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9 years ago, Unclebubba63
My local 3
Great app. Keeps me up to date on local,national news and events. Great weather app also. The notifications are very informative. Thanks channel 3.
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10 years ago, PremieMommy917
I Love this App!
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!! I definitely recommend getting this app, you can get anything from the weather & local news all the way to recent arrest/jail bookings. It's an all-in-1 stop!!!
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7 years ago, LSUfan0307
If you're wanting to use for local weather, don't!
The latest update makes it difficult to navigate. It's basically the same as if you went to their website. The interactive radar is no longer available. I am deleting this app and going to only use the KTBS weather app. Bummer.
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9 years ago, Pricelessmilk
Like reading the news!
Sometimes I don't get to watch the broadcast of the news. Never showing updated news. App crashes a lot. I use another stations app to stay up to date on news now. Sorry KTBS, your just not up to speed anymore.
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10 years ago, SonyaRae63
Love it!
This app is informative, reliable and always has up to the minute news and weather! I love it!
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7 years ago, WilliamsFamily5
Instant news
Channel 3 keeps me advised of all the current news and weather!
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9 years ago, Macrosebud
This app was awesome today. Got on I20 just as I got an alert about a fire downtown. Detoured to another way instead just at the right time! Thanks KTBS
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7 years ago, Syzzlestix
Good app.
The alerts keep you informed. But I find it hard to navigate and find items in the app. But overall it's a good app.
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10 years ago, Untimely manner
I love this channel and it's new anchors. The app needs a lot of improvement. Why can't I get stories that are of importance sent as an alert in a reasonable time frame? Also why does this app go without stories being updated days at a time?
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10 years ago, Dr Ace 2025
Great app
This is a great app to have. I can catch up and get updates on news here locally while I'm down on the Gulf of Mexico.
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10 years ago, Mellowladyt
Great App!!!!
I love this app it keeps me up to date what's going on around the world and my community since I don't get a chance to catch the news daily.....
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10 years ago, Melbo13
Great app!!!
Great app to have!!! Always updating and keeping you abreast in the latest news and weather!!
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9 years ago, Buck1257
Like the app. I feel that you miss some good news that should be on there. Etc: Habitat for Humanity house give a way.
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8 years ago, Storm blaster
Made money!
Started making cash the first day I used it.
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10 years ago, Bob&mindy
Very helpful
I refer to my channel 3 app frequently for news and weather. I can usually find most of what I am looking for.
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12 years ago, Robertson family4
I love this app! I can get the latest news, weather, and updates on this app. 👏
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9 years ago, Catdaddy's
high school sports
I really love this app but like any other news app u need to do better with high school sports section an athlete of the week honors kind of stagnant...!!
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10 years ago, Frontdeskperson
I will be deleting this app! Since the last update, ads pop up at the bottom of the screen that prevent me from exiting the screen. I used to check the news updates several times a day. Now it's not worth the aggravation. Goodbye!
Show more
12 years ago, Philkersh
Very nice and neat
This is a MUCH better app than the first release. Very nice layout, fast and very user friendly.
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8 years ago, Mardi7
KTBS has been my go to news place for 30+ years.
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8 years ago, John T2
Leave too much old events and news on site. Too messy and too much on your page. So large you cannot keep it up to date. Cut it back and be up to date
Show more
10 years ago, Paxdog56
Best app ever
I love the app gives great quality is always accurate I would refer this app to anybody!!!😃😃😃😃
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11 years ago, Tatterscreek
No breaking stories
This app sends push notifications about breaking stories but when the app is opened there are no "breaking" stories. Useless feature.
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9 years ago, Emcee159
Love it!
Great news and weather info all the time.
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9 years ago, Bambooj3
Excellent news coverage for the Ark-la-Tex. but most often while scrolling through the headlines I am diverted to an unwanted ad..
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10 years ago, 1976-Kloitr
Slow load
Just had the app updated a few days ago and it now takes forever to load. Even when I have good service the app is slow. It's gotten to the point where I just go to KSLA's to get any local news.
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10 years ago, Njlucky
Just need to keep radar more up to the minute love jail bookings
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8 years ago, Shebapeggy
Ch. 3 App
Love the breaking news! Keep up the good work, keeps me up to date! Thanks!!!
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10 years ago, Blessed36
News App
Good app. Keeps me up to date all the latest news.
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8 years ago, Luckydfc
Always up to date. Good news reporting
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10 years ago, R.w.p.racing
It's a good app to have. They keep you updated on everything going on in the ark-la-tex
Show more
10 years ago, Nwlasaint
Works fine
Great way to keep up
Show more
8 years ago, 09141944
Great app!
Great app! Easy to use and I love the up to date results!
Show more
10 years ago, Kevin's6969
Great App
I look at this app everyday. Keep the good work up.
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9 years ago, 1hedzup
Excellent, like the hourly weather updates!!!
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