KTLA 5 News - Los Angeles

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Tribune Broadcasting Company
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5 months ago
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User Reviews for KTLA 5 News - Los Angeles

4.62 out of 5
6K Ratings
5 years ago, Lctcraft
I live in Nipomo CA. I am a seven day a week watcher and have been for many, many years. Your anchors and reporters are the best! Their humor makes my day. News can be depressing at times and their energy and caring of others cuts that depression. We have never lived in the L.A. area but your reporting of events there wish at times that we did. But then we see the traffic and are glad we live where we do. LOL I watch your station on my I pad from 4 to 5, as you don’t come on our local tv until 5. And on the weekends, I watch you again on my I pad, as our local station does not carry you at all. Keep up the great work. Lynda Tilley
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12 months ago, Mr.CherryPie
Will no longer support KTLA
Been watching KTLA for many years now, I have grown up with it. The reason I watched for so long was because the foundation of family and community that they established was very welcoming and familiar. However all good things come to an end. I was not impressed by the awful way management ( I’m looking at you Janene Drafs ) has handled the departure of Lynette Romero and the termination of Mark Mester. It leaves a bad taste and I can just easily switch to a different news station to watch now anyways. KTLA, you really missed the mark this time around. You’re just another corporate shell like the rest of them, and there is no longer anything special about your network. Probably no one will read this, or even care…but after watching a network for more than 20 years it really becomes a part of your identity, and this felt like a betrayal of sorts.
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3 years ago, Eufemia Dee
KTLA the best of the Best
I’ve been watching ktla since Barbara and Jennifer news and traffic for years today’s casters warm the soul as they make one feel at home . When Mark became sick I felt sad that the key that held the team together with his humor was deeply missed but glad when he returned Today’s ktla team is very professional and entertainment Sam can as we know. Bless every one of you and yes even in tragedy loosing a friend was tearful but the 8:00 stretch goes on .Do as you do for us out here who appreciate all of your professionalism Your the best of the best thank you from a loyal 77 year old listener Eufemia Tatham Lake Los Angeles
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9 months ago, Whittier Jeff
Can’t open app without impossible update
26 December, 2022: have been using app on iPhone for years with no problem until today. Apple 12(?; maybe 11) SE, iOS 16.2. All phone apps set to auto-update. Last app update was “1 month ago” according to App Store app history. Get msg that “app must be updated” to open and use. Clicking on associated “update” button takes me to app listing in App Store where there is no provision to update. Uninstalled/reinstalled app twice. Opened fine after installation each time without “update” message. Closed app each time and “update” message reappeared with subsequent attempts to reopen. Something is broken.
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5 years ago, review of goupon
Chris Burrows
This weekend news on Chris was so amazing . Like everyone says I feel like I lost a friend . We have been watching channel 5 for many yrs . And the weekend because of Chris I never missed . It is all good that they keep giving condolences to his wife and beloved daughter but PLEASE mention his parents . As a mother who has lost a child , always remember his mother’s , father’s pain which is Unconceivable the loss of their beloved child no matter he was a grown man . To a mother he is first her child . Thankyou for the amazing tribute and how strong all the women were while on air . Our prayers to all the Staff 🙏🙏🙏💔
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9 months ago, Mistertokr
Imaginary Update
I look at my phone and there breaking news so I tap to see the breaking news and it says please update to continue using the KTLA app. That’s cool so I tap that and it takes me to the App Store and there is no update for KTLA, just Open so I do that and it takes me right back where I started at the update screen. Maybe they shouldn’t make their updates mandatory immediately so this doesn’t happen (I’m implying if there really was an actual update) What if somebody has an older phone? Not me I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max with the latest IOS so I know it’s not me who has the issue. Somebody is making some bad decisions at KTLA and those decisions will likely cause them to lose viewers. Maybe I need to use KABC or KTTV instead. It’s better than going around in circles and getting no breaking updates?
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2 years ago, OC Ka
Love the news teams, but problems with the app
I love all of the morning news teams and have been watching for a long time. It has been fun to watch the recent look backs into each person’s history. In the last couple months I have had issues while watching. When the feed goes from “we will be right back” to a commercial or news I get kicked out of the app and am back on the Home Screen on my phone. It only happens during these transitions never in the middle of the news. I am the only one home when this happens so I know it is not an internet issue and it happens every time this transition takes place.
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3 years ago, that game person
to many adds
your site has a problem loading news as it's trying to down load adds. What is with that? I don’t think you as the over seers of this app would put up with it on apps you yourself use. So ask yourself why we should! We as users want as you must yourself want a smooth running app and not one that jumps all over the page. Be honest would you keep an app that did this? I think not. Please fix this problem. Thank you. I also want to add. we are in a pandemic and you allow adds to run that say hurry and go to Palm Springs asap???? what are you doing? Endangering lives just to make a buck... Shameful. Plus when there are people that are addicted to gambling you have a very annoying advertising banner running to promote gambling?.. Why not put drugs for sale same thing right? Thanks
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5 years ago, Lqqker93033
Great job
I look forward to every time the news come on. Especially on the weekends. The news may be repeated serval times. I enjoy the entertainment. I currently don’t live in an area that doesn’t broadcast KTLA anymore. So I downloaded the app so I can continue watching it. Also I follow the anchors on Facebook and Instagram. They make you feel like family.
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3 years ago, lolhahaizzy
Absolute Trash
Forces you to watch a a couple ads before watching LIve TV. Constantly missing news coverage. It freezes on the ads all the time. The news coverage is all replays anyway. Every time i open this app i have to close it and reopen it. Just a garbage app all together. Play commercials during the commercial break, not during breaking news. It needs to be updated all together, looks like the background quality of the very first iPhone. I’ve remained continuously unimpressed and frustrated over this app. Download Fox News or the MSNBC app if you want news - if it’s local news you’re looking for, don’t hold your breath hoping this will work. I strongly recommend you don’t waste your time. I’ve had the app for over six months and nothing has improved.
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9 months ago, SharonSR
Love KTLA News - Hate the App
I’ve been a morning news viewer since it’s inception. The comprehensive weather reports and local news segments are my favorites. But, please do something about this terrible app! It’s so annoying to have to watch the same commercials (sometimes the same ones back-to-back) every time I go to this app on my TV, not to mention it seems there are so many more commercials. I’ve gotten to the point where I watch just enough of the morning news to get the weather from Henry and then change to KABC for everything else. I’d much rather watch KTLA because Henry, Chris, and Meghan are so much more entertaining and help to start my day with humor, but I can’t tolerate the lagging video or the endless commercials.
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9 months ago, Dodgrdog88x
Unable to Open or Update App
UPDATE: Disregard below. Today’s update corrected the issue! The app won’t open with it being updated. When I tried to open the app, I got a pop-up saying the app needed to be updated. I clicked the ‘Update’ button in the pop-up and it redirected me to the App Store. There their is no ‘Update’ button. The blue button just says ‘Open’. When I click that it takes me back to the app and the Update Reqired pop-up. I’m on the latest iOS 16.2 on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. The latest version of the app is from a month ago.
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1 year ago, tmolina
FAKE NEWS Liberal Activists!
You won’t see what is actually going on in the country on this network or any other msm you won’t see nothing on the border crisis, fentanyl crisis from open borders, Hunter Biden or anything negative on Joe Biden, they’re just an outlet to propagate the radical left agenda, our country has never been in better shape than it is now under Joe Biden according to them. They used to have Adam Shiff on every week spewing his lies about Russian collusion, but now crickets. If you want real news stay away from KTLA 5. Oh and I watched this news for 15 years straight 7 days a week until the last presidential election opened my eyes. I’m not a white supremist I’m a born and raised in so cal Mexican American!
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9 months ago, Neaj 62
No more KTLA
I’ve been watching KTLA since I was a young child, and have always enjoyed your segments, but after the ugly situation with Lynette Romero, and Mark Meister being fired for airing his personal views/ opinions on the treatment of Ms Romero’ unfortunate departure, I no longer find KTLA to be as enjoyable. It makes me wonder how do you really treat your staff and reporters leave nothing left to be desired. Even The weekend News, I no longer watch. I used to wake up eagerly looking forward to the reports and fun times that are no longer there. Are you in bed with the politicians, and do you have any integrity? Now that I’m retired, I’ll no longer longer watch your station or to subscribe to your Apps!😔😡
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6 years ago, lirpamc
Love KTLA, app needs work
Loyal KTLA fan, when we turned off cable this is the one station I was concerned about, but when I saw the app I was excited. The Long blank commercial breaks are confusing because you think the app turned off and sometimes it does. It freezes during commercial break and you have to restart it. When will the app be available on Apple TV? Glad to be able to watch it on my iPad but look no forward to it being on the big screen. I need my Rich on tech in the morning !
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9 months ago, Ace-Dogg
Problem’s with this app
I have a problem with this app every time I use it this app come on when I click on the live button it will be on for a while and then the problems starts happening the sounds are going in and out and then it’ll freeze up from time to time and then it’ll cut off and I just updated this app I thought the problems would be fix but I guess not because it is still doing the same thing.
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2 years ago, Marparedes9
Issues playing videos
Love love love KTLA ! Easy my favorite news channel ! And love watching the videos on the app and being able to catch up on everything. However , recently I’ve been having issues with playing videos , the last 3 weeks the videos do not load and play on my Smart TVs or phone through the app , please fix this and it’ll be a 5 star app ! Thank you!
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3 years ago, H JJ
Love the app, but...
I love the app and use it just about everyday, but the last couple of days I noticed after launching live on my iPad, only plays one commercial and hangs... no matter how many time I closed and relaunched the problem persists. I went as far as removing the app, restarting the iPad and reinstalling the app, but it still doesn’t work. It works fine on my iPhone, but the iPad is a no go for now. I hope they get it fixed! By the way, the link to App Support on App Store goes to a 404 page that shows the page is no longer there, so no support!
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4 years ago, CooperPooperDooper
Better Volume of News Content....But Incomplete
KTLA does a much better job of presenting a wide variety of local and national news. They also do pretty well with refreshing stories as new information becomes available. What is really annoying is the frequency of incomplete news stories and a footnote directing you to their parent company LA Times for the rest of the story. If I wanted a subscription to LA Times I would sign up. Stop trying to force your app viewers to subscribe to a news source they are not interested in. I just deleted this app for this reason.
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2 years ago, OlSrfer
Update the filler…please
Been using this app for a couple years now and it works pretty well, most of the time. However PLEASE update the “we’ll be right back” filler music more often as well as the promo commercials. The same exact “Friends” promo commercial has been on every 10 mins for the last year and it’s really irritating to here it over and over and over again! Please do us all a favor!!
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3 years ago, Lovruth
It used to be good
I used to get all the news I need from this app. And it has seriously gone to the toilet. First, we have what look like interesting articles. Click on it. A button pops up and says “continue reading”. It freezes and you have to restart the app and skip it. And then you have other possible interesting articles. Get to a certain point and it directs you to the LA Times newspaper, who, by the way, want you to pay to read it. My trust has been shaken by this. Please, fix this.
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1 year ago, Yarrumc
Bug fixes - Apple TV
Thanks Dev. It appears the Apple TV bugs are gone. It was a hot mess for months with freezing video and app crashing at times, including when accessing More menu ( which was my workaround to restarting the app when frozen ..lol). App seems solid for general streaming at this time!
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2 years ago, HolaaJeTami
New Update is Terrible
The new update is not a good one. It’s a battery killer and this app never was before. It doesn’t allow PIP video watching anymore and it makes my phone run hot. It also got rid of all my saved news stories. I LOVE watching my 4 am news with Chris, Megan, and Henry and now it’s become miserable and frustrating to watch/listen to my favorite newscasters on the go. I have to close the app just to preserve my battery WHILE ITS ON THE CHARGER. Please fix this because I use this app everyday and really used to enjoy it.
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News Crew
I watch Channel 5 news everyday. I start with the 4am until 9am. Watch the 3pm, 6:30pm and finish the evening with the 11pm showing. I use to watch Channel 5 with my Mom, when Stan Chambers was the announcer. Would like to collect all the coffee cup with all the announcers pictures in them. You also have the greatest field announcers. THANK YOU CHANNEL 5. KTLA FOREVER
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2 years ago, Number1LakerFan
It’s keeps crashing…ughhhh!!
It keeps crashing. I love the KTLA app on my iPhone 11. But it keeps crashing. I can only live stream the news for about 10-15 minutes. 20 minutes if I’m lucky. Then boom! It’s been crashing for at least a month on my iPhone 11. Great app, but Apple please stop it from crashing. It never use to do this. Please and thank you.
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5 years ago, AMilazzo32
Love the app; HATE the connection to the LA Times
Really tired of having to go to the LA Times site to finish reading a story, only to have the screen pop up that I have reached my monthly limit of free stories. I either have to pay for the LATimes, or just wait for the newscast later to complete the story. Why bother with an app that is supposed to be 24/7 news when it’s not, and I’m at the mercy of the Times?!? I don’t subscribe to the Times, and it feels like the app is a poorly covering marketing ploy, one that I’d rather my “local news” doesn’t try to force me to buy into.
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6 years ago, MudCabbage
Love it...when it works!!
I have had this app for well over a year. I love KTLA and that is probably why I haven't deleted this app yet. This app works great for about a week and than out of nowhere it starts crashing. I have not been able the open it now for about a week. I blame the terrible ads they put. The ads do not load properly. People please, get some IT guys that know what they are doing. It's been far too long to have an app that is constantly failing. I would hate to resort to watch FOX news...
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2 years ago, Hal Fishman
Please fix this app!
Just like everyone else commented before me, this app constantly crashes during commercial breaks. Why has it taken so long to address this or does KTLA just not care? They are my go to for news & I love having them on all day while I work, but it’s getting annoying to constantly having to log back into the app after almost every commercial break. Can you guys please address this?
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3 years ago, Sidewalk Surfin'
Keeps crashing
Latest version keeps freezing and crashing especially when reader is asked to press annoying “continue reading” button. Also, the app is overly sensitive when thumbing past ads, which might be profitable for your ad click revenues but wasted ad dollars for advertisers since I’m not reading accidentally opened ads. Other than that I love the news coverage.
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9 months ago, dirt basket
Poor layout
Layout of app is poor, miss that kid Mark, he was one of the better reporters you had, and now the app tells me to update but no update is available… sad way of managing a news network, time to switch to another
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2 years ago, Music Afiscionado
A NEGATIVE STAR IS IN ORDER FIR KTLA APP. KTLA makes big promises on this app yet does NOT deliver. I have been a KTLA morning news fan for more than 25 years. This app has CONSISTENTLY fallen short on its promises. I’ve deleted/ reinstalled the app numerous times, have the latest operating system KTLA app falls short. The app freezes, does not load or play as promised. I’ve contacted the team on Twitter been ignored which has been a frustrating, disappointed result. Get your act together KTLA you are not acting in LOS ANGELES interests by offering a poor product.
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4 years ago, Boydyboy101
Great streamer
We’re long time Morning News viewers that cut the cable so this app is essential to us. We also use another app for tv content that includes local stations but not KTLA! This is the solution and it offers so much more than just stream. I’m now using the top five news stories widget too.
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4 years ago, Chentil
Best news reporting available
I love the reporting from all the hard working staff at KTLA. They report fairly and cover all aspects of issues, no matter where and what is happening. I know I can trust this news source to give me accurate and relevant information when and how I need it.
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5 years ago, Calpurnaya
Why do I have to watch 10 minutes of car commercials JUST to watch live TV on the app? If you don’t click the play button within seconds of the video ending, it’s like you are penalized for not paying attention. Most times I just give up and close the app. If you get a banner message notification, it makes you start over with viewing commercials. Seriously, it’s way out of hand. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, PcNordy
Very difficult to live stream
This app is not good at all if you dearie to livestream. It worked fine before the app showed a commercial which upon completion is supposed to switch to the live news stream. But it crashes, pausing while buffering but never going live. You have to constantly reload the livestream and hope that one one of the occasions it actually works. It’s been slightly improved with an update but it’s still not great.
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3 years ago, Done being used
Keep Bringing it!!!
I have been a fan of Chanel 5 news cast since I was in my 20’s I’m turning 60 next month. The App keeps me up to date instantly. I’m getting the breaking news ahead of anyone else. It’s great to be up to date informed accurately. Keep up the great work!
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9 months ago, Bebita300
App having issues
I love this app in general but as of this morning whenever I open it to access news articles, I am getting a pop-up message asking me to update the app when my app is up to date what is going on? Please look into this matter. Thank you.
Show more
3 years ago, jima1az
Fair app
They apparently duplicate a lot of the stories to make it look like there is more content. The app also takes a while to load Update: this app has become clunky and extremely slow. You have to click extra boxes to read stories and loading takes forever. I’d be more upset if I paid for the app but you have to get thru the “sponsored” paid content
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5 years ago, Bugdar
Each update get worse for video viewing... ugh.
I love KTLA and so I keep trying with this app but with each update nothing is fixed and in some cases they actually get worse. It would be great to be able to watch the videos that are posted with the articles, but for some reason the only videos that can be watched are only KTLA’s. When KTLA posts a video from any other source at all they won’t play. Super frustrating and disappointing. Hey guys... can we please try to get this fixed???
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3 months ago, gingcalgal
Enjoy but want screen share
I always enjoy this app. Love traveling with my local information. Yet I would like to screen share/AirPlay to the TV. Many other apps can do this. I have not been able to make this work over the years. This has always been my one big feedback especially when I travel.
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6 years ago, LemonJelloKiwi
Great mix of local & national news
***update 10/17 please fix the issues with the app. It crashes constantly. I love KTLA and not being able to read news from this app os so disappointing. Of course anyone using the app is mostly interested in stories out of L.A. but the national news stories they mix in are always very interesting. Works much better since the latest update.
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1 year ago, GFunkLife
You Guys Gotta Fix This App!
I cut the cord 2 yrs ago and I missed KTLA so much. So I was thrilled when they launched the streaming app, but it really needs some work. It’s constantly getting corrupted and glitches. At least once a week I have to delete it and reinstall it. I know KTLA is quite frugal, but come on guys, please put some funding into getting this app fixed.
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5 years ago, kizzen
App crashing working improperly
This app is playing the same commercial over and over again or blacks out with no information only to find out it crashed I’m using my iPhone 8 the software is up-to-date I’ve used it on 2 different hotspots in my apartment complex, my own personal cable WiFi and 3 private homes that I work in same thing happens everywhere Please fix this it’s been over 2 months Thank You
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3 years ago, Iuls
Live video does not pop up anymore! :(
Live video used to work as a pop up when navigating away from the app, so I could use other apps while watching my fave live shows. It doesn’t do that anymore after the latest update. Please bring that option back!!
Show more
6 years ago, Redsnapdragon
It opens, then crashes
Like a lot of the other reviews state, it crashes. I can get it to open, and I can also see the menu options (hence the 2-star rating), but if I select anything, it crashes. I downloaded this app because a few of the recent reviews said it worked fine for them. I'll keep it for a little while, but will delete if this issue isn't fixed, and fixed soon.
Show more
2 years ago, Arnulfo 123
Picture in Picture
Can the Picture in Picture function be added? I like to watch the news while multitasking and when I have to do something else the window will close.
Show more
3 years ago, Mr. Bargainhunter
Lots of old news
This app, like their online website is extremely poor quality. News items are often left on for weeks just to take up space. You’ll catch yourself reading a headline from a previous month, as if it were just happening. If they took the time to actually monitor what they post, it would get more stars. They don’t, so it’s a big fail. If you like your news stale and frustrating, this is the app for you.
Show more
3 years ago, WunNyne
Watch Live - Unsupported on Apple TV
Decades long KTLA 5 viewer here- love the content and crew. Unfortunately, when casting to an Apple TV from an iPhone, the “Watch Live” link via their mobile app will only play the 30-second ad, freeze and then repeat the ad. It used to work about a year ago but over the past few months, streaming had been unavailable. I believe in you, KTLA app crew! Help us help you and give us an update, please. Thanks.
Show more
1 year ago, PatricknLA
The app is questionable at best and works sometimes
So I am a regular viewer of KTLA-5 starting at 5:00 most days, the KTLA-5 app only works if I shut down Apple TV+ first if I am watching another streaming service, and using the email address inside the KTLA 5 app does nothing (nobody responds to those emails) very frustrating I have deleted and redownload the app so many times I have lost count. Hire some good IT people so us (your viewers can watch your programs on Apple TV
Show more
3 years ago, do.not.do.it.
How hard can it be...
This is the worst app. How hard is it to display a news story? Well first you click on the story you want, then you have to wait for the screen to adjust and jump around the screen, then you have to press the button that says continue reading, press that button three or four more times, then you get maybe an additional three sentences and a message that directs you to read the full story on the LA TIMES page.
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