KTRE 9 Local News

4.5 (1.6K)
63.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KTRE 9 Local News

4.51 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 years ago, gege mom
Daily Lufkin News
I start every morning with a cup of coffee and Lufkin Daily News paper‼️‼️‼️‼️Will miss it when Home Delivery is down to only three days a week‼️🥺😣☹️gegemom
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3 years ago, Marymac of Nac
Unable to Open App
I have used this KTRE News App for several years. While it has had its issues, I recognize that this is a small town news outlet and they probably have zip in the way of funds to get a better set up. HOWEVER — for the past several days, I click on this app to check on local news stories that show up as teasers, but the app will NOT open. Same with it’s sister app for KLTV. I’ve tried deleting the apps and reloading them through the Apple Store, but that is a no go, as well.
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4 months ago, Redoftx
Great app. I wish y’all could make the type size adjustable. So many of us try to read this on our phones and tablets and with older eyes sometimes it is hard to read the small size text. I know that option is available because I’ve used it before on USA Today. Thanks and keep up the great work
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6 years ago, Sherrylann
Quick news reporting
It is great to have the news reported in a timely manner so wherever I am I can get updated on what is happening around me. Thank you, Sherryl Wigley
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6 years ago, cl lufkin
I like the app before it was recently updated not so much now
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5 years ago, Texas Pearls
The worst
I think KTRE app is the worst!! There will news stories that will stay in the headline news for days. I know on the news every night they don’t report on the same thing for days so why can’t the app be updated as with the nightly TV news. I am tired of pulling up this app every morning and seeing the same things. About to delete this app.
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6 years ago, tnanesihw
Missing the Trending news.
Missing the Trending news. But trying to get use to the new look after the update.
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6 years ago, Gruffm
Ktre9 news
Wishing I had kept the previous app. No tab for weather, no dates on homepage news stories until the header is opened, no top stories tab, where is red zone located? Where are recipes? Not a user friendly app. Disappointed user
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5 years ago, ktre fan
What happened??
Updated a few days ago. Now can’t open app. at all. Just crashes immediately back to my home screen on my phone. Saw this morning that another update was available. Did that. Still won’t open!
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6 years ago, 93lyfvhf
Stories don’t open, when get alerts takes several hours for it to appear in news so can read story. Tries to play everything thru car when Bluetooth feature is on.
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4 years ago, Mebobo1
Not a local news station....
It’s a shame all y’all do is report Tyler and Longview and maybe 1 from the Nacogdoches and Lufkin area. A disgrace a station from San Antonio reported the gas explosion 30 minutes after it happens, then y’all wait 4 1/2 later to report it and it’s in y’all backyard. ☹️
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13 years ago, faceman5050
Faceman5050 loves the app but why wasn't it a update
I love the improvements from the last version of the app both apps are great but this one is better by far. Why wasn't it a update to the last app other than that it's all good lol
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6 years ago, Brnela
Extremely difficult to use with voice over for the blind because their advertisements are more important than being able to read the story. I would give it -5 it is now useless.
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6 years ago, Rtvguy
Bugs moved-not fixed
Some stories won’t load-such as the restaurant reports. You see more in the headline than the story. And cluttered with too much clickbait
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5 years ago, MRH1947
To many upgrades
Yall keep upgrading your software and it keeps people with older phones from getting the app,needs to be a soluition for that,I like the news very much
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5 years ago, B.J. Murry
Did the update and now it won’t open
Just did the update and now it won’t open on my iPhone 8
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6 years ago, apriltxrealtor
News definitely not fair and balanced
News very bios. Push there Democrat agenda
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7 months ago, jeselman
Sorriest excuse for a news app I’ve ever experienced
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6 years ago, fspachi
go back
liked the old format better
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7 years ago, Lufkin guy
Latest update made me delete this app
The latest update of this app is awful. They have gone to a Facebook style format and it is not user friendly. The old format was easy and user friendly I could find the stories I liked to read and see how recent they were. It was simple and clean but now it's just a bunch of jumbled carbage. They should have just kept it simple and I would still be enjoying this app, despite the fact KTRE does not know it's viewers by reporting liberal style news in a conservative area.
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13 years ago, DarkProphet2088
Much, much better!
This app is alot better than the older app. Only 2 gripes: is there any way to shrink the font size?? what's up with the radar??
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13 years ago, Brit-c-m
Force closes when trying to go back from story
I liked the other app way better. Never had issues with it. This app has a great new look, reason for 2 stars, but when trying to read the news the app force closes when trying to load as well as when you try to go back from the story you were reading. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
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12 years ago, sheldon.mike
Crap App!!
This app is crap, the breaking news notification you get does not appear to reflect the "updated" story in the app for some time, this app crashes often and will defiantly crash if you try to share or email a story, the news is usually old news that I've already read on either the KLTV app or The Associated Press app, again this app is junk!!!! One star is a compliment....
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13 years ago, Just me ok.
Breaking news
Good app however KTRE needs to use better judgement on what breaking news is. A cat being rescued is not breaking news. The frequency of breaking news notifications makes me want to turn off those notifications. Serious incidents involving a threat to public safety...that's breaking news.
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9 years ago, Burgered1
Local news
Great app for our news
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12 years ago, Stuffer555
Last update is junk
Was a great app until the last update, now all I get are advertisements that slow down everything. Believe it or not it is easier to just wait until the news comes on tv than to deal with this app. Pure junk
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13 years ago, iLauren
The app is alright, a little buggy, some of the "buttons" don't seem to work upon first touch. It is nice to be able to have local news with you at all times, however I do hope KTRE can do a better job checking for spelling and grammar errors.
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11 years ago, RM4955
Not working
It's the weather app. I updated Saturday on my phone and it just keeps saying installing but it's not It won't even let me write a review to let you know it's not working, so this app was working fine and I thought maybe I could write the review on it and someone could fix weather app.
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13 years ago, Jmj402004
What were you guys thinking! The new app is completely crap!!
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10 years ago, Butguesswhat
Weather future
Since the new update the weather is either right now or 7 hours from now. I would like to know what's happening in the next hour so I can know when to feed the animals
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8 years ago, Luvingodslife
Love KTRE! Read it every day!
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13 years ago, BLSwagger
Finally! A needed update makes it usable
Thanks for the update. Very responsive now. Great job!
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13 years ago, Htexas1
Old one was better
Freezes constantly takes forever to load not worth the time it takes to load
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7 years ago, khight59
Ktre App
Terrible app. Since the last couple of update it takes forever to load. Click on the story and then it takes another 3 minutes to see the story.
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13 years ago, Action-Jackson
Great new app
Much better look and functions in this app. Needs new icon logo.
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12 years ago, TexasTeke
You Broke It. Again.
They had finally made it a decent app, then they added the most hideous auto-swipe feature I've ever seen.
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13 years ago, Pegmon
Mine has not updated since I install the new one. I still get alerts but don't see the stories. Like the old one better.
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13 years ago, Texas 22
Old app was way better. This app is very slow. Does not auto update and has major issues. Can't even scroll in it.
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13 years ago, Platinum Chromium
Needs improvement
Will not update stories.......
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12 years ago, Frustrated friend
Breaking News? Broken App!
This App does not work at all on my iPhone 4S! This is the second KTRE app I have installed; neither app worked.
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8 years ago, Brockabootyshooka
Very nice
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5 years ago, acso542
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8 years ago, Coachgood35
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