KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco: News

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User Reviews for KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco: News

4.32 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
7 years ago, sonomacountyatheart
Needs some work
I moved out of the Bay Area 1 year ago but am still a long time loyal KTVU viewer thanks to the app. I appreciate that the "live" video will replay if there is no actual live broadcast at that time. Although it does fail to play on occasion saying that the video is unavailable. But I am very happy that I can still watch most of the time. However, there are a couple of things that annoy me about the news alerts that are pushed to my phone. Please do not send a push notification if there is no story on the app yet. It is really frustrating when I see an alert that I want details on and find myself having to search KTVU competitor websites to get the story. Also, please evaluate which notifications go out. Some contain errors (with spelling or even content), some are really not worthy, some worthy stories are missed, and some are just ridiculous. For example, I saw one that read, "Coroner says victim in accident has died." Well, that's pretty obvious if the coroner was there. But what accident? Where did it happen? Was it a car accident? Plane? Train? Oil refinery? So many questions... and no story on the app to find out. I guess we will never know.
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5 years ago, BlackKatA
Could be a five with changes
While I believe KTVU news is the best television news outlet in the Oakland Bay Area, the streaming news feed could use some changes. First, please update the ad contents! The same commercial with Kanye Kardashian's offensive and idiotic notion that “slavery... was a choice” should have never aired. Unfortunately, it in high rotation and advertises a program that is neither news or newsworthy. Also, we don’t need to see multiple ads for KTVU between news segments — if we didn’t like the station, we would not be using the app. Run PSA’s instead — give something back to the community that supports you. Second, it could be my older equipment, but I experience the app freezing several times an hour. I do like that I can see the 10 o’clock news at 11:30pm — I like how the 10 and 11 news repeats; however, it appears you have to have logged in between 10-11:30 to enjoy this feature. Just run the programs repeatedly until the 4am program starts so people getting home late can watch the news regardless of the time.
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4 years ago, HuWiito
One big flaw otherwise decent
KTVU is definitely the best news in The Bay Area but this app isn’t. The biggest flaw with the app that I cannot stand is: I get a notification, click it and instead of it taking me to the story, it takes me to the home page. And to make it worse, the story isn’t even listed! Now, I’m scrolling through all the titles just not to find it. Ads and commercials are not good either but I can live with them if someone can PLEASE fix the links! Very frustrating!
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7 years ago, Birdman322
The best Bay Area news station
I’m 60 years old and have watched news from different TV stations throughout my life. I started watching KTVU news when Dennis Richmond was an anchor. Ever since then it’s the only news I watch. I love the ten o’clock news the most, because that’s when I’m relaxing and able to pay attention the most. I also love how the anchors will actually go out before or after work and comment on FB about how a certain story affected them. Frank and Julie are the best and true professionals. Keep up the great work everyone, we do notice! Larry B
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4 years ago, Freediver;-)
Fox is now in charge
I used to count on KTVU news as my go-to source for local and national news. They were the best in the Bay Area. Over the past two or three years, I’ve noticed the station slowly lose it’s edge and now KTVU has lost it’s balanced reporting and is losing me. The equal, fair treatment all stories used to have has been gradually replaced by a spin towards supporting a conservative agenda. It’s sad to see and is difficult to find a replacement for the news feed I’ve counted on for decades but the stories are no longer balanced and story selection is biased. KTVU has lost it’s relevance in news reporting and I don’t tune in or log in for entertainment, I do so looking for news. I’ll miss you for the station you used to be.
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2 years ago, tommypjr
Live in Mexico
How do you spend winters in southern Baja but I miss the bay area. I also need to know what is going on in the news so that I can be up-to-date with my tenants who still live there. It’s super helpful to be able to get live streams of my favorite Bay Area newscast down here. I cannot even stream CNN down here but I can get KTVU. I have been a loyal viewer for years, the team is wonderful and it makes me feel at home to be able to watch it in the morning down here keep up the great work.
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4 years ago, cindyisfedup
Tired of the Bias
I am deleting The KTVU app from my phone and iPad and am no longer watching it on TV. I am sick and tired of the bias in mainstream media and very disappointed with this network particularly. The only exception is Steve Paulson, however, and will miss his smiling face. I used to watch KTVU because of their local Bay Area coverage, but have been increasingly frustrated with the attacks on President Trump and obvious bias towards the Democrat party. Would be nice to get a network that has no bias but that seems to be impossible these days. This latest article about Trump was the final straw! The bias is so obvious it’s almost laughable! It is also criminal how so called news stations withhold reporting events that don’t fit their progressive agenda. Goodbye KTVU. I’ve watched you for almost my entire life.
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3 years ago, igobythisname
App has been the worst for years
This app has been the worst for years. 5 stars for the notifications, 0 stars for the rest of the app. Before-the notifications would open the app, just to open a web page; lately, it’s not even doing that. Lately, I get a notification, and it just opens the home page of the app, with a piece related to the notification nowhere to be found! Previous review: Receive Push Notification, Select Notification, App opens, App then opens web browser ...this is the KTVU News app! Terrible-yeah, I know!! If you like how this works, then you're in the right place. Else, keep searching for a proper news app!
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1 year ago, bastet415
Great online news but a 30 min infomercial to watch?
I’ve watch KTVU news on my iPad every morning for years. Living through the repetition of the same commercials over and over. Little did I know that is preferable to what happened this morning where I don’t get any news unless I watch a 30 minute infomercial. Really? I’m not watching more than 45 minutes total. Apparently KTVU is trying to get rid of all the customers. Please fix this.
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5 years ago, we watch
Love the news cast
We enjoy watching the news first thing in the morning. It is a great way to start the day. It’s just like seeing good friends or family. The commercials are really poorly organized. It’s very hard to watch the same thing three times in a row although mostly it’s twice in a row. Varying and interspersing them is important. Pleas space them out. I don’t want to turn it off for a minute and then turn it on again. I mostly just mute them or walk away.
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5 years ago, m5gorrf
Great news not worth trying to avoid commercials
Am an avid watcher of channel 2 news but almost never do it on my device because often the commercials cannot be muted or moved away from even when I close the app and come back at times commercials keep running before I can get back to the news so I just abandon it completely I'll find some other source if I keep hitting this
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7 years ago, Douglasnkeener
I have every tv station app on my iPad and iPhone. KTVU is the first app I go to for breaking news whether I am in town or traveling out of state. It shows all up to date news in an easy scroll. The only problem I experience fairly regularly is it often goes to a live broadcast without any action on my part. That's not good when it's late at night and my wife is asleep. I hope KTVU reads this and does a bug fix.
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1 year ago, jgymlover
Steve / women newscasters
Is he ok? He’s been gone an awful lot and I enjoy his weather forecasts. I hope all is well. Also your women newscasters really need to put a bit more into their appearances. A little disheveled like they put no effort into looking professional. A bit of makeup and hair goes a long way. The weather girls look great. Just my opinion. I’ve been watching you guys for over 30 years and have noticed the women are looking like they just woke up for the past few years. Specifically Pam and Gasia. Thanks Janelle
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6 years ago, Luvvygirl
Good start but needs work
I like the app but a lot times you get an alert, click on it and it opens in Safari where it sits loading forever. If you close out cause you think your hung up then try to go back there's no way to get back to the alert. I'd wish the app handled everything without opening Safari and that you had a way to see your alerts again in case there was a hiccup. Also the add that's at the bottom and expands out couple of minutes is annoying as hell.
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6 years ago, EmmeNois
Great app... when it works
KTVU is my favorite local news station. When I cancelled my TV subscription I decided to use this app instead. This was about 4 months ago. When this app is working it is great; same as if still was watching on TV. However the app often seems to crash/freeze up or not be available. So a bit frustrating. So I have two other news apps downloaded for backup alternatives. That said this is again my preferred channel. So hoping they can fix the app issues.
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4 years ago, Draggu
Service aweful
When this App first came out it was fantastic. I loved that they repeated the broadcast so I could rewatch what I missed. This is my only way to keep up to date on what is going on. Now got the past 9mp this or so I keep getting ‘server errors’. I have contacted the IT dept and received a call back, but nothing has been resolved. I can’t watch for more than 2 minutes before the error shows up. It’s frustrating. They also play the same commercial sometimes 5 times in a row, when the app actually works. I do NOT recommend this app until Fox gets their act together and fixes this issue!
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5 years ago, RachmimV
Great App for Quick Local News
The best part is watching the live TV feed morning news, with traffic reports and weather from Sal and Steve, together with the regular news team, right on my phone as I get ready in the morning. Follow that with the new Mornings at Nine (I think it's called), with longer news coverage and fewer ads. News stories are updated thru the day, too.
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4 years ago, Topsailbeach
Uses weird video player, breaks PiP on iPad
Love KTVU news - but why replace the Apple video player with a different player that does *not* support iPad Picture-in-Picture. Used to be so handy to keep the news running in a window overlaid on another app, now that is impossible. You get either news or another app, not both. Why break this, which was working fine until it was changed a few months back? Please bring back the standard Apple video player, which Apple designed to work with PinP. Why remove useful functionality?
Show more
5 years ago, DGabe44
Julie Haener, KTVU News
Classy, always ready, dresses/looks great, credible, not biased, warm/sincere voice, smooth presentation, great smile, always pleasant, like a friend.....we’ve been watching, and have favored, Ch 2 News for decades, and have found that most of the qualities noted above can be applied to most every Ch 2 News team member. You’ve got a winning philosophy, style, selection & training program. Amazing!! Please keep it going!!
Show more
3 years ago, Paulita14
Good app, but need 1 change
I really like this app, but 1 change is needed. When an alert comes over the phone, once clicked it should go to that Story, not the home page. I get frustrated navigating through several pages to get to the one I was interested in.
Show more
5 years ago, Agent316Rocklin
Always has been the best!
Growing up in the Bay Area, KTVU news was part of our family’s daily lives. Then when I raised my own kids just outside the channel’s region of coverage, I rely on the KTVU news APP to keep me up to date on the events in SF, and all the surrounding Bay Area cities. KTVU news anchors and reporters are dedicated professionals who deliver the news in a timely, accurate, and unbiased manner.
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5 years ago, .yfytdfliuhd
Crashes and freezes constantly
The live stream is not reliable. I have to close and reopen the app at least once every couple minutes. Some days are better than others. I have great WiFi, an updated new ipad that doesn’t have streaming problems with anything else. If the live stream worked like it should then I would have given it 5 stars. Also, the weather doesn’t seem to be very accurate. I use the weather underground app, it’s fantastic and very accurate. KTVU please fix your app!
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6 years ago, Dreasmom
Good, but notifications are annoying
In general, I prefer KTVU news, and so I like also having the app for up-to-date stories. But the push notifications are getting out of hand. There were 15 sent yesterday, and so far today (it’s now 10:27am) there have been 7 starting at 5am. That’s ridiculous. This app is becoming the stalker x-boyfriend blowing up my phone like that. Yes, I know I can turn off the notifications, but don’t want them gone completely.
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6 months ago, Akorn25676
Long Time Viewer
I grew up in San Lorenzo in the ‘60’s and 70’s, and have been a Bay Area native for all of my 50+ years. KTVU has been my staple for local news. It’s amazing to me in this day and age to see the longevity of all of the anchors staying on at a job for the number of years they do. They bring my neighborhoods to my open conscious every day.
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7 years ago, JoeMtnView
Good news & bad news
I like KTVU Fox 2 news, that's why I chose this news app. While I very much enjoy watching the 10 o'clock news every night and Mornings on 2 every morning and really like the news teams, I don't enjoy the app as much. It's not updated very often. A story of a fire posted as "breaking news" for 24 hours? I don't think so. I can find more up to date news on NBC Bay Area news app. But I think of myself as a loyal Fox 2 news viewer. So here I am. I just wish I wasn't stuck reading yesterday's news.
Show more
3 years ago, Stephspows
No link to articles from notifications AND no search bar???
Links only to open app with all current articles. However, one article I was interested in reading led me to tap on the notification, which opened the app and did not load up the particular story I wanted to see read. Nor did I find the article listed anywhere on the home page. So, I tried to sea- wait! THERE IS NO SEARCH BAR in the app anywhere. 🤦🏾‍♀️ You may as well delete the app and use the website on your phone browser.
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4 years ago, J L D 1 3
Needs option to disable video auto play settings
I do not want embedded videos to auto play with sound, especially since the ads before the videos are so loud. I would appreciate it if there was a way to set the app so that videos are muted and with no auto play. IF, and only if, I’m in a place where it’s convenient and won’t disturb/wake those around me, then I’ll choose to start a video and unmute it. In that order. One star for the lack of video playback options. Three stars for advertising and sponsored content. Five stars for journalism.
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6 years ago, g.girley
I love receiving the latest broadcast news, weather forecast, sports, travel/commute and other important and relevant events happening in the Bay Area, the United States and across the world! Moreover, since I am connected with KTVU news on my tv, iPad and on my iPhone 10 max , I receive in-depth and informative news coverage when it happens Thank you KTVU news crew
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3 years ago, Ferrari2k2
Notifications don’t take you to the story
You receive a notification for a story and when you tap the notification it doesn’t take you to the story. In the past you could scroll through and find the story, but as of late the story doesn’t exist anywhere on the app. It’s starting to feel like click bait to bring you into the app... catchy headline, nothing to see but maybe you’ll find a different story. Don’t send a notification for a story that doesn’t exist.
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5 years ago, CaptSatCom
Live streaming failures
In the last week, live streaming has become unusable, regardless of the device used. Play will stop after at most 30 seconds, requiring a restart. Many times that interval is 10 seconds or less. Also have noticed much more “choppiness” of the feed, with play stopping, then restarting after a second, sometimes with what amounts to a replay of the feed just before the stop. This has been my go-to app for news for some time, and it would be great to be able to use it again.
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7 years ago, Hyside76
KTVU app
I like this app with its news feeds coming across the front page of my phone. My only complaint is if I want to read an article in the ticker, if I don’t swipe it correctly, or my phone reads my thumb print and opens the phone before I even have a chance to see what it was, then I can go back to it, or what really makes me unhappy, is that if I open the app to find the article it’s not even there. Kinda lame.
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5 years ago, Kauaigal
Favorite news
This is my go to news app first thing in the morning when I’m not quite ready to get out of bed! When traveling, it’s the best way to keep up with what’s going on at home. I love being able to watch live no matter where I am. Thanks, too, for the timely news alerts.
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1 year ago, DSACK
Ads? Really?
Just got the update on the app. Great app. Been using it for all my Bay Area news….. but they just added ads. I have a VPN and of course none of the videos work now. I temporarily removed my vpn to see if it was that, and low and behold, ads! It wont play the videos unless i see ads. Great way to lose a user. As if we weren’t bombarded enough already with ads no one cares about. Please go back to your old ways. With zero ads!
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5 years ago, Ryan electric
I grew up here in the Bay Area. I remember Dennis Richmond as well as other news personal. I watch every morning until I leave the house. I truly enjoy the KTVU app on my phone because it keeps me up to date. I look at it when I have a few free minutes throughout the day. Keep up the great job you are doing!
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5 years ago, Jessica Moylan
Best of Bay Area news on the go!
This is my go to station first and foremost. I enjoy the this app because it's a great source of local news as well in north, south, & east bay. It helps to watch on my Apple TV through the phone Bluetooth device. The breaking news is helpful too since I don't watch a whole lot of TV.
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4 years ago, Allyka8t
Could be better
It is REALLY annoying that I get news alerts and when I click on the alert and the app opens it is never to that story nor a page with said story on it. The news is awesome and the alerts are awesome but they aren’t working in real time together.
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6 years ago, Seorsa10
Great news station, frustrating app
I really Like this news station. This app drives me crazy though. The alerts do not often connect me to the story when I open them. It opens Safari, and usually to a blank page. I hate Safari, and use Chrome. I would very much prefer to have the alerts open to the story in the app. I would also like the alerts to open the correct story.
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5 years ago, Purpledani
Good, but frustrating
I often receive a notification about a story that I am interested in. When I click on the notification, it doesn’t take me to the story (either a different story or the main page). Sometimes I can then find the story, but often times I cannot. What’s the point of sending me a headline if there is no corresponding article? Otherwise I like the app.
Show more
6 years ago, Nomoremasa23
Love my news app
Always keeps me updated with their notifications. Love watching the news live from my bathroom when I’m getting ready for work or washing dishes in my kitchen just place my phone in a safe location and I am able to keep up with what’s happening!
Show more
5 years ago, D.T. Rich-Town
KTVU 2 New
This is a BayArea channel that gets right in there with the people and knows the areas and bring us up n close to what’s happening in our areas. They continue to put us first by reporting on the spot. And making sure all involved have an opportunity to be heard. Thanks for the Power of 2, KTVU ✌🏽✌🏽😎
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7 years ago, hortha
Love KTVU. Hate this app.
I’m a Bay Area native and grew up with KTVU news in my house since I was first conscious. I still prefer their newscast to the others. It’s disappointing that this app is so continually buggy and awkward, despite updates. One of my biggest pet peeves regarding the app is when I respond to a notification, first it opens the KTVU News app, but then just as quickly launches Safari to display the story instead. Lame. I’ve provided feedback about this with ktvu and still it remains an issue. Also, so often the main page just freezes and selecting stories does no good. The act of quit swiping the app closed and then reopening only sometimes helps but otherwise it’s just S.O.L. Strange that such a great channel and news organization would have such a sub-par app.
Show more
5 years ago, Bay Area at Heart
Love it!
KTVU is the best! I have watch KTVU religiously for over 25 years. I recently moved out of the area and continue to stream KTVU from my new location so I can stay in the loop with what’s happening in the bay area. They morning team does an excellent job of covering all issues local and nationwide. Keep up the great work!
Show more
5 years ago, #stopping
Why do your commercials play better than the newscast
Kind of tired of all the lag and stops during your newscast especially when they are important stories and the weather always stopping stopping stopping wait for it stopping again
Show more
5 years ago, PV Friend
Review New App
I always use this app. New version of app, however, doesn’t have feature that allows me to reduce its viewing size so I can simultaneously review my email and listen/watch 2 News. Any way to add that feature? Thanks for your great work delivering local news.
Show more
6 years ago, Dumbunny
KTVU, I love you!
This is, hands down, the best new station, and news app available! I moved to the outskirts of the Bay Area where my tv station doesn’t get KTVU news. I depend on the live app for coverage! It’s wonderful! Thank you for the up to the minute texts, too, of current issues and breaking news. Excellence is KTVU!
Show more
5 years ago, tomlinda
Your apps
My wife and I both are a big fan of channel 2 news. We have you every morning, but for the last couple months. The apps keep buffing for lags and most of out time this apps drain out phone batteries. We can start with 100% and after 15 minutes our batteries down to 20%. We tried to delete the apps and redownload again, but still happened again. I also use my work WiFi and it’s still slow. Our friends have the same experience
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5 years ago, Gilda likes it
“There’s only one...”
I live in Seattle but regularly log into the KTVU website to find out what’s happening in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The KTVU website makes it easy to find all the best and most extensive TV coverage Northern California has to offer. As they used to say, “There’s only one 2.”
Show more
6 years ago, dkziggy
Decent app, but power drainer
Been using this app for a while. Good source of news, but not enough variety so only worth opening once or twice at most per day. Not a biggie. The big gripe for me is that it is a big power drain. It's constantly at the top of my battery use culprits when using the live video, even though I only use it for 5 minutes a day in the morning.
Show more
6 years ago, Scorpion_Ricky
Notifications don't open in the app
Hi, this is a very annoying issue that's been going for a long time. Every time I get a notification from the app, I click on the notification expecting to read the story in the app, but instead it opens the app and then it opens my browser with the story. If the app won't open the story, then why launch the app at all? UPDATE: It's been months since I wrote this review and the notifications still won't open in the app. Very annoying.
Show more
5 years ago, David in SJC
KTVU - weekend morning's
I must admit, I do not watch the national Fox News. I do not agree with "fair and balanced news", I want it to be accurate. I started watching Fox News on the weekends, in the morning. I truly enjoy the personal touch they give the news. Accurate, but humanistic. Claudine and Frank are excellent.
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