KTXS - News for Abilene, Texas

3.3 (50)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bonten Media Group Holdings Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KTXS - News for Abilene, Texas

3.32 out of 5
50 Ratings
8 years ago, DallasAbilene
Better than Dallas news!
I like to keep up with Abilene news, since I have family there. This app always seems to be the first for breaking news stories--even nationally! It sure beats Dallas news, where I live! Excellent job!
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6 years ago, D & D's Nana
Today’s update(9 Jan 2018) removes the ability of the app to rotate to landscape view. You also lose the ability to set the weather location to anything other than Abilene. Neither of these “features” are an improvement. I’d recommend NOT updating until a fix for the problems are addressed. UPDATE(24 Jan 2018): Still No Landscape View with latest update. It also appears they’ve morphed into nothing more than a rebranded USA Today. Fewer and fewer local stories. You now must scroll down several sections just to get to the “Local” section.
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7 years ago, Bratgirl61
I really enjoy the app and being informed of breaking News and weather anytime. I only wish they would have updates on stories, major stories, every 4-6 hours or even every day until it becomes really old news. Or no longer needed. Actually I wish this was true on the TV news as well. KTXS #1
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10 months ago, NSDoug
Abysmal app
This has got to be the worst news app ever developed, or that I have ever used at least. I’ve had it installed for 3. or 4 years and keep it updated but it never gets better. The news stories are days behind and when “local” is selected there are only a couple stories related to the area. The majority of any headline stories are all syndicated. It truly is resemblance of a single person working out of their closet at home.
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8 years ago, YouNeedThisBlessing
Love the KTXS app
KTXS is our favorite TV station, so it only stands to reason that we also have the app. It's quick and easy, and we can have the breaking news at our fingertips. One suggestion: please have a link on the app for FactFinders! Love that piece on the news, but I couldn't find it on the app or the website. Thank you!
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11 years ago, Dnasty325
Ima be honest I didn't expect a lot from this app but it totally proved me wrong it has up to date news the top leading stories our weather and many other things if you live in Abilene tx or close get this app. Great news on the go
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8 years ago, Loren005
Up to date news
When not able to watch the news it is nice to read your familiar local news!
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5 years ago, Starsfansdeservebetter
Sick with adds
So many adds you will forget the news you were reading. Adds that will cause you to accidentally touch and take you to websites and you have to reopen app to get back to article. Adds that take you to the App Store when you bump it trying to read news. Adds that, my most hated that as soon as you scroll to new article they play a video add with sound. They ruined an otherwise ok app.
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8 years ago, grammienuts
I like your App for Abilene I have family who live there so I can sorta keep in touch with your News app if I don't get to talk everyday to them I know what it happening where they live . So thank you sincerely MaryANN BENDER. EPHRATA , PA.
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9 years ago, Ruthanne in Texas
Not an improvement
Love KTXS and will always faithfully watch your news programs! But, the new app is no improvement whatsoever. Ads sometimes between each news story. Maybe, budget wise they are necessary, but they have no place interrupting the flow of news stories. Would love to have the old ap back but I gather that's not possible. You're all still #1 with me!
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9 years ago, Mmpayne1
Allergy report
What happened to the allergy report? The allergy report was the main thing I used this app for, now I don't see it. And, I didn't see anyplace where I could ask tech support about it. While they have now added the allergy report back, I have to agree with other users. There are way too many ads that take up way too much room and the app doesn't seem to be as user friendly as it was before.
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3 years ago, yeahtight2
Hire some real journalists!
Who, what, when, and where. Your app is almost useless. I’ll read a whole news article about a crime only to find out it happened on Grape street in San Antonio. Didn’t even know they also had a Grape street. Try using bylines at the top. Try answering those four basic questions in every news article. It’s like your articles are written by kids or something.
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5 years ago, Featus55
The last time not this time I updated this app I lost the icon for the app on my screen. I hoped this update it would come back. Maybe someone can help me.
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9 years ago, Thepretender.1962
Hate the new app
The new app is terrible. It's now more of an ad app than a news app. Like many others have said, KTXS has been my go to app for quick local news, but the new app is so ad saturated and so user unfriendly, I'm thinking of deleting it. And as for alerts, please only use your theme music for true news/weather emergencies....not for the regular forecast. Good job on ruining your app and your credibility.
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7 years ago, Abilene Lady
Review of KTXS News
Excellent source of daily news when I am away from home. Love the newscasters and the weather people. Love that they are not as opinionated and just tell the news.
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7 years ago, LynnMK
I do not usually write reviews, however, I enjoy having the local news at my fingertips as it is happening. KTXS does a great job with this app. Thank you.
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8 years ago, 1greeneye
Old and repetitive news stories
Yesterday I counted 7 stories on the weather! One for each of the last 7 days. Really? Get rid of the old! AND there were 4-5 different stories on the same topic about the latest national shooting. Some stories are updated within the same story and some start brand new stories with no new information. PLEASE one story per topic!
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7 years ago, G. Parker
Excellent App - depend on it for instant news. We always used KTXS when we lived in Abilene and continue to use it since we moved. It's the best! Thank you for providing instant news.
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8 years ago, Eloise Buff
The app is so handy to access when I'm out of town and want to stay aware of the news here. The format, like that of stations in other cities I access, is clear and easy to use.
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9 years ago, LuvAGoodApp
Nicely Upgraded App
The new KTXS news app is a pleasure to use and is definitely usable. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to keep up with Abilene and the Big Country.
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11 years ago, Cops mom
Great news updates
Fast and accurate news
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7 years ago, PattiGK
Goggle user
My app for my local news n weather alerts. Only wish I didn't have to wait for reload every time I open app. But well worth my wait.
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8 years ago, W269
Great News Source
Like the immediate accessibility and balance between local and other news.
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7 years ago, Babs4578
Good job
You make it unnecessary to have a TV. And it has more and better news than the newspaper
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9 years ago, Granny Gayla
Best Station in town
Love getting up to the minute news about our area. A number 1 station.
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10 years ago, MitchCritt
Great local news. Always keeps my up to date
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8 years ago, Texan 43
I find KTXS to be very informative on happenings in the Big Country. Keep us informed on what is going on in Abilene. And be an investigative reporter on all the happenings in our wonderful city.
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8 years ago, Itninja
Better than the national news apps for alerts and weather.
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7 years ago, Ghhhjjjjdjjjjdje
App loads too slow
Since the app updated, it takes way too long to load. It has made it to the point that I seldom open the KTXS app anymore. I have started using the big country homepage because it loads like a normal app.
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8 years ago, Fun to use!
Great app!
This app keeps me informed of my local news and world news and I enjoy using it daily.
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7 years ago, Chipdesmid
Keeps me informed of what's happening around me when I'm at home and when I'm away.
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8 years ago, Divided if
Great Coverage for the Big Country
It's great that KTXS doesn't just cover the City of Abilene. They cover all the surrounding towns quickly and fairly.
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8 years ago, LikeStayingInformed
Love this App
I like that I don't have to keep a TV on just to get the breaking news. Keep up the great work!
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8 years ago, Bulleit Bourbon
News alerts come over my phone as soon as KTXS finds out! I'm the first one in the office to know!
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8 years ago, jay22571
Great App
I think that this app is great and is updated frequently.
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9 years ago, bassman111
Change NOT for the better......
The format change has made this app less friendly to use. The full size ads add to the confusion. KTXS has always been my go to app because it was so easy to see the top news stories quickly without the extra steps. Still dig KTXS......
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8 years ago, Nanlew
Not happy with the app
Love ktxs tv but do not care for the app. There are too many ads. It just doesn't seem logical or user friendly. I liked earlier versions but this one just seems lacking in appeal and useability
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11 years ago, theturbinedoctor
Decent app
Good app, some links don't always work but it lets me stay current with what's happening
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9 years ago, Phart-phace
El craparoo
I liked the old version much better. The ads drive me nuts. The weather radar doesn't work half the time. It takes a lot longer to load than the old version. I give it three thumbs down.
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9 years ago, BeeferT
Great to keep up with the KTXS app
Great way to keep up with local news!
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9 years ago, dcasey90
Will be deleting
This keeps getting worse with every update! Navigation is now so confusing, nothing is easily located. Full screen ads pop in while trying to read headlines. Worst news app EVER
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7 years ago, Who wants to know 59357
Good app for the latest news and weather in the area.
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10 years ago, Tracer5.56
News,weather, it's all there. Satisfied.
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9 years ago, Omegis
Horrible update with more ads
The interface is worse with the update and they still don't support the 6/6+. Adding insult to injury, there seems to be more adds taking over the app.
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10 years ago, AndreaH22
Love the app
Love my KTXS app. Keeps me up to date and I haven't found any flaws
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9 years ago, Morning watcher
News watcher
Love the early morning news team-- Mari & Anthony!
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9 years ago, Bame1996
Love the new app
Love the new app looks great and easier to use
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8 years ago, Cwattsd
News is great!
The news is great! I love your app!!
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9 years ago, Lover of all things news...
KTXS update
I loathe the advertisements mixed within the news feed. The advertisements are less than tasteful, and seem to be something you'd see in an unreliable news source like "National Inquirer" or "TMZ". The old app was much better.
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9 years ago, ashtonio
This version is horrible. Difficult graphics to navigate and twice as many advertisements than there is news stories. Very disorganized. I hope KTXS will fix this.
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