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Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
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8 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KUTV TV

3 out of 5
19 Ratings
7 years ago, Just another Iphone User 2
No sure if writing a review is the best way to get a bug fixed, but here goes
Every time I click on the notification the app directs me to the app which seems great and normal. The problem comes when the app opens, it does not open the article I wanted to be directed to. It's aggravating, but not the worst part, once in the app there is no sign of the article I'm now interested in, anywhere. It's as if the article doesn't exist, even though I read a snippet of it on my watch and/or on my phone. It's crazy enough to drive someone mad.
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10 months ago, Robert P 1966
Not happy with the app
This app is to glitchy, sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn’t work. The push notifications when I try clicking them they aren’t there! So why send them to me when I can’t see them! This app needs a lot of work and attention to details, even the extras are glitchy too, I’ve enjoyed the game section till the glitch hit it as well. If the issues aren’t resolved soon, I’ll just delete it and go without it!!!!
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1 year ago, eęeerrrrrroooorrrrrrr
The way to pronounce Latah in the report of the Idaho killings is Lay-tah. I used to live up there . There are many times that things they say are mispronounced, and a lot of words on the screen are misspelled, why are there so many mistakes? And you can hear Mark Koelbel coughing into the mike while the weather person is reporting.
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12 months ago, Plasticelvis
Not Working
Ever since your undo are a month ago, I haven’t been able to see/hear the live news broadcast. I’ve updated and restarted my phone. Deleted and reinstalled the app. Nothing works. So I’m stuck watching your competitor, the Fox 13 News broadcast. Their app always works, although their weather isn’t as good as Lindsay Storrs or Sterling Poulsen. And their news - well, it’s Fox. What can I say. Please fix your app! Please.
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1 year ago, d_antsman
Too glitchy
Old version was easy to navigate and scroll. New version keeps skipping around and automatically goes to advertisements. These bugs should have been caught in testing. Have tried deleting and reinstalling, no luck. Better luck next time.
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3 months ago, You've_Got_To_Be_Kidding!
This is the worst app. I don’t know why but every time I use it my phone gets super hot. NO OTHER app on my phone does that. Ads pop up in the middle of reading a story that I didn’t even click on. Then it starts to freeze up to the point I can’t even close it. Awful, awful app!
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1 year ago, VuduVet
Videos STILL won’t work (on Ipad)
I just downloaded this app onto my iPad so I can watch my news on the road. Nope…not working. Latest version and still not working…
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2 months ago, yanni2222
Version 9.9
Junk! It freezes when attempting to scroll on the page of any one news story.
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1 year ago, SSGander
Doesn’t work
I used to use the app all the time. Now the app won’t even open. I had it on iPad and iPhone. What a disappointment.
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8 years ago, STGBubbaChris
Was fine until they used Alerts for teases
I've had versions of this app for over 2 years now. Originally loved it primarly for breaking news type updates, and that the links would start as text rather than video. Recently they've been adjusting how they implement it, and I hate the results. They (KUTV) are now using the Alerts feature to offer "teases" of what's coming up on the broadcasts - e.g. Tune in at 7:17 to hear Debbie update the weather. I find this very annoying and it feels like the equivalent of Spam. I don't want that clutter on my alerts, and my first reaction was to use Settings to eliminate Sounds from their alerts. If they don't stop, my next step will be to remove the app entirely.
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4 years ago, strikersCoach
Generally Good
I do have a couple of issues with the app. On my phone, the back button is such a tiny touch target that it takes me several tries to hit it. Is there a way you could implement a swipe action as navigation? Swipe right to go back and swipe left to go to the next story or something like that? Second, I can't find a feedback function in the app to report issues and give feedback like this. It would be nice to have that in the app so I don't have to leave to come here.
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7 years ago, Umomma1
This app is pure genius!! This is exactly what those of us who view news on our phones have been wishing for......news broken down into categories, well written and actually edited before being released, but most impressive.....photos you can actually see!!! Photos can be enlarged, moved around, viewed and enlarged so you may actually see the details of the photos and view them. This is now my go to app for news!!!
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10 years ago, Heretic555
Good but needs work
This would be my go to news app for Utah news if the formatting was a little better. The title of each story is big and doesn't fit on the home screen. It makes browsing through the news difficult and uninteresting. The page needs to be reformatted to fit the full title for the story and it should also default to the news page upon launching instead of going to a full page menu first.
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9 years ago, 007BELT
I don't normally write reviews for apps but this one deserves the recognition. From worst to best in one jump. The new format is awesome!! Kudos to the developers as they have just raised the bar and set the new standard. I hated the old version and usually used a competitors app because the information was so limited that it wasn't worth my time. Looking forward to getting my news from my favorite news team. Great job!! Keep it up!!
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10 years ago, Quantumloss
Weather No weather forecast video (only ad) displayed..
The weather menu lists a link to the forecast video, but never works in all the time I've used the app, so I always use the KSL weather app which works great. Other videos seem to work fine in other stories. Disappointing.
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7 years ago, Sugarlady13
Improvement - thanks!
I previously voiced my disappointment with the app but this latest update is so much better. So thank you! Removing the right justification, or fixing what was causing it to right justify, and fixing the text wrapping and truncation have really made this a usable app. I would still appreciate having this app rotate to landscape view. Greatly improved!
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8 years ago, Wyoming streetglide rider
I love this app! I listen to it every morning getting ready for work. But since the last update I can hardly hear the news. The advertisements are fine but when it switches to the news it's difficult to hear especially if there are any other noises going on. Hope they fix this soon!
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8 years ago, yodaluuke
Videos don't work
I have the lasted version and ever since I got the last updated none of the videos in the app will work. I get the ad working just fine but then went to go see actual video, the content that I want to watch it. I keep on getting video error, please come back later to play video. PLEASE FIX THIS because I'm very upset that I cannot get any of my news that I want, the only way I get it. Especially to Get Gephardt investigations.
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9 years ago, Eduardodaring
Black screen
I can't play any videos...grrr it seem that every time I try to plAy a video it just completely go black the background of the screen and the video never play. Is for all the videos. Is driving me nuts.
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4 years ago, GR159
Needs work
I like the app format and content. However closing a story is impossible, when you hit the X to close the story, it jumps to the top of the page, then it’s almost impossible to get back to the home screen. Thus I have to close the entire app and start over if I am not to frustrated and move onto the KSL app.
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5 years ago, SSS Big Red
News weather & sports
Do you always have to have so many things are always negative can we try to find more things that are positive and uplifting and encouraging to do good and bring happiness🤪😜😆
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11 years ago, Jorngyxbsk
Could be so much better
Half the time the app won't even work. I click on news and it just brings a blank page. If the app does work not all the stories are on there and they aren't updated either. What's the point of making an app if you aren't going to update the stories?
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10 years ago, SLC grandma
News headlines are incomplete
Generally I like this app, but the news headlines are incomplete and all end in ... Maybe you need a smaller font or something. I have started going to the KSL app because their headlines are not incomplete. It is frustrating to not get enough information in the headline to know if you want to read the story or not.
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11 years ago, 2-Fan
When it works, it's just okay. About once a month it won't load and I have to delete it and then re-download it. As said in previous reviews, the news isn't updated that often, and when it is, it seems only to be a few stories.
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6 years ago, ArtsyGirl79
More iPad friendly, please.
Is there any way this app could be more iPad friendly, so I don’t have to tilt my head sideways to read news whenever I get notifications?
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11 years ago, mkindred49
I love this app!
I get all my news from this. I love how clean it is and the easy layout. Great video link too! Way to go KUTV on making a great local news app!
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10 years ago, Todd Jaramillo
Ad for every story annoying
When I watch their tv channel you don't get a commercial between each story. I know ads pay the bills but the same 30 second commercial every time I watch a story is annoying. Other wise the app is great
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5 years ago, Ironhyde76
Advertising is king!
Like to keep up to date with local news, but do I really need constant adds throughout the story and photos? NO!! Every third or so photo is an advertisement, and at least three or more while trying to read a story!
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5 years ago, Lynsilu
Holy tennis channel ads!
Seriously, I can handle a dose of ads, but the same ones over and over and over, breaking into the news to advertise. I would NEVER subscribe to tennis channel because I am so sick of hearing about it. Please fix this. I love 2 news in the morning.
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11 years ago, Billzbilt
I use 2
I use this app to keep up on the latest news in my area. Its a great way to keep in touch.
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10 years ago, Rylanna
Font too big
Tried this app after KSL ruined theirs. Not significantly better. I want to read my news. I can't even read the article titles without clicking through because the font is too big. I don't know if an article sounds interesting because I only get 3-4 words of the title.
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9 years ago, Dave.slc
App audio
Why does my I pad get audio for most apps but not this or the other major player in this market?
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11 years ago, OHBEWISE
Not kept up
When I try to watch the video forecast I get the forecast from 3 days ago. The forecast for the week is way off as well. I'm guessing no one over there cares about this app. If you need to show someone how to delete an app on their iPhone, this is a good one to practice on.
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4 years ago, wills332-17
Poor Flow
I love watching the morning news. I have tried the website and the app. Both have so many problems. Constant freezes, repeated segments, adds will pop up and play. I love watching the news. Please make it easier to watch.
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10 years ago, Sgt. Jeff
terrible app
What a rotten app, especially considering how great their broadcast news is. There are few relevant stories here, and many of the stories on the app are over a month out of date. They should just archive their broadcasts to be watched any time, any where. They need a new app developer!
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4 years ago, MrBungle74
Why bother
You can’t get audio. Why put all this money and effort in creating this platform to have no sound? It’s been like this for over a year. What’s the point? It really makes the app useless. Uninstalling. I’ll find an app with sound.
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6 years ago, Aghf75
App has no sound
I’ve never been able to get the sound on videos to work. I’ve searched the web with no luck. Every other news app that I use is fine. KUTV2 news app has been a problem since the day I loaded it.
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11 years ago, Sue0007
Great App
Easy to navigate layout, really like this app! It's nice to get the stories with video if I miss KUTV news.
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11 years ago, beernik
Only works half the time
Half the time I can't get this app to work. The video never works. Easier just to use the mobile website.
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6 years ago, shavela1022
No Sound
I have downloaded, deleted, and downloaded again and still no sound. This app has never worked for me. I wanted to use it to stream live broadcasts but with no sound, it’s completely useless to me.
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11 years ago, johnboo89
Good app. Great layout. But only shows what has been shown on the news. Doesn't keep you informed with things that are going on between news casts like KSL's app does. Love watching KUTV2 news but I don't love the app.
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1 year ago, binfocus
Poor app
This app needs to be updated, enabling it to rotate to landscape mode! Very annoying. I have done all I know, therefore the app renders itself useless, and deletable. Please advise….. UPDATE! FIX YOU IPAD APP TO ROTATE SO ITS USEABLE! PATHETIC PIECE OF JUNK THE WAY IT IS!
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11 years ago, Kanigit61
No content
This is a sorry excuse for a news app. The latest news is three days old. No video content will load. Avoid this waste of time. I expected that KUTV would not put their name on this useless tool.
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11 years ago, pipentassle
Weather Forecast Isn't 2News
Quick comparison of the weather temps in the app to the website forecast reveals that it's not 2News weather data. Apparently their own weather data isn't good enough for the app...
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7 years ago, Sun4kit
I decided to pull this app out of the cloud and I guess I'll get rid of it again. I can't get out of the instruction part to even open to check out the news
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8 years ago, LAFster
Can't get through the adds to get to the articles.
Has some real problems.
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5 years ago, 2LCRJ
No landscape orientation
This app is the only one that still doesn’t work in landscape orientation on the IPad. Apps for channels 4, 5, and 13 have no problem adapting to landscape.
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11 years ago, moptjp
I am from Salt Lake and like to keep up with the news. The problem I have is the app keeps closing after only a few seconds of being open.
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11 years ago, Kemper16
I installed this app and tried to look at the weather report. Every time I tried, the app crashed and I was back to my home screen. Don't even bother.
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5 years ago, baddar39
Over at 7
The news always stops at 7 am. I know your on air longer but the app just gives the blue screen of death.
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