KXAN - Austin News & Weather

4.7 (10.8K)
62.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KXAN - Austin News & Weather

4.67 out of 5
10.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Miss Dre H
The news that I watch!
I love KXAN news! It keeps me updated on Austin and surrounding areas news. We were on the kxan news when my daughter Lana had to be rescued in the 2015 floods at bluff springs and onion creek. I appreciate the care and concern of the reporter. I think her name is Ashley but I could be wrong. She’s a young lady that I now see on the regular KXAN news. It’s was a horrible ordeal but we learned from it and couldn’t believe we made front page paper from the photos! It’s a part of history that will remain. I have the KXAN app and I wake up to the most current news. It’s great! Thank you for keeping me up to date. Love the channel. Sincerely, Andrea Hauger
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6 years ago, BeeHarley
Love the investigations! Wish app could be more interactive
I really love how this news company investigates and finds tons of dirt that really needs to be uncovered in this town—!! It’s really cool and great old-school journalism (like it was before all the corporate crap got in the way like with the big news media outlets...) Yet sometimes I do wish I could comment on the story, and/or see how many other people are aware of the story (just a simple count of who clicked on it) and also find a way to follow-up on the story a little easier as we are often left hanging and have to investigate ourselves through the app to find the updates—-when news seems insignificant to some—-but overall, this is a great source of news..! I do seem to see tons of typos as well that are just kinda baffling in today’s auto-correct world, but ya know—not a big deal. Just a little weird:)
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7 years ago, Duntov
Not worth it
So far the 3rd party kxan uses for their app rarely updates it. A lot of times the app crashes. Well, it will crash or not respond after they show the same advertisement they have been showing for the last 6 months. I guess they haven't gotten the news that apps are where things are going. My wife lambasts kxan due to all their typos in the stories. April 2017. The app continues to prove the developers are clueless. More interested in displaying ads than displaying content. Just for grins attempted to play the weather forecast and displayed same ad thee times without showing the forecast. Thankfully there are other alternatives to a poorly written unsupported app. September 2017. Deleted this garbage app. The new redesign keeps crashing, no surprise given the past app experience. The app dev continues to not provide stability or seemingly care about anything. Wonder if the source is written on 2-ply perforated paper that comes on a roll, cause that's about all it's good for.
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2 months ago, whitakerz
App uses invasive tracking procedures
I've been a long-time user of the KXAN News app by LIN News for staying informed about local news. However, my recent experience has led me to the decision to delete the app entirely. Upon installing VPN software, the app abruptly ceased to function, revealing its invasive tracking policies that prioritize surveillance over user privacy. It's disappointing that an app I once relied on for news has chosen to compromise user privacy in such a blatant manner. As a result, I have no choice but to remove the app from my device. This disturbing trend of sacrificing privacy for the sake of tracking is unacceptable, and it's disheartening to see it perpetuated by reputable brands. To other users concerned about their privacy, I cannot recommend continuing to use the KXAN News app. Instead, I urge developers to prioritize user privacy and security in their practices. Until then, I'll be exploring alternative news sources that respect my privacy rights.
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6 years ago, bocutsh
My favorite news
I like the anchors ,The in-depth studies and investigators, the weather reporters are great and I can always depend on them to stay with me in times of turbulent weather , I like the instant updates I get of things going on in Austin & area ... the only local channel I watch for the news. I must thank all the people behind the scenes that I can’t see that must be keeping everything also running smoothly. Keep up the good work & thank y’all ! ❤️🇺🇸 Betty Cutshall Lakeway
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5 years ago, Zak12332
The bias is annoying...
I hate to be another reviewer commenting on bias of kxan, but it has made it increasingly more annoying. Kxan has always been my go to for local news, as a life-long austinite. For mobile, I mostly just used it for the push notifications of local news, to stay on top of things when they happen. Ever since trumps election, their push notifications have shifted (and yes, this is after I tuned my notification settings). They now promote democratic events on a national level. KXAN, I downloaded you for LOCAL news, not national democratic debate notifications. I know you cater to a very liberal city, and that makes most of it excusable. But for national events and news, can you please leave it for people who have the cnn app, or the Fox News app, or NPR, etc. you are AUSTIN news, not Austin & DNC news....
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6 years ago, Christi M
Traffic map
I got this app strictly because the online website stopped pulling up the traffic map for me every morning on my phone. So, I thought to myself ok they want people to get the app, so I did. A week later guess what isn’t pulling up on the app now??? You guessed it. The traffic map. I just want to look at the traffic map to see how I need to come into to work every morning I don’t want to read where the trouble spots are, which is what I have to do now. The only thing I do like about the app are the notifications as to what’s going on. This is my first news app and will probably be my last. Good job with that guys. Now fix the traffic map!!!
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4 years ago, Rob Pitzer
Weather map question
Why do you never have the town of WIMBERLEY included on you maps? You have smaller places shown on your map?! And WIMBERLEY has grown considerably, and also has a growing volume of week-end and holiday visitors! It is a kind of a slap in our face that WIMBERLEY never appears on any KXAN maps, etc. Would be nice if you could change that, and allow folks to understand where WIMBERLEY is in relation to the surrounding communities. Hope you will make this addition!
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4 years ago, CarolMTexas
Like the App but too many notifications
Not sure if there’s a way to only get some, but I couldn’t find it so I had to turn the notifications off. It seemed like it was constant notifications. So now I just click on it when I want to see what’s going on. If it wasn’t for the constant notifications I would give it a five star.
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3 years ago, Aintgottaclue
KXAN Ad spam delivery app
Let’s call the newest update what it is….a spam advertisement delivery app. You can’t read one article without having to scroll through 20 ads, all while more ads are trying to load, causing the screen to jump to another ad. Try to read a list of football scores? How about you get four scores, an ad, and then another 4 games and any ad. Repeat the process for all the high school games in Texas, and you get about 50 ads in one article. I realize you have to monetize to keep it free, but there is a balance that you have failed to meet on this one.
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4 years ago, steve_in_austin
KXAN app constantly freezes up
I’ve been using this app for a number of years now, and yet the developers don’t ever seem to get the app to be stable. I always keep my iPhone and apps up to date, and even with the (practically) weekly updates to this app, it freezes up several times while trying to scroll and read articles. I’m blaming it on all the ads inserted into the articles. Doesn’t matter that I upgrade to a new phone every year either. I’m always using the latest of both hardware and software, and yet this one particular app (KXAN) freezes up constantly. Poor development if you ask me.
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6 years ago, justsomeguy
Annoying video ad leaders.
The app crams many news videos with obnoxious 15 second lead-in ads you can’t turn off, for products and services you don’t want and don’t need. So in retaliation, i never watch their news videos. We are not a captive audience. Too bad your advertisers don’t realize that! Their ad video leaders only annoy and repel their imaginary potential customers.
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4 years ago, karishines123
Please add a search engine.
I get notifications on my phone but when I click on them, the app opens but says “article cannot be found”. Sometimes it works but sometimes there can be about 15 notifications from within 3 days, and not a single one can be found. Doesn’t matter how old the article was. Still use the app because I like knowing what’s going but I don’t like watching the news on tv. No other issues with the app so I’m still content.
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5 years ago, pstarr001
Excellent news coverage!
KXAN provides relevant local, state and national news on a consistent basis. I can always depend on the Weather Team to also receive as accurate a forecast as possible! Even further, the Investigative Team also provides a great service to the community and achieves results! Great station!!!
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3 years ago, Sambo98
I love kxan but I’m having viewing issues
Hi there. I’m not at home right now so I’m trying to watch the news “Live” on KXAN. I was able to watch most of David Yoeman’s all important weather update for the next few days. Then I could only view one ad after another, repeating until the closing of the news. What?? This is unacceptable that I have to watch that many ads & zero news or sports! I feel like your technical team should take a good look at your LIVE settings as there is a problem with your app. Your loyal viewer, Cynthia D.
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2 years ago, Longtime Austin user
Slow loading/no ability to exit story/inability to access texts of news item
I used to love this app but it is no longer usable for me. Each time I click on a story I get a blank screen, or takes a long time to load the story and then has an ad first but no ability to exit out of the story ulease I exit the app and restart. Waiting 30-45 seconds per story is not acceptable. Very disappointed and it’s a disservice to the professional news team.
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6 years ago, gdmedia1
Good local news source
I use this app along with the Statesman MyAAS app for recent local news updates. This app provides good coverage, plus live news feeds if you want them. Seems to have improved a lot via updates recently. Ads are sometimes irritating, of course, but selling ads is the real purpose of the app, so those are unavoidable.
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5 years ago, Dane's mom
KXAN news
Our preference is now and always KXAN. The weather, news, investigation and everything I find most informative. The weather is the most up to date. I have loaded all news and weather alerts for o be more up to date though we live in Fayette County.
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2 weeks ago, NormaDGuerra
Good reporting, illegible app
For people whose phones are set to have a larger font size for accessibility, the KXAN app font size is unreadable. Approximately one word fits per line, and the lines crash together. And because the app is not responsive, one cannot turn the phone sideways to be able to read the articles. even with the in-app font size set to small, the text is enormous.
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5 years ago, Lindokie
Mrs. Bradley
We have spent our 5:00 time with all the crew of KXAN since 1990. Robert Hadlock is practically a member of the family. Jim Spencer was obviously influenced during our many years in Oklahoma by our then favorite, Gary England. We have learned to trust Jim Spencer in the same way during weather emergencies. He is a trusted professional!
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6 years ago, Copagg101
Bad grammar and not proofreading
Good stories. Good weather but it’s obvious that no one is proofreading for sentence agreement, flow and grammar. It seems as if the only check being done is with an old fashioned spell check software and no one is really taking the time to read the article for basic grammatical accuracy and proper sequence of events and timelines. Spellcheck can’t fix that.
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6 years ago, Rizzeaux
Enjoy reading news from your area. You even include current news from Louisiana and other areas. Very interesting and pertinent news. Even though we’re from Louisiana, we have lots of family in In Texas. You guys do a great job! Thank you for the great work!❤️
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3 years ago, Woroni
Dependable reporting
I count on KXAN to keep me up to date on everything, from breaking news to weather to traffic to local news and everything in between.
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5 years ago, annoyed6853
Notification frustrations
The app itself is good, it’s the constant useless notifications that you get. There is no way to set them to breaking news, the only other option are the top story notifications, which will bombard you with worthless information you don’t really want.
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5 years ago, bbqtarian
I wish I didn’t have to read EVERY article down to the end to see the next article. I used to be able to swipe to the left to see the next article. In fact, a long time ago, I had a sort of “table of contents” to see all of the current articles. Now I scroll, scroll, scroll....... No fun to read articles that I’m not interested in.
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5 years ago, DastardlyBacon
Notification Blasting
This app has too many places to manage notifications. All I want is weather notifications. Instead I keep getting top story notifications. Even when I turn them off. Additionally they have a notification area in the settings, but that doesn’t seem to accurately manage all notifications as there isn’t a “top story” setting there, but there is when I click into the notification. Not that the latter works.
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2 years ago, Engine1019
Phantom ad clicks constantly redirect to ads
If you are looking for a news app that constantly redirects you to ad web sites even though you never come close to clicking the ad then this is the app for you. Seriously… I am constantly redirected to ad pages when my fingers are nowhere near the screen. Thought it was a fluke at first but now it is constantly happening. Shame on the designers for this.
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3 years ago, sam&bill
Allergy Reports Missing
KXAN is the only local app I use and the new version looks amazing. However without the allergy report the app is a bit disappointing. Luckily the report is still on their website. Hope someone brings it to the app.
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6 years ago, Iluvaustintx
I use the app all they time. I watch the live morning feed. I also get the notifications so if there is an important news story I know right away. I also check the radar in this app. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Mary Nahay
KXAN seems to try to report the news and not editorialize it as much as other news outlets. But, it’s hard to trust any news outlet completely. The weather team is the most reliable.
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6 years ago, Ricky in Austin
Wish It Were Faster
I like the KXAN app but I hate it when the advertisements slow down the loading of the app. We want the info Fast and not after loading an Ad we don’t want to see. Is there some way I can Not see the ads and Not be tracked by Ad Tracker? That would be an awesome world.
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5 years ago, FacetiousMonkey
Get Notifications Even w/ Settings Turned Off
UPDATE: after several attempts to set the proper notifications, I’m still unable to completely unfollow “top stories”. Despite selecting “unfollow” and hitting some several times, I continue to get top story notifications. I’ve set the notifications in the app to only notify me for allergy related issues. Despite having all other notifications set to off, I continue receiving alerts.
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6 years ago, Mom in the Panhandle
Mom in the Panhandle
My only child lives in the Austin area so my husband and I love the KXAN ap. Good news coverage and excellent weather coverage. Gives us peace to be able to know what's going on where our child lives. THANKS for the efforts to maintain this site. God Bless Texas!
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6 years ago, hankut46
KXAN review
I like the news update. I really like the weather app..... very comprehensive. My only concern, the weather app too often will not open..... or is very slow to open. This would seem like a fixable situation in this high tech world!
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4 years ago, AmandaSue0004
Liberal news is all you’ll find here
Obviously a very liberal controlled news outlet. Nothing about Republicans is ever positively reported. Biden could fart and the whole world could hear and that would make news! Trump is nominated for the Nobel peace prize and not a word! Report the news. Report the facts. Report the TRUTH. Get back to what journalism is supposed to be about. Whether you agree or not with the story or the outcome, if it’s truth...report it!!! Put your political beliefs aside and report the truth.
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7 years ago, NorthAustin
Too Many Pictures, Not Much News
The previous version of this app was easy to find out what was going on in Austin. This upgrade has a picture with every headline, takes a long time to load and mixes the ads in with the news items. It's aggravating. Time to look for a different Austin news app. So sad because this one used to be my go-to app.
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4 years ago, Thuggish Nuggets
Images downloading on main thread
Wife showed me the performance issues she was getting in your app and it looks like your cells may be issuing their image download request on the main thread instead of a background thread and it’s tanking the UI. Based on what I see on that screen, that’s the thing that would make the most sense. App was pretty unusable while attempting to scroll through the stories.
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7 years ago, kiradanielle22
Love the real time updates
I can always count on getting informed whenever there is a story happening. The weather app is also great to be in the know with Texas weather being so bipolar
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5 years ago, A-Dubb_DC
Stay Woke Outchea!!
News keeps me sane and aware of my surroundings and environment. Crime flares up at a moments notice. Take great care everyone and help watch over ourselves, children, family, friends, parks, and communities:neighborhoods. With Love, Dignity, & Respect For Humanity ✊🏿 OG Wan Out 🦁 🇺🇸 (Power to the Peepsssss)!! 🛐🙎🏻‍♂️
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6 years ago, Killerb2009
Push notifications are driving me crazy
I downloaded this app so that I would get push notifications for major things happening while I’m at work (bombings, major accidents, etc). Today I received 5 notifications, none of which even came close to being important. If I want to know about someone planting bluebonnets in their yard or warning signs for a dog attack, I’ll watch local news. Don’t interrupt my day.
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2 years ago, redbird3
App is overloaded with ads
I love KXAN but this app is nearly unusable. There are so many ads sometimes it’s difficult to tell if it’s part of the article. I also often have issues launching the app from a notification. Please find another way to make money than having 90 ads per story.
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4 years ago, Brando_taytay
Constant freezing, app locks up and either closes out or stops working altogether. It always takes two or three times of opening the app to get it to work, and even then, as I’m scrolling down to current stories it will scroll right back up to the top all by itself...this app is annoying, but it’s the only news channel I use. Don’t make me go with a different news station, KXAN. FIX THE APP!
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6 years ago, Lithmac
Great on iPhone X, broken on iPad Mini Retina
Watching the live stream on iPhone X works fine. On iPad Mini Retina (same iOS & app version) live stream will play ad and about 2 minutes of news before going black and requiring you to restart the stream and rewatch the same ad. Did that about 12 times in a row, alternatively after restarting app or whole iPad before ruling it a bug. Will give 5 stars when it works with iPad Mini.
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5 years ago, Fcrz7
Unavailable Articles
I think it’s really inconvenient that the articles are not available after 24 hours. Sometimes I do not have time to read the article the same day they come out. I would really appreciate if this could be fixed, I would really hate to delete the app because of this reason.
Show more
6 years ago, TechSon98
Ad / Hijack
Done with this app after today. When you click to the app from a link someone posts or even open the app your phone is hijacked with “You are the 1000 user today” crap from web development 10 years ago to ads that prevent you from reading the article because if you click to close the ad, the ad opens up. Grow up KXAN you are better than this crappy app
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5 years ago, juanadelacruz
I am truly impressed with KXAN professional expertise and all their great communication skills in helping the Humanities , including myself, know and understand exactly what is happening. Thank you and all employees that help make this happen
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3 years ago, Sb7866
Nice new UI
Nice new UI but as soon as it loads. Bam right in your face taking up a third of the screen is their “helpful” panel I’m your face to enable notifications for certain events. It can’t be removed whether you want them or not. Love they news product, but don’t force me to consume it the way you think I want it consumed.
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6 years ago, mayojl2
Useful but slow
I find the information very useful, however this latest version takes forever to load. Prior versions were much quicker. Again, very useful app but I’m looking at other options due to slow loading.
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7 years ago, Mnmt2
Just okay
The older version was easier to navigate I know you need the ads, but it's had to get rid of that Med Clinic one Plus, articles aren't always current. I expect news up to the minute Sometimes I check about 5:00 am and it shows yesterday's news
Show more
3 years ago, Uteprn
What happened?
Used to love this app, but now you can’t share links to stories. There’s a bookmark or favorites option but no discernible way to mark a story as such. With other functional and easier to use news apps on the market I’ll be deleting this one.
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