KXLY 4 News Now

4.6 (2.7K)
27.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Evening Telegram Company
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KXLY 4 News Now

4.56 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
4 years ago, mhep460
Real news everyday.
Didn’t watch local news, but KREW 2 is my now my go to news channel for non political news. Real news without the “happy news” that used to be local news channels thing. Tom Sherry brightens my day.
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5 years ago, peedub61
11 pm weather presentation
I habitually watch an 11 pm news program, mostly for the weather update. KXLY has been my choice for quite a few years. When Katerina was introduced as a substitute weather person, I was unimpressed, but decided to see if she could grow into the job. But, after several weeks, her weather information presentation remains annoyingly inane. I’m sorry to say that I’m starting to evaluate other channels, searching for meaningful weather presentation.
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1 year ago, AHMcCoy
News 4 app
We listen to KXLY news most every day. We like the news team. But the app is just ridiculous. Hard to navigate to any story. Press on top stories and you get one sentence for a news item. When you touch a story you should be taken to the entire piece! And then you get to hear the report. I can read. I don’t want to hear the report. I want to read it while not bothering anyone with my phone blaring some news article.
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3 years ago, Jabberwockrock
Jumps around
App jumps around too much when you look at “more stories”. Sometimes it is ads loading and taking up their allotted space, other times it is just trying to scroll and you are suddenly back at the top of the page. Other local news apps don’t do this. Simple problem, have started to decrease use of this app because of it.
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3 years ago, PoddyWoody
Para educator
Tired of paying a fortune for the Spokesman Review. Glad to see current stories online. Especially Covid numbers.
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3 years ago, Nelly Bell 97501
Frustrating to use
This app is very frustrating to use. You try to scroll down to the stories and every few seconds or so it jumps back to the top of the page. It makes it almost unusable unless you are only interested in the top story on each page. I just look at their web site in the browser instead.
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4 months ago, Coco13131313
Horrible notification settings
There is no way to only have “breaking news” notifications. It’s either no notifications, or all the notifications. And they send dozens of completely useless notifications throughout a given day. It is unfortunate because I would like to get my news from KXLY, but now I have to go somewhere else
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4 years ago, Tim Dra
Good website
I read through this website every morning during breakfast. My only complaint is that I wish the stories were dated, especially the weather reports. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which days the weather report applies to, because old reports can sit on the website for days.
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3 years ago, Tenor tonsils
App review
As of yesterday your weather page simply wasn’t functioning. Not the first time one or more of your links kicked me out. With all respect you need to up your game.
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2 years ago, Heavy Wolf Man
Constant aggravation
Even typing this review, the screen is blank! Constant loading, refreshing, every other segment is an ad, have to keep re-scrolling down t through stories to get to older ones (keeps kicking you back to the top of the page). Makes me want to throw the phone down. Awful app.
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3 years ago, Judyraea
I live in Spokane. Why don’t I see obituaries for Spokane instead of all outlying communities?
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2 years ago, !@&;()
Scrolling Issues
When I scroll down, the app constantly brings me back to the top. So annoying that I go to other news outlets!
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5 years ago, V03081
Great people. Trusted
Can’t start my day without KXLY fix.
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2 years ago, CwbiSW
Jumps to the top too often!
when using this app, it constantly jumps back to the top so I am unable to scroll down and read the stories further down. It’s very frustrating,
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6 years ago, BeenBurned
Too many push messages
You are pushing benign junk. Had to turn it off.
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6 years ago, need local news
Blank stories
When I click on a headline; it comes up blank.
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2 years ago, ggzvnfehhhgedvb
Can’t read news
It keeps resetting to the top. Cannot read the headlines because of this. The app is worthless
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5 years ago, Bretthebrat
This is a good news app
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3 years ago, Squirell.
Weather and Sky Observation.
Please talk about the meteor show during August. Squirrel
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5 years ago, jackeo11
Too many glitches!
No matter how many updates I get, there is always the same glitches!
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5 years ago, Country-Rodney
Top notch coverage!
Good people I can trust!
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4 years ago, #Tucker
You need a new design and layout. Look at some other sites and get some new ideas.
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13 years ago, fantastic news fan
excellent local news app
wonderful app, great to have up to date local news. always been a huge fan of KXLY and their continuous excellent news coverage. keep up the great work and I will definitely be recommending this application! Has never failed me once!!
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2 years ago, ncknmsareforfriendsnotapple
App resets to top
Every time I tried to scroll down to different stories, the app reset to the top. Super cool feature….
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3 years ago, ak red bds xx ifeero dj
Poorly written software!
It won’t let me scroll down! Always bump’s me back to the top.
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7 years ago, SnowboarderJay80
Horrible station
Extremely right leaning
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4 years ago, Fritz Plecas
Not a reliable news source period Not a credible new source period
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4 years ago, PNW mtbiker
Poorly done. Deleted
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10 years ago, SeaGodling
Pop ups and lost category
This would be a fine app, I was giving it three stars before I went on and was assaulted by a pop up ad. Shame on you KXLY. I know you need money but don't be intrusive about it. Also: the "Irresistible" category (my favorite) is now gone. The stories all try to have pictures even though they don't have an actual photo (we see stock KXLY logo) I like the new weather alerts and school closures feature however, which earned you the extra star. The old app was 4 stars, remove the pop ups, and put back "irresistible" and condense the stories back together and this app could be 5 stars. Until then, I'm shopping for a new news app.
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8 years ago, g.gad
Please get a copy editor
I appreciate the news being updated more quickly than other local apps. I understand print media isn't KXLY's focus, but for the love of grammar, please proof read the articles before posting. There are so many errors it makes me question your credibility. I'm not expecting perfection, but at least get the correct version of their/there/they're.
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9 years ago, NeilSu
KXLY news App
The best news app because the alert link always takes you right to the story. You don't have to search their news page to figure out which one is the story. Nice job.
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10 years ago, Justjeffey
The best!!
This is by far the best news app for Spokane. Up-to-date and informational. Had a competitors app first. News was rarely updated. Be sure to download the KXLY weather app too!
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9 years ago, pammy648
Up to date.
News to use when you need to know it.
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10 years ago, Ammclean
Very cool
Very great app. Nice clean layout and very reliable on weather. I think it would be nice if you can add the seven day forecast. Sometimes I wake up too late to see it on TV. I believe it will help out.
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8 years ago, Retired Rocks
We enjoy KXLY great team work. Even my 3 year old grandson reacts when Mark Peterson comes on. Thanks to all who makes KXLY the best.
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13 years ago, Unhappy two
I don't normally do reviews, but this one is bad enough I had to comment. The app Crashes and frequently locks up on my iPad and iPhone. KREM is a much better app and runs smoothly without any issues. I hope KXLY fixes the issues, as I like to get my news from multiple sources...
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10 years ago, 20follower14
App was a lot better before one of the updates...App now has pop-up ads that are a royal pain. Also, KXLY is 2-3 days behind on updating their app with the news stories
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10 years ago, Hippocanthus1
Lost a loyal customer
No way to get current local news - I don't check an app because I want 3 day old news. And full screen pop-ups? I'm going to see what my other local station apps look like and delete this one. Shame. Been using it for years.
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8 years ago, sandman14769
Love to read or watch the breaking news
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12 years ago, Eseurat
Severely Lacking
North Idaho news articles are old and ignored, so that another article about how it's "snowing outside" can be written for Spokane news. If you want the latest its necessary to go to the main website, very unfortunate, and I'll pass.
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10 years ago, kxlyzztipster
x the pop-ups
Your app was very good until you included the interruption of pop-ups for solicitations - very annoying. I used to love this app as a resource for news, weather, and information. I am one more pop-up away from removing it all together.
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10 years ago, Chickin Thrower
Clean and simple
I use news apps because commercial tv has more fluff than substance. Thanks.
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9 years ago, Kschoolteacher
Good app
I like this app. It gives me the info I need. I feel it's easy to navigate
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10 years ago, Spokane Jerry
I like the new design.
Easy to use. Lots of info about the Spokane area.
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10 years ago, Sassy boohoo
Love the dynamics of the team. Mark puts a smile on my face everyday. Thank You for being the best.
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10 years ago, MicaAngelo
Good app, terrible adds!!!
What is up with the unchristian full page advertisements? Our family tries to look at the news and is bombarded with ads. Bad on you!!! What's up with the full page advertisements anyway?
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10 years ago, Jcnutz
Pretty good news app
Loads pretty quick. I like that there is video now
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10 years ago, App lousy
I am not a Facebooker------my wife is. She gets news waaaaaay before it gets to my app. Kinda like, oh ya we need to put it on the app. And weekend news reporting is really lame.
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9 years ago, LilOrly
Like but need more local up to date news
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9 years ago, Burdmanzz
Yesterday's news
Seldom has has the up to date info on important news within last 12 hours. Mostly social trivia.
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