L-Lingo Learn Serbian

3.7 (17)
16.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Smart Language Apps Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for L-Lingo Learn Serbian

3.71 out of 5
17 Ratings
10 years ago, Nellusa
Reminiscent of very pricey software, but available in a wider array of languages at a much more economical price. Software is easy to use. Great way to introduce a language and learning style before springing for a more expensive program with advanced levels!
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3 years ago, Yoga Zoya
Needs improvement
This is one of the better Serbian apps but the lessons are really disjointed. I feel like the vocabulary doesn’t really build in logical fashion after the first few lessons. Some of the sentences get so complex they don’t make sense unless you’ve studied some Serbian in another format. The case endings in Serbian can be so complicated! Also—I’ve found some mistakes. For example, in lesson 66 (Directions) the Serbian says “skrenite levo” (turn left) but the “correct” answer in the quiz is to “turn right.” I also wish there was a way to practice writing (typing) the answers rather than relying just on memorizing pictures. I’m totally happy with it not being in Cyrillic. I feel like the Latin alphabet makes for easier learning and once you know that, you can easily make the jump to Cyrillic.
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5 years ago, Spe42
Good—seems feedback option not working
Very good app. The only thing I have noticed, is that at least on my device, the "send feedback" button within the app's settings does nothing, whereas the "rate app" does. Super minor, but fyi. Granted I'm only on the 8th lesson, and don't know how in depth the grammar explanation goes yet—due to how difficult it has been for me to find concisely stated and clearly explained and organized information about Serbian grammar online, I would be very happy to see this app incorporate this. Or perhaps, if this is not unreasonable, guided quizzes or exercises detailing the conjugation of verbs, phonetic changes, etc. Thanks!
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7 years ago, Супр Нрд
Love the lessons and really easy to use. I recommend this app if you are willing to spend the money. However little sad that there is no Cyrillic option for the text.
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6 years ago, Tbest5179
This is a wonderful app! I'm trying to learn Serbian, a challenging language, and this is really helping. I particularly like the grammar guides, as this puts the lessons into context!
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5 years ago, Nniiiinnnaaaaa
It doesn’t teach you anything besides how to pronounce some of the dialects letter combinations, anything helpful you need to purchase which is crap. Don’t waste your time
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6 years ago, Scotttttyyyyy
App great but rip off
If you wanted to do all the lessons in the app it'll cost you $1800+. Ridiculous.
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8 years ago, Röman
Excellent App
I have been studying foreign language for five years now, and have always been looking for a good Serbian app, and I finally found it. I am astounded by how incredible this app is. The format is perfect, the background information before each lesson is beyond helpful, and the overall criteria is incredible. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to learn Serbian.
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9 years ago, Dubmander
My wife is Serbian and I've been trying to learn for so long. Between work and life I've never been able to! This app is the best on the store if you want useful Serbian words and information. It's the only way to go so far and I've been working with learn Serbian apps for over a year now.
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7 years ago, Monka24
How to use ?
I buyed the all app 19.99 and i don't see the new grammar
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9 years ago, Yelramsedlavuuteot
Previous bug
Does anyone know if the bug that JMMCO referred to in a previous version was fixed? If so, I'll be purchasing the full upgrade. Please disregard my 3 star rating, I couldn't know it's full value since I have not yet tried all of its features.
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10 years ago, ChristopherG
Excellent program! Wish the grammar sections were a little more complete, though!
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10 years ago, Naty<3Apps
This App is so awesome! It's super helpful! :)
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6 years ago, Thatguyyouthoughtyouknew
I Love It!
To start, this is the only app for learning Serbian that I could find that actually works for me. But a friend has tried it and it didn’t work for him so definitely try the 5 free lessons first. For me, it is remarkably effective; especially if you put the content into a quizlet or flash card program and study it there as well. The content is expansive and the range of topics is excellent. They do build on each other so be sure not to skip around. The lessons are quick and easy, with a few different testing styles that you can choose. My favorite is translation, but it has others. The search feature is spectacular, put in any word in English or Serbian and it’ll give you every phrase or vocab word that includes it. This can make recalling very easy if you’ve completed most of the lessons. I do have a few issues: -There are some typos in a few lessons, nothing major but something to look out for. -Sometimes the words in the phrases are not congruent with the vocab. Example: “Devojčica razgovara” when the vocab word for “Speak” in the same lesson is “Pričati.” Both are valid, I’ve since learned both, but congruency is better. -The cases weren’t very well explained so I needed external support to gain a knowledge of them, and that support is hard to find. YouTube has some helpful ones. -No Serbian Cyrillic. This isn’t actually an issue, both alphabets are valid in the language, and, especially if you know how to read Cyrillic already, it’s no problem at all to pick up. My only complaint on this is that to learn it you have to search in other sources, it isn’t provided. It is easy though, I promise, and there are tons of resources for it. -Sometimes the content of the lesson is dramatically under-explained which leaves you guessing aimlessly at what each sentence might be. They’ll make sense when you’re further along, however right when you first get to some of these, it can feel arbitrary, which could be frustrating to some. Beyond those, I’m absolutely amazed by this app! In just four months I reached a conversational level with barely any other sources, and I cannot recommend it enough. Hoping for a Latvian L-Lingo someday!
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9 years ago, JMMCO
Needs an update
The method is good. However, the sound doesn't play for the last half of the quizzes. Reading the text definitely isn't going to help when conversation skills are needed. Please fix the bug! 14.99 is a lot for an app with such a big defect. Adding a written exercise would also be a plus!
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