LA Phil

4.3 (4)
35.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for LA Phil

4.25 out of 5
4 Ratings
2 years ago, Enterprise-J
PLEASE stop playing silent audio
1. Every time I start the app, it will interrupt my music player and consume significant power. Could you please offer a option to turn off the video and silent audio on the homepage? 2. please lease add a built-in ticket-ordering function, it is inconvenient and inconsistent to jump back to webpage and buy tickets. 3. Please add a button to let me add my ticket to Apple Wallet USING THE APP (do it as well for your Hollywood Bowl app). Thank you!
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9 years ago, D. Hill
LA Philharmonic
LA Philharmonic is a great application to have for those who love seeing live music. The app does a great job in organizing how you can search for programs you may enjoy. From the events listing page you can view shows by date, genre, and series. When selecting on a show you will see a synopsis page and the ability to save the show. From the bottom tab on the events page you can navigate all around the app from the main page to Favorites which stores your saved shows to the Orchestra page where you can learn about the orchestra members to the Media page which has photos and videos of the venue where the philharmonic plays and the more section which lists services that the LA Philharmonic is plugged into or has content you can purchase such as iTunes, Instagram and more.
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14 years ago, c hoffman
Needs a lot of work
The favorites feature is useless since it does not save. It is the one thing I wish would work. I haven't tried the buy tickets feature yet. I like that I have a program in the palm of my hand. Cuts down on wasteful paper programs that just end up in my recycling. Hope they keep that feature up. Will update when I use the buy tickets feature.
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5 years ago, rakingleaves
Great but Apple Wallet support broken
Very nice to have access to my tickets from my phone! But I am unable to add the tickets to Apple Wallet. I see the option appear for a moment and then it disappears. Would be great if this could be fixed
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14 years ago, Musicfan813
Love it!!
Thoughtfully and beautifully created. Worked like a charm for me; I had no technical issues at all. Thank you, LA Phil!! A smart, useful and gorgeous app. Fun to get to know the members of the orchestra and the calendar feature is excellent.
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11 years ago, Morrisonmj
What a wonderful app for a wonderful place. Definitely makes it easier to keep track of the many concerts available.
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6 years ago, aerommc
This app has now become a useful tool for subscribers and other concert-goers. It’s functionality has greatly improved over prior versions
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11 years ago, rick00
Rather Pointless
I can read all this material on the website. The one really important thing I cannot do on iPhone or iPad is buy tickets (you know, the old Adobe Flash issue). This app would be worth the memory space if I could browse seats, dates, performers, musical programs, etc. Without these kinds of functions, it is rather pointless.
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5 years ago, VoltInLA
My Tickets doesn’t work
I’m a season ticket holder so this is a main feature of the app for me and it just doesn’t work. You get “Tickets could not be loaded. Try again.” Trying again doesn’t work, either. Fail!! This has been broken for at least a year. I’ve contacted their tech support and... nothing. Seriously?!
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6 years ago, Chris クリス
Always crashes
This app is a great concept and has a clean design but for some reason, every time I enter the app and try to click a concert for more info, it immediately crashes. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but to no avail. It’s unfortunate because I would use this app so much if it only worked...
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12 years ago, Barney&Bailey
App works great for me. I love bios & photos of orchestra members--a great companion for concerts. Only problem: nickname feature does not work.
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5 years ago, The emailer
Won’t let me log in
Despite multiple password resets (and being able to log in to the website on mobile) the app doesn’t let me log in and see my tickets. You can download your tickets off the web so don’t bother with this 🚮
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6 years ago, SoCalSLL
Not working if you don't have a standard email
Can't say much about the app as it would not let me log. My email has a rare TLD and as such the app simply refuses to even try. It just issues an error that I should put in a valid email.
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4 years ago, SNS-CA
Absolutely useless in that most important function DO NOT WORK. It’s been buggy and broken for a very long time. It is of NO USE to a long term Subscriber and Supporter of the outstanding sound of the LA Phil and WDCH. So very frustrating as there is zero effort to fix this terrible, buggy app.
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6 years ago, AllCarsEatGas
OMG enough!!
Enough with the find-the-bus or -sign or -car nonsense!!! I’m signed in to your bloody site and on your ridiculous app. Yes, I’m a human. I’m the one who has purchased hundreds of dollars in tickets. Please use some of that money to hire someone to create a web and app presence that doesn’t act as if it was designed by some middle manager’s nephew who needed a summer job. As for the iOS app, five of my six recently-purchased tickets do not display a proper QR code. LA Phil you need to fix this!
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14 years ago, 00111
Does not work.
I continue to get error message as noted by previous reviewer
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14 years ago, VoltaireSwift
Does not work!
Have installed it ten times and it never opens, just get "error registering client."
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12 years ago, Sweetpea0311
Fix it please
It keeps having error msg.
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12 years ago, pmv4hl
Waste of time
P.O.S. - white screen of death - freezes - have to switch off
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14 years ago, Boomrozen
Error message when opening. Please fix.
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14 years ago, j1mm01
Want to like it
But it won't load properly. Previous version was great. Please fix this app. It's so useful for me when it works.
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