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User Reviews for LA Times

4.6 out of 5
19.6K Ratings
6 years ago, PegasusAloft
Silly title, isn’t it? I figured people might read this: As a reader of news on devices for only a year and as a homesick native, I appreciate the ready availability of access to the Los Angeles Times. Who else but someone like me, living out of state and missing my home town paper, would turn to a wonderful app like this? And not just for breaking news in politics national and local but also traffic alerts! I hadn’t known there were Metro Line tracks along the 210. I felt something akin to being there, although there may have been the automatic sympathy (Oh no!) one feels as a heretofore daily commuter in the Greater Los Angeles Area. I remember when the 210 had been proposed and approved, and was controversial due to expected segregation between “whites and blacks” in Pasadena. I read all about it in the LA Times. No one anticipated black flight, much less light rail connection. I read about those in the LA Times, too, all of controversial. I guess this is all to to say that I Heart the LA Times and its app! Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, Neeeenzz
Can’t Login
Stuck on “Need more information to continue” but then I can’t click continue.. I waited this out a few weeks in hopes it would get resolved but Still the same issue!! When trying to log in I continue to get this pop up message that I cannot get past.. I have tried using safari, chrome, mobile, desktop, mobile app - and the same thing happens. I tried logging in using apple, google, facebook... the same thing happens! It says "Almost There. Need a little more information from you" but nothing happens when I click continue (I tried this after opening the “terms and conditions” and “privacy policy” as well with same result). If I click the "x" to close it, it just keeps me logged out. I have an account, it recognizes I have one. I tried resetting my password, clearing cache, cookies and history on each browser. I know I am putting in right password because when I type in a random one it says “please enter a valid password”- so its prompting this with the valid email and password. I even purchased a subscription (even though I also get it on apple news plus) and I got the notification email for the subscription too.. I called the customer service and they said they put in a ticket.. this is ridiculous. Only happening with LA Times.
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5 years ago, Writerlywish
A treasure trove of some of the best journalism anywhere
The inspiring revival story of the Los Angeles Times is just what the world needs, now more than ever. The blaze of talent; the new, intentional and growing diversity; the global reach; the creative roll-out on multiple platforms; the return of beloved Column One; the dogged, dedicated investigative reporting; the extraordinary photography; the stunning, against-all-odds claw-back and rebirth from Tronc’s near-destruction, all give your readers reasons to cheer, engage and subscribe. We give digital gift LA Times subscriptions to clients, colleagues and family on every occasions because of your superior journalism and to support your work. They all fall in love with your reporting and your reporters and they get hooked. BRAVO! And thank you!
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5 years ago, KatWalk65
LA Tomes
I’ve lived in Los Angeles for over twenty years and subscribed in good faith as a resident - citizen - refugee of this great city only to find that 1) the la times is obnoxiously out of touch with its “readership” aka dummies like me who pay subscription rates for no real insight that can’t be gotten from other news sources, gives me certainly no voice. The times editorially and now thru the email marketing and app that automatically subscribes at way more than what you thought-I expected 9.99 but still cancelled due to bull#%* content and corporate point of view. Only to find out app sign up can’t be canceled (via same as sign up or email), but after catching that I’ve been charged $15 per month when I haven’t logged in, not accessed their site in any way in over a month - funny how their algorithms on their side don’t ever say a word about your engagement. Not what I want from my “local” paper- I’ll stick with New York Times, the Atlantic & The HOLLYWOOD Reporter, thanks Tribune for your corporate takeover of a paper that should have been the voice of the west.
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5 years ago, iPersuade
This app has improved greatly, but still some issues
The resigned app is a joy to use and read, except in one area: eNewspaper navigation. It’s terrible. Rather than the text of the article scrolling, the entire article window tries to scroll and it “bounces.” Moreover, if there is an ad, you often can’t close it even if you click on the link to visit the advertised product or service. I vastly prefer reading the news on my iPhone and iPad to the physical paper or the website. I hope the developers straighten out these little friction points. My older review: I see articles in the paper that I want to read in the app and it sometimes takes a Herculean effort to find and get to them on the app (the website is basically the same in this regard). Please make it easier to find articles by organizing the information better and making navigation and search better.
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4 years ago, KantEven
Outdated Articles
As the newspaper of record for the western United States, the LA Times provides high quality reporting and analysis on major national and world news, as well as stories that the big NYC and DC news organizations overlook. This app has been improved in 2019, so those stories are now easier to find and the reading environment is more enjoyable. However, the app still has two major issues. The first is that there are still too many outdated articles—some of them are months old. I would like to see all articles from the past 24 hours in each section; certainly nothing more than two days old is appropriate for a mobile app, which I expect to be current events. I withheld another star because the app is missing a couple of keys features of its major competitors (NYT, WaPo, WSJ). One, you cannot customize the menu. This isn’t a big deal, because the menu layout is easy to navigate, but it it would be a nice feature for those of us who like to see certain sections up front. Two, the app is still missing a “Today’s Paper” section. All of the other major papers have a section in the app that lists the stories in the order they appear in the paper. This feature would be much easier and faster to navigate than an e-edition, especially on a small screen. Other than these two oversights, this is a great app and content.
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6 years ago, Real news believer
I just don’t use it anymore
I used to use the app constantly, even with its flaws, but as soon as they started the new format I find I don’t use it anymore and I just download the newspaper version. With big pictures it is harder to navigate to find what the important stories are. I like headlines so that can see at a glance the important news and stories and and pick from among them. The sections are on a small band at the top awkwardly listed horizontally, I don’t know if I can change the order to suit my usual preferences. The news app on my phone taking articles from multiple sources is similar in its use of pics, but much easier to use listing the four or five latest or most popular articles, but the proof is in my usage. When the change first occurred my brother railed about the new format, but I’d been such a long time user that I thought he was overreacting, but months later I just don’t use it. Send us a note if you change it. If there is a fee for it I will drop it.
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1 week ago, oh!whatanickname
A lot of work to find the day’s news
The LA Times makes it is very difficult to read the day’s news on their digital app. I subscribe to and read several major newspapers digitally. NYT and WaPo make it easy to read the days news - you can go to “latest (or equivalent) or a section. Or select the eNewspaper, choose an article, and the app takes you to that article. On the LA Times, the eNewspaper is an image of the print newspaper with no links to articles - you enlarge each image to read the article. “Top News” seems to cover a week. First couple articles are from the day, and then you get articles from previous days. Great if you want an overview of the week, but not for the day’s news. The same is true of all sections. The only way to see the daily paper is to read the newspaper or search the articles you find on the eNewspaper.
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4 years ago, AlanC19
Love the newspaper format but...
I’ve been using the LA Times app and its sister web app for years. The newspaper-like form is like reading the regular paper but much better, especially on an iPad which brings me to a major bug that’s been in this version for months. After reading an article (clicking on it brings it up in full screen) and closing it to return to the newspaper format, the app no longer scrolls. Any articles on the lower half of the page are unreachable. Go to the next page and it scrolls fine, go back to the previous page and scrolling up and down no longer works. I would have expected this bug to have been fixed a long time ago, but updates come and go and it doesn’t get fixed :-(. Otherwise, I love this app and the newspaper.
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5 years ago, dano3006
LAT rising
The LA Times was a great newspaper from the 60s through the 90s. After a period of asset stripping for nearly 20 years that nearly destroyed the paper, it is back in the hands of a beneficial owner and publisher who is hiring and enabling good journalists and the paper’s return to greatness. The paper’s app works well as an app, in that I can see all the contents, and links work well. It works on both a phone and a tablet, with good formatting of both text and graphics content. I have not been able to get my subscription to cross over from the in-app presence to being activated in a browser, but that seems to be a common problem so maybe it is a problem with Apple’s architecture and not the LAT implementation.
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6 years ago, Be Kind1
Ask to subscribe when I’m already subscribed
Can’t read many articles. It keeps asking for free 30 day trial, only option is to choose it, then a box comes up saying I’m already subscribed, which I know, I’ve paid every mont for a very long time, then it gives me a box that says error. Then only option is to not read articles just get screen asking to subscribe. Why have I been paying $7.99 a month to read the few articles and get that same 30 day free trial screen and then be blocked. Why can it only see I’m subscribed when I press Start Trial, why can’t I read all the articles. So frustrating. I want to support journalism, but I want to read all the articles I’m interested in too. I can send you screenshots to show you what I’m getting, I’d appreciate help on getting this resolved. And yes I’m signed in to the app, so it should have been able to know I have been paying the monthly subscription.
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6 years ago, Lilcido
More important than ever
We must read the news. We must know what is happening with our government and the policies that are being affected and implemented by the current administration - regardless of one’s political affiliation. We must learn about what’s happening in our community. The LA Times is a well-respected newspaper and online platform that should be a must-read. It must be championed so we can nourish our minds so that wisdom based on facts, human decency and genuine well-rounded awareness can prevail. Bravo to the reporters there - in all sections of the paper. You are important and matter more than ever. Thank you for all you do.
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5 years ago, Casa HB
Balanced Reporting
I was born and raised in Los Angeles. The politics and news reporting has changed to a point that since the LA Examiner closed I believe in the mid seventies, the Times is the primary source of news and has become a point guard for the left in LA. With the exception of Steve Lopez, there is little objectivity in the papers daily reporting of news world, national and local. I’m a moderate republican, not a big DT fan ( although much better than that lying Hillary ) but I see very little that’s fair particularly, your editorials. Occasionally you have a guest writer that’s more balanced, but not often . It’s all about selling papers and making money. Your paper feeds to the liberal populous in LA and Calif, so it’s not a surprise. I subscribe to you’re digital paper because I still enjoy your sports page and what’s happening in the California Section. I’m not a supporter of John Cox, but your endorsement of Newsom and his EXTREMISM shows your true colors
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2 years ago, Beck Herrera
Really good, but could you guys add something more to it?
I like this app, I use its every single morning for digesting current events. But please, could you guys add a playback speed option in the media section of this app? Could you guys allow us to change the speed of the videos please to 2x? And could you guys also add that to the podcasts too? It would be a big help, as it would allow me to consume more, in a shorter time frame. My commute is not that long, and sometimes episodes from the LA times podcasts are longer than my driving to school or to work, meaning that miss out on some info. News is supposed to be brief, and to the point. If I wanted in depth analysis, then I’d read the whole articles.
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5 years ago, Potential awesomeness
Great app with some oppressive to be more user friendly.
This review is just about the app itself rather than the content. I love how easy it is to navigate through the different sections. However there are some things that can be improved on. One is simply being able to read the article in the app rather than the article opening up safari or opening up a web browser within the app, which at times doesn’t recognize my subscription. As well the notification settings seem to be a little buggy? Sometimes I get notifications for the content I want and sometimes I don’t. But honestly this app is really great and I know it’ll get better!
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3 years ago, MyratBekdurdyyev
Great and simple UI
I’ve been using ”ABC7 Los Angeles” app for over 3 years , and I gotta say that app sucked. It always buffers and most of the time doesn’t even stop loading, and never works. I was still using it thinking that was the only local news app(silly me), until I deleted it and came about to “LA Times”. I’m very happy with it. It has a great UI and very simple to use, and most importantly it doesn’t buffer or loads for more than 3 seconds. Good job guys! It’s a very futuristic app, and I love it!
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6 years ago, Seazap
Old news is always the top story
Worst news app ever. I have the paid version and it shows old news constantly. The same stories stay on the app for days, and they stay at the top when you open it. Even after I’ve clicked and read the story it stays at the top of the app for days. The app is also loaded with huge ads. It’s impossible to scroll over them without opening them. There also doesn’t seem to be an easy way to search. And the tabs that sort the news show the same stories over and over. Select local and see a story. Select California and you will see the same top story. Select nation and you guessed it, same story. This app is terrible and makes me miss reading the old paper version. There are much better news apps such as the New York Times.
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4 years ago, Annh89
App not Fully Synced to Apple Accounts?
I am a subscriber via iTunes. I am able to access the app and read all the articles in the app. But the app also doesn’t seem to (fully) think I have an account—the articles are open to me but I don’t show as a logged in user (if I created a unique password I don’t remember it and reluctant to try to create a new one as it might break the syncing that does seem to be working). What’s annoying is that when I read articles outside the app (using Google News and/or Chrome, for example) it’s assumed I don’t have an account and I have an article limit. I’m invited to set up an account through Google.
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1 year ago, WillH2008
Gray pictures
I have been writing emails to the support staff for this app for multiple days now. I really they must have outsourced their tech support to a group of people who don’t actually use the app. The problem is that most pictures on the enewspaper load twice and become gray and washed out. I have been trying to explain this problem to them but they don’t seem to get it. They have asked me to upgrade the app but I already have the latest version available. The version they are quoting me is version 5. something but the latest app store version is at 6. something.
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6 years ago, Calvin100
Subscription confusion
I've been subscribing to the digital app for years, for a reasonable monthly cost. In recent months, I have been occasionally asked to reconfirm that am a subscriber by entering my iTunes password. A tolerable annoyance. Now with the redesigned app, every time I click on a story, a message pops up saying I have reached the number of free articles snd must subscribe, even though I already subscribe! To get past the erroneous paywall, I have to delete the app, and re-open it via the App Store and then I can read the selected story.
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6 years ago, Cowanbunga
App For Non Literate Morons
The LA Times has dumbed down its app to the point where it is an insult to its readership. Do you want to scan through the headlines for an article? Good luck with that. This app is all about giant color pictures, which you have to scroll down down down down to find an article you may be interested in reading. If you go to the topics page, it is somewhat possible to flip through the paper and see what might be of interest. However when you get to an article, it is scrunched into a ridiculously skinny right hand column, and there is no way to get a full-screen view. My only conclusion is that the tTmes considers its readers to be morons who prefer to look at gigantic color photographs Instead of headlines, news and analysis. Thank God I also subscribe to the New York Times and Washington Post, who have set up their apps to serve the needs of people who actually read the newspapers. I can only hope that this is a sad, pathetic relic of the TRONC mismanagement of this once excellent newspaper, and that the new publisher will swiftly relegate this awful embarrassment of an app to the garbage heap where it belongs.
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6 years ago, Mattey's mom
Keeps me connected to my hometown
I was born, raised, educated and earned my living in LA until moving to La Quinta, CA beyond Palm Springs in late 2015. One of the things I missed most was keeping abreast of the local LA news, as well as receiving high quality journalism about national snd world events. Reading the LA Times, both in it's digital and printed editions, has met that need and even serves as a security blanket of sorts. I have high hopes that under new leadership the LA Times will be restored to its World-class ranking and eliminated or shaved sections with their fine contributors reinstated.
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6 years ago, LA Fanclub
Just one request!
I love the LA Times. My parents have been subscribers since the ‘60’s and me since the ‘90’s. However, I love the reverse black screen and large print that the Washington Post’s App provides. I love The NY Times, LA Times and WP but WP is the superior app by far. Please provide the black background feature, and more spaced out headlines, for easier reading and navigating. Everything else is great! I’m excited s out the new ownership and management and look forward to following your progress!
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5 years ago, NickWithAName
The new app is buggy
This is a review of the app and not of the LA times journalism, which is excellent. Even with a fast internet connection the app fails to load images of articles as you scroll down on the home page. Often when I tap on an article nothing happens. Then, after several seconds when I start scrolling again, the article opens. To go back from an article to the home page is unintuitive. If you just swipe right nothing happens. You have to scroll up for a ‘back’ button to appear. You can press that or swipe, but frequently nothing happens anyway. And if you swipe over the area of an ad, nothing happens. Sometimes when tapping an article the page starts swiping and then freezes half way so now half the screen is black. Often at the top of the home page the LA times logo overlaps the menu bar making it impossible to read or select. If these bugs and unintuitive behavior were fixed you would have a great app with excellent journalism.
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6 years ago, Doc_
Recent Uptick in Web Appearance and Investigative Journalism
The recent marked improvement in visual appearance and ease of navigation for the web site seems to be matched by increased funding for hard-nosed investigative journalism. The enhanced focus on efforts in the state to combat global warming, homelessness, human trafficking, and possible criminal misconduct in our nation’s highest office are commendable. The paper seems to be struggling back to what seems to me has always been its prime mandate - highlight local California efforts that impact global challenges to our survival.
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1 year ago, Rat K
Filled with bugs.
This app continues to underperform. There are so many problems with reading the electronic edition of the paper. If you get today’s paper to display and then download it, as soon as you go offline the paper will revert to a previously saved version from several days ago. This defeats the entire purpose of downloading the day’s edition. I’m the new version when viewing today’s paper as the page displays it looks good with sharp text and vivid graphics and then the page renders fully and the contrast goes away and the text and photos are washed out. The e-edition is just filled with bugs and unfortunately what I want the app for.
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5 years ago, moonlocks
Cannot stay signed in
This is the most frustrating app I have. Every month I’m charged for it, and every time I go to it after the first 5 articles per month I hit the pay wall and am asked to subscribe or sign in. At this point I used to go to settings and ‘restore subscription’—almost every time. Now there is no more restore button. LA Times says subscribe, just 7.99 per month. I’m charged 4.99 through the App Store. So, if the Times wants to raise the price, I get that. But are they just going to lock me out until I cancel my 4.99 subscription and sign up again? Because the App Store seems perfectly content to keep charging me. I really hate this app. Love the news. Hate the app.
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6 years ago, DianadePasadena
Interesting News with Sporadic Technical Delivery
I’m a long-time reader of the L A Times and recently dropped my Kindle subscription to subscribe to the digital paper that directly supports the new local ownership. I hope the minor glitches in technical quality get resolved and coverage expands to include more in depth coverage of national and international issues. The photography is definitely better. Keep up the direction you’re heading!
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4 years ago, BarryJS
Can’t scroll entire page after closing an article
When closing an article on my iPad to go back to a page I cannot scroll all the way to the bottom. This has happened with many versions, but seems to get fixed. Currently this problem has been going on for months. A work around was to swipe ahead one page and then go back. With the latest version I have to go ahead TWO pages and come back. Otherwise this is a good app for reading the paper.
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2 years ago, zetta777
Cannot choose reader view or print
In the LA Times app, the quick view articles on the home screen do not allow you to choose the iPhone reader view or print. Being able to easily print articles I want to keep is important to me. I also like the iPhone reader view. The app allows you to do those things in the e-newspaper view. If you exit the app and access the site from the web those options become available for the quick view articles.
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5 years ago, Leapin' landslide
Still a loser
The App rarely displays articles from the print edition that match my interests. The Search function often cannot find articles - and the newspaper display is not a reliable way to share articles with friends. Links in emailed newsletters do link to my phone’s browser, but when I go the next step to view an article in the App instead I see the Top News section - and the article I want to read is nowhere to be found. The App displays multiple Headlines of identical articles within a given Section. This has been true for years; little improvement. LA Times should start over and build an App like the one offered by NY Times.
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6 years ago, Kdla100
Search feature nearly useless
The app looks good (easy on the eyes, not bogged down with a ton of multimedia and ads) but the search function is horrible! Most results are from 2 to 4 years old. I regularly see a headline on Bing or Google news from the LA Times and go to this app to read the article — but have a devil of a time finding the it. This even happens when I search for the complete article title?? Maybe they are just trying to simulate how we all once flipping through a newspaper to find something of interest to read. Fix the search and I’ll give it two more stars.
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6 years ago, postit99
Best LA news app, A+
This is my favorite local news app, from one of the most reliable and well-written sources of news. Los Angeles Times has made a remarkable transition to a digital media platform, in a short amount of time, recognizing the need and opportunity in this market for a comprehensive news solution. Thank you for including an unlimited digital subscription with Sunday newspaper service and keep up the great work.
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5 years ago, CaliforniaNice
Really bad bug and horrible tech support
It pains me to have to write this bad review since I like the LA Times. Recently the app has become almost impossible to use. All the hyperlinks are super sensitive and are not bounded by their text. If you scroll through an article, you keep getting thrown to the links. It’s super annoying and makes it really unpleasant to use. I communicated with customer service about this around six times and they were totally 100% useless (I’d use harsher words if it were allowed here). They never put me in touch with tech support, who presumably would be less clueless. LA Times, for goodness sake, get your act together folks.
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1 year ago, bdroye
Can’t get to premium content
Since day one I can’t get to premium content such as funny pages and daily crossword puzzle in user friendly interface that allows me to use keyboard on my device. And the layout in the iOS app (non enewspaper) is overwhelming. The pictures and ledes (I hope that’s the right word) are so gigantic navigating through the articles is a major chore. There must be some significant improvement to this app otherwise I will unsubscribe after the trial period. Also support while responsive is giving me a whole lot of boogie woogie and no resolutions. They told me to contact Apple. Good grief.
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3 years ago, The Slow Motion Tourist
News junkie says skip the LAT app
The L.A. Times has still not developed an iPad app. This is a (still mediocre) iPhone app made big. If, like me, you read your news on a landscape-oriented tablet, the presentation is absurd. The app was updated one week ago, so I downloaded it anew, but it’s the same. I read four newspapers all on my iPad — LAT, NYT, WaPo and WSJ — and this app is by far the worst one. I use a shortcut to the web site instead; not ideal but functional for the front-page stuff. But this app is so bad that I delete it from all my devices just so I don’t open it by mistake.
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Great but
its great except I wish they would make it so the article on the electronic newspaper only opens if you touch a certain spot, not anywhere in the article. Lot of times I like to read the paper in the same form as the physical paper and open the article only if I want. It’s irritating that it too quickly opens by touching anywhere on the article by accident when u don’t want it too.
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5 years ago, Screamer tamer
Recent update nearly unusable
I love the la times. I’ve been reading it for nearly half a century. I prefer reading the enewspaper version rather than the “highlights.” Unfortunately, navigation is a pain. Although the tutorial tells me I can pinch to shrink/expand, in reality I can only expand (except on the pages view, where images remain tiny). I can’t get a “page fill” to scan my paper for articles. The default view means that I miss every article below the fold unless I pinch and hold each page after I swipe. Or, I have to scroll each page top to bottom after I swipe. It doesn’t remember my font size from article to article, either. I received a confirmation of my email complaint, but no improvement. Really, this is a five star newspaper, with a two star experience. The Los Angeles Daily News gets the app experience right, so I know this can be done. Please make this work.
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5 years ago, Capitalism and Freedom
LA Times
LA Times is my go to newspaper for reading the daily news, U.S. News, political news, and world news. I like LA Times so much because they deliver all the aforementioned news types without bias. At LA Times there are no political agendas, outsider agendas, or personal agendas, that take priority over delivering the news in an honestly, promptly, efficiently, and effectively manner. This is why I'll always trust LA Times over other news papers. Thanks LA Times!
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4 years ago, Chase-r
Only the LA Times
I live in Northern California. Sacramento To be exact, the political Capitol of California. So who do I turn to for great journalism coverage of national and local, not the Sacramento Bee. I go to the LA Times. And even tho I’m not local I still enjoy reading local news for LA because I love LA. I have five stars became of their fantastic journalism and the way they cover Washington and California. Keep it up LA Times. You guys are second to none.
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4 years ago, jaxi2
The only screen available to voiceover users is the welcome screen
Traditional paper editions of newspapers are, obviously, not accessible to potential blind subscribers. The opportunity to access news via digital formats on my iPhone & voice over would resolve this issue. Unfortunately, this app is entirely inaccessible as well. .I can’t even sign-up as the app lacks navigation past the welcome screen. i would love the opportunity to read the paper at my convenience just as sighted subscribers can. I will happily acquire a subscription and update this rating should the LA Times choose to update their app to an accessible state! here’s hoping!!
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5 years ago, CoaWarren
Seriously? Unexpected audio in ads
When I sat down this morning to read the LA Times like I do every morning I was shocked to not only find and audio ad coming at me, but also discover it would not turn off even when my phone was in silent. Really LA Times? Who thought this was a good idea? You realize no one is going to appreciate a surprise video ad with sound first thing when they get their day started. Please find more creative ways to save your publication other than making the experience worse for paying customers. Thank you.
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5 years ago, zumagio
LA Times is great, app is terrible
So frustrating. LA Times will not recognize you as having a paid subscription through this app. So when you click on a link, say on Facebook or Twitter, the app will not open to that article. You have to then log in and find that article. Also you get countless emails from LA Times asking you to subscribe to the paper no matter how many times you respond “unsubscribe” (because you are already subscribed through Apple). My suggestion is you subscribe through LA Times’ web site first then download the app.
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5 years ago, ExPatin Midwest
Ex-Pat from OC in Midwest
We spent over 20 years and enjoyed the Times every day. When we moved I subscribed to the digital. Still enjoy the Times and it is a good paper, especially by today’s standards. My pet peeve is the pop up ads and ads in general-the paper is slow to load. Why not an ad free version for a few dollars more? Also, the key to providing value is to maintain a roster of great local columnists. If the Times goes that way I am gone.
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6 years ago, larryba
App has really improved
I was very disappointed with the LA Times up in mid 2017 timeframe but as of summer 2018, I have to say that the app has drastically improved and makes a lot more sense to me. Also the articles that are highlighted when you first go into the app makes sense rather than just what is chronologically most recent which seem to be the way it worked last year. Good job fixing the issues.
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1 year ago, owl<3city
Just eh
The search function is really limited and bad. Even if you have exact headline sometimes articles are just not there. Furthermore, there isn’t an “open in app” button on the mobile site version of any articles. These two things combined make reading a story/article I see mentioned or linked to outside of the app basically impossible. Great reporters and pieces, just wish the app was better
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4 years ago, DavidPabian
This amateurishly “designed” app is one of the worst of any U.S. newspapers. Compare it to those of the N.Y.Times or the (probably best) Washington Post. Way outdated stories lead off the graphically impossible home page, retro by about ten years, not to mention that checking for up-to-date world news usually leads to days-old local sports and other meaningless tabloid events. At the time of this review Catalonia is being ripped apart by riots, covered in almost real time by the papers mentioned above, and the top story in this app is “Ed Buck was known for his abrasive behavior.” As the once-great L.A.T. sinks into irrelevance, this app was dead and buried on launch.
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5 years ago, Ltbesq
Content good. Digital platform awful
Of all of the paid subscriptions I have LA Times is the most aggravating. It repeatedly refuses to recognize my paid subscription, esp. when using a link from social media or the web. Customer service is a joke. They just shrug and say, oh well, just log in. It won’t log in. Then it is “oh you but this through a third party.” I pay LAT with Apple pat. That is a third party provider now? Just dumb. Too bad, bc its a good paper. But I may have to stop subscribing if they can’t fix this problem ongoing for a year.
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6 years ago, PriusFan
Unlimited digital access? Not!
Although I pay for unlimited digital access, I regularly get error messages telling me that I’ve reached my monthly limit of free articles. The only solution seems to be logging on and off several times until the system resets itself. The help desk people send me the same boilerplate message each time I contact them, which indicates that others are having the same problem. It’d be better for them to fix the problem, rather than telling customers to solve it.
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6 years ago, otterman
Ads in a paid app!
Update: So I tried the app again after 2 years, but thanks to the ever-present ads and one of the worst and most arrogant privacy polices I’ve ever read, I’m really done. Update: Now - or maybe for awhile; I rarely use it anymore - the app launches your browser whether you tap an ad or not, and I most definitely did not. Great way to draw in subscribers. Not! I'm done with LAT. Not cool. I detest advertising and would pay a fee rather than use an ad-supported free version. So this was an unwelcome surprise. I'd even pay a reasonable subscription rate rather than have to look at ads. Bad move, LAT.
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