LAMP Words For Life

3.8 (65)
1410.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Prentke Romich Company
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for LAMP Words For Life

3.83 out of 5
65 Ratings
5 years ago, MrsJoannaG
Low volume
My son loves this app but the volume is kinda low. Today I put it on maximum volume but could barely hear him while driving. It’s fine if your at home with no noise otherwise it’s difficult to hear. Please fix.
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1 year ago, Darth_Squatch78654213
Very Frustrated Today
It seems as though the app settings and customizations do not backup with iCloud backup. Grabbed my sons device today for school and noticed the app had disappeared off the iPad (weird because it’s always in guided access to prevent things like that happening). Reinstalled the app and none of our custom buttons/icons were there. I restored the iPad from a previous cloud back up and still the app was back to original status. We lost months of custom button and phrase building because we thought the iCloud backup would protect us against lost data. Incredibly frustrating and disheartening, my wife was almost in tears. Please make the app settings and customizations backup with iCloud backup. Just for piece of mind.
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1 year ago, Dedicated lamp user
Lag time
Great app when it works…however there is a lag problem in the app that causes too much time in between pushing a button and then the voice speaking the word button or to go to a new screen. I can’t seem to find any way to contact the developer to fix the problem. The link to report problem takes user to an error page.
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4 years ago, Henrys's.DAD
When it works, it’s great.
When the app works, it’s great. It gives my son a voice. When it doesn’t (quiet common lately) it robs him of his voice. Current issues: - randomly swaps vocabulary - freezes on vocabulary screen - freezes on main screen - allows one selection then freezes These aren’t just, occasional “restart the app” fixes. These are recurring on a daily basis, and I’ve spent hours upon hours attempting to fix this for my son to enable him to communicate with a voice. This is easily a 5 star app, but considering the fact that some days we can’t even utilize the app, it’s barely worthy of 1 star. I’m giving it 2 stars because he’s so happy to be able to communicate when it is working.
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6 years ago, Fhgjfhgjjffk
Love this app
Recommend a bilingual voice. For example one that can say English and Spanish words in same sentence. That being said the Spanish vocabulary is a wonderful addition. Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, Mykidarestars
Great AAC
Great app. My nonverbal autistic son now has a voice, he’ll even study the app on his own. Also there is plenty of room to add new words and to customize it to your child.
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7 years ago, Roses and Lace
This App is wonderfully constructed. I like its set up, ease of use, and the ability to personalize! However,the main draw back is that for a 12 year old, the app's vocabulary is severely lacking. There are not enough words. (For example the words blueberry and coyote are not in the vocabulary along with other words.) And even though you can program them into the App, there are often not appropriate pictures to go with the words. (For example the word "sun" has over 10 symbols while the word "blueberry" does not have a symbol.) As a busy family we often do not have the time to program the amount of words and pictures needed for our 12 year old into the device.
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5 years ago, bcdtiknfd
Great for our daughter
Our school uses this, and after years of indecision we finally took the leap! We are very pleased with the improved communication we have with her. She has a partial trisomy 18
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1 year ago, Mom of Sara
Word prediction not working
At some point today the word prediction feature stopped working on both iPads we have this app installed on. The settings are all correct and no changes were made. Is this the result of an update? If so PLEASE FIX!! It’s a crucial feature in my daughter’s usage of the app!
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1 year ago, Theyluvxxxlauren
Not compatible with iPhone
Please make this compatible with iPhone. Many times it is desperately needed when traveling or in a pinch.
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6 years ago, Faithjx
Love this app!
I love how this app has helped my son communicate and I love the amount of customization available.
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1 year ago, Toomanysteps307
No receipt for purchase
Our insurance will only cover if we bought first. But, we weren’t sent a receipt for payment so I can’t get reimbursed from insurance
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4 weeks ago, Lisablueeyes96
Once you paid for an app, that should be it! Users should NOT be penalized for needing to remove an app and reinstall it again! That is robbery!!!! I enjoy using LAMP, but I WILL NOT TOLERATE being billed every time I reinstall it!
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9 years ago, Happy fan!
Core vs. fringe vocab
We like this app. We've had it for about one month. I like the setup. It is user-friendly compared to other apps we've tried. I like that the buttons on the original page can't be changed/moved around like in other apps. It helps the child memorize the placement of the buttons, so less frustration. However, you do have the option of customizing. I appreciate that this app is intuitive and we've been able to use it across settings. There's a website you can subscribe to for supplemental lessons to help with learning and using the app. It's $84 for a year. The lessons aren't that helpful and the pictures are outdated. There are free resources on the AAC lab website though that support the app with tips and suggestive activities. Last year iTunes offered this app half off on Autism Awareness Day.
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9 years ago, Julie7105
Lacking Important Support Documentation/Help Screens
The success of this app relies heavily on the user’s ability to customize it by programming the app. Unfortunately, there is not a users’ manual available for the app—only a “Quick Start Guide” with scant information. This then becomes an exercise in frustration as one slogs through a trial and error method of programming, spending considerable amounts of time on a learning curve that could have been eliminated by a useful manual or even a help screen with a search field. Even though you have already paid $300, you are welcome to spend more time and money on online training or spend additional money on a “premium support” option. As the parent of a special needs child, I really don’t have time for that! For $300, I would think an online download of a decent .pdf users’ manual would be included. Even my new $300 television, which involves less programming, came with more support documentation than this app.
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10 years ago, Mom the professional
Great Communication App
My daughter was introduced to this app 8-10 months ago. With the exception of a few word approximations, she is nonverbal and communicates using sign language. While she still uses sign language, the range of her communication is expanding daily now that we are using LAMP. We are lucky to have a great team at school. Her SLP specializes in augmentative communication devices- she did research and trials before landing on LAMP. The LAMP system must be understood for it to be implemented with fidelity and for one to appreciate the research-based design that, in addition to being an AAC device, fosters language and vocabulary development.
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10 years ago, jaimewvu
Develops language - not just a "talker"
We have this app for our 5 year old who has fragile X syndrome and apraxia, and it has been really great for him. It is well worth the money as he uses it every day as his primary communication device. It is intuitive, and every word is no more than 3 taps away, unlike a LOT of other apps. It doesn't just talk for him, it is developing language by teaching him sentence structure, and it really works on his motor planning. He has gotten so much more verbal since starting to use this app, and I am very thankful to his SLP for introducing it to us!
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12 years ago, toastypony
Nine year old Daughter uses vantage light and being able to access her language on an iPad is dream come true. If your child is not using this software, I recommend attending a PRC "how to use" training for a device. I thought only teachers and slp could attend, not so. They also have good online manuals too,It is very time consuming,well worth it. We have already started to create her own vocabulary menu importing pictures from the iPad gallery. Well worth the cost..thank you, thank you for finally making this app.
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11 years ago, Blaze1596
Good, but not a vantage lite.
Pros: My son uses it. It doesn't get better than that. Cons: 4. Icons. Some of the icons are different. My son hesitated at first with the new icons. He knew the sequence, but the icon threw off his confidence. I went back to change them to the same Vantage icons. 3. The blanks. On the Vantage Lite, the blank buttons take you back home. Nothing happens on the app. I need to go back and create blank buttons that navigate to the home page. Sounds weird, but my son is use to it like that. 2. Not all, but a lot of buttons are moved around in different places. Why? I thought I understood the concept of motor planning, but after going from a Vantage Lite to LAMP WFL... I'm confused. I went in and moved the buttons back to the Vantage Lite spots. 1. The volume. The voice output. This is huge to me as a parent. My son will be in the backseat of the car with his iPad and all of this motor planning is useless if I cannot hear him. The volume is fine in a quite room, but the real world is loud. My son's preference is LAMP, but if I don't hear him after two or three attempts, he goes back to his Proloquo2go. He can speak his mind through both apps, but the volume on Proloquo2go will get my attention every time which my son needs. My son does not need a AAC app with a low volume output. If he does start to verbally speak, he could mimic the same low volume output essentially whispering. I don't want my son to whisper, I want him to talk. Overall I had to make a lot of changes. I feel like the app was rushed. I've spent months making Proloquo2go work like a Vantage Lite. I got close, but not perfect. Options for speech rate and voice personalization would be useful so the user can learn to speak clearly and slowly. Proloquo2go has these options and that app costs less.
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7 years ago, firebrand
Speech Volume is low
We currently have an Accent 1000 using full LAMP 84 words that our non verbal son has used to ask for basic request. We purchased this app as a temporary substitute while the Accent 1000 is out for maintenance. I found this app to be more intutitive to setup than the Accent but that might be due to the fact that I knew what to look for. My biggest concern for this app is that the volume is too low even with our iPad turned all the way up. With three other very verbal children, we can't hear our son make requests.
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7 years ago, KristinColeman
Happy with this app
My son is 4 1/2 and is non verbal, my friend recommended this app, I'm so glad that she did, it took a while to learn this app and set up the page but once we got it set up and figured how we used it, we r are very happy with this app. My son learned it fast, now he's telling me on what he wants. It just like the ACC device.... we call it his talker!!!! I'm very very happy!!!!
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11 years ago, USGGrad
Voice Speed Fixed
I wrote a review several months ago re: the speed of the voice. The developer called me at home and several weeks later a fix was made. I am truly greatful for the fix! My daughter has been using the app for several months and we are really pleased with her progress.
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7 years ago, SLP Out And About
Love this App
The efficiency of vocabulary organization helps our students and families participate in group activities quickly and in their own words. We use the Word Lists and Vocabulary Builder all the time to practice and then turn it off to explore and expand to other similar words.
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12 years ago, Shannon SLP
I am now at peace with trying iPads as communication devices with this app. I do have some issues with slow loading icons and crashing on first generation iPads. I am willing to put up with the bugs to have an app which supports core vocabulary and motor planning.
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11 years ago, AAC Girl
As an SLP/AAC specialist, I'm thrilled to see this app on the iPad! This is from one of the leading companies in the industry. It takes a little practice to learn the LAMP system, but once one does, it opens up a new world for AAC users. Thank you, PRC!
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8 years ago, Joe Jo 14
Make it available to use on phone !
My son is autistic and we love the App but he wanted to put it on his phone so he wouldn't have to take his iPad everywhere and it's not available to download for phones . Very disappointing since we paid so much money for the App !
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12 years ago, Ga_Doc
Been waiting for this for a long time. Worth the wait. Worth the cost.
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7 years ago, It's missing!
Tell other why you loved this place.
Stars 5
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11 years ago, Darl49
No Voice
No one can figure it out. We can not get any voice on the program. All other programs have volume on the ipad accept LAMP. No support either accept email!
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9 years ago, Sld_snk
Do not update!
Latest update reset everything on my sons ipad. Now we have to redo months of work setting specific words for him!
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4 years ago, Just speech
What happened to Word Finder
I use WFL with several students. It is a great app, but for two months the word finder has not worked. I tried to contact support, but an error occurred and I could not send it. Fix the word finder please. It’s really helpful...
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