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User Reviews for Lansing State Journal

4.36 out of 5
1K Ratings
3 years ago, Reading News
A good source for local news
I subscribe to several newspapers. All are digital subscriptions. What had been missing from my morning papers was local news LSJ provides this in a very good app and alerts that I can easily tailor to my interests.
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6 years ago, TurnerBurner69
Good app but no mention of subscription requirement!
I downloaded this thinking the $1 would be all that’s needed however after a couple articles I am now locked out from viewing any more unless I subscribe for $7.99 a month. I was planning on actually paying for a subscription (as the content is usually good enough) until I was forced to and I found out how overpriced it is. I guess I’ll just continue using add blocker and reading online. You lost a customer here and will continue losing add revenue due to add blocker! Too bad I actually enjoyed the LSJ.
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3 years ago, MrHudson
Wanted to like it but it wouldn’t recognize my subscription
I wanted to support my local newspaper so I purchased a subscription using the website. I have the online digital only subscription. I installed this app logged in and probably was asked to restore my subscription at which point the whole thing just freezes. Not sure why it doesn’t work but I think I need to cancel.
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4 years ago, Brundie
Cannot unsubscribe!
Once they get you signed up it’s darn near impossible to unsubscribe. If you call the 1-800 number, which is outsourced, they’ll say it’ll take a few days but it never gets done. However, I do enjoy the news at my fingertips but when I want my subscription cancelled I don’t want to go through unnecessary changes to have it done. I’m still currently trying! Update: Six months later and they are still sending me a bill and I first cancelled in January, not to mention numerous times afterwards. They should do better.
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1 year ago, Andrew.drewsdream
Ok app, more problems with content.
The app has a few bugs pop up from time to time but the biggest problems are with subscription price and extremely scammy ads it allows to be shown, quite surprising for a company that supposedly is all about trust and responsibility. Like anyone cannot see that and ad for an actress that is falling apart is pure click bait. So what else is going to happen to our devices if we interact further with this app? Not trustworthy at all!!!
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1 year ago, duane_kevin
Should Get Better Delivery Drivers and the Circulation Manager Should be Fured
I thought I would give them one last try, reinstated my subscription and ask that the paper be put on my porch. No paper was delivered for 3 days. Call in my complaint, and the issue was not resolved. No paper. Called to cancel, and was promised a full refund. No refund. To staff members of LSJ, you maybe losing your job because a delivery driver can not follow directions and a circulation manager who doesn’t give a crap.
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3 years ago, Nivek74
Terrible Customer Service
App does not acknowledge my paid digital subscription. Three calls to customer service and a supervisors return call that never came, and I still do not have full access to the app.
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3 years ago, Not Reading the Journal
Would like to read, but keep being cancelled,
Three times my delivery has been stopped with no notice. They have given a variety of reasons, but none make sense since they have an active credit card and were withdrawing automatically from my bank account prior to the cancellations. Now they have cut off my digital access. Then I complained recently I was told that someone would call me. That was two days ago! What is up. Lucky I love to read Graham Couch!
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3 years ago, Triscuit1
Terrible and Maddening!
I have been trying for a few weeks now to easily access the e-edition via the app. The various bugs and hindrances have made it impossible. Today was a new one, requiring a password although I was already signed in and just not responding to the password entry at all. I’m done. Canceling and not coming back. I don’t need to start every day angry and frustrated after fighting with the app for 10 minutes or more so I can read the newspaper.
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2 years ago, 0rb1t~1
No content
I have purchased the app and yet I still get you must subscribe. I contacted customer support and was told to uninstall/reinstall. I did this and get the same result. I updated my account password, same result. I tried closing everything and power cycling. Now I get the timer just spinning away and I can not cancel. This app needs some serious attention.
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3 years ago, vakaran 46
Handy app for local news
I’m enjoying having access to updated news on demand. We also get physical Sunday newspaper which I’ve missed for the past few years. Glad to be back
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1 year ago, mike frush
Notifications window
There’s a window that pops up after about 5 minutes on the app that asks if you want to turn on notifications. Freezes the screen. You have to close the app and restart it to keep reading. It’s self-defeating for the LSJ.
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1 year ago, Fix or Close
The worst paper in America.
This paper is only recycled news. Often you will see stories in the Detroit Free Press days before you see them in the LSJ. They don’t update stories and in fact have very few new stories daily. Frankly I try to support the local paper but the truth is the local paper does not support the local community. It appears they are only concerned about managing their decline.
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3 years ago, Realpennifer
App hijacks my browser! And so much paid “news”
Using it on iOS 13.6.1 on an iPhone X The app works well with my paid subscription and lets me read the articles I’m interested in reading. However. When I am in Safari, going about my non LSJ business, the app somehow hijacks Safari and rolls through multiple repeating screens of the last article I read in the app. Sometimes it won’t let me navigate anywhere else in Safari. And generally speaking about the LSJ content, there is way way too much sponsored/paid “news” that gets in the way of reading actual LSJ-produced coverage. I understand the economic reason for this but it is annoying nevertheless.
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2 years ago, Sharon Shrink
LSJ on the rebound
I am enjoying my digital subscription to LSJ. I get the stories that I want to read. I don’t have to run outside to pick up the paper. The Journal is trying to improve their journalism quality.
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2 years ago, DJones68
Found I didn't have time to read the print edition. The app supplies all the news I need! Easy to navigate and the stories are relevant to my needs.
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2 months ago, vrbjrmk
I often have trouble opening the app. It asks me to sign in, but sometimes doesn’t accept my password. Today I have fuzzy hard to read type with no simple way to fix it. I hope to log in again and get a sharp view. I’m using an iPad.
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4 years ago, Poncho monstrout
Pretty good but can’t stop sports notifications
Even though Sports is not checked under the Notifications setting within the app, I am still constantly bombarded with sports updates. Drives me batty! Can’t access my account information!
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5 years ago, Jon Musolf
Quick access to local news.
I appreciate the ability to access local and state news readily.
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2 years ago, Baxter 57
Graham & Company
I'm a former Lansing resident living in Plymouth. I subscribed to the LSJ to read Graham Couch, a superb sports and occasional public interest writer. What I found was a great paper to keep me up on MSU and Lansing news. Keep up the great work!
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3 years ago, mariecurie2019
Great news source
LSJ is essential for keeping up to date on everything happening in the area
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10 months ago, Remmie29
My main news source
The app is very fluid connected, fall, encompassing, enriched news
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2 years ago, NLFMike
My local paper
I appreciate that they have some good reporters who look behind the curtain
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1 year ago, Dickersonlake
Cant get e-edition
Have called several times, cannot get e-edition on iphone. Nobody seems to have solution when I call. 😢
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4 years ago, Peepers24
Good writing
The local stories are in depth and well researched. Well written. Cost was prohibitive for paper delivery any more other than Sunday.
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3 years ago, Akwktvlr
The app does not contain up-to-date articles. The newest item in the "Life" section is 4 days old. The new html option is not legible. The e-book version keeps directing me to download iBooks, which is irritating since I already have iBooks. I am a paid subscriber and I'm about to cancel because of this terrible app.
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2 years ago, Maggie & Me
Temporary stop your subscription delivery
Can’t find anywhere to do this online. Is the only way to stop delivery for a period of time is my iPhone
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1 year ago, smer10s
If I could give it zero stars, I would…..
App is horrible. Been a subscriber for years. Over the past couple of months, I cannot access subscriber content. Still getting charged through 6/3. Done afterwards. Will tell everyone I know of the difficulties.
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1 year ago, befudied
Don’t mess with what isn’t broke
I am considering canceling my subscription as I can’t find the areas of the paper, and the USA today that I could easily find using the index before! I don’t know why you do this!
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4 years ago, Will440
It keeps in touch with our special city. Well written.
Enough said.
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6 years ago, Bsk888
Great way to get my news!!
This is a great way to get my news. I have not had any issues with the app. what so ever.
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1 year ago, Hootenanniesc
A good read
Really good to keep up on lansing area news
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2 years ago, JoeDubb151
App is Terrible
The app suddenly won’t acknowledge my paid subscription, and I can’t access articles. I have to access LSJ stories through my browser. This is jut one of MANY problems I’ve had with the LSJ app throughout my subscription.
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2 years ago, JdeJL
Up to the hilt in accuracy… Always current. Always the truer news. Great app. Excellent name.
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4 years ago, AldyLights
Great content and experience
Worth every penny for my subscription!
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10 months ago, Taxisteco
Signs me out
For some reason I now have to sign in everytime the app updates. Very annoying.
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12 months ago, Benny boypppp
Cannot sign in
I have a two year subscription and was logged out for some reason and when I try to sign in it just goes back to the sign in screen. (Yes I know my password and sign in)
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5 years ago, bigdog9586
Not great
Why is it that some pages are blurry until you go forward or backward a few pages then return? Less problem with Free Press. Now USA Today shows up but won’t load.
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8 months ago, Norterer
Too stale
There is very limited updating of this app. Old news often continues to be published on line for several days then apoears in the print edition.
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4 years ago, Thewed
Great source for local and national information!!!
The price is fair also...
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6 years ago, Rainbow reviews
Pop up adds!!
All of a sudden video ads just pop up full screen while reading, not even touching the screen. You close it and it just pops up again and again. Never used to do this. Annoying!!!!!
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3 years ago, Brtphome
Lansing State Journal‘s app
Lansing State Journal is an excellent source of information. I truly enjoy using their app on a daily basis
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3 years ago, Gliet
This is an important local resource.
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3 years ago, Mesa3578643257
Settings and password management is bad
Good app for reading the paper. Horrible app for passwords and account management. Passwords don’t match between the web and the app. Can’t see when promotional trials expire or how much you are paying per month.
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3 years ago, 2Days late
I believe your app with current news is always a day or two late... I try to find the latest scores for basketball or any sports and nothing until 2-3 days later...
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3 years ago, Essie Kay
I pay for a subscription but I can only read it in a browser. The app reports an error anytime I try to sign in
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4 years ago, Ralldurai
Auto play ads with sound
I pay for a subscription and each story is now accompanied by auto playing ads with the sound on. Terrible app
Show more
1 year ago, steln
Sam Celentino
The site is hard to operate and I am a subscriber. I played wordjumble every day and now nothing. You are going to go under with the site like this.
Show more
3 years ago, SWTHOG
Doesn’t work with IOS 14
Crashes after opening screen. Remove and reinstall gives same results.
Show more
9 months ago, Tyson 12345
I have repeatedly called, emailed, disputed bill after 2 yrs of trying to cancel with no luck. They continue to charge me monthly. Not sure how to resolve this
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