Laser Pointer for Cat

3.5 (591)
102.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Astrologic Games LTDA
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Laser Pointer for Cat

3.5 out of 5
591 Ratings
3 years ago, 🤍addison🤍
This App was Amazing!
I used this laser pointer app for my 1 year old domestic cat and she getting closer to my phone to get the laser dot! I like the fact that on this app, when the cat touches the laser dot, it changes colors! Overall I think this app is amazing and I would recommend for other cat owners!
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3 years ago, zenfrodo
Great app, but YMMV
(YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary) All apps like this depend on your cat & what they're like. My youngest kitty went NUTS over the laser setting on this, especially since the Red Dot made a noise & acted "caught" when she batted at it. This kitty ignores all other games like this: fish? Forget it. Wiggly bugs? Don't bother. But she immediately perked up and pawed/clawed/scrabbled at the screen to get The Red Dot. Our other kitties? Ignored it. But one of them loves a similar app that uses fish & bugs; our middle girl will watch apps like this, fascinated, but won't play. Our oldest boy? It's all beneath him. So this app gets high marks for giving our little girl fun. If your cat doesn't like it, don't give up on cat apps -- try another setting, or another game with different graphics. Once you see your kitty light up with MUST CATCH THAT NOWNOWNOW, you'll be grinning gor the rest of the day.
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3 years ago, carter howard
I was looking for laser apps for my cat and saw this one had good reviews, so I got it. I got this, found my cat and put it infront of her. At first she was sniffing it and didn’t really know what to do at first. But after a few minutes she started hitting the screen and had fun!! Then I got the lady bug one and she acted the same!!!! This app is amazing and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an app like this!!!👍🐱🐱🔴
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4 years ago, becboo83
Ok my dog loves it
I don’t have a cat but I have a dog and he...well...LOVES IT! So omg thank you SO much for this app! Oh and my dog begs me to get this app out when I’m on my iPad so ya he loves this app and he is 11! But the update stoped him from playing and it’s very slow so I mean.. can u get the fast laser back my dog loves the fast one so please can u my dog won’t even look at it any more. Please or I’m deleting this. Thank you!!!!!! (But I still love chasing it)
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4 years ago, Marsonhawk
What the!!
I don’t do reviews even though I should as I rely on the heavily. I will give this app a little more of a chance but I’m inclined to think the star rating reflected on the App Store is inaccurate. It doesn’t even entice you first before inundating us with, do this solitaire 30 second thing, alright...skip! Choose a laser image then, do this puzzle, skip puzzle, oops, you can’t skip that one otherwise you loose your reward! Give me an option and I’ll just throw a few bucks to ‘hope it works’! Wowsers!
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2 years ago, weeeeeeee Dies
I like it it’s nice
I got this game because I grew out of my allergic reaction to cats my mom said that we could get a cat once I do a lot of allergy test but I got this game if we ever got a cat just to see if it works but anyway I think it’s nice it was like mini games you can play
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3 months ago, catlover1225674
I literally can’t get this away from my kitten
I downloaded this app and I taught my kitten how to use it. She totally loves it now and has 33 points in total. The backgrounds are great and the app totally works as it should. I can’t get it away from my kitten!!!
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9 months ago, LackZmeme
It’s fine
People may have a cat or dog that likes or hates it my cat does play with it so I would give it 3 but not 5 because all animals have different personalities and it not the best app and who's reading this should have a great day!
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4 years ago, ToasteCat
I was ready to find a new way to entertain my cat on the screen, but when I actually found the dot option, it was slow and barely noticeable, she didn’t even take a glance. I feel like this isn’t a pet + owner game, and more of a game for YOU to play if you’re really bored, unlike what’s advertised. Though, if you really wanted to play a game like this, so be it. But don’t get it for your animal/cat, you’ll be disappointed.
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4 years ago, Game Boy ADVANCED
I got this app to try to get my cat to eat my sliced bread but it wasn’t effective on him. However this app was very effective on me. This app is so entertaining, Every night I sit in my bed until 12:00 and stare at the laser moving around. I’m so addicted. I am now a true follower, thank you.
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2 years ago, nenenenenebeqhcjfjfh
My cat and I never got to play this game. Because of all the ads you have to get through cat lost interest and decided looking out the window was more fun.
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2 years ago, heblehe
My cat was chasing the reflection on my phone instead of the red dot I think he is broken it was funny the app helped the reflection so 5 stars
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4 years ago, Ellie232323
This is so cool 😎
My cat loves this game he plays it nonstop and it is so fun to watch him!😍😀😊🥰 I also sometimes play it myself it sometimes it sounds weird but it is kinda satisfying and fun. 😋😀 And it is not just the laser pointer game there is the Cat Run and Cat Vs Rabbit. So fun!🥳
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1 year ago, jsjshshshahs
Amazing for your cats!
Awesome game! My two kittens love this! They have been playing with this for around 30 minutes so far!
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3 years ago, Nachoz327
My cats LOVE it
My cats are having a lot of fun with this game so I like it too but one of my cats is not having a lot of fun with this game but my other cats are having a lot of fun with this game
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4 years ago, Mvs12345
Ads every two seconds
There is an add before you do anything and after.. gets super annoying quickly
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4 years ago, crf198
Uses A LOT of background battery
It used up 70% of my brand new iPads battery in less than 12 hours.....from background activity. My screen was off all day and I was at work. Kinda uncool. Will be trying other laser cat games although this was my go to one. My cats like the fish ones a lot also
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4 years ago, heebeejeeboepeewee
My cat is a little older and not as playful, we dont have a laser or atleast know where one is. But I dont have any issues, this app is great for him! Sometimes he might not paw it, but he loves to stare at it!! haha
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3 years ago, Eden Rosee
The Best Cat App!
My cat LOVED this app! I used the mouse and the grass and she won’t stop playing it! I took the phone away so i could use it and she was mad at me!!!😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, sebascabrera1186
Kinda nice :)
So I tried doing it in my aunts cat but it’s not working but the cat meows. After that HE LOVES IT! the cat did not let me use a single thing in my iPad because of the game :) GREATES APP EVER!
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2 years ago, Toe Beans 5
Too Many Ads
Every time you change or select something new you have to watch at least two adds per change. Each ad is 30 seconds in length. Not worth my time. If you like watching adds by all means download.
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3 years ago, sammysue1122
I was looking for a game and this came up. I started to cry because I remember downloading this game for my lost cat. I miss him sm
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4 years ago, fye as 🥵🥵
Yeah I mean sure
I thought it was actually going to be a laser but yeah no it was just a laser on the phone but my dog still played with it.
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4 years ago, Cammysixx
Ad cancer
Downloaded to try it out. I had to click past 5 ads to get through the setup screen before giving up. Screw this app and the person who made an ad delivery vehicle that doesn’t even pretend to offer any content in exchange for viewing some ads.
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3 years ago, KaseyWolff
Ad generator
Couldn’t get the game to play because the ads keep popping up. I have no idea if my cats would like it or not because we can never get to the point of the game.
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11 months ago, add temperature
Good but only one thing
My cousins cat only likes the color red
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2 months ago, Ruby Aultman
Not really good
When I first downloaded this app I thought that my cats would love it. Apparently they don’t. They didn’t even flinch they just sat there staring at it. So I kept on changing it too see if they would play but they didn’t.
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3 years ago, Pa_Medic
Needs Work
Great App,Paid To Remove Ads Right Away,But Something Needs To Be Done With The Cat Hits Something Wrong,and It Goes Back To The Home Screen..My Kitten Likes The Butterfly,Buy Keeps Hitting Something Going Back To The Home Screen..Fix That and I'll Add Stars
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3 years ago, ditty doobug
Thanks a lot
Now my cat keeps attacking my phone
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4 years ago, GaminNRap
It works!
My cat really loves this app, he plays it for hours on end without stopping!
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2 years ago, kimberyoun
Waste of time
I spent 10 mins getting through pop up ads only to have a boring red dot on the screen NOT a laser pointer.
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4 years ago, Lumanorca
Don’t waste your time with this absurd app.
I thought was a pointer laser to play with my cat. It’s an stupid game for cats can play with my phone. I just don’t want to give my phone to my cat. It’s ridiculous do that. 5 minutes and deleted. Don’t waste your time with this absurd app.
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2 years ago, gbjacob
Ugh!! Sad car owner
So, I downloaded this because I thought you had a variety of color pointers. Wrong! It just has a red pointer and you have to buy or share to use the other pointers. Not worth it!
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3 years ago, YouTuber Dakota
Love the app
It helps me do my plans with my cat like now lol
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1 year ago, Wanderinglord
Just ads
It takes 6 ads to get the actual game to start an you have to wait 30 seconds on each. Deleting this garbage
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4 years ago, Satibogurl sat
There is another app that is for dogs and is the same exact thing. I think it’s this one or the other app that is a copy but I won’t get the other one so please be aware of the other app.
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5 months ago, Pinkaboolilly
Ad after ad after ad
So many ads I couldn’t figure out how to use it because one after another kept popping up.
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3 years ago, hohfiyljvkhdul
Just stares and chews
Me cat just stares and chews on my phone 📱🐱 And all he likes is the sound. IDK why. It’s weird.
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4 years ago, 👁❤️🐷s
my cat wont even look at my phone when i use this and show it to him🙄 i like to play it my self but to be honest it could be improved A LOT
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3 years ago, 🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨#I heart koalas!
Not a lazer toy for cats
This is so dumb. I thought this app would be fun to use for my cat but it is just a game. Like who is gonna play this? Anyways a very poor app and I will never recommend or play this again.
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11 months ago, Someonewholovesthesegames
Cat didn't even try
My cat didn't even do anything she just walked away but it is still kinda fun for me she was kind of scared of it and she just staired at it for less than a minute
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1 year ago, animalcat
Ads, ads, ads, and maybe eventually a game
Expect to go though minutes (plural) of ads before the game even begins. Not worth my time.
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3 years ago, Dumping this app
Couldn’t get past the ads
No idea if this app is any good. I couldn’t get past all the ads. And the ads I saw were more obnoxious than most. Deleting.
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1 year ago, miradawnp
My bird lost interest before I could even get it started. I had to watch two 27 second adds before I could even do anything.
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3 years ago, krazykatlady1981
Too many ads
Useless app. Too many ads to have to get thru before U can even get to the actual game. Deleted immediately.
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4 years ago, paige k bug
Game is not a laser to play with you’re cat
So I got this game I thought it was a actually laser because my real laser is broken and so I thought I could seriously play with my cat and no READ my review before you get this game like no joke.
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3 years ago, maya ber
Not good
I thoughtThat it would be like an actual laser coming out but it’s just on your phone nothing comes out it’s not that good😑🙁☹️😡😡😡
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3 years ago, Waminperu
Doesn’t work
I tried it with my cat and he just attacked the iPad itself instead of the laser.
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3 months ago, Aimhelix
All ads. Don’t bother.
Loaded with ads that take over your screen fooling users into clicking. Stars at 0 if I could.
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2 years ago, Titolo09
It doesn’t work at all. I couldn’t use it a single time. All I got was adds after adds. I uninstalled it. I yourself a favor and avoid this crap.
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