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User Reviews for Laugh My App Off - Funny Jokes

4.66 out of 5
22.6K Ratings
2 years ago, gvx799
HILARIOUS!! Devs plz read!
This is HILARIOUS! put on your ventilator cause you can’t breath with laughter! This is so funny you need to get this I have an Apple Watch and I go to these jokes every day! And don’t worry about premium you can still do a LOT without premium but these are the best jokes ever! I totally recommend this to everyone but get ready for numbing laughter cuz this is SO AWESOME AND HILARIOUS! If I could do 6 stars iwould! Heck I would go up to TEN STARS! This app is so funny recommend this to anybody! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😂😂😂⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ P.S: developers please after a little while I look on my Apple Watch and read these jokes but some are long and don’t fit on the screen and at the end it shows the … sign and I don’t know how to read all of it so if you can respond to my review please do! If there is a way to read it please respond and tell me if not please update the app and have it have smaller print or have a way to go to it. Please respond developers!
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1 year ago, Juju sparkles
Awesome App!
I would totally recommend this app. It is 100% optional if you want to make in game purchases, and when you open the it will ask for you to pay, so if you don’t want to you can click the X in the top left corner. If you don’t want to have a a plain yellow screen but you can’t pay for premium, you can watch a 30 second add and then create your own background or pick from any of your photos. Once you’re in the app, you can scroll the jokes and send them to your friends and add them to collections by clicking the upload symbol underneath the joke. You can also like the jokes by clicking the heart and the app will figure out what type of jokes you may be interested in. Over all, I give this app 5 huge stars. The app is 100% free, unless you want to pay for premium. The jokes are so funny!
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3 years ago, sonrisa arquitecto
Proceed with extreme caution!! If you got lucky to get at least one of their apps, you knew immediately that there was something special about the developers. The minds that are as sharp as the razors, the individual imaginations that move mountains when get combined... After getting four of their highly acclaimed motivational and powerfully educational apps, I thought they had reached the limit of the humanly possible creativity, until... Until I downloaded this mesmerizingly addictive, instincts numbing, facial muscles paralyzing, stomach spasming app! I am warning you: Please, be careful! If you have something important to do- do it first! Your hands will shake with every joke in convulsing ,unstoppable laugh!! This inimitable collection is so good- you would regret you didn't get it sooner! Did you wake up in the bad mood this morning?? Open the app immediately! After three jokes, you will not need the energizing breakfast! The ability to create your own mixes, the wonderful themes, the incredible interface and THE MOST EXEMPLARY APP SUPPORT- all justify the cost of the subscription in a heartbeat! To the Developers: You are categorically THE BEST! Well done! Bravo!! Thanks!!
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3 years ago, ・ᘺ・
so like a normal person i thought this could be a good app to have and i am a riddle lover so i thought there could be riddles in this game... ofc there are riddles but its for premium, everything else premium, even themes that dont matter are for premium and it costs money which practically nobody wants to do. i looked at other reviews and barely any say things about advertising their own games but let me say every time i open the game it says to download their games, every time i open or scroll down to see another joke it advertises their games, every time i scroll up to see my past jokes it advertises their games, whenever i try to change the theme or look at my favorite jokes it advertises their game! like cmon nobody wants to know about any of your other games for the millionth time! its fine if you advertise it after like 10 but after every joke!? and some people when they close it out it is obvious that they don't want to know about your other games and just want to play this game its either stop advertising your games or don't advertise your games frequently like i said maybe after at least 10 jokes it even looks like the developers only responded to the people who put a perfect review and they don't care about the reviews that say what this game needs, these reviews can make these apps better...
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3 years ago, Lexi.C.
😂👌 I love this app
This app not only makes me laugh daily but it also is fun to decorate the background and scroll down. I’m kind of young so my parents didn’t let me have any social media’s but this app makes me feel like I do have all the socials and all the jokes are soooo funny! I also love the fact I can put it on a widget to decorate my Home Screen. I can also send all these jokes to my friends and I can even make my own jokes to share with everyone! But the best part is, that I get notifications of jokes so I don’t have to go to the app and just keep scrolling because when I feel sad it can automatically just popped up and it makes me feel a lot more better!
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3 years ago, AnyoneButBen
I spend, too much time on this app😂… I am constantly going to my family telling them that I just found a new joke and I wanted to show them. I think it’s great… and you made it so that you can add your own!… quick question tho… are others able to see them? Over all tho… I think it’s a great app if you are wanting quick laughs, this should be one of your go tos… or if you want a long laugh where your sitting there laughing your app off (see what I did there?😏) then go and decide to tell someone it and they look at you like your a weird person who has a very unique sense of humor.
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2 years ago, cutie1116
I enjoy this app
This app makes me laugh which recently I’ve been needing. It’s got really good jokes and really lame ones too. If you heart the ones you like, it will learn what you want and give you what you want. Some jokes do have bad words and I’m a kid (year from middle school)and can’t say any and I’m not a huge fan of them. Not a lot have bad Words but there are at least 3 I know. You just swipe, laugh, heart, repeat after it knows what you like. I use this a lot and would totally recommend this to anyone. I ♥️ this app! 😍🤪🥺 GET THE APP IF U DON’T HATE UR SELF
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10 months ago, a12345626
Anti-women jokes this app sounds like my sexist grandpa
I didn’t even choose “dark” or “sarcasm” as categories I wanted… I was hoping for silly jokes that I can share with friends or students, but there are SO MANY demeaning jokes aimed at women. Why are half of the jokes making fun of a woman’s appearance or behavior? Even after “disliking” these types of jokes and trying to adjust my settings to avoid these, and liking anything that wasn’t offensive, the app doesn’t adjust to give me nicer ones. Overall disappointed that this is the type of humor, at the cost of women, the app is promoting. Will be deleting the app because it bums me out when I get notified with this garbage. There’s SO MUCH to laugh at harmlessly in the world, why is this type of humor necessary in this day and age?? It sounds like my sexist grandpa.
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4 years ago, Hazem Hadid
Look,they always say that laughing is medicine,and it was getting hard for me to get laughs in quarantine,cause I mostly get them from my friends and outside , and I was getting so BORED , so.....I looked apps,nope I downloaded a lot of em,none were funny,nor they were old jokes or lame decided this is the last one I try,I literally downloaded this yesterday,and I have like a 1’000 favs,it really helped me,....for real if you have depression, or anixiety, NOW IS THE TIME TO DOWNLOAD THIS ! I thank the creators so much for being thoughtful and not stealing jokes and being lazy in thinking for jokes 😁😁
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2 years ago, beccarab
Corny & nerdy & genuinely makes me laugh
I don’t write reviews for apps often, especially when there isn’t an incentive like a free premium membership or something. But this app (free version) is more than exceeding my expectations. The jokes are not all even jokes they’re just observations sometimes that are so true they’re comical. I am an actual fan, so much so that I’m writing this review! Great job to the developers—truly. You’re doing a public service ☀️
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4 years ago, moxie1981
Just got this app yesterday and I have loved it
I did not get to see much of his this app would apply to my days, and the reason I got this app was/is to remind me of: That during COVID times right now, I learned how to cope and utterly inevitably understand that my heart ❤️, my soul, my positive attitude towards all life’s challenges in my personal life so far.... Are 3 important, in-replaceable things in my life save my life from going crazy on my entire crazy and invasive
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2 years ago, Ash Brew00
Not lame or cheesy
Finally, an app with some actually humorous jokes and not some cheesy garbage. I also like that you can sample the app BEFORE having to commit to a subscription. Subscription price is very affordable, and worth it too. App is super user-friendly, easy to navigate, and several different options to personalize the content as well as the app and/or widget design. Kudos to these developers. I have all of their apps and subscriptions, and no plans to get rid of them anytime soon.
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4 years ago, blah Nada
If I could have only one app, I would want this
This app is soooooooooooo extremely amazing. It has everything I love in one pack!!! Cool am I right? Even though my parents don’t like to use money on stuff(and I don’t too) I really wanna buy the premium. You get to choose aesthetic backgrounds and fonts and you get to make your own riddles, jokes, or funny scenarios. This is why you should absolutely get this app even if it’s the last thing you do. As soon as you get on your iPad, phone, etc., the first thing you need to do is: 1) Get into AppStore 2) Type in your Apple ID 3) Get the app 4) Stay on it for the rest of your life Laughing makes people feel really happy. If you get this app, the laughs will never end!! Trust me, it’s out of this world.
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5 years ago, iiKawaiiDesu
Good but..
When i was getting the app i was like “Hey! This app might be pretty good!” then i loaded the app and saw a pretty neat feature of reminders but then theres the premium feature, the thing i hate most. I thought this app was gonna be good use for me but turns out half the app is used for premium use. Without it you have so much limited use and all you can access is puns,favorites, and general jokes. Can’t change the theme because guess what, its ALSO a premium feature. Would like it if the company made half the app free to use.
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1 year ago, ConVick Felon
The customization options. Make sure that you get a laugh every day. No joke. This is one of the best apps in the App Store. It's worth the subscription... it's probably worth more It's the simplicity and ease of use that makes this app a breath of fresh air, and what i've grown to appreciate the most. Aside from the WIDGETS but lastly and more importantly, i took the time to write this because the fact is, every time I have look at my phone there's always a chance I might smile... and that's priceless. To the developers: don't change anything, well... just keep adding jokes -and any other Apps you come up with- im on board. y'all outdid yourselves.
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I really enjoy this app a lot. My only nip pick is are the jokes. I really want to read all of them but they’re all premium. I wouldn’t mind if you placed ads on them just so they can be free to read like the math ones. I really like app don’t get me wrong but regardless I would like it if you placed ads or something to read the others joes for free.
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7 years ago, TTYLXOX1888222233335
Funny but...
This app does what it advises. It gives you funny jokes to read, and most of the jokes are funny. I also love the feature where it can give you notifications of jokes though out the day. I only wish you could like or dislike the jokes on the app, that would be nice. Also if there were a bigger variety of jokes, because I keep seeing some of the same ones over and over. Other then that, great app!
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1 year ago, SwimSwimSwim365
Funniest App Ever!
I bought this app with a lot of doubt on the funny factor. I should not have doubted this app!!! It’s free and has the funniest jokes. When I open this app I prepare to laugh! Another great factor is that even though there’s a premium feature you don’t have to have it to have a good time! This is the best app ever, I love it so much!!!
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2 years ago, Wowifying
Good Concept But…
The concept of having an app that gives you a constant stream of jokes is a good one, but this app doesn’t execute it very well. The app itself is laid out well and you can create widgets to see jokes without opening the app, but what good is all of that if you don’t get any good jokes? Most of the jokes are either bad, inappropriate, or just don’t make sense. I used to get better jokes but for some reason now all the jokes I get are as I described.
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3 years ago, Apple200805
Developers please read
I love this app!!! You guys are so creative and I love how witty the jokes are!!! I have a few suggestions that might make this app better! First off, I think you could add some teasing jokes ( for instance: there once was a pig who replied ‘no!’ to all questions. Have you heard of this story?) Get it? And I think you could add some ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ and the ‘three people walked into a bar’ jokes. Second, I think you could add more languages too.( There ARE a few Chinese jokes that can crack a smile ) All in all, I love you guys and please think about some of the suggestions above 👆 . Stay Awesome!!!
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3 years ago, 🧐 hi sisters🧐
𓀬 r͜͡e͜͡a͜͡d͜͡ t͜͡h͜͡i͜͡s͜͡ 𓀬
So it was fine until the update. I mean I didn’t have premium or anything but I could at least go onto the app and stuff. After the update it keeps sending me out of the app. I don’t know if it’s me or the update. I would highly recommend this app because, granted it does show you some ads here in there but like it’s good for the most part.
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2 years ago, Pacemaker9
Funny for a break
Telling someone, such as the person on the phone to whom are making a payment to or getting an appointment, is just enough to make everybody’s day a little brighter. “Come on people, love somebody, right now!” A fantastic and true statement for sure. I thought I was the only doing that. Yep, it is “love somebody, right now! Spreading happiness is desperately needed in times like these! Thanks!
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4 years ago, yaseey
I didn’t have to pay or go preuim it was awesome to use it and fun listening to well reading jokes I has made my morning and you can set reminders so when you load it down every morning you get the joy I get so to start you off in a good mode here’s one I saw .... I named my dog 5miles so that I could tell people I walk 5 miles every day
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2 years ago, Imjustme!
My new favorite app!
I’ve never had a sense of humor and I decided that I would try out this app because I have used other apps created by the same developer. I use this every single day and not only has it improved my sense of humor, it’s added so much into my daily life! GET IT NOW
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4 years ago, nholtwick
I think it is really good because it didn’t cost any money to get the app and for backgrounds we have to just watch an add but I do not really like on how one day you have to watch an add and you will get it then the next day you have to watch ANOTHER add to get one and I like it because it has so many funny sayings it would make you happier!
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1 year ago, Nán23dfr
I love the app it is hilarious. I also like how they make it a family-friendly app by making the app name laugh my app off. The only small setback is that you have to pay to unlock the other features which is completely understandable. Apart from that this app is great.
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3 years ago, GinaQMarkeq
LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! I have this and the fact app , - download if you haven’t- I get so much jokes that can make a number of people laugh! There’s some really nice jokes like : The woman at the bank asked me to check her balance so I pushed her , they fired me. I absolutely LOVE!! You do have to buy different kinds of jokes but you don’t have to , I love this app and hope you do to!
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3 years ago, D3s3r3a
Hi five stars
I recommend! I am literally only a few jokes in and each one has me laughing. That doesn’t usually happen with the apps I have selected previously. In this app, there are four categories of humor preferences. I chose all of them and they’re just good, it’s that simple!
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2 years ago, appples02
busy and laughing
App really just keeps me busy and fun it’s a quick boost to your mood and can really be helpful during hard times or four times or something else. I really recommend it great quality haven’t seen a single ad. Have fun!
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3 years ago, Socks_500 Roblox star
This is the best app I’ve had in a while, I am on it all the time and it is a good way to pas time- Although there is your warning there are a couple inappropriate memes on this app. If you know that’s not okay in your house I don’t recommend this for you, This app is so cool and it reminded me of social media which I am not aloud to have- I highly recommend this for ages above 13 yrs /for the maker: Please do not add so many inappropriate memes as I and others find them disturbing and thoose are the only reason I gave it a four stars it would be a five other wise. But ty to the makers for taking time to make this app as I do so enjoy it!/
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4 years ago, Blekris
Horrible App
I downloaded this app wanting to have a few laughs. Not only did I get a couple of laughs, but I also read jokes that were very offending. Not to me but certain others. These ”jokes” include but aren't limited to; ”why can't orphans play baseball, because they don't know where home is.”, and ”Why does Dr. Pepper come in a bottle, because his wife is dead.” Neither of which are appropriate for anyone. They aren't even funny. Why would a company even advertise something like this? I'm most definitely deleting the app. Please correct this issue.
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5 years ago, 😼😼😼😻😻😻😶
Could be better
The app definitely dose have some funny jokes witch are really funny! But if you want to get the dark humor or the nock - nocks or any other of those you have to buy witch I is pretty annoying. Another thing is if you are a younger age there is some older people jokes in here so the age group I suggest is 8 th grade and up is what I would do . There really isn’t much adds which is usually the case with apps so I would say it is pretty good .
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5 years ago, •~Sis~•
Good App!
I highly recommended this app! It is Funny Silly and very entertaining. I could stay on it for hours. Very good thing to do in spare time. This app is a wonderful way to express and see other’s jokes and ideas. I think everyone should download this. And again a very good app to use for spare time and if you are bored. I gave this app 5stars!
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6 years ago, I heart wolves 123
This gets my 5 full stars because it is genius and it is easy to use! The lay out is simple, and almost all the categories and options are free. You can set up a reminder and pick the times and the amount of jokes you get, and even pick joke categories. The jokes are priceless, I HIGHLY recommend!!
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4 years ago, Zoe's reveiw
So I really love this app I’ve been on it for like 2 hours. But I think you should have people create an account they can make their own memes. I’m not saying this app is bad I just think that it needs some improvement. And if you think the memes are good then you can make it a real meme on apps. Xoxo, Zoe Richard
Show more
3 years ago, SASoccerMom
Love it but.....
Although I love the app I wish more of the things that were premium ,weren’t. Because I don’t really feel like paying two dollars a month for something I may only look at a few times a month!
Show more
4 years ago, brypup
Why premium??
Hi. Ok so I love this app and when ever I’m feeling down I get on this app and it always cheers me up! But, why did you add premium? It’s getting kind of annoying. I really want access to all the other jokes and stuff! It isn’t fair that you’re making us pay for laughing! So please can you please, take down the premium? I’ve been wanting to get access to all the funny jokes! Thank you for reading my report! Bye!!
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5 years ago, i love animales 4
Pretty good
It’s a great app, until you see them all... nobody wants to pay money to have more jokes, especially if they run out. When it said it was updated I was exited thinking there would be new jokes, only a few were new, or at least not seen yet. I like the app, and would suggest getting it. But don’t be surprised when you run out of jokes
Show more
3 years ago, Michael Velayudham
App is great, but crashing for last one week
I love this app, but it suddenly started crashing since last week. The downloaded app would not open, it will close immediately. Please test again.
Show more
4 years ago, Message for Dale
5 star review
Look, I find your jokes hilarious. But the problem is that I don’t have sense of humor. That’s what I was told. So I downloaded your app. To improve my humorous reputation I sent jokes from your app to my friends. I haven’t heard from them since... Please add a new category “Fresh jokes to make you sound funny”.
Show more
4 years ago, CelestineLillyCrystal
Incorrect password
The joke about the incorrect password I get it its like you type your password incorrect and it tells you it is incorrect so it just telling you your password is incorrect so you have to type incorrect
Show more
10 months ago, Jorble J
Pharmaceutical grade jokes
I put the widget for my affirmations and the widget for this app on my home screen and now all of my affirmations get fueled up by a hearty dose of DadJokes. I’ve been manifesting really fast. These jokes are hilarious 10 out of 10 recommend appreciate and love this app.
Show more
3 years ago, Sheazie
Just What I Need!
I’m less than five minutes into it and already laughing! I selected all of the joke categories, and happy I did — they are great! This will be one of my “go-to” places when I need uplifting or just a great laugh! Thumbs up!
Show more
4 years ago, roblox the fun blox
I did try
I started this app about a month ago and i have so many likes I delete many apps before but this one i wanted to hang on to because it really makes people laugh. Most joke apps are cheesy but this one wasn't so I would gladly write a review
Show more
1 year ago, Valthequeen
This is a HILARIOUS game!! You need to get it, you can set the time of when you get your jokes and how many, the jokes are SUPER funny 😆 and amazing! You chose what kind of humor you like (you can pick more than one) so the jokes are like customized For you! I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY recommend!!! Enjoy!
Show more
4 years ago, Dragon Queen🐲👑
Great but ONE THING
Ok so over all this app is great, but first of all sometimes it doesn’t let me heart a joke or something and the thing that made me write the review is that one of the jokes I got was kinda offensive to the lgbtq+ community I’m not necessarily a part of it although I do support it, and I just wanted you to know so you could be a little more considerate.
Show more
4 years ago, Kagi18
I love this app
I had a six hour car ride and I had nothing to do because my computer was Dead and so I downloaded this app and I just read funny jokes to my family and it made the car rides so much better so thank you
Show more
3 years ago, mm378
Graphic design
The jokes are often very good, but in terms of graphic design the lines of text should be evened out. Centering the text is good, but sometimes there are only one or two words on the second line. This just doesn’t look very good from a design point of view!
Show more
5 years ago, Mallfoy?
I downloaded this a few days ago and was SO EXITED. If I could, I would take of a little corner for the incorrect spelling. One joke said “That moment when you are ‘talking’ a test” instead of taking. Just wanted to tell you about it so you could update it in the future. :)
Show more
5 years ago, MommyCQ
Funny, but could be funnier
Most jokes are pretty funny, but some aren’t funny. You can’t really dislike them and it just goes through a bunch of the same ones. There should also be a thing where you can create your own memes, and maybe profiles to follow the people who created those memes. Otherwise it’s a great app and I would totally recommend it!
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