Lawrence Journal-World

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The World Company
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User Reviews for Lawrence Journal-World

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12 years ago, Lawrence lady
App is disappointing
This app is such a disappointment. Often the full text of stories will not load. There seem to be more stories about what happened in Lawrence 25, 50, or 100 years ago instead of current news. The best news apps out there closely resemble the news websites but this app doesn't come close to the usability or relevance of the lj world website. I hope to see improvement because I think lj world provides good news in print and online but this attempt at an app does nothing to add to their overall services.
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8 years ago, conqueringhorde
What a Big Difference
I’ve been thinking for some time that I’d pay for a subscription if they had a decent app that was easy to navigate and understand. The website is just awash in so much mixed-together content that it was near impossible to see the the latest stuff, by category. The new format is awesome and easy to navigate. I haven’t paid for a news paper subscription in fifteen years, but it’s worth it in this case. If I had one wish, and it’s probably me, I want “Today’s Paper” There’s a curated, shared experience that I feel I miss.
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9 years ago, Sleaze McQueenvfdhb
Good app, could use a bit more content.
I am a newcomer to Lawrence and have been using this app for several weeks. Overall it is a solid local news app. While occasionally you find one-paragraph stories, most stories are fleshed out. The letters to the editor, opinion pages, and This Day In History articles are all enjoyable. The ads are minimal and it is free. This is not an app for your main news source but is a pleasant enough supplement. I would like most photos and the like as well as a greater amount of details for some stories, but again, a solid start for a free small city news app.
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8 years ago, Dini7775
Surprisingly nice
The formatting of the paper is really nice with this app. I was surprised how much nicer it is compared to the web site, tho the website is not too bad if it were not for ads. Menus and settings are also nice and easy to use. And I love not seeing ads, especially because the ones on the website are so disturbing and unpleasant. Like the huge images of inflamed red belly and close ups of wet feet, etc. on almost every page. My only complaint is the missing comments but I guess that makes it more like the printed version. I don't post comments but like to skim through them. Like the way the NYTimes app does it -- that would be perfect. To people complaining about subscription cost -- reporters have to eat too, you know.
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11 years ago, Hzirkabcywj
Good start
Nice looking app, nicely laid out & organized. But it shows truncated articles, leaves out articles and has no comments. What's the point of publishing an app of you only include a portion of what's in the mobile version of your website? I plan to delete and return to using the web. Too bad. An app would be much nicer... plus the ad revenue it would generate. I hope you consider adding more content.
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11 years ago, RKMcC
Great access to the paper
Great application. This ap allows the reader to read the paper by selecting articles or opinion pieces by selecting from lists of articles by posting time. It is quick and easy to use. Not all sections are readily available or searchable, but overall a great ap.
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12 years ago, PerleWichKS
Keep improving
It's ok. However would like to access whole article. Also to select a specific subject or date if an event. Possibly by name of individual or program event. Also interested in upcoming activities and events. My family lives in Lawrence and its rather nice to see what is happening in their area.
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11 years ago, Ada77
Generic App
While it is free, it could have much more content. You can't see photos, videos etc. The ones embedded in articles that is. And it doesn't give you the option to read through all the sections like other news apps. But again, the most disappointing is not being able to see embedded photos and videos.
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11 years ago, BambiB
Too local
The news in this app never mentions anything that goes on in Eudora or Desoto. Like for instance there was a car fire yesterday afternoon and nothing was said about it or last month when there was a hit and run in town or even last year when some one was life flighted out if town.
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9 years ago, pamc7
Few full stories-no email forwarding
Very frustrating to not be able to read a full story. Why is that? Also when you try to email the link of the story within the app functions, the app crashes.…giving you no option to forward story on. Why give us the option, if you can't use it??
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10 years ago, YourinternetisbrokenJW
No news isn't good gnus
"KANSAS NAMES MEMBERS OF JUDICIAL BOARD". This might be a headline to click on in this app. This might be the extent of the story you read after clicking: "Yesterday in Topeka, Kansas named seven new members to the Kansas Judicial board." That's about what you're going to get with this app. Thank you Jay'dub for your worthless app. I get humor guessing which headline is going to be the entire story. The example above is real, FYI. Isn't that ludicrous?
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8 years ago, Jskakslskd
Big miss
Paying for content is fair, but the rates LJW charges are not even close to being worth it considering the quality of content and that you can view it for free in your browser with minimal ads.
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12 years ago, Nicholas Weber
Eh, it's OK. Very simple, easy to navigate design. I wish (as do others it seems) that the comments section was on the app. Major negative in my book. Hopefully they address this and put out an updated version soon.
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12 years ago, verniewormie
Long ways to go...
This is a very bare bones basic app and nothing more. There are minimal pictures and you cannot leave comments or even see comments on the "articles". I'll be accessing lj world online to see Lawrence news, not using this app.
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11 years ago, Jayhawk-Etrain
I quit taking the J-W at home because the quality of news seemed to be dwindling. The LJ World app is even worse than the paper itself. I would think a family business would do what it could to expand their reader base.
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12 years ago, KrisiLW
Wish it included reader's comments
It's nice but I really wish the articles had the comments. The comments are the best part! I'm just going to keep accessing LJW through Safari so I can still read them. Otherwise it's a pretty nice app.
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11 years ago, ICN Princess
Good start
This app is a good start but the news is so behind what actually is already in the newspaper and online that I don't even bother opening it. I get breaking news emails but app doesn't have any of these stories!!!
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12 years ago, prairiepink
Love this app!
Loads quick, nice look! Don't care to see or read the comments.
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12 years ago, Bobb38
Where are obits?
I've used it little so far but like it But it doesn't show obits That's highly portant to me when out of town
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12 years ago, andrew boyd
Not horrible but not great
It's a good start but has a long way to go to catch up to what is expected from ljworld in terms of technology and web access.
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12 years ago, NeoPran
We're are the classifieds
I like keeping up with my home town news while away. What about including the classifieds! Did I miss them?
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11 years ago, Raycgar
App blows
A waste of time to download. The first paragraph of each article appears but that's it. Might as well just bookmark the mobile website and go there where you can read the whole story.
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8 years ago, won't open or uninstall
Pay for content?
Bummed you have to pay to see anything. Especially $3.99/month or $40/year! I'd pay $10 to have access forever, not any monthly or yearly subscription.
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10 years ago, Semper90
A good start
Not a bad app, little slow to load, big issue is no companion app for iPad at least so far as I can find.
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8 years ago, Sqhwood
Waste of time don't bother
Look like a good app at the beginning, but once I realized you have to pay monthly or yearly subscription, I immediately realized it was a waste of my time to download the app.
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12 years ago, Subscriber2
What's wrong with it?
When I click on an article from sections, I only get 1 paragraph of it. Frustrating!
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11 years ago, VR549
Never up to date like the web page.
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11 years ago, Itwasgrace
Very lite. No search feature. Could not even find the Datebook which the hard copy LJW sent me to for details. C'mon!
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12 years ago, adella13
Its ok, since its free. But wished that it has a search option.
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12 years ago, Jamea0216
Has not refreshed in 3 days. Even web I force it too.
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12 years ago, rod spears
Little content, unprofessional.
Disappointingly unprofessional, looks bad and no videos. at least its free
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11 years ago, orgnist2
Where are the obituaries?
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