Le Figaro : Actualités et Info

4.6 (3.1K)
117.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Société du Figaro
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Le Figaro : Actualités et Info

4.64 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
6 years ago, wjf_in_shanghai
A facts-based quality newsletter
Le Figaro is a center-right newspaper that is a breath of fresh air among the French leftist, pro-Islamist media
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6 years ago, maccrappe1
So bad
Each time I m trying to open this app, an advertising come right away and impossible to get rid of it ! It is like frozen ! Unfortunately because this problem, I don’t have access to the figaro anymore. Don’t know if it come from the ad company or the Figaro but they need to fix this because they gonna loose a lot of people in other country try to read them! Sad!
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2 years ago, BoredMeteor
Worst ads it ever dealt with CANNOT be closed!
Do you like adds? They’ll fill your screen with ads that are EXTREMELY HARD TO CLOSE. Even when you subscribe to the publication, the app logs you out so you have to log back in. Good luck on that. THE ADS FILL THE SCREEN. CLOSE BUTTONS DON’T WORK. And then you can’t sign in. It’s all designed to shove ads down your throat. Awful, awful experience. Shame on you!
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5 years ago, Peignoir2
I can’t sign into my premium
The web version has a Facebook sign in this app does not and send me an error while I put the same Login and password. Also the website on-boarding to premium is also faulty ... overall it’s a really bad experience If you re the owner don’t hesitate to contact me / my team so I can bring you real professionals and build an experience that make sense ...
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3 years ago, Mr Nickyname
Rich content, poor help desk
Have a subscription but have been locked out of the paywall since yesterday. Reported the problem twice. No result yet.
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5 years ago, BBA_NY
Wont let you use Le Figaro in browser
With an IOS device - The browser version keeps pushing you - in a circular manner - to use this app... and you can’t escape the process. They should change this and make it so a user can opt out of using the app if they prefer the browser.
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2 years ago, Schereradvisors
Pop up ad I can’t make go away
I subscribe but continue to get this huge popup as for something and it will not close. Can’t read les articles.
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5 years ago, General.13
App Ad Bug
Every time I’m opening an article since few days, I can scroll only once, when I see the advertising, the app freeze. Terrible developers. Can’t use the app anymore. Please test before releasing it!!!!
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5 years ago, njnyc2019
Sound does not work when playing video
Sound does not work when playing video
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2 years ago, Bibosbaby
When will this magazine be in English please????
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5 months ago, DelfParis
Excellente appli!
Excellente application, merci!
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5 years ago, MUPPETS!!!!
Cannot close down the commercial
The advertisement comes up and that windows cannot be closed so I end up looking at a stupid advertisement.
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4 years ago, TechnoAddiction
Doesn't open anymore
Today update makes the application to crash everytime at the opening. Can't get it work anymore. Une application qui ne fonctionne plus et un email de support aux abonnés absents.
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5 years ago, Tonçou
Not working
When you open the app, commercial screens appear that you cannot close. Useless
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9 years ago, Sandy 10
Some weeks ago a translation was offered along with the original French Text by clicking on the article at the bottom of the page. I thought this was absolutely marvelous. Helpful to grasp the sense of the article so if English speakers didn't get the idea they did after they read both the original and the translation. Hopefully you will reintroduce the translation app again. Best regards David
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9 years ago, Harrylkpotter
Great news; good app
What's great about Le Figaro app is that it presents the top stories from a top French paper in a clean manner. I like that I can read the whole headline before clicking on the story, and then am able to see the story and associated video from the screen. Also, the content is top notch and is great for someone who is learning French to practice their understanding of a foreign language.
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10 years ago, Leditgaga
Serial crash
Since the last 2 updates it's been crashing everytime. Updating for the worst? Very frustrating. When are they going to do someting about it.
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13 years ago, Scribbler17
I have been an avid reader since spendiing a month Paris in April. I like the notifications. However, i updated he app and can't hear audio. I can hear music when i play it from iTunes, but i cab't hear the audio on the Mars simulation. I have never had any other technical problem. Bon Travail. Phillip
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9 years ago, Murielak
Want an option without sport notifications!!
App is fine but content is disappointing...lighter than it used to be, just talks about the same things and especially sport. I wish we could choose an option without sport news, especially with the push notifications
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8 years ago, A equip
Full original layout with good zoom! Sometimes they have trouble connecting with AppStore to renew subscription...poor interface and slow. Otherwise great...better writers than le monde!
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12 years ago, Alina_2011
Great app to study French!!!
This app is really amazing for those who want practice and know true everyday language but not the one from old books.
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14 years ago, GdeuxD
Great app. Easier than reading newspaper. A great way to actually know what is happening in the World outside baseball, football and the " the spin stops here" trashy networks
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10 years ago, JT in Virginia
Best news app in any language.
Le Figaro is a good reason to keep up my French. In just 15 minutes I can get more international and finance news than any other way.
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14 years ago, fsaidv
Keeps crashing
After 30 seconds it completely crashes and takes you out of the app. It is a good source of information but that problem must be addressed
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12 years ago, CI32
Good to stay in touch with international news
No issues, the apps works as expected.
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10 years ago, Ghzzzzz8989
Current version is very good.
New current version is much better than older ones, which crashed a lot. Now it is much faster too. Keep up the good job or I would defect to le monde, ;-)
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10 years ago, Couic•couic
Much better than previous version!
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9 years ago, Frankalis
Easy to use
Easy to find articles.
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7 years ago, PhilippeInMiami
Since latest update, App fails to initiate
Since latest update, the App fails to boot. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, twice, and rebooting my IPad, to no avail. Cannot read news...
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9 years ago, P007NY
Good news app
The content covers most economic and political topics in a direct way. The speed of renewal of the news is high. There are some ads, nothing too annoying.
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8 years ago, ch9090
The worst news app I've without any doubt. It take ages to refresh (more than 30s compared to 2-3s), it freezes while you do so and it also crashes often. The only thing that work is the first ad when you open the app. What a shame for one of the major news network in France.
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10 years ago, Elmaini
Crashes all the time
Since the last few updates, this application crashes all the time and this has been going on for months now. What is the point of having an App on the Apple store that is not working? Not a good publicity for the quality of the newspaper... Please fix it!
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12 years ago, Thierry Leleu
Great easy application
This application provides news almost real time with an easy access. Well done!
Show more
13 years ago, Cyberwarchmaker
Tres bonne
I check it every day . I like reading French news. I like different view point . Mercy
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13 years ago, maumel
Good but can be improved
The iphonevapp is good. On the ipad it crashes and freezes on date updates
Show more
11 years ago, JBT2 NY
Like very much
A lot of content and very good layout
Show more
12 years ago, l'americain
Good to keep
Stay in touch with France even when away
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10 years ago, bynel
This application crashes non stop. Can't keep it open more than 30sec..! Ridiculous. Not even enough time to send an email to their tech support.. 0000!! Plus click on app support: it takes you to....the app!! Bunch of dummies...
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10 years ago, dropo59
Very Useful
Maybe the best free international news application.
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14 years ago, mignoste
Crashes all the Time after about 16 seconds
This has been going on for months. The latest version did not fix that.
Show more
10 years ago, MartinHK
Video don't have sound
Am I the only for whom videos are playing without any soundtrack?
Show more
8 years ago, Alpagad
Crash machine!
Some kind of pop-up ads keep on blocking the app. These can be dismissed and do not time out. This is especially unacceptable since I am a paying subscriber for Premium Service! Please fix it.
Show more
9 years ago, Gig12()
Frustrating ads everywhere and pop ups
No worth the frustration. Can't even read an article without be redirected to App Store to hear about the next Casino app. What a waste!
Show more
10 years ago, John01djshs
Serious issues on ipod
The app is great except that I can't use it because it crashes incessantly on my ipod touch. Hope they fix that.
Show more
11 years ago, Michaelfrom Boston
Good stuff !
Easy to navigate
Show more
13 years ago, Wisham
Nice app
Download this app now. Very good source of news.
Show more
14 years ago, Pedro-Miguel
Is it that difficult to update an app adding features and no bugs at the same time?
Show more
14 years ago, volanges
Crashes constantly
Do not bother: it crashes after 30 seconds.
Show more
10 years ago, Pinusenka
Le Figaro
If you want to learn about what's going on in France, read Le Figaro.
Show more
13 years ago, AlanGuggenheim
Like it
Easy to read. Too bad it crashes so often on IOS 5. I cannot open it anymore!
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