LeafSnap-Plant Identification

4.4 (2.4K)
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Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for LeafSnap-Plant Identification

4.43 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
3 years ago, devanshukothari_1994
Good but I guess it could be a little better
I have never been up to date with watering my plants and I like reminders and adding new plants. Speaking of which, I feel the app can include a feature of search bar when you want to add a new plant. I had lemon grass and I knew the botanical name, but I clicked the image of the leaf, the botanical name or regular name did not come up leading to an incorrect identification of the plant. So if they had a search bar I could just type in, add a picture of the plant and go from there. Also I had requested to add a new plant about a month ago and I didn’t hear from the team. Hence I said it is good, but it could be better. All things considered it is still free and doesn’t bug you to buy the premium feature.
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3 years ago, runner2boys
Best Plant ID App
Around my house there is an extensive forest and wetland filled to the brim with many different species of plants, many of which are edible in some way; I have run the leaves of around 50 different plants that were unknown to me, and EVERY SINGLE TIME this app gave the correct plant name, which I then googled to verify. The app has four settings for photos: flowers, leaves, bark, and fruits. While leaves and flowers are shown with 100% accuracy, the first result when running bark through the app isn’t always correct, which is to be expected, but so far the correct plant has always been on the list; as for fruits I have not tried that setting yet. No other app I have ever tried has worked with anywhere near the same ability as LeafSnap, and it is a FREE app that has performed better than even paid apps. I would absolutely recommend this app for any forager or plant enthusiast!
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4 years ago, Kiersten AM
This app is awesome!!
I looked for 2 hours on various websites and tools but could not for the life of me find the name of one of my plants. I want to be able to take care of my plants properly- but you need to know the name in order to do so. This app found my plant in about 2 seconds and I was so excited. For fun I just started snapping all my other plants too. A suggestion I would add is to add a section where it has basic care/ needs (like sunlight amounts, water preferences, preferred temperatures, etc) I 100% recommend this app!!
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4 years ago, Warpdiva
Give me a chance to try it first!
Looks like this is a very well-regarded app and I will probably give it a rating higher than two stars... but how about letting me try it first? I downloaded it and I am attempting to put it through its paces.... but screens keep popping up asking me to rate it, to download google (again? I already have it), to re-enable my mail program (google mail already works fine, thanks for asking) so finally I got tired of all the interruptions and decided you were right, I should just go ahead and rate it now. This is the result: 2 stars. But I will revise if warranted... once I am left alone long enough to actually give it a run-through.
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2 years ago, westpointer
Just what I needed
As a wildlife photographer, I have started to photograph every flower that I find in my area in order to create a personal book on the Flora of Virginia. I had previously spent a lot of time trying to identify each plant by researching many books and online sources, many times without success. Once I started using this app, I have had almost 100% instant success and also have information about each plant readily available. A wonderful addition to plant lovers!
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2 years ago, Jeannine Coburn
Total scam and fraud
Does not work. Always goes to a google page then it's a deadend. Doesn't even make sense. Can't get back to app. The few times the app allows a picture to identify there's either an error or a can't find. Tried cancelling within hours and that took hours and never happened. If you search how to cancel this app it actually says it will be "difficult." Rather it's impossible. Don't know what will happen in the next few months. I'll report to my credit to dispute and I reported it to apple frauds or scams service. This could be a great service but great is not a word that applies to many things like "LEAFSNAP" app. Put them out of business. Plenty of other legit apps.
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2 years ago, farm , horse kind of gal
Love it
It is great you get to take pictures of leaves and send them in!🌿🌱as well you get to see other people’s plants but you need google to do it. But if you don’t want google then you can look at other peoples match’s and see if it is your plant. I hope you download it!!
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3 years ago, Gazella Deerezn
Absolutely love this app
Absolutely love this app and I use it to identify any odd plants that I find and like. It's really useful so I can get more information on my reference plants for my artwork. Definitely recommend getting it and the subscription. Also gives information on how to raise and take care of the plants you identify. Very interesting, but I don't use that function too often since I'm horrible at keeping plants alive (I've killed mint before..).
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3 years ago, Tracer Tong
The first time I used this app it worked great.
The second time it asked for credit card information which it said was for verification and targeted ad use only and that I would be charged nothing. After entering info, it then said in small print that I was automatically entered into a for pay targeted advertising program that if not canceled would end up costing a lot of money. Instead of figuring out how to cancel their program, I just paid the balance on my card and reported it lost. I don’t mind paying for good apps, but fraud and charging for unrelated and unwanted crap is wrong and criminal.
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4 years ago, KatHal3804
I work at a greenhouse with hundreds of different plants and this is a HUGE help. I have struggled so much with remembering everything and this has saved me. It is so specific to every plant or flower I have taken a picture of and they have all been identified. It is amazing!!! The only thing I wish was added was care for the plant and type of light each one takes but other then that it’s amazing.
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4 years ago, A2 😊🦋
Love this app!!!
I recently moved into a house that has not had any landscaping done for about five years. Through using this app I found multiple plants that looked like they were just stuck within a bunch of other weeds and they ended up being great plants and trees. This app helped me tremendously to identify them without having to Google all day long over one plant thank you to the creator! 😊👍👍👍
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3 years ago, Laverda Truckettym
We just moved & I've been able to identify half of our acrage already & learning of everything thats been planted on the property. Would like it to give us a bit more information but for now I can find what i need one. And I love that it tells you if the plant is healthy or not & what the issue is. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys gardening
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4 years ago, wedemDan
Pop up Ad Problems
I bought the less expensive version so I expected the nuisance ads. However, the game ads pop up with a very small x in the upper right top of screen that doesn’t work to close. At least the Facebook stuff lets you close their ad. Please fix or get rid of the game ads. Have to force quit to get rid of the game ads. If this can’t be fixed I will uninstall and don’t recommend anyone use the ad version. The identification works relatively well. I have a degree in wildlife biology an have studied plant taxonomy so I have more knowledge to fall back on than the casual user.
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3 years ago, Treylen Paweleczy
Excellent botanical identification
First time iv ever left a review on an app before. I love this app I think it's very well set up and organized and is exactly what I was looking for. I always see plants I don't know how to look up but want to know what it is and this is working perfectly!! It works on dried or dead flowers as well and tells you how to help if they are dying. 10/10
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3 years ago, Loveaya Keavywj
It is very accurate
I enjoy this with every inch and ounce 100% because it shows me what I can and can't do with all the medicinal purposes of these plants. I love and enjoy all the healing properties of the plant and this helps me to learn more about it for I am on the path of mastering horticulture period signing up for school in the spring hopefully if not by the latest summer. Thanks again Godspeed
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3 years ago, OverdriveUser
Rocky start, but after update, it worked great!
I initially gave a one star, because I could not get app to work, and kept getting “Forbidden” error message when trying to analyze tree leaves. Eventually I found a way to send a message to the developers, who immediately responded, that there was a pending update that would resolve my issue. The next morning, I got another reply, indicating the update was approved, and to update the app and try again. This time, everything sailed thru as expected. Version 2.6 fixed the issue. Thank you customer service for your quick response!
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3 years ago, superchiica
Had a mystery plant that a squirrel “planted” for me. I took a few pictures and downloaded this app. Once I uploaded one of the photos it returned an answer immediately and now I know I’ve got a walnut tree! Now I’m going to take pictures when I walk my dog so I can figure out what other pants are called. I’m stoked.
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2 years ago, CharlieNewYork
Too many loooong ads
This app is pretty good at identifying the plants you want to learn about and I understand there are advertisers who are supporting the free aspect of this service but lately the 5-second ad has been followed by a quite long video which cannot be skipped (in spite of the “skip video” button, which actually doesn’t work). Good app, too frustrating to use very often
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1 year ago, NoWay hgcvcfgvd
Interesting: Read newest reviews. This is a Class Action waiting to happen. Tricked to getting premium when trying for free trial. Others report this too! Very Inaccurate & a Sham I tried to get the "free" trial and somehow ended with a year subscription. I tried it out on plants I planted and knew. About half were wrong. I tried to cancel the same day after only a few hours and wes informed my cancellation wou junky active at the end of the year's subscriptun. Get a different Plant ID App as this is junk!
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2 years ago, Llou222br49
So helpful!
I went to a nursery and no one spoke English to answer my questions about soil and sun and water etc. I like unusual plants so that’s what I bought. I’ve made myself crazy on Google trying to find out what they were. This app gave me the answer I needed! Thank you!!
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4 years ago, Gtr builder
It’s okay
This app works intermittently. Sometimes it’s relatively quick and sometimes it takes so long to process a person gets tired of waiting. I’m talking waiting 5-10 minutes. As far as accuracy, you have to have a little knowledge of the plants you are looking at. It brings up 3-4 choices and if you have no idea at all what you are looking at, you can get incorrect information.
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2 years ago, Shorty006
No easy way to unsubscribe
Don’t download this APP unless you’re sure you want to keep it! The 3 day trial is not really 3 days because you have to cancel 24 hrs before the trial ends. The other thing is if you don’t cancel you’re immediately subscribed for a year. All that being said, we played with the APP using our house plants and it’s identifications were correct about 75% of the time. This was only on 8 plants so not a big sampling. We would not subscribe again!
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3 years ago, 2hope4
Disappointed with new update
I’ve been using the free version of this app to identify flowers and leaves while hiking with my kids and love it. We enjoyed being able to look back at the photo gallery to check the name of the plants we identified on prior hikes. However, with the new update, I can not access my photo gallery. Now I can not access any of the plants I’ve collected photos of unless I pay a monthly fee. Paying a monthly fee is not an option. I am disappointed!
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2 years ago, Saliusthewise897
I don't usually do app reviews. But I have to. This app is beyond extraordinary! Everyone needs this app. Especially if you enjoy plants, planting, learning about plants. They've obviously worked really hard on this app and I have to say it's my favorite app.
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3 years ago, Tedward7282
My first 10 seconds on the app and it couldn’t identify a basic flower that I already knew. I was just testing it. After that happened I decided to take another picture of the plant and then attempt to see if it could recognize it again, and an ad popped up with no exiting icon so I had to sit there and watch an ad. Super annoying so I uninstalled I’m sure there are better apps out here then this
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3 years ago, So what if that name is taken
Fantastic! But WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the premium version. 🙁
We bought a property wherr the previous homeowner had very impressive gardens. LeafSnap has been a wonderful app to identify some of the plantings that I am ignorant of. I would love to reward them for having such a good program, but the premium packages are prohibitively expensive! If it weren’t so expensive I would have given it five stars.
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2 years ago, jennj1234
This app has been such an amazing thing! It is SO spot on and has been able to instantly help me identify soo many rare plants and trees near me. Also helps me save trees and plants I’ve seen when I’m out and about and want to research for my own home.
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11 months ago, Thankful Sparrow
New Homeowner, New State
Love the app! This has been so helpful in me new region! I moved from a city to the country and have needed to understand weed from wild edible and soon to bloom flowers ! Thank you! I would have given a 5 rating but I was hoping to be able to : 1. after discovering the plant-See what it looks like in earlier stages and. 2.put in the name of a plant and see what to expect as it grows (so I don’t weed it out) Still, this is an extremely useful plant to walkers, travelers, and land owners. Love it and will recommend it - as it was recommended to me! Connecticut Yankee
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4 years ago, RhaewynsMom
App crashing
Any time I try to read more about a plant, the ad will show and then the app will crash bringing me back to my phone screen. If I click on the app that is still open, it brings me back to the home screen to take a photo or upload. I was only able to get it to work a few times after downloading it and the crashing continues. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t help either.
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1 year ago, CLCS198
App cannot recognize a common sycamore tree!
Sycamore trees can be poisonous to horses and kill them. I have a number of them in my pasture that I am trying to eliminate. Using this app, I wanted to make sure that I did not cut down a useful tree. This app could not identify a single sycamore tree when I took a photo of the bark through the app system. I had to look up the bark on Google, and make a visual comparison to identify my sycamore trees. This is not a useful app, and I am requesting a refund.
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2 years ago, taran cole
Compared to other apps which give you Limited number of plants slots before asking for premium this one lets you pick as many as you want
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4 years ago, brazilreutters
Tree in Spanish River Park
Started talking with guard in park and wanted to know identities of some of the trees. She knew all but one and said she had looked in several books and couldn’t find it. I took a picture and tried a few other apps but this one helped us find the identity!!
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3 years ago, MegBeth88
Thank you!
I’ve tried several other apps to identify some plants in my yard, and all were wildly inaccurate and constantly asking for money. This got it right on the first time for every plant so far!!
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4 years ago, Doone1964
Good app, but with limitations.
Would be nice if the app included filters for narrowing down the plants. For example, allowing the user to include location or habitat (desert Southwest, Rocky Mountains, etc.) would eliminate a lot of unrelated plants...I can exclude plants from Northern Africa when I’m in the Utah desert, for e.g. I end up wading through a lot of unnecessary content.
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3 years ago, Graviel Goathrop
It's great! First of all, it's pretty cheap second, I do like that they add some kind of collection thing third, it can know the plant even if it's a painting! But sometimes it's wrong but I cannot argue about it because sometimes it's just the same
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3 years ago, yaboyme103
Great at identifying plants. Makes me want to go out so I can expand my plant collection. no money needed just a few adds. Also could you add a plant collection count and make the plants them selfs take up the screen and not that random picture
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2 years ago, Irish Colleen 333
Not quite true
It showed this was a free app. But, it's only free for 3 days and then you have to pay. It's not as much as some other apps out there but I'm on a tight budget, being retired, and don't have extra money for much of anything, certainly not this. That was the main reason I chose this app instead of others. Disappointed for sure!
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4 years ago, Now I'm broke
Great app
This is the 1st app I’ve downloaded that actually does a really good job of identifying trees and plants. The ads in the free version aren’t too bad. If you have a love for knowing what all the amazing plant species are around you then I would definitely recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Short194
I have a new home and plan to be thoughtful and careful about which plants to choose for my yard, as I am retired and don't want allot of work. it's wonderful for that purpose .I highly recommend this app.
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4 years ago, chaosandkids
Terrible, just terrible!
I paid for this app (monthly premium) so I wouldn’t have ads and... what do you know - I still had ads and it still had an upgrade to premium in the app. Sadly, $4.99 plus tax and I still have to wait for it to load the info only to be waiting for it to populate an ad first! Ugh! So, I went into subscriptions and cancelled it. I found another plant identification app that actually works much better and costs less annually. And... NO ADS!!!
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4 years ago, Jenifer Canada
Photo fusion
I took all kinds of pictures of the most interesting trees I came across, I go to select photos from my pics to analyze can do it’s work but it doesn’t let me bring my pics to the software.
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3 years ago, Gotgusto
Very accurate. Love this app
The app shows pictures of the plant uploaded by other users. This really helps you narrow in on if the app is correct. And so far it always has been
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2 years ago, Tacklebox 562
Absolutely amazing, this app not only helps me know my plants, but also if they're sick! This is a great app and if you have any plant problems, I totally recommend this app. It's so easy to use and fun.
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3 years ago, jeanie1945
Very good program I was trying it to see if I may subscribe for a longer period in th spring when I will need it most. You most likely hear back in the spring. It did a very good job.
Show more
3 years ago, MNlistener123
Works well
I was pretty skeptical of this idea, but this is easy and actually works. I am able to take a picture of the unknown leaf, then the app tells me what it is. I’m impressed!
Show more
1 year ago, VTasman
Fantastic app
It truly helps to identify plants! And then will continue to store your photos or give more information. I enjoy learning! Thank you
Show more
4 years ago, genevafearie
Free isn’t great
Free app has scientific names listed next to tiny pictures. You have to save the plant (watch a few ads) to see the common name and large images. Searched a pic of what I know is a horse chestnut, first hit turned out to be a tea tree, followed by 5 more vastly incorrect responses. Hopefully the paid version is easier to find results on.
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2 years ago, Bird 74
Found some plants that were not available n any of my several guides.
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2 years ago, z0lo
Ads are really annoying
I like this app and it does a good job at identification, but the ads are way too intrusive and the subscription cost is too high for only occasional use. There should be more time limited subscription options.
Show more
3 years ago, Greenwood357
Ads don’t close
I don’t mind looking at an ad on a free version. When this app worked it was spot on. The problem is the ad that shows before the plant identification WILL NOT close. I have to close the entire app, retake a photo, and then hope I get one of the ads that will close when I tap on the X. After 5 attempts of an ad not closing I deleted the app and will use a different one.
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