Learn 33 Languages with Mondly

4.8 (23.2K)
252 MB
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Current version
ATi Studios
Last update
3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Learn 33 Languages with Mondly

4.75 out of 5
23.2K Ratings
3 years ago, lanajewell
My trip to Greece years ago was wonderful. My ability to speak Greek even the few phrases I had mastered sounding authentic to the people. They were very surprised and appreciative. (See below for my first use of Mondly.) Now I’m reviewing my German anticipating working again with German speaking business people. The app is helping me to catch up quickly. I’m starting with the intermediate section and finding my memory coming back quickly. Mondly is an excellent tool! (Learning Greek) I’m really learning how to speak and read Greek. As a former language teacher I’m impressed that in 5 days I have learned lots of basic vocabulary as well as phrases that I will use in my coming travel to Greece. As well, the app is cleverly introducing the Greek alphabet. It combines pictures, audio and print. You are prompted to speak into a mike. Then the app reflects back what you say in writing. Using the color red when you’re wrong and white when you get it right. It works and it’s fun. An update: I’m on my 58th day now and continuing to learn daily. I still have a long way to go to be fluent, but I’ll be able to speak basic phrases and vocabulary when in Greece. I’ve noted that I’ve covered less than 10% of the app’s content so far. They have just updated the app to include more opportunities to speak and hear yourself converse. Very clever.
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3 years ago, BriKaiBag
Love this app!...except for the chatbot sections
I love this app when it comes to learning. The hands free style where I can practice speaking is amazing and I’ve been able to put into practice the kanji, katakana and hiragana I’ve been learning on my own (I recommend this program in addition to a book or another program to practice sentence structure). I love everything about it...except the chat bot sections. The responses I give don’t work with the bot (despite them offering me the sentence) and if I try to do another sentence (which sometimes is an option) it’ll count it all as one sentence. I don’t know how to “speak” a period into a sentence. It’s frustrating. Even more frustrating however are the repetition sections. I repeat the dialogue exactly as they ask me (it even is recorded the same) but they mark me as wrong for using hiragana instead of kanji for some words. How do you “speak” in hiragana vs kanji? The program never says it. They just repeat the same section over and over again and drive me insane. I love this app...except that part. Please adjust the chat bot sections to either teach how to use the dialect they’re asking you to use (slowing down doesn’t help when it’s the same sounds you’re using and you’re still getting it wrong), or make it a bit more lenient with foreign speakers trying to speak a language they are unfamiliar with. Beyond that I love the program and recommend it to everyone...except the chat bot sections.
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1 year ago, MadValley
Just out of the box…
I’m giving Mondly a second chance and starting from the beginning in their Thai lesson series. It’s generally good (I’m an advanced beginner level) with the caveat that it’s developed for English speakers who, for some reason, require a way to say “good morning/afternoon” even though exactly nobody says that in Thailand. I know they’re just filling up the learning engine, but c’mon… A big plus for me is that the Romanization of Thai script is an option and I can avoid being distracted by a character set my brain is more familiar with. This lets you learn to read and listen from the very beginning. Props, too, for the lesson structure. They’re fun and short without being too gamified. Update: The app can’t work with a language like Thai where there are gender forms of personal pronouns like Thai. They’re hard coded into the examples so you can’t just say: Use the male form. This is an issue because 90% of the examples use the female form which doesn’t apply in my case. Also, there are a number of examples that use word-for-word translation of English. “We would like a pot of tea.” For example, that would never be used in spoken Thai. The app will also start using words in the examples that haven’t yet been defined. The lesson I just finished defined “grandfather” one way but then immediately started using a different way to say it. Like dropping from informal to very formal.
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3 years ago, rippinguanew1
Excellent App!
This is a great app. It has plenty of useful phrases and vocabulary. It is also very challenging to make perfect scores which I enjoy. The only disappointment is the nouns are not taught with the definite article, Die, Der, Das. Whoever believed that the definite article was not essential in this App did you and your users a disservice. In German, learning the definite article with each noun is critical to being able to write and speak correctly. I am an intermediate learner, fortunately I know what indefinite article corresponds to the definite article. However, repetition of seeing the correct definite article with its noun cannot be overstated! I can name a number of apps and programs that also did not have the definite article with the noun and I deleted them or did not use them for that reason. The best thing about the app is the ability to create conversations for speaking practice. That is the most useful. Needless to say, adding the definite article would make this the most comprehensive language app on the market. Btw, the AR app is superb. It is just too easy and without the definite article. Can a user change the level from Beginner to Intermediate or intermediate to advanced after the initial setup has been done? Thank you and look forward to your updates since I did purchase a one year premium!
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3 years ago, hangbuoy
Please correct spelling for Vietnamese
Grew up with Vietnamese parents who didn’t teach me to read or write in the language but I speak fairly fluently. So I prefer to write responses to the app instead of speaking them to improve in the areas I need. I can spell the letter combinations of most words without a hitch but the Vietnamese tones can be tricky to decipher. My complaint is that the app will give my response as correct even though I’ve used the incorrect intonation mark. Maybe you could possibly fix it so that the correct answer shows up in addition to my “correct” response. This way, I can spot my mistakes. The reason I know that my “correct” responses are not correct is when I’ve typed in the last letter, I still have to tap the “check” button. When I’ve spelled it absolutely correctly, the answer will ding without me doing anything. Otherwise, Mondly is helping me rediscover my native language. App is so much better than when I first paid for it many many years ago and stopped using it shortly thereafter. They’ve greatly improved the listening and speaking functions. It’s so much more immersive and interactive than before. I know that Mondly is making my life better moving forward. I know I can finally visit Vietnam one day without being ashamed that I can’t read or write in my birth language. Shout out to Ioana at Mondly for helping me out with restoring my purchase.
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7 months ago, Adiv
Better Than Duolingo
Even using just the free tier, learning languages with Mondly is much better than with that infamous owl app. Mondly teaches you practical vocabulary applicable to everyday social situations. It goes beyond mere translation of contrived sentences by giving you the opportunity to listen to and participate in short, meaningful conversational dialogues using your own voice. I am studying Finnish with Mondly but have studied some of the language with books and other apps. I find the learning experience with Mondly very satisfying and look forward to each lesson. Due to the very complex nature of Finnish grammar, the app doesn’t so far seem to cover any topics related to important aspects such as vowel harmony, consonant gradation, grammatical cases, etc. My previous work in the language has helped me to recognize certain case endings of words in the various exercises in each language. Perhaps these topics will be addressed in later sections of the course. If not, no worries since I will continue studying Finnish grammar in the books I already own. No textbook can provide the interactive experience that an app like Mondly provides, however. So for that alone it’s worth the investment. Minä tykkään tästä ihanasta sovellusta! Paljon kiitos!
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2 years ago, Mel-Moosh
Good but needs revisions
Overall this is a good app to learn common phrases and words in Farsi and it is enjoyable to use. However, it can be improved upon. For example there are sometimes two different words in the same lesson translated to the same English word when they should be different (beach and dock in one lesson, grass and weed- the lawn types not marijuana- in another). Also, for those trying to learn the script and the grammar, it would be so helpful if the written sentences and words stayed visible until they were released by the user. Instead they only stay visible for a second or two, making it impossible to sound out what is being said to comprehend the spelling or the grammar relationships. Some of the learning is by rote only, because the translation of a sentence is in the English structure only whereas if the Persian words were translated in order occasionally as well, you could pick up more accurately what the actual words mean and figure out the grammar more intuitively. Finally, many of the vocabulary words used are nearly the same as the English words. While this explains why I've always though my husband was speaking "Tex-Farsi", since those words are easily understood by English speakers, the app developers would do well to focus more on common words that will be unfamiliar-sounding and more important to learn.
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3 years ago, Jacob Ruelas
My personal opinion
This app is fairly good, a little pricey month to month, but if you’re like me and you really care about investing into language learning then you wait until you see the “lifetime deal” and make that purchase off of impulse. Anyways, the lifetime deals are always worth it, trust me. I personally enjoy this apps way of teaching, it’s fun and it’s not bad at helping me remember stuff. I believe that the review for each sections in regards to vocab should be flash cards instead of swiping up or down to the correct one. Maybe there is that option and I just haven’t seen it, but I like flashcards way more for reviews. Anyways I used to use this app for Japanese andIt wasn’t bad but then I switched over to another platform that is far superior for Japanese than any other app. However, this app is really good for Spanish, I’ve been using it for Spanish and over certainly enjoyed it so far. I realistically want to give it four stars, but not because it’s bad, it’s just different than what I’m used to, but it is one of the best for practicing your speaking, at least compared to something like duo lingo. This app deserves 5/5 for the speaking portions.
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10 months ago, pm.art
American learning French
A fairly clear structure with good visuals and clear pronunciations. My goal is to read books in French, and this app seems more geared to travelers or business people visiting a French speaking country. I also feel it is more geared toward British English than to American English even though I specified American when I signed up. They use words like biscuit for cookie, holiday for vacation, etc. which gets a little confusing in some of the modules. Is a “cooker” a stove? Most Americans would never use the word cooker. And Americans spell color without the letter u. I have been using this app for three years and three months, and although they have added modules, i feel there is not enough explanation of verb tenses or conjugations. Some of the translations are too loose. It would be easier if they better explained them; for example an American would say “I need ___” whereas in French they say “I have need of ___”. That much I learned in high school, but it was not explained in the app. Small things like that can be very helpful. Colloquialisms (or what I take to be colloquial) are not explained at all. For example, the word cour translates as court, but the app uses it interchangeably with garden, (jardin) which is confusing. Users need to intuit a bit.
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1 year ago, celphiriox
Not bad, but needs work
The lessons are decent, especially since you can get some basic grammar explanations. What’s lacking is any sort of resources outside of the lessons. There’s no place to practice vocab. No place to get more in-depth grammar. No place to memorize what you’ve learned other than to repeat the lesson itself. That makes it very hard for anything to stick. The only reason I chose this app was because it offers lessons for a language that you can’t find elsewhere. And for $3.99 a month (roughly the price of Duolingo Pro) I’d expect more. That’s half an Apple music subscription! If I didn’t need to learn the language that I do, I wouldn’t bother using this app. Edit: the developer response fails to address my concern. It’s not effective to have to review words/phrases/grammar lesson by lesson. I paid $50 for this app and you want me to go lesson by lesson to review? That’s ridiculous. There needs to be a centralized location, similar to Anki, where you can review everything you’ve learned. I’ve studied a lot of languages and this is an essential part of retaining vocabulary and phrases. Buzz words like “inductive” and “immersive” seem to miss the point. Needless to say I’ll be cancelling my subscription and getting Duolingo once they add the language I need. Clearly the devs don’t care about adding requested features.
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2 years ago, Selenanp18
Lots of glitches and wrong words
Two problems: one is a major problem, the other is just annoying. The first is that there are tons of glitches, at least in the hands free version.I subscribe to this app so that I could learn Greek on the go and not have to look at my screen. But I can almost never make it through a whole lesson because the app keeps saying there is a problem and it doesn’t hear my answers. I might be 75% of the way through a lesson and then I just have to close it out and lose all of my progress because the app won’t respond. The other problem is the inaccurate phrases. Here’s an example. I use this app for Greek. I already speak Greek a B1 level, so I’ve noticed that some of the phrases are wrong. The main thing: in reality, there is no infinitive tense in Greek. When you want to learn a verb, such as “to write”, you actually learn “I write” (γράφω) because there is no such word as “to write”. When Mondly introduces a verb, it always says “γράφω means to write. How do you say to write?” And you have to answer back γράφω or it considers your answer incorrect. This can lead to a lot of confusion when trying to use these verbs in a sentence. I’m really surprised that such a huge inaccuracy made its way to the app. Some of the other phrases are not direct translations (as you would think if you didn’t already know them).
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3 years ago, Puerto Rico Bound
Like to see more
Im giving this 4.5 stars. I truly enjoy the app, its just and very refreshing to see that their added new things to it every so often. New languages, new ways to learn. I’ve been using this app on and off for quite some time mostly do to work and everything especially given the time that we’re in. However, the one thing that I would say that is making me give this app a 4.5 out of 5 stars is them taking so long to add new features to the app. Though, I completely understand with software engineering and things like that. Yes, those things take time. I understand. However, there are things that I would like to see be added that I think would change the app around a lot more. That and with the VR side of the app as well too. There really hasn’t been anything added to the VR app. Aside from thoes little flaws. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to brush up on the languages they already know and want to learn any new languages. Some of the grammar could still be working on, but nonetheless. I think this is a good game.
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6 months ago, Beepo347
For Tagalog/Filipino
I upgraded to the paid version today and I’d like a refund. The app doesn’t properly explain why certain words need to be there and sometimes the audio doesn’t even match the words. There are places where it will have one word and say a whole sentence. There are others where it reads a different word. With the lack of explanation for everything, I’m unable to tell which words are correct or why I’m supposed to be saying certain words. I’m also not a fan of how the app doesn’t really work previous words into the new lessons. It seems like you either need to make your own flash cards or go through and repeat the same set of phrases in the same order. Another frustrating situation I’ve run into is when you make too many mistakes on the lesson (which, again, there is no guide or notes prior to the lessons) it doesn’t tell you the correct answer for the final question you’ve made a mistake on. Even if it did, I’m not sure it would stick with you long enough to make it back to that point. I don’t feel like it is helping you to become fluent, but rather just memorizing phrases. The free lesson made me feel hopeful for the program, but the following lessons leave a lot to be desired. For a company that has so much money from selling education material, this program sure is a let down.
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1 year ago, Yoga-D
Needs some work on the Japanese.
I like the ability of a lot of repetition of words that the app is promoting. I don’t like the promoting of the same words in so many different lessons. I do like that I can go back and review lessons to get more exposure. I don’t like the seemingly over emphasis on imported “English” words or the conflict of spelling between various lessons. I despise the use of Romanized alphabet. At least provide the option to switch to the Kana. I don’t appreciate the switching of different words of the same meaning but very different spelling and pronunciation, (especially with Kanji) if there wasn’t an opportunity for first learning both words. There needs to be much greater effort with introducing new words and a gradual transition to Kanji. Both of the first two sections for grammar, demonstrate practically no grammar at all and are probably the most frustrating sections that I’ve worked in due to the heavy use of more complex sentences with totally new words in Kanji. There is a significant use of word conjugation with absolutely no explanation or preparation, considering that I’ve covered a lot of material. Finally, the hands free exercises need a lot of improvement. Many words it gets wrong and doesn’t even come close to what I say. I just quit using that option.
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1 year ago, cass full roy
Limitations but great practice!
This app and Mondly in general is an amazing system for an absolute beginner, someone that knows some basics and wants to review, or even someone like me that at one point, knew far more of several languages. I unfortunately don’t get to use much other than English in my daily activities. And I am or otherwise too busy to remember to practice or organize practice play dates with others that know the languages as well. This is a great way to keep fresh on some practical words. I enjoy the chat features to role play. The AR is fun to use as well! I happen to also have the VR Mondly app for my oculus, which is also neat! If you are serious about this and enjoy it, instead of paying the premium fee, I recommend searching for the lifetime membership. Sometimes they have it for $100 or less and you have unlimited access to premium for the rest of forever. I would recommend this for anyone wanting to dabble in a new language, or those that want to have some basic practice, as to not get rusty.
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4 years ago, stpa0001
No Way to Cancel (updated)
I liked Mondly and used it for a year membership. The problem was when I decided I didn’t want to renew. There is no method of shutting off the auto-renewal or cancelling membership. In the “settings” screen, then down to the “About” screen. Click on “Subscription info”. It says “auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase”. Wrong. Mondly does NOT show up in my list of apps at the iTunes Store to cancel. I see “Lose It!”, Netflix, Apple Music, but no “Mondly”. This is showing on my bank statement as 2COCOM and nothing to do with Apple. I googled 2COCOM and it is a separate billing company. And they will not refund or cancel the auto-renewal. It also is not on my iPad settings / subscription list. THERE is NO way to CANCEL. Suggestions anyone? UPDATE: After putting up this review, I was contacted by Mondly and they did offer my money back - which I accepted. They said I was sent an email a week before the auto renewal - I didn’t see it but it could have went in my junk folder and was missed. They also offered an extra 6 months at no charge if I renewed.
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3 years ago, kinikono
Favorite Language App
this is genuinely my favorite language learning app, i love the number of languages available so much. i bought a premium subscription a few years ago and have access to all the languages offered, and i am so so glad i made that purchase. i started using mondly for its korean course, and now i use it for korean, polish, mandarin, french, and german. the hands-free lesson mode is also very useful and enjoyable, albeit a bit frustrating when the bot just Does Not interpret what you say. some of the phrases they teach should be broken down a bit more for pronunciation and comprehension's sake, in my opinion, at least in the "core vocabulary" section. all the new sounds in a new language can be overwhelming to try and pick out and spit back out to the bot when she only says it to you once, so i think offering the "one word at a time" option earlier on with phrases would be very, very cool. i also love the daily lessons so much, the vocab is always useful. solid 9/10, will always recommend
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2 years ago, Disappointed one 2
So much fun!!
I am addicted to this app. I tried it out for free, but got a subscription and have not once felt like I’m not getting my money’s worth. They are continually improving the app by adding more features and lessons. I have made Mondly a part of my daily language learning. I’ve found myself adding more languages and learning them more consistently. The daily lessons are prefect for me to be consistent with even a few minutes daily. And it’s so much fun!! Update: re-upped my subscription. Every once in a while there will be an odd mistake, but being told you answered wrong, then shown the correct answer is the word you picked. A few times there has been a completely different sentence or variation of a word being spoken than is given as the answer, but it’s very easy to report these issues and I’ve noticed that the ones I’ve reported have all been corrected regardless of which language. Still very fun app and I really think it’s helping me with my pronunciation.
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3 years ago, {Puraagua}
Learn Tagalog the easy way.
Tagalog language is very easy and fun to learn with this program. Everything is well organized and lessons well explained. The only bad thing is that some sentences, when spoken to you by the App, they don't agree with what you are reading. I have reported them, however, the next time they come up, they continue being wrong. It seems to me that Mondley doesn't review the content, at least that is true with Tagalog Language, where there are several mistakes being reported and they never get corrected. Tagalog is a fascinating language, however, it is a language that cannot be learned by memorizing words. Therefore the teaching should be more like the way you learn in school, and not by memorization; it is too complex to learn the way Mondley lays out its lessons. I have not seen any explanations as to how to change a word from singular to plural or how to understand focus markers, focus pronouns, etc. I believe that maybe everything is included here. However, the presentation needs serious rearrangement. I take language learning seriously. Mondley, now it's your turn to teach seriously!
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5 years ago, Castsajen
One of the best teaching apps on the market
I am a private voice specialist and very often we work in foreign languages. This is absolutely one apps of the best that I’ve ever seen for education and recreation. I wanted to take the time to explain why I feel this way, for one thing I work with students who were on the autistic spectrum with great gift for music and left brain activity. This is fantastic particularly the virtual reality feature to be able to get my students attention and get them retaining the information. I also like that there are so many free features. The app is affordable at $10 a month, and I personally to keep myself polished on my language skills love the text conversation option. Whoever created this understands how the brain works and that education is very personalized. I think this opens a lot of doors to folks that maybe would get frustrated with the apps that only teach one way. I can only see this product improving as time goes on. And have high hopes for the future. Very best, Jen Vanella
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2 years ago, fkdsg14
Good for beginners
The app itself is great for beginners. I like that you can add a person to your premium account for free. I like that the audio is clear and can hear me clearly. I like all the different options. The only thing I don’t like, and what will probably keep me from subscribing long term, is that you can’t start at any level but beginner. Like, it asked me what my Spanish level is, I said intermediate. But when I started, it gave me the most basic greetings and words. I already know how to conjugate verbs in the present and greeting people I learned in high school. So I upped it to advance level, but it was still super basic, didn’t seem to change at all. So either there’s no customization or Im just way better at Spanish than I and others think I am (believe me, I am not). There should be a test of some sort to classify you and tailor your learning accordingly. It’s gonna take too long to go through all of these lessons and get to the level I should be in. As such, I’ll be deleting the app before the trial ends. But as I said, if you start this as a beginner, it will probably be great.
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5 years ago, Beth SH
Overall great - just a few tweaks needed
I’ve been eager to learn Spanish formally so when I saw a deal on HuffPost for a lifetime subscription to Mondly for about $40, I grabbed it. Overall I’ve been very pleased with the app. I like the range of lessons available (daily, grammar, lots of different categories). I like the competitive piece of it too, and the bonuses for doing at least one lesson each day. My only quibbles are that it’s unreasonably picky about correct answers and there isn’t quite as much conversation as I’d like. An example of the pickiness is that it asks to translate “Que clase de habitacion desearia?”; I translated it as “what type of room would you like?” And it dinged me because the correct answer was “what room type would you like?” It would be great if there were alternate correct responses. In terms of conversation, it would be good if there were more opportunities for speaking practice in each lesson. I’d like it if there were times when there was a sentence in English and I had to come up with the correct Spanish phrase without a prompt, rather than just saying what I’m reading.
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2 years ago, MatressWorldUSA
Great app but…
I got a great deal on the “unlimited access.” I can now learn any of the languages I want at the same time and switch back and forth…but then you have to buy a “premium account” to get to do more than 2 lessons. That requires a yearly subscription, which I was trying to avoid in the first place. After getting the Premium access, it says that Mondly Kids is free INSTEAD of $9.99/mo. When it takes you to download the app, you get 7 days for free AND THEN IT CHARGES YOU $9.99/mo. I like that you can access all of the daily, weekly and monthly quizzes but I wish you could look at and review old ones that you might not have gotten 3 stars on. I would like to look at my totals of previous weeks and not just the current weeks stats. I would like to be able to message other users. Could the normal lessons be worth more than 13 pts as they take twice as long as the daily lessons? I wish the points mattered more. I also don’t understand the graphics with the brain and the different color dots that light up.
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2 years ago, OrangeTiramisu
I was having trouble with my Mondly subscription, but Ioana from Mondly has been very nice and she helped me out in every step of the way, always promptly responding to my questions. It is rare to find companies nowadays that offer the excellent customer service that Mondly has; it values the importance of human connection. In another aspect, the Mondly app is just as amazing as its customer service, and I couldn’t emphasize on it more! I study my Spanish and Japanese with this app and I love how it’s a language app that doesn’t just spoon-feed you and actually makes you think! I love that it offers different levels of difficulties, from beginner to advance, w/c will determine the amount of clues you’ll be getting for the lessons. Anyway, thank you Mondly team for creating such an amazing app! Thank you Ioana for the excellent customer experience! I wish you all the best and I shall continue to support you. ❤️
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1 year ago, maroon horse lover lol
Terrible App
Even though I am very young I would like to warn you do not be fooled by the 4.8 star ratings. Mondly is a terrible app it will review words and phrases but only once I spend countless times trying to learn Latvian but only got frustrated it teaches you nothing do not waste your time on it doesn’t even teach anything useful not even grammar I have no clue how the app has such good ratings don’t waste your time reviewing words once that you wish forget in only a matter of time then be expected to fully know them so whatever you do to learn a new language don’t use Mondly. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten so angry and wanted to toss things around because I was really trying to learn with mondly I was starting to feel like I wasn’t trying hard enough only to find out that there’s nothing wrong with me but this app is just terrible at teaching don’t waste your time to only get frustrated, angry, and have the urge to start raging. Please read this though this is very long and seems to be only insignificant out of the thousands of reviews I am young but I just need to warn you before you start feeling the same way I did.
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4 years ago, DLM1979Too
Great learning tool
I also use another popular learning app, and am using Mondly in conjunction. Mondly is different from the other app. I appreciate the options to select my topic of learning (grammar today? Or travel? Or clothing?) and type of learning that suits me at the moment. I really enjoy the hands-free “chat” which corresponds with each lesson and requires both listening and verbal skills, as well as forces me to think of the correct response instead of choosing from a selection. I also appreciate that those types of exercises are optional and not required to progress because I am more familiar with some topics and don’t always need or want the extra verbal lessons. Highly recommend! Great tool especially in conjunction with other language learning options, as the way the lessons are broken up allow you to work on areas of your personal weakness instead following a one-size-fits-all order of lessons
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4 years ago, frogman3126
Quite happy so far but lacking grammar support
It’s early but I’m making progress with Afrikaans. Its best feature in my view is the use of recordings of native speakers rather than computerized voice synthesis (compare Duolingo, which by the way does not include Afrikaans) — or maybe it just has really good computers. I like the fact that much of the syntax and even vocabulary is taught implicitly rather than explicitly, but I am fortunate to have had high school German to guide me. Some ability to reference a formal description of the grammar would be extremely useful I think - some kind of context-sensitive link (a huge task for the developers I acknowledge). A second choice would be to enable attached comments from other learners/speakers, as does Duolingo. Those are sometimes inaccurate but usually self-corrected by the community and the discussion is useful. Still, on balance, I believe I will be a better speaker using Mondly than Duolingo — I can look up the grammar but Duolingo will never make me a natural sounding speaker.
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3 years ago, Shopper DB
Great app for speaking! Well done!
This is better than other language learning apps for actually speaking and practicing useful phrases! As with all apps, you’ll need other supplemental learning tools. There are still the occasional little things that aren’t perfect, but very minor. The mic hears completely different words sometimes, but it often gives you time to correct. It makes you really listen and speak, and that is the best! The hands free option is terrific! In English we say bookstore not bookshop. So that type of thing is really minor. Seems like it is US English usually so that is good, and I’d rather have weird English than weird Italian, so that’s fine. It is fun and educational. The competition piece could be better. It would be good to compare yourself to others with similar points, not to see scores that are way greater than your own.
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3 years ago, Lord Meatballicus of Meatballs
Started learning because a friend of mine spoke Bulgarian...
We thought it would be fun if both of us could speak it. Also to prank her family when I can understand what they’re saying in their native tongue. I’m four days into learning, and she’s already giddy with the progress I’ve made! Learning Bulgarian, which doesn’t seem to be the hardest so far. Learning is fun- it normally wouldn’t seem like it, but the colors, and other aspects of this app make it feel like a game. From each ‘level’ of a chapter, to the way the chapters are laid out on the screen makes it feel like you’re progressing your way through a game. I love this app- it’s honestly better than Duolingo. Thanks to the creators! Footnote: I may be biased because I’m currently being allowed to learn Bulgarian via this app rather than take my second year of Spanish- so, big win right there.
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4 years ago, sel.
This stuff work!!
Yooooo this app is crazy good and updated! Now with a hands free option that feels like a real teacher/tutor. The modules are easy going and quick to understand. I love being able to go back and repeat a single subject until it clicks!! This is for anyone really wanting to learn a language and is willing to put in some tune each day. Daily,weekly, and monthly quizzes optional but I also recommend doing those. Once you get into it you can check your “statistics” where it shows how much time you’ve invested overall, how many words youve reviewed, how many phrases you’ve reviewed, your level (based on the points you get from each activity), and a graph with the amount of points (I. E. Activities done) each day so you can see your progress. The community part makes it interesting to see how other people around the world or USA are doing! Super cool app overall
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4 years ago, made me put a name
Goodish/Nags you to review with paid subscription
Im reviewing because it keeps asking me to review and since i already paid i don’t see it quitting any time soon. If you care about the app it’s good. Still missing some things. Needs more diverse grammar. Mostly simple sentences in present tense. Also they took out a feature where you can swipe letters to form a word as a type of question. You have to type a really tiny letter exactly on the center in order for it to register. The other types of questions are pretty ergonomic and easy though. A big plus. Overall get the app for the daily lessons they are good. The app could use a better interface. You cant really look up any vocabulary in a timely or efficient manner. You can search words but you must go through a lesson to maybe see it used in context. And it also takes forever at the end of a lesson to continue on learning. You have to wait for the animated brain to finish loading and showing you almost useless data. Beginner to advanced modes don’t really change in content. You just have to type stuff out more in the advanced mode. But i like how each level of difficulty has a separate level of completeness in the lessons. Although i wish there was an option to merge. Pros: good vocabulary. Free Daily lessons. Other good stats. One of the better options for learning multiple languages. Cons: could teach more grammar. INefficient interface! Nowhere to review vocabulary.
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2 years ago, itstgegame
For beginners learning isn’t easy
It never is easy to learn a new language from scratch with no experience. I’m currently learning it because the company I’m working for is owned by a Korean company. Learning just to communicate with everyone would be cool I think. I also would like to visit sough Korea I think that would be an interesting trip. I’m only day two and I can say I’m impressed with what they have and the lesson and the way they teach. You feel like your almost just thrown in there at first but if you don’t get it they’ll walk you through it step by step in the hands free section. I would 100% recommend this to anyone I just started so I might find some negatives but not yet. There have been issues with mic picking up different things I’m saying but that’s bound to happen that can’t be perfect.
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3 years ago, Amazonivic
Absolutely worth the money
I studied languages and speak a few, and this app is my favorite tool for learning Croatian. You can do small bite-sized lessons or more, and it gets you WAY more practice and vocabulary than other programs/apps (and I’ve bought a lot of them). You can slow speaker speed, and have a list to easily review vocab without re-doing the lessons. While I’m not far enough along to speak to how grammar is explained I REALLY like how you can highlight new words, and instantly see the infinitive and present conjugations, plus past and future. I take notes of these to review as I learn. If ONLY I had this app when I was stuck learning French in school! Also I had an issue with the app when I got a new phone. I reported this error from the app and got an email the NEXT DAY with a solution from a friendly and helpful person. Totally fixed!
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11 months ago, Keikei_Croley
Good for one user but not for more
This app has been great it getting started to learn Chinese. It walks you through slowly and has a great feature where you speak back the words to check your pronunciation. The problem is the billing and multiple user features are terrible. First I got charged for both a single month and a year package when I went from monthly to yearly. The next is I added additional users so my family could learn as well but we can’t figure out how they signin. You get pop ups stating for the other user to try it but there is no way to switch users or to have them sign in on their own device! Lastly I try to access my account via the app and you can enter your email address and there is a header for password but no way to enter it!
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4 years ago, 1000lbfeather
Nice! XD
This is a neat app. After doing the free trial, I decided it was worth the investment to subscribe. There’s tones of lessons so I appreciate that. What I wish was included was lessons for learning non-Roman alphabet script/characters. It’s not a huge learning block for me personally because I can either figure it out by switching the script at the top right hand corner where the flags are, or just look up the alphabet online, but I think it would be a very helpful lesson to add. I also wish that there was some kind of discernment for what’s formal language and what’s casual for those languages that are applicable. I think that would also be helpful for beginner learners. What I do love most about it is that it offers a decent selection of languages, you can choose your level of proficiency (between beginner, intermediate, and advanced), and it offers speech practice. That’s always a great feature to have. Overall, it’s a good language learning app. 👍
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4 years ago, trail setter
I’m so pleased!
I started with the limited (free) Persian app just to see the method, and see if I could learn this way (I’m rather dense when it comes to remembering phrases). I was enjoying it but there was no sound for part of the lessons. I wrote to Mondly and Georgiana explained exactly what was going on and how the full Mondly app was working correctly but the single language app hadn’t caught up, and that I could try the free Persian lessons in the main Mondly. Which I did and everything worked perfectly. I have now signed up for the full year, based partly on the excellent customer service— I know if I have any more problems I will get an immediate response. My only difficulty is that I don’t understand how some nouns can be a completely different word when used in a sentence and an explanation would be nice but it wouldn’t help me speak Persian any better.
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2 years ago, Cryswash
Learning isn’t that easy with this app!
When comparing this app to other top language apps, it’s not that great. There was one positive that I liked, the voice lessons but a lot of times it doesn’t pick up the pronunciation that well. The lessons are not that great as it tells you to translate sentences that you have not yet learned all the words for and uses random little pictures to teach words. Also, the daily lessons are too randomized and I find they try to teach too many words and sentences that are not useful yet or too advanced for the beginner level. As an example, I chose to go through the “hello” lessons first to learn basic greetings. You would think the daily lessons would also choose this path or at least be a review of the lessons you learn but no, it started teaching me about artists, painting and random colors. This way of learning may be okay for some but is definitely not for me! I decided to go with Duolingo as I’m learning much better with that app.
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1 year ago, 400BeanDips
Very good app
Every word is spoken, even for a lesser-known language like Latvian. There are pictures for each word, which helps with visual learners. A daily lesson is available each day, however that’s about all you can do with the free version. The paid version is a bit more expensive than other apps like Memrise and Ling, but it does provide A LOT. The pronunciation on each word is really beneficial to learning the language. With premium, there is a lot of content and you can do ALL previous daily lessons, even from years ago or simply if you miss a day. The website and app are glitch-free and clean, they are synced well (unlike Ling which doesn’t recognize if you did a lesson on the other platform and vice versa). Overall, Mondly is a good choice at least for lesser-known languages.
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5 years ago, This app is broken 12/31/15
Great software, however...
The software of this app is perfect, I have yet to find one flaw. My only critiques are that I don’t feel that this app is teaching me phrases to use realistically. I don’t feel that it adequately challenges nor teaches/explains grammar on a level where you can begin to put two in two together. When you make a mistake it docs you a star, and for you to receive 100% on the lesson you have to retake the entire lesson which makes the process frustrating and discouraging. I downloaded the trial version of Rosetta Stone and I was surprised and inspired by the contrast of their differences. Immediately Rosetta Stone enabled me to thoroughly understand why and what I was saying. It was not as easy but I felt that I learned more from a three day trial version of Rosetta Stone versus weeks worth of studying on Mondly. If Mondly Adopted more features similar to Rosetta Stone and I would be entirely satisfied.
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4 years ago, ShadowcubGaming
It does work
It’s a very well put together app and is currently a core part of my daily study routine. It’s been a very long time since I’ve used Rosetta Stone, but if asked to compare, I’d say Mondly is better. There are really no cons or problems to the app itself that I’ve come across. The only major issue I’m having is that voice recognition sometimes has some serious trouble, but I very much suspect that has to do with the phone’s voice recognition software and not Mondly. One thing will praise them for is having Latin. Most language learning software companies ignore the language and I’ve come across several people looking to learn Latin in the past few weeks. I’ve been able recommend Mondly for that. Had this been a thing when I was in high school, I absolutely would have used it for my Latin class.
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1 month ago, Brirrrri
Great for the basics
I’m a seasoned language learner. I speak Spanish at a C1 level and this app didn’t really have anything to offer me, but most aren’t geared towards that. So that’s fine. I’m also learning Portuguese and wanted something that was going to let me learn and not pay a lot. The app is great and fun for a review of what I know, as well as learning new things. I love the daily lessons and that there is just so much content. I hope to see more. I plan on using this to get the foundations on other languages in the future. The only issue I have is the gender in the Portuguese lessons isn’t well done. A female says “obrigada” and a male says “obrigado.” But the lesson has a woman saying “obrigado,” and this is not correct. Please fix this since gender is a huge part of Romance languages. Other then that, I love the app and I plan on using much more in the future.
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2 years ago, ALanguageLearner
It's good, for the kind of app it is
I actually think this is a pretty good language-learning app, especially for someone who's just starting out in a language or needs a refresher. You learn all the vocabulary in the context of a sentence, and you're required to type the answers and to say the answers at some moments, so you're not just listening and spacing out at the same time. The daily lesson usually only takes me about two minutes to do, so if you find yourself "slacking" while using other apps, this one might be more doable for you. The only reason I didn't give it a five star rating is because I feel if I were to give that to a language app, I'd want it to be something I considered fun, or looked forward to doing. I think this is a good app, but I don't feel those ways toward it. But that doesn't mean it's bad.
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2 years ago, Udo Groß
Much better than the language-specific apps
The addition of speech recognition is huge and it seems there have been corrections made when developing this generic Mondly app. I am quite happy so far that I downloaded this newer version and I think the improved experience will likely keep me motivated to continue. For instance, previous language-specific versions (German, Persian) would give me a verbal or text prompt in English that did not match the displayed text, or was not what the app was expecting me to type in. This meant that in order to get the answer right I had to remember which phrases the app had mixed up. In German it was often Du/Sie (informal/formal “you”), in Persian it would be a different phrase/verb altogether. I have yet to run into such a situation with this newer generic app.
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6 years ago, AnnetteLL
Amazing Customer Support!
I’ve been using Mondly to dust off my rusty Finnish, using a premium subscription. After several months, I was locked out of all premium features, so I contacted support. They worked with me for eight days, trying one thing after another. They finally had developers manually sync my account, and they renewed my subscription for another year on top of that. They didn’t give up until the problem was fixed and encouraged me to keep them updated each step of the way. I was blown away! What I like about the app itself: The variety of ways used to teach and reinforce new vocabulary & skills, like grammar, is very effective. The simple point system and stars are just enough of gamification to keep me going; I've found myself using the app for an hour or more. (It’s so easy to just one more lesson because they’re so short!) And it’s awesome to find an app with Finnish, a rarity. There are a few vocabulary quibbles and such that I’d change (usually due to translation/meanings not quite but lining up with English), but they’re minor. At each step in every lesson, you can send a report, and I’ve seen some issues totally resolved after reporting a language issue. I definitely recommend it!
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3 months ago, baby pt
Loving It
After multiple attempts (and hundreds of dollars) to find an app I can actually learn from and interact with, I have finally discovered Mondly. It does have issues, such as silly "quizzes" after only 2 words, and does not always recognize my voice/accent when repeating-but aside from that, very happy with it. The cartoon nature of some apps left me very frustrated. Some programs spend way too much time on grammar, or simple conversation. Or they used really irritating "characters" (Duolingo). Mondly is good for me-a visual, audio, and hands-on learner, and without annoying voice types. Suggestion-a way to slow down even more would be nice. And get rid of the "here's a short quiz" after introducing only 2 easy words. Love this app.
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1 year ago, fahfoo
One of the only apps offering Bengali
My parents are native Bengali speakers. I grew up listening to Bengali but not learning how to properly speak it. One of my goals was to improve my ability to speak Bengali. There are only 2 language learning apps offering Bengali- Mondly and Ling. I started with Ling, and despite very eye catching animations, the words I was learning didn’t sound correct based on my family’s pronunciation and vocabulary. I then tried Mondly, which has vocabulary I am more familiar with. I also like the chatbot function to help practice having conversations. I know this app still has a long way to go, but as a product manager myself, I believe this app will continue to improve so I am investing in this now. So far, pretty great!
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4 months ago, !Logan Roy!
Inaccurate translations.
First time using this particular language learning app. It told me to translate 彼は私の父です。The words it gave me were “This is my father.” I know it actually translates to “He is my father.” This is my father would translate to このは私の父です。So definitely not impressed with the app so far. It seems like if you want to use their app for free, then you have to sign up for a free trial that will start charging you monthly after the week. I wish there was a free version instead of just a free trial. It feels like they prefer to pressure you into buying their services instead of enticing you with a quality product. The app also doesn’t know the difference between English and American English. It called an apartment a “flat”. It’s set for American English but that word is definitely an English word. I wish I could hear a word again in a lesson but it only says it once and doesn’t give an option to hear it again.
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6 years ago, mezzanayne
Functionality and layout are great, content needs improvement
I’ve been using Mondly for over a year to learn Danish. The app works well but I am constantly frustrated with the content. Questions requiring translation are not precise and words that have not yet been taught are included in questions. For example, in a lesson that taught the word “cafeteria” as being spelled the same in both English and Danish then asked a question requiring the user to translate “cafeteria” as “kantinen”, a word that hadn’t yet been introduced in any lessons. Other examples for poor translations are “Where can I make a call” turns into “Where is there a telephone”, “Is the post office far from here” is turned into “How long is it to the nearest post office”, and “Please do visit me sometime” is “You are welcome to visit me.” It would be far better if literal translations are used and words are introduced before they are included in translations.
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3 years ago, SoundsAbound12
A great language learning app
I love Mondly. It offers a wide range of languages to study. One may start at the Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced level. Lessons incorporate written (native or romanized) script, photos and auditory input. Practice is given in both native language to new language translation and new language to native language translation. Each lesson ends with a review. Larger weekly reviews are also given. Periodic pronunciation checks are sprinkled through the week’s lessons. The materials encourage the use of pragmatic contextual knowledge as well. It is possible to work back and forth between a standardized set of lessons and new daily lessons at each level. In studying a few different languages I have found that I was able to progress gradually and encouragingly. A pleasure to use.
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7 years ago, TehDuck12
It’s okay, but needs a lot of improvement.
This app is good in terms of layout, but that’s about it. I am learning two languages- french and Japanese. For languages that require characters, anything that’s not the Roman alphabet, they have an option to see the words romanized, which is not good at all. This disables the ability to read and translate the words, and a lot of beginners choose the ‘shortcut’. This app did not teach a single thing about romaji or katakana or kanji... or any structure of Japanese. I’m sure it’s the way for other languages, I chose Arabic before I deleted the app, and it was similar. I am a beginner in french, but the beginner option is far too easy for me and intermediate is the same. I got a question with two options that were correct, technically, but it marked me as wrong. It seems that this app just takes words from the language and inserts it into the same lessons used for all of the languages. Not good for learning languages, look elsewhere.
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