Learn French for Beginners.

4.7 (2.7K)
76.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mashal Abdullah
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Learn French for Beginners.

4.74 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Imthesilverlining27
Ok so I just got this app yesterday,and I must say it is very impressive. I feel like compared to Duolingo. Which I feel usually just memorizes it instead of in depth learning it and understand what it means, this app is definetally a 5 star for me so far. I love how many different sections it has, I mean it shows how a language is pretty difficult (for most anyways haha) and that you need to really know what it means and learn it rather than just memorization. I will admit, the robotic male voice for like the verbs and how it speaks is sometimes hard to understand cause a little like robotic sound in the backround make it hard to make out whether he pronounces a vowel at the end of a word or not ??? But overall it is so far an amazing app!!!!! Thank you for making this, I want to move to Paris eventually and this will definetally help :))))
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2 years ago, milky duddy
A Great Supplementary App
I currently have about four french apps on my phone 😂 This one has been the most effective. It is a great supplement to a structured app like Duolingo. Here you can go back and review and test on things that you learned elsewhere and strengthen your vocabulary and grammar and so much more. It is such a good set up and it is so easy to find the things you are looking for. You can test out of things like the alphabet and numbers, etc. Thank you so much for this app! It is SO great and fun and has made learning French ADDICTING. I highly recommend this app to help with school, prior knowledge, and memorization. Again - thank you!
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6 months ago, Insømniåç
Great For Note Taking 📝
I wanted to find an app that really breaks down sentences and thoroughly explains why things work in ‘that’ way. This app is really great for that! This app is really good for beginners to intermediate learning. The only thing I dislike is the learning of vocabulary, it is pretty boring and hard to retain. On this app you learn new words by just seeing and hearing them being pronounced while they are on a list of 50+ different words. Nevertheless I think this app is great if you’re looking into learning French and need a simple app!
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1 year ago, AXray1
Good learning tool
I use this and Duolingo for French. It’s very effective and they sort of compliment each other. Some things that were not made clear in Duolingo are better with this app. Pronunciation in French is both, at a normal pace and slowed down. There are quizzes to test knowledge but it seems nothing is saved. Therefore you have to start over once you close the app - or maybe I missed something? Anyway, 5 stars. It’s a solid compliment to whatever app you use.
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11 months ago, pineappleaveeee
Best for Vocabulary and Grammar
I got this app yesterday, and so far it’s great. You can work at your own pace, and you aren’t restricted to a path like Duolingo. It has many quizzes and you can record your voice to compare it to the example audio so you can hear any mistakes you are making. It eve teaches the basics like the alphabet, accents, and numbers. If you are looking for a vocabulary app this is for you, and it’s entirely free! It’s also very organized and there are no ads and no distractions. 5 ⭐️
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4 months ago, M064s
The best i tried
This is my first time writing a review and it's simply because, for the longest time i could never find an app that teaches French this well and without me paying a cent, it has been most helpful in reminding me of the basics of french and the lessons are concise and well written. I'll certainly be checking out the other apps the developer has made. Thanks
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2 years ago, Lalonde84
Organized & User Friendly
I prefer this app not only because there are no hidden fees, but also for its simple interface with organized, detailed categories. Only complaint is that it doesn’t record my voice. Easy and simple to use for beginners or kids. Practice makes perfect!
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3 years ago, Silentkilla227
I have used this in Quebec and had great success
I have to go to Canada for work and it’s no joke when the language changes and you don’t speak it. I’ve used it 2 times while there and no one has been confused. Some even spoke English and I asked them were there any errors. They gave it glowing reviews!!!!! 5 stars!!
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3 years ago, 1EleanorRigby
Doesn’t Record Your Voice
There is no sound. I have the sound turned on but the record option, does not record me practicing the words. I cannot hear my voice playback. Yeah I hear the person speaking. But the record option only has a cute little glow but does nothing other than that it does not record. It does not play back. The reason I got this app was to hear my own pronunciation of words.
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1 year ago, PA1GES
GREAT APP! 100% recommended it
Great app everything works ✅ but I really wish there is no ads it very annoying so I hope you can get rid of those or pay to not see those ads rather than that the app is great if you wanna learn French this app is the best to learn French with!👍 🤩Thank you!!!
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2 days ago, Spotify user6273
Great app but don’t use by itself
This is a great app. I got it bcs I wanted to get better at French as well as doing Duolingo. It’s great bcs it explains things a lot better than Doolingo does and I understood things more, but the part about learning French in31 days is definitely not true but otherwise I love it
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1 year ago, miipup
when i tell you this app DOMINATES duolingo. it cuts straight to the chase and makes learning french so much easier than duolingo does. it doesn’t force premium into your face, it doesn’t take away hearts if you mess up. totally get this app if you want to learn french quick and easily!!
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10 months ago, AshleyShell
Please offer a paid no-ad version
Just started, going great so far, just wish I could upgrade to a version that didn't make me waste time watching ad videos. Also, I wish it would mark lessons I've completed as "done" in some way to help me keep track and give me that feeling of accomplishment/gamification.
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10 months ago, Shankeekeh
Great for drills
I use Duolingo to learn French and wanted an app like this to do straight memorization drills. Duo is great but sometimes you just want to memorize or practice the basics without any delay in clutter like duo has. I find it very useful when I have a few minutes to invest in my language skills.
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2 years ago, Jay Richest
Jay Richest
Great app! Better than I thought it would be considering it is free. I’m only at the beginning stages and there’s still layers and layers of free lessons on here. It’s very detailed oriented in explaining definite articles, indefinite articles, The five different accent marks. It’s somewhat like a real French textbook in that sense, however without so much of the tediousness in boredom. I could say so much more about this app, but as I said I’m still at the beginning of the first lesson and there’s so much more left to cover. I Highly recommend this app!
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9 months ago, Emily 💀
Very Good app but…
Ok, first of all I gotta say that this app is really good for learning French. But there’s a few flaws about this app. When you learn a category it’s just really boring to go over 50 vocabulary. So I’d say that there should be some fun activities to make learning French fun. Last of all when I listen to the pronunciation there’s no sound so I can’t even know how it’s pronounced.
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4 months ago, Fern the dawg
In depth for beginners
This app is amazing I love it, it actually teaches you from the bottom to the top unlike other apps this one teaches you grammar etc. the only thing I would enjoy if this app was on desktop 🙌
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1 year ago, Saki9297
A great app but
You can tell there’s a lot of details in the process while you are learning French with this app. But I do need a no ads version, and I will be glad to pay for that.
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1 year ago, went liu
Great app. ..downloaded it just yesterday and it’s amazing. Am learning so much and it’s very helpful and simple to learn and memorize as well. I recommend for everyone…and it’s offline too
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3 months ago, sumisumiwumi
Great app, but please make the male & female voice optional
I can’t understand what the male voice is saying 😭 I wish I could default it to only the woman talking. I can’t understand the male AI voice
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11 months ago, wgonz
Learning French
I find these classes in French fantastic. I truly recommend this course of French classes. I’m very interested and learning. Thanks
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3 years ago, Timvrip
Almost 5 stars
This is my favorite app for learning French. I just wish you offered a pay version so I wouldn’t have to see or listen to those annoying ads.
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2 years ago, Amirjahangiri
The best
I swear this is the most completed app that is able to teach everything you will need in French
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3 years ago, MariaMaria6868
Makes learning French fun and easy
This app is easy to use and does an excellent job of helping me expand my knowledge of the language.
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2 weeks ago, Fenway Forever
Great Site
Great Site. Very easy to follow great content can really feel like you are making progress. Time will tell. It’s great that it is Free. Thank you.
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5 months ago, the best575
I learn French, in under two weeks, this app is amazing and I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, Marydt
Off-line learning
What a pleasure to be able to work on vocabulary anywhere. My only complaint is that the gender is not included for the nouns. That would be a great addition in a future update.
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3 years ago, Tia wonder woman 2
I LOVE this app
Forgot all the other reviews Thay only say “ no sound “ because Thay are blind there is a little speaker 🔈 in the left up corner. Anyways long story short GET THIS app it is SO organized
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1 year ago, g bggygbgyvyygvyvg
It’s amazing…
🇫🇷🇫🇷It’s amazing i I know the basics of friends just a really good app you should try it for self it’s really helpful when you go to France 🇫🇷🇫🇷
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4 years ago, tomc3044
Great method
This app does a great job in breaking down easy ways to learn a new language. Really enjoy the method and ease of learning better than others.
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2 years ago, LOAR24
I love it!
Even though I can not write this review in French yet, I've been learning a lot whit this app. Thank you so much! 🙏🏻
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4 months ago, Markp17
Far too many cookies!! Giant data sucker
This app has far too many “legitimate interest” cookies to disable. Legitimate interest cookies are a way to sneak around cookie laws. Deleted app after choosing not to accept the vampire data collecting cookies. Would rather pay for an app that does not load up phone with data collecting cookies.
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2 years ago, 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕚𝕥!
This app is very cool I give it five stars because it’s easy it has different areas to learn French like fruits and vegetables or the ABCs it’s free and I just love this app so much so yeah!
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1 week ago, Jaihoon
Best App
This is really best app for learning French language, I have never used before 5 star
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1 month ago, cooley1105
I am learning a lot more than when i get taught and i am learning numbers I was never taught the numbers.
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1 month ago, je suis belle, o mortels
Très bien!
A far superior app to “duolingo” … none of the nonsense of flying owls and gemstones, very few adverts, very helpful and cleverly designed.
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5 months ago, Nat0512
Buttons are not working and no sound
I downloaded it just now. By browsing the contents, it seems very impressive; however most of the buttons are not working
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1 year ago, 32bananas
Language of Love
Such fun and wonderful way to refresh my memory!
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1 year ago, Daria3141
A very nice app
It’s good and very easy for us to learn some basic vocabulary.
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5 months ago, Coquette82
I can learn French
I can learn French from a app how cool is technology these days! #artificial intelligence
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4 years ago, snoopy bear
French for Beginners
Great program Nicely paced lessons Thank you for making learning fun!!😊
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1 year ago, Le I lo
The sound is terrible
I put my phone to the highest settings and still can hear the pronunciations. A terrible thing to have when you are learning how to speak another language.
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1 year ago, ‘Nbv
The most complete app
Love it the most amazing app for learning english
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5 months ago, Zone—6
So thorough in classes
I’m enjoying motivated and learning !
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12 months ago, brilliant blondie
Duolingo French
Can’t hear the audio even with the volume on your device turned all the way up. No access to internal settings on the app to adjust audio.
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1 year ago, Queueti
Très Bien!
Just starting out but am really enjoying the app so far. Merveilleux! Fantastique! Merci beacoup.
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6 months ago, Gamer 12345678, 910
You are mean
Why can’t I download your huh?!!!!!
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2 years ago, BRidger Bond
Great French app
The best French app out there for your iPhone
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2 years ago, chiquisgorda
Love this app, makes it fun and easy to learn 🫶🏽thank you.
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1 year ago, ptacd
It’s just what I need awesome and easy
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