Learn German Phrases & Words

4.6 (99)
42.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bravolol Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Learn German Phrases & Words

4.56 out of 5
99 Ratings
7 years ago, Missed MyChance
Great Learning Tool
I have been studying German for about 6 months using Duolingo. I found this app while looking for something to supplement my study. It is great! I like the categories and the vocabulary list after each section really helps. Great app.
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3 years ago, Eyes on Words
The app I like! But it is asking to update everyday! However, I go to the App Store and it doesn’t update or need an update! It’s annoying now! Can you please fix this! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Ghe a
Great app
I love this app and how it only cost 5 dollars to get everything on the go no ads and everything you need to know about German love this app so much
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11 years ago, Travelingfam
Very useful!
We have been in Germany for a week now, and have used this app often. We don't speak any German. The small phrases have been of good size for remembering, and appropriate for travel use. The audio pronunciation has been good not only for learning to say the words correctly, but was a direct translator between us and many people we were trying to communicate with. Thank you, can't wait for more categories!
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11 months ago, good but chould be better
Great but
This app is pretty good but some of the words are wrong but only a few other wise 10/10
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5 years ago, Donn Q
Nice App
I stumbled across this app while studying Duolingo and it seems to enhance what I am presently studying ... it’s cute ... I like the games, they appear to challenge you. I like the App, it’s well done.
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2 years ago, LuigInDC89
Enough with the upsell
I paid for this yet every time I start it up they cram down your throat “An improved version is available” and you have to always say later. Every. Time. After. Paying. For. It.
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5 years ago, Please add the following 😁
Nice app.
I made my first video in German thanks to this cool app. Thanks! 😊
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4 years ago, Oklahoma Baby Blue
Can’t end free trial get charged for something I didn’t want to keep
No place to end the free trial
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9 years ago, heikel101
Not a good app for anybody, especially beginners!
All the German is mixed up regarding formal or familiar. It would help people who are learning to know how and when to use each approach with accordance to whom they are speaking. For example: when greeting someone you don't know, you would say "Wie geht es Ihnen?" But when speaking to a close friend or family member, you could say "Wie geht's du?" Or "Wie geht's?" Also, there are some very basic differences in saying things more than one way, which often is different simply depending on what part of Germany a person is in. For example, in northern Germany, people tend to introduce themselves by saying "Mein Name ist..." whereas in Southern Germany, or Bavaria, people introduce themselves more commonly by saying "Ich heiße..." This app should specify both place and rank when giving phrases to learn. Many Germans are quite forgiving to foreigners who try to speak their language, but if a young person would say to a doctor and stranger "Wie geht's?", s/he would most likely be quite offended. I think this about covers the very basic problem with this app. Someone who knows no German or customs would have no clue at all what they are really learning. I would not recommend this app to anybody for learning purposes under any circumstances. I understand that this is not meant to be an in-depth learning app, but it could very easily be changed to stay simple and yet properly teach phrases just the same.
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11 years ago, ZoeLife33
Good travel vocab list with offline audio
Good selection of travel phrases and words. All audio works offline which is important, and not common among apps like this or even paid dictionaries. Pronunciation is clear. No games, pictures, or schemes for memorizing the words. Interface is easy and cheerful. Print is clear. You can mark your favorites to practice more. Many categories require the 99 cent upgrade, or you can have ads (which requires internet every time you open that category)
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11 years ago, Corbin111
Point and click learning simplicity
A model app. I've previously spent hundreds on certain "big name language apps" that do no more than this one does. Select a category, point, click, hear, repeat. Highly recommended, especially in time-limited situations such as train rides, where complex in-depth lessons are impractical.
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11 years ago, Budahbelly
Learn German
Way cool app! Taking my first trip to Germany and about 30 minutes a day of practice with this app and I now know the basics and won't be doing guest appearances in a German Shakespeare play but I can now count, greet people, order food/drinks and ask for directions. Thanks for this great app AND.....you can't beat the price! Alvederzane.
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11 years ago, Joy Joy18
This app is AWESOME!! I already learned a few words. The great part is they separate each word into categories, some of the categories are fruit, clothing, and numbers. This app really helps me learn German and I just got the app today. I think you should get this app, it really helps you learn German.
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11 years ago, lanzhujian
i wish the pronunciation will be better
the old lady sounds just a little weird. I didn't feel german is that beauty or attractive. Please make another vision with different voice, more attractive voice will make this app better.
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11 years ago, BobbyOnline
Learn German
Excellent program - very user-friendly. I have been able to incorporate phrases and sentences into my daily speaking and writing. I highly recommend this app. Many language target only auditory learners. My modality is primarily visual and if I see it written such as Learn German's approach, I've got it.
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12 years ago, TheAngelicBeing
Top Star!
I found this application very useful it has made Deutsch much easier. I love that it is a free way for me to learn and also improve my language barrier. I am glad that I am living here in Germany and I am also glad I have a way to study while traveling it. Thanks!
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9 years ago, Sparkle Sneakers
Love it!
This is the most helpful app I have used to learn to speak German. Most of the good apps I wanted to use were about $10 and this one was both incredible and free! I have definitely fallen in love with it and I'm practicing German with it every day! ☺️
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11 years ago, Julidavila
Love it
Love it ! I am going to Germany for a couple days in a month and will be traveling all thought Europe. I gives a great start for someone to get by and also has so many categories ! I'm definitely practicing and loving it.
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12 years ago, fakemoa
A very good review for those of who have taken German before. I'm not saying this is for a beginner or someone who is already knows German, more in between. To put it simply, it's neither too cold (Beginner) nor too hot (Advanced), it's just right for the middle
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11 years ago, Frenchyblu2
German learning
This app is totally worth it! Very easy to learn something quick. Love how you can change the pace of the voice. So many things on it to learn! Highly recommended
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11 years ago, AyameofAzuma
Pretty good
Has quite a bit for being a free app. My only problem is it doesn't have anything too useful for traveling. No basic phrases like how are you or good morning. And it needs basic foods, not just fruit. Maybe that's what is in the "daily" category that isn't added yet.
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12 years ago, MumDadLoveMe
Very useful learning tool
Great little app with a wide range of vocab. & phrases. It's a great way to start learning. I'm very pleased with this app as it is one of the most useful ones. Hope that I will know some phrases when I go to Germany.
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12 years ago, Xcountry55
Great app!!!
I am taking a trip to Germany and trying to learn the language. This app has so many useful phrases. It shows the German and says it for you. I feel much better knowing I will have this app with me.
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10 years ago, AnaLuha
Excellent app!!! What I like the most is that I have it on my tablet and carry it with me everywhere. When traveling with my husband we listen and repeat as many times we want, and both are learning German easy and at almost no cost.
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11 years ago, LydiaSteve
Great app
I don't know any German! This app has the actual spoken words. I'll choose that word or phrase I need and let them listen! The app is nicely organized to find what you need quickly.
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11 years ago, Mzmary33
Great and easy app
This is a great app and very easy to navigate throughout. I like that you can slow down the annunciation and it makes it easier for us to follow .
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11 years ago, Awawwswawsw
I am mostly a German
I love to write stories and it is easy to pull out my device and search a word or any thing else. Great app. Recommend if you want to learn a language.
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12 years ago, 1nativebeauty
Easy easy
This app is so hassle free and easy to learn the basics! I enjoy using this app it's easy and free! I need to learn quick and this is the app to do it until I move forward with more complex sentences!!
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12 years ago, Cat113331
Great App
My friend lived in Germany until she was in her teenage years before moving to the USA and she says that this app says the words correctly . So, I know it works. She also said that the words are spelled right. Great App!
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11 years ago, Marathonminister
The German learning system is fun and helpful. Several areas of common life topics are covered, giving the learner a wide variety of useful words. I would recommend this app to those wishing to both learn German and to improve their speaking skill.
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11 years ago, av30863
Well organized and presented
Just getting started after two years of high school German years ago. Helpful.
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11 years ago, Kista94
Learning German
Sehr Gut! Ich liebe es! :) This app is great to learn basic German even though I knew some since I am German myself but it do not hurt to learn more by these apps to learn, speak better, and able to acknowledge the German heritage!:)
Show more
11 years ago, Mommaceo
Good app for a good start
Really liking this app so far! Feel like I am picking up and remembering quite a bit of it and able to put it to use!
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11 years ago, 8elle8
Very Pleased
The voice speaking the words in the app is very pleasant and natural sounding. The spoken words are easy to understand and repeat successfully. This is a very good basic or review language app.
Show more
11 years ago, Keldashi
Good to learn the basics
Helpful for the very basic language that you need to communicate. I wish the emergency words weren't the pro version.
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12 years ago, Little_Leaf_
Love It!
It may be pretty basic but it's perfect for someone who can't speak any German at all. Very clear & has a cool comfortable design! Would definitely recommend👍👍👍👍❤❤❤😊
Show more
9 years ago, valentinatejada89
Good app, could be improved in content.
Lacks articles of the words and should have longer lists of vocabulary words, but overall covers important general topics necessary for speaking german. Very well designed app, easy to use :)
Show more
11 years ago, J9crinze
So far so good.
Just started using. Wish it had pronunciation for certain words. Sometimes a bit difficult to understand with speed of sentences.
Show more
11 years ago, Hufgkyfaudvgiuydafvgiyuafdgvy
I think you should include the emergency section instead of the drinking section or the weather section. What if I'm in Germany and I'm dying? Will I say "wie is de wetterforhersage"? But otherwise, great app. I love it!
Show more
11 years ago, Mizzyw
Easy to use!
Love using this app while I'm waiting in line or anytime I have a couple of minutes throughout the day.
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12 years ago, Montreal voyager
A lot for less
I am teaching my two month old German by having him listen to this app. Lots of basic words and phrases
Show more
12 years ago, Kdera
So far, so gut
Simple, straightforward, useful. It is exactly what it says it is. I've used a LOT of language apps, and this one can even stand beside some paid apps proudly.
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11 years ago, Blabouy
Primary user
My wife and I both really find this app is a very useful tool in learning our basic German grammar. It really is very helpful for us.
Show more
12 years ago, JennRocks81
I haven't used the app yet so I'm giving 5 stars for my level of excitement. Plus it said I have to rate it to unlock something. So, there ya have it.
Show more
12 years ago, SpiDeY~
Best German App out there.
Yes. This is the best German app out there in the App Store. I have tried most of the free apps and I can say that this one is the best as it has more info in it than the others.
Show more
11 years ago, Laura Burke
So far so good
I just started and I want to unlock the additional stuff by writing a review. It seems to be easy to understand.
Show more
11 years ago, RE: nemesis
Haven't tried it to much...
So, I haven't tried it too much. But the part I did seemed ok. There aren't any der, die, or anything so i dunno how this app will work out for me..
Show more
11 years ago, Totally Cool!!!!
To the point
This app is very simple and easy to use. Very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn German.
Show more
12 years ago, Supaii
Very user friendly
I just started using this app and it's a great way to begin the familiarization with the German language & pronunciation. Very valuable to be able to hear the words spoken on the app.
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