Learn Italian - Molto Bene

4.7 (120)
689 MB
Age rating
Current version
Online Language Help
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Learn Italian - Molto Bene

4.66 out of 5
120 Ratings
13 years ago, Anabur
Easy and effective
I've been using this just for fun, because I thought it'd be cool to learn some Italian, but it seems like it would work really well for if you were going to Italy! It has 3 pages of different lessons (like "Greetings" or "Numbers") and you can take them at your own pace. Each lesson has a list of words or phrases (and their meaning) with a Play button next to each one so you can hear how it's pronounced. When you're ready, each lesson has a multiple-choice quiz that says each word/phrase out loud, and switches between showing it and only saying it. I feel like I've learned the basics pretty easily, and it does a good job of teaching you the words and their pronunciation at the same time, without being overwhelming. Worth the price, to me
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5 years ago, Mjabinassif
Needs fixing
Hello, users are unable to access the introductions to the lessons (they do not expand). Could you please fix this issue? Thanks.
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6 years ago, Krasivy
Subscription? Really?
You need an ongoing subscription to use majority of lessons. Come on!
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10 years ago, Celsitocjca
Best app ever!!!
I have downloaded a serious amount of app to learn Italian such as Duolingo, Busuu, Italian, etc. This one does a great job taking you from 0, giving you all the tools you need as a beginner on the language to go from the real basics (what's your name and that stuff) to another level. I highly recommend this app, is very, very useful.
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8 years ago, Sixty still thin
Good app
I like the process and hearing the spoken language. I do have an issue with something in the speech portion. For a super noobie, the words are spoken as true Italians would speak, but I need help really picking out the specific words to get MY tongue to make the necessary sounds. I am not Italian yet! Maybe a way to slow the speech down so I can hear and practice the words well. This app is so much better than language apps I have used in the past.
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12 years ago, ForceFeed.us
I love this app, and the only thing I wish is that there was a way to get quizzed on words spanning every category in the app. It becomes predictable when getting quizzed if you know which words are going to come up. Otherwise, the app is great. It syncs wirelessly over iCloud from your iPhone to iPad, the voices are clear and the pronunciation is correct. Thanks for putting such fine work into this app!
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9 years ago, Sicilians da png
Very thorough
I use this with Duolingo. The advantage here is it is organized and thorough so you know why certain things are conjugated as they are. A first year text costs more but is not as effective. This is really a bargain.
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11 years ago, Wilam jones
Great app!
This app is so well designed and has such variety. You don't realize how much of the language you are learning, but it sinks in. I have not had any trouble with this app at all. Very impressive.
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9 years ago, Hopefully awaiting
Perfect app!
Such a great tool in learning Italian! Can use and look at anywhere including on a flight and doesn't need wifi like a lot of others. Love the games...great for memory
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11 years ago, Illiterate cat
Learn Italian. Molto bene
Excellent application for learning words and phrases. I prefer it to several similar applications which are also well done. Well worth the ten dollar cost.
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11 years ago, adaldt
Great app to learn Italian the fun way...
I have tried other applications and this one seems to be one of the most useful. Get it!
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9 years ago, DiFlona
Don't Bother
This app was very useful when I first downloaded it. But, ever since I updated it (I'm talking several updates ago), it hasn't worked. It kicks you out of the app when you select (or try to select) a lesson. And it is not just the Italian. Same thing happens in French and Portuguese. Guess I'll pay for Rosetta or Pimsleur. I know they work!
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11 years ago, Xvicenx
Love learning new things, especially languages; since I know Spanish, learning Italian it's not that hard. It'd awesome wish I could visit Italy one day
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11 years ago, I <3 Croch
Simple, Effective, and Fun
This app is very easy to use! I took Italian in college and learned very little but this app teaches you Italian faster! It also includes HangMan and its very fun!
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11 years ago, RICS Software IT
Easy to Use
This is the best designed app for learning Italian I've found. It has a flashcard exercise and game for each lesson.
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10 years ago, Big Al2105
My thoughts
EXCELLENT!! Very accurate way of learning worth the while down loading
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11 years ago, Conchobar0928
Rip off
The $10 in-app purchase is supposed to work for all the developer's apps, and online too, but it only works in the one app you purchase it in. I would have spent $2 for one app, not $10. I tried to contact the developer many times since I purchased it 20 days ago, and received no response. BUYER BEWARE
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12 years ago, robotsnzombies
Great app!!
Very conducive to my learning style, went ahead and got the other languages too.
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8 years ago, RMF808
I like it
I have studied the Italian language for years and this is a great refresher. I can set my own pace
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11 years ago, Angel Cisneros
Really good!
This is so much fun because you can hear the how to pronounce the words !
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12 years ago, NYdrumminG
Great to use
I just started learning to speak Italian and this app has helped tremendously. Well worth the money.
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11 years ago, mcnabbm1
Easy way to learn some basic words and phrases. I just started but I love it!
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11 years ago, Bshaee!
Super Cool App
I love it. Been dying to learn Italian for years and I'm finally getting somewhere
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11 years ago, Jessypr777
Fix bug please. When I press play to hear the word again it sends me back to the ipad menu, "kicking me out from the app"...
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11 years ago, Stratovega
login issues
I paid the extra ten dollars for the Pangea Passport. It won't recognize the login half the time on my phone and won't accept the login at all for my iPad. Money down the drain.
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11 years ago, Missa_Fox
Learning Basics
Great app so far! I tried a few others but I think I will be sticking with this one.
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11 years ago, KSMojezati
Great app!
I'm going to vacation in Italy & know virtually no Italian. This app is easy & fun & will hopefully help me to communicate with the locals!
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10 years ago, Chuck T.
Still can't get full access...
After paying the $9.99, I still don't have full access to all of the lessons. I wouldn't buy this app until the bugs are worked out of it.
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11 years ago, BethOBoy
Molto Bene
This is so easy to use and is fun as well as helpful in learning Italiano!
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10 years ago, LaNanitaR
Good concept but there is a technical problem with multiple choice test. Said I was incorrect when I was correct. Discouraging.
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11 years ago, TedHoff
Great self-paced approach
Easy to use and self-paced. Anyone can do it.
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11 years ago, havok923
love this app, it's amazing and actually teaching me italian words. Bravo!
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11 years ago, Luline49
Very Good
I like it a lot. I like that its vocabulary and sentences.
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9 years ago, Whiteegutie
It seems to work
But I'm been forced to write a review after the first lesson. How would I know?
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10 years ago, Sssssssssssss 12345678910
Great app
This app is great it has really helped me learn!
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8 years ago, Mmmbiliciku
Make it work
Whenever I open any of your apps they close in less than a second. I'm using an iPhone 6 on iOS 9.0.2
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10 years ago, Sfhdvhrfbkko
Molto bene!
Very good. Helped me learn
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9 years ago, JoB85
Very handy!
Nice and simple to use! I really like it!
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9 years ago, Mcoph
Lesson 1
simple. Had to write a review because the app won't let you advance without writing one.
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12 years ago, punchy100
Don't waste time
I tried this on my iPod touch but it just shuts down twice u downloaded it.
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11 years ago, King KB4
Every helpful
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11 years ago, M.shukri
Good app
Nice app really
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11 years ago, PEsurvive
Show more
11 years ago, Jousthing William Lascano Saltos
Excelente aplicación
Muy buena app, muy dinámica y con un sistema funcional... Altamente recomendable...
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10 years ago, Resuche
Muy bueno
Show more
9 years ago, Coca Chile
Aprender Italiano
Súper dinámico , me encanto la clase , los felicito se aprende fácil y rápido , anímense a empezar este curso 👍
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10 years ago, doal54
Excelente app para aprender italiano...!
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10 years ago, Rodrisanti39
My bueno
Me encanta la application auque ahora la cambiaron creo q como estaba era mejor. Aun creo es una excelente application,en la anterior uno podía chat con otras personas ya no se puede
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10 years ago, Baa Nan Ee
Love it!
On a plane going to Italy.Have my ear buds in. This is just plain fun and a great review of the simple phrases that need to be 2nd nature. Ann.
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13 years ago, MattKillam
Comprehensive, fast, basic.
A great beginner app for some key phrases. Perfect for the plane ride to Italy, but not for the immediate or advanced Italian speaker.
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