Learn Tagalog Language & Vocab

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User Reviews for Learn Tagalog Language & Vocab

4.77 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
5 years ago, MangOhNo!
Visual ways of learning!
Drops has a unique way of teaching the language, and differs from apps such as Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. Personally, through this app i’ve learned a lot more quicker and more efficiently due to the way the app is designed. You’re able to have free access to the first stage of every topic when you start out. Gradually you learn words through simple puzzles and memory exercises, along with spelling. Even if you get an exercise wrong, I enjoy how the app doesn’t discourage you in any way, it just calmly lets you continue on. You’re given 5 minutes for each session, and it reminds you every 10 hours once you’re able to start learning again. The app even keeps track of your progress, and this is all without buying the Premium pass where you can get even more. I thank Drops so much for being such an effective app for learning languages. It’s been keeping me up with it longer than any other language app I’ve tried before.
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4 years ago, Kbrtzlf
Love this app
Love this app My girlfriend is trying to teach me and I am not getting it from her cause she speaks so fast sometimes it’s hard to catch the proper pronunciation or she shortcuts words which is undependable if you know the Language but I’m not there yet but this app is helping me to understand proper grammar then I can learn to shortcut words later. The ONLY complaint I have is that when they show a picture or words they don’t give you a pause before the clue words or picture appears to give you time to visualize or think unassisted. However besides that Very Minor issue the app is very well done I love that I’m able to pick up things as well as I have I told my Girlfriend it maybe just because I’ve never attempted to learn another language I may not be able to speak it anytime soon but I’m actually learning a lot and may understand more than I might be able to say. But if she keeps working with me I feel this app is gonna get me there much faster.
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2 years ago, TheeOwens
Great App! 🇵🇭
I am so amazed with this app. My mom is Filipina, so when I travel to see my moms side they always talk in Tagalog. Im half black, and I lived in the US my whole life. Tbh I just felt left out then they are talking in Tagalog so I found this app! This app is so great! There are 5 minute lessons and 10 hour cooldowns so you basically can learn Tagalog 10 minutes per day! After your lesson there are reviews you can do if you don’t remember some of it! You can learn and you can learn all topics about Tagalog with this app! Plus there are 5 day streak gifts if you practice each day! And this is without premium! There is some ads that come with it, and you have to learn it one by one in different topics if you don’t have premium, but its totally fine for me! Probably bly in about 4 months I will be fluent!Great job whoever made this, they deserve a raise!😍😍😍
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4 months ago, Jogo1725
Excellent Training
I like the length of the training periods. I choose 5 minutes and do 3 sessions in the morning. Also when I need a break from work, I can “play” the language game. The one negative is not being able to master everything in their format. But there are constant quizzes at the end of every training period that are a good reinforcement of previous topics. I actually look forward to these quizzes because all the options are translated into English, unlike the regular training session where the only feedback is for choosing the correct answer. The thought that went into developing the pictures was excellent. This feels like it could be easily adapted to be training in Tagalog for speakers of languages that are not English. This also feels a bit like Berlitz, but it has hooked me better. The constant motivation tools and progress reports work for me and keep me motivated.
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2 years ago, thereviewer123!!??
Great app!
I have learned a lot through this app and I always remember everything because it is so fun. But there is a couple things that they could fix like only 10 words a day! honestly I understand that you have to get the free trile or pay to learn more but I think that maybe 20 words a day would help me more. And I think that another good thing is that they use fun things to teach you Tagalog. Like matching up the words to the Tagalog word witch for me helps with spelling. Or spelling out the parts of the word witch helps with spelling. And lastly having pictures witch helps witch remembering. Overall this app is great and I have many more good things to say about it! I defently recommend this app if you want to travel to the Philippines or if you just want to learn a new language.
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6 years ago, isla_renee
Favorite Language App
I’ve tried a lot of different apps to help me learn Tagalog, but I never felt that any of them were worth paying for after the free trial period. However, this app is worth every penny. The colors, images, and repetition make it feel like you’re playing a game while still learning all the necessary vocabulary of the language. I’ve recommended this app to many of my friends because it has been so useful and efficient in helping me learn Tagalog. The only suggestion I have for the app developers is to incorporate the building of sentence structure. Having already gone through the first 18 topics, I feel like I’ve learned a lot of helpful verbs, nouns, and adjectives, but have no idea how to put them together to form a proper sentence. If they could incorporate this one update into their app, it would make a world of difference and officially raise Drops to the best language learning app on the market.
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4 years ago, Agua Brendita
Good.... But needs some updates and changes
It’s important for me to learn Tagalog after marrying a Filipino so my husband and I can teach our children. I was really excited to find this app but I do have a few gripes: 1. Some do the words are WAY off! My husband actually laughs when he hears some of the lessons because so much English is thrown in along with super formal words nobody in the Philippines actually use. 2. You only get 5 minutes every ten hours in the free version (I don’t want to pay for more for reason 1 above). BUT there are times I wait my ten hours, log in again, and the clock resets! So it’s really 20 hours before I can do more “learning” that credit card in Tagalog is.... you guessed it! Credit card! 🙄 3. No sentences. There’s really no way to have a conversation in Tagalog if you are relying on this app to teach you. I wish after a month of learning g I could throw a couple of sentences together here and there. 4. In the limited 5 minute lessons, you get interrupted to update to the full paid version. So now you are getting even less time to actually learn that super market in Tagalog is supermarket. Lbs it’s really frustrating! All in all, I like the format of the teaching and I’m learning many Tagalog words but the app needs to make some serious updates instead of asking me to pay for the full version multiple times each day.
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3 years ago, Sis Shell
Language Barrier
I was born in the PI, but moved to Hawaii at 8 months old. I was raised in the American way and had to speak English. Now that I’m older I would love to communicate with my mom and new friends I met in my 1st language that is my mothers. My mom is from Cebu but still lives in Hawaii, and I now live in California. This app is helpful for me because I can only absorb so much and the time is perfect. Thank you for this! I have tried over the years to learn Tagalog but it was so hard to remember because I wasn’t fluent. It also hurts to tell people that I’m Filipina, but I don’t speak the language. It’s not a good feeling to not be able to communicate with my Tagalog speaking friends and family. So thankful for this app! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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2 years ago, Greg33g
Good but room for improvement.
I’m liking the app, I like how interactive it is, but I wish there was a way to change a few things in settings. I think there needs to be more repetition of the words it’s trying to teach. When it first gives you a word it would be better if I gave it to you at least 10 times in a row instead of automatically going in to exercises switching between other words you’ve been learning. I would also prefer that instead of pictures matched with the word it would be the English translation matched with the Tagalog word instead so i can read the English word while hearing the Tagalog word. So I think there should be a setting for how many times it repeat the word before moving onto exercises involving other words and setting to choose between seeing pictures or English words.
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2 years ago, ayabooe
so much fun
i absolutely LOVE drops ! my family comes from the philippines and i never grew up talking in tagalog. but drops changed that. after looking up so many apps and websites for tagalog, almost all of them i looked at didn’t have tagalog. the thing that i like about drops is that this version of drops is specifically made for tagalog, where as the other version has all the languages you could possibly look for. i’m not a huge fan of the sessions just being five minutes long, but sometimes i can learn for ten minutes, like there’s a cool down. anyway, you should really get drops, especially this one if you’re looking forward to learn tagalog.
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5 years ago, baylobay
Best language app EVER
I’ve only been using this app a few days, but already I’m HOOKED. I’m currently visiting the Philippines for a month or two, and my family (most of them) don’t speak fluent English. So I decided to learn a little to understand them. And... WOW. This is a great app. Especially considering duolingo. I immediately deleted it when it didn’t have Tagalog, but even then, it would make me frustrated when I tried to learn Vietnamese, it would punish me for getting things wrong. With drops, it would let me try again and again and remind me the small portion of words little by little until it was engraved in my head. At least someone knows how to teach. Overall, amazing app!
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5 years ago, tagalog!!
Great App
My wife is from the Philippines and she speaks fluent English. Her family however does not. I’ve been using this for a week now and I randomly surprise her with a sentence or grouping of words I learned that day and it seems to really be paying off! The method this app uses is great. Takes you back to the simpler way of learning as if you were in primary school with numbers, pictures, pronunciation, and repetition. Definitely a 5 star app. Maybe it could be cheaper though. 9 dollars a month isn’t much when it comes to communicating with loved ones but it’s 9 bucks that could be used towards taking them out to dinner or something to that nature. Anyways overall great app!!!
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6 years ago, tdmvjj
Love love love
I’ve studied a dozen languages in my life, mostly in formal settings, never staying in any language to be fluent. While those courses helped with syntax and cultural settings, etc., sometimes you just want the basics and rote memorization. This app is perfect for that. I was born in the Philippines, but never learned the language. I probably knew about 150 words. This app has doubled my vocabulary in a few weeks and re-awakened the words I had forgotten. At my age, 5 minutes a day is all I can handle, but this app is just wonderful and fun and engaging. If I ever take a formal course in Tagalog, I know I would be well prepared for the vocabulary and a few basic phrases.
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3 years ago, Tlbiro
Good For Learning Vocabulary, Not Grammar
I use this app on the side as I have a native tutor who is teaching me Tagalog. The app is great for adding new vocabulary to your repertoire however, I have caught some words that have translations in Tagalog but the app has them translated as English words. For example, the word brown is translated to brown but in Tagalog you can say brown as “kayumanggi”. I reported it in the app so hopefully it gets corrected as well as a few others. Another con to learning only words is you don’t understand the grammar or structure behind it, which in my opinion is extremely important in any language as far as knowing how to piece a sentence together. I’ll still continue to use the app as it helps me learn new words and is great for that. But if you actually want to understand why you’re structuring your sentences a certain way I would get a tutor or find an app that explains grammar and structure. This is definitely more of a supplementary learning tool than a main way to learn a language. I would recommend finding an app/grammar tutor then use this app to build your vocabulary.
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4 years ago, PixiePassion
I can practice my Tagalog!!
The fact that I found an app to learn Tagalog is AMAZING!!!! I’ve had Duolingo since it first came out and I LOVE Duolingo, but I’m disappointed that they still don’t have Tagalog on there. I speak Tagalog with my mom and can do so fluently, but I never learned Tagalog grammar rules so I’m hoping this will teach me more of that and also the spellings of certain words. I end up spelling the words phonetically most of the time and guess that it’s right, but sometimes I know I’m spelling it the Spanish way and not the Tagalog way. I speak German and Spanish too. Excited to try those versions of the app as well.
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7 months ago, Helloamigo1234567891011
I love Drops!
Right now I’m only using the Tagalog one, not the full one so I don’t have the full experience, but so far the one I have is amazing! This app is amazing! It lets me pick which unit I want, and it helps me learn a lot in 5 minutes! I don’t have premium and that’s the thing I have a problem with. I have to pay to get more than 5 minutes?! Don’t just go pick another app because of this because I was looking into the app with over 40 languages, and they have some that other apps don’t! They have ASL, Spanish, Tagalog, just look for yourself! It’s a great app and if you ever need a good app to learn new languages just pick this one!
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1 year ago, ultrabeast366
Do not recommend.
I am a 11 year old trying to impress my grandparents because they speak Tagalog. I've always felt left out when they talk Tagalog also, so it is a little for me to. But I have to wait around 10 hours to get back and study for around 10 minutes or so. 10 hours for 10 minutes! Thats just too long for me. And I get these useless notifications that day "click for free time" or something like that. And when I click on it, nothing happens. I get it, you are bringing the price down for a limited time, but still, $50 for learning Tagalog? That is crazy. I bet there are other apps that are free. I wish I get a response, and y'all better bring the price down even more. Do not recommend this app.
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3 years ago, CupcakeTrue
Pretty Great
All in all, a pretty great app. Compared to other apps for Tagalog, the pronunciation won’t lead you astray either! I think this app teaches a lot in the span of just 5 minutes, all without any stuttering or glitches, as far as I have seen. The layout is user friendly, smooth, and the exercises provide quick lessons for anyone on the go. 5 minutes might sound negligible in the grand scheme of things, but you’d be surprised how fast the app sets things into motion. That said, if you’re not willing to pay a subscription for lessons longer than 5 minutes, I’d say this app is best used in conjunction with other study methods; you’ll need to watch, listen, speak, and read on the side if you want to truly become fluent.
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4 years ago, Rhooooooooooo
Love this app!
I am seriously in love with this app for many reasons. If you are a busy person and don’t have time to take classes due to work or having a very busy personal life, this app is for you! There are ads in the app but I don’t mind it. Of course, if you want to pay for premium, you have the option of paying monthly or yearly. But if you want to pay it off with a one time payment, you have that as an option as well! Other than learning Tagalog, you can learn other languages too. Learning any language is fun as long as you set your mind to it!
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3 years ago, Bruh_Ish_Shmee || on YT
Add a “trouble words” section
I love this app and have been using it to learn Tagalog since I am half Filipino. I love it, but each section you study goes by pretty fast and it’s easy to just associate words with pictures. I think the developers should integrate an option where you can select words you have trouble with and get more help with those words until they are solid. I think adding flash cards and then slowly progressing up to making people type out the full word would be so so helpful. For now I will use quizlett but I hope to one day see this feature!
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5 years ago, arieleg
Really impressed!
I like the variety in how you can learn different words (matching, spelling, correct/incorrect, etc) The visuals are incredibly appealing to me and I enjoy using this format of language learning! BEST PART: you can choose which words you want to hone in on more and learn. You know a word already? Easy: swipe up. Wanna learn it better? Swipe down. Plus, I can hear the word being taught in every exercise. Best Tagalog learning app so far! I typically use Duolingo for language learning, but seeing how Drops approaches language learning, I might heavily consider switching over to Drops.
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4 years ago, leιgн gυrl
My mom and cousin are 100% fillpino And one day I used google translate to listen to them talk but I wanted to learn so I could understand it so I found this app and I tried it for the first time and I know more words then I knew before I love this so but the only flaw you can’t choose what word or groups of things you want to learn you just go straight for it but that’s it I do recommend this to people trying to learn but if you want to learn it faster I think you should use google translate and just listen to the words over and over but this is find for me so thank you for this app!
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5 years ago, baby_cinnabunny
Improvement Suggestions
I love the way the drops apps work! I think that in order to improve maybe allow for extra time by watching sponsored ads. I think you should allow for customization of the interface as well as options for how the person would like to learn. Ie: visual, auditorial, or watching short films as an alternative to hands on. Maybe allow for them to choose which one the primarily learn through but still leave some of the other questions so the knowledge is absorbed in a variety if ways. Other than those ideas I think the developers are doing a wonderful job!
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9 months ago, PayPayPanda
Really fun
I’m filipino but also white so im very white washed living in northern california. The rest of my filipino family are very in touch with their culture and my grandma speaks tagalog so being able to learn tagalog with this app is really fun. It’s very speedy and if you get something wrong they make sure you get it down, its really fun learning tagalog through other language apps that aren’t duolingo which is the only other app that has worked for me for another foreign language in my family, I really really love this app a LOT.
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2 months ago, .!?!?!?!??!??..,? $(?$(;
Love this app!!!
So basically when my mom wanted me to learn her language, it was hard to learn the pronunciation and it was hard to remember the words meanings. But when I found this app I was able to learn tagalog much more easily and I am now able to almost have full conversations with my mom in tagalog!!! I also look forward to the quizzes because they don't only just quiz you on the topic, the quizzes can help refresh your memory of words on other topics! Salamat!!! ❤❤❤
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2 years ago, OK THE NAME IS TOOKEN
I’m a 12 year old girl. I decided to learn tagalog because soon my uncle is bringing his girlfriend who lives in the Filipinos home to america with her 4 yr old daughter. She can speak English but why not learn her language since she will be my aunt after they marry. So here I am. So far the app is amazing. I am already earning each word! And it isn’t stressful and it doesn’t make me angry like duolingo does. The design is very calming and pretty too. I just ate almusal not long ago . Yeah that’s one of the words. Anyways 10/20!
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4 weeks ago, May2426
Thank you!
My grandma speaks fillpino and she really wanted me to learn the language for a long time. My mom speaks combidian and my dad speaks fillpino. He forgot how to so we could not speak to me in fillpino. A couple years later when i turned older i wanted to speak fillpino since my grandma was moving away i wanted to make her proud so i downloaded this app! Thank you so much! I can not speak fluently but i can speak way more then before! If you need help learning fillpino I highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Sugar Plum1105
I love this app!!
Once foreigners are able to go to foreign countries, me and my family get to go to the Philippines and visit my grandparents (lolo & lola) because my mom is full American and me and my brother only 25%. But this is helping me a lot with learning new words, so I can show them!! I hope I can catch on to them and start to speak fluently because that’s been my goal every since I was little. I hope COVID is gone soon or so foreigners can go, but I definitely recommend!! 5/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, Yachtress
Better Than Duolingo
Okay. Unfair judgement cuz I deleted Duolingo when I saw it didn’t have tagalog. But having different “games” to learn the word and having pictures to associate it helps me not cheat! Wish it would pop up the english translation of the word again at SOME POINT though because if I forget what the word means, I just start to associate the word with the symbol only and it doesn't help me practice it at all. Otherwise, great for learning through listening, visually, and through practice. (Only one lesson in for reference)
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5 years ago, leahlah0005
So far so great!
Really wanted to learn Tagalog to connect with my Lola and my uncles, my aunt, and also cousins who speak it (some partially, others fluently, still others solely.) So far so great! It’s a really easy and fun interface. I’m glad it clearly pronounces the words so I don’t have to guess then embarrass myself, lol. Highly recommend. This app doesn’t just teach Tagalog, though! There’s so many other languages to learn on here! Between this and Duolingo I’m really impressed with the opportunities available to people nowadays, countless educational outlets - free, too :D
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3 years ago, cris_theideaman
Traveling to see family
This will be the first time I meet my grandmas family. She moved her with my grandpa after he left the war. Since then she reconnected with her family about 5 years ago. She’s 70 and I would love to go and visit with her. If I can learn the language I will be able to keep the family connection going for generations to come. I’m grateful for this app and it’s phenomenal practice for me. Let’s see if I can become conversation in a year.
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5 years ago, Firehouse359
Love it
I’m first generation born in the US and never learned Tagalog. As I get older I want to associate more with my extended family in their native tongue. They learned English in school, but I learned Russian. To honor my heritage I really want to learn. The way the app teaches is by learning vocabulary through games and association. It keeps the learning fresh by randomly going back to learned words. The app gives 5 minutes free each day, so the faster you learn the more learn. It basically awards you for learning. Great app!
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1 year ago, ticky tocky tucky
Love this app!
My moms always speaking a little bit of tagalog with me example like “bakit” “sige” and i am 3 quater philipino so i want to learn how to speak philipino fluently because i only know english and my language in my country and i want to learn more so far my experience with this app as helped me learn more about the filipino culture and help me understand words more than just being confused of what others are saying so far i love this app
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6 years ago, parkjimin101
Love it!
I’m trying to learn Tagalog right now, and I got a new phone. I was worried that my progress would not save, but luckily you can log into Facebook and back it all up. It’s a good thing I did that! I wish we had more time to learn, though. I understand you can pay, but I don’t want just five free minutes. I think you can get more time if you have consecutive log ins, so that’s a plus. Overall, this app is well made and I plan to use it every day!
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6 years ago, Dilly_Bean
Love it
I am visiting the Philippines, and wanted to be able to understand family whom I have never met before. This app is fun casual and now that I have paid for the subscription I have unlimited access! I love that I can go in whenever I want. I did do the free version for a few months. Only doing 5 min sessions a day while I was deciding on biting the bullet and buying it. The deciding factor was that the lifetime subscription went on sale! My biggest complaint is that there's no way to speak into the app to have my own words corrected.
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3 years ago, hshsieondbdhd
Love love love
I love the 5 minutes and the 10 hour wait in between it’s exactly the right time to be excited to learn a new language without over frying your brain. The notifications remind you it’s time to learn again! Love this app. Games make it fun and easy to learn. Only addition I could recommend but might be tough is a way to score the user pronunciation of words
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2 years ago, AlyssaSamond
It wont let me sign in for the second time.
Before when I first started using drops it was all fine and I got pretty far and I am a Filipino so learning to color it some thing I really want to do, but it made me restart because it wanted me to sign in and it wouldn’t let me get out of that. Then I had to restart and the whole thing and from there I got far, Then it happened again it wants me to sign in but it won’t let me sign in so now I can’t even take lessons and this is really annoying.
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4 years ago, killer wabbits
It’s actually entertaining
An older lady at my work speaks Tagalog and I joked around one day and told her I’d learn her native language. However, when I actually looked into it, I decided I COULD learn it. So far, this app has been lots of fun, and makes learning not-so boring. I’m only 2 days in, but I hope to be speaking fluently in a couple months! 😊 P.S. English is my first language. I plan on Tagalog becoming my second language instead of Spanish.
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5 months ago, Vermont_Way
Day one pretty cool
So I’m learning Japanese but I also have a wife who is Filipina so I’d like to have a few words at the ready I’m not ready to commit fully to the process that’s a paid version so day one using the application it’s fun and easy and I am hopeful that it will serve my needs, and as I get serious, I can pivot to the paid version. we’ll see how it goes, thank you.
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12 months ago, Arrow.sucks1
It’s a good app but
I don’t like the fact I have to pay to learn a language, everything is good besides the fact I can’t continue without paying and I can’t afford that price as a 14 year old. I feel like learning a language shouldn’t cost since it’s the person choice to learn no one really has to learn a language they can stay in the country that speaks the language they know but no people choose to learn one to travel, talk to friends or family, etc
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5 years ago, Snooks!😜
What I liked most?
I LOVE the variety within the repetition in learning the word, with the picture , with the spelling , and with matching it to the correct thing. All the variety with learning that one item is very helpful. I think repetition in general is essential when learning something as hard as a language and the fact that this app provides different forms of repetition it’s amazingly helpful. Makes me feel like “maybe I can learn this language”. Thank you .
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4 years ago, CassHunter
Loving this app!
My mom is from the Philippines, and we live in the US. English is her 3rd language, and my dad only speaks English. My mom was so focused on teaching English to us as kids (and excellently so) that she didn’t think to teach us her native languages at the same time. I’m in my 30’s and started using this app to learn Tagalog and surprise her, and she was SO excited and impressed. Bravo to the creators, this app is so well done and fun to use!
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6 months ago, K8_kami
this is a pretty great app but-
I love this app, but I wish they would have like a person or like AAI hear you say the word like some words I can’t say that well so it takes me an actual person to say the word right but nothing else is wrong. The app is not glitchy and like it actually gives me like a free five minute lesson for free like a fart every day but it’s only five minutes but it’s for free so I love this app I recommend it
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4 years ago, RawrGigiDogg
Free Please
Now this app does deserve five stars even six stars but the only reason I only gave three is because you have to pay for premium and if you don’t pay for premium you only get a practice five minutes a day and it’s not very helpful for some people who are not allowed to pay that amount so I’m really asking for you to make this app free because it would help a lot of people and I actually might uninstall this up because it’s just not helping me the way I wanted it to if it would be free.
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6 years ago, T-Ochi
Been wanting to learn for years
My wife is Filipino and we have been married for 18 years and learning Tagalog has always been tough for me because of time in front of a computer, which I didn’t have. With this phone app it seems very easy to learn at my own pace and when time permits. I hope to stick with it. I will let you know in a few months.
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5 years ago, Yadigthat
It’s great for increasing your vocabulary. I’ve noticed that I’ve picked up a lot of new words from using the app even just for free. If you haven’t had a lot exposure to the language prior though, it may be a bit confusing as you won’t have a basis on how to use the new words in a sentence. However, I really like using this app in conjunction with studying outside of it so I can figure out how to incorporate the new words I’ve gathered from it. It’s great in that way!
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4 years ago, Kai Shoniber
I’m only just starting to get to know the app and apply it to my current knowledge, and it provides a very fun feeling to learning a language. I love how there’s different activities to learning a word also with clear pronunciation. There are a lot more things that I feel can be enhanced to create more of a challenge in order to fully embrace the languages being learned, although I currently enjoy the way this app has prospered.
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5 years ago, sunrae782
Useful app
Drops is a good concept and has helped me be able to understand bits and pieces of tagolog with my parents. I am able to communicate with family members I wouldn’t have a chance to talk to otherwise. However, I feel it would be nice to use ad watching program (but like in the language you are learning) to gaining more time on drops would be a nice addition.
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1 month ago, 🌸🌼preppy girly 🌸🌼
So far, I've only done five minutes of this app, already LOVING IT! This app help you learn nd memorize different word in different ways. Their tracking styles are exclusive. They have different game, encourage you to learn and have fun, absolutely no ads, and FREE! I would definitely recommend this app for learning Tagalog. Helped me so much! Thank you so much to the creators.
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2 years ago, minion34568907
Hi I’m Filipino,
This app was awesome, I had a blast learning, I’m Filipino but I only know English and have been living in America my whole life, I wanted to move to Philippines but I didn’t know Tagalog even if the racist kids whom will make fun of me for being Filipino will make fun of me, I think people in Philippines are smarter than them, this app is actually fun! Thank you for making this app!
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