Learn to Read - Duolingo ABC

4.3 (2.5K)
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Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Learn to Read - Duolingo ABC

4.28 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
4 years ago, kym4639
Fix the bug!
I am very happy with this app. It has been a great tool for my soon to be kindergartener. However I think that the most recent update has an error: we are in a constant loop on one level so he keeps doing the same lessons over & over. It’s been a week with no new content. I thought it was happening because he wasn’t getting a ‘perfect score’ so I went in and did it for him. I got it to level 11. And sure enough this afternoon it was back to the tiny turtles. He’s over it and so am I. My only other general suggestion is that the app have a place for parents to get a comprehensive overview of the skills that have been introduced and where the child is in terms of mastery. It is a wonderful app and I truly appreciate that it is free and ad-free! Keep up the great work!!
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2 years ago, Sarah_smyle
Excellent App - The only tweaks could be in content
We absolutely love the app for our 3.5 year old. Using this app in addition to our other letter and language studies - and with adult supervision and conversation throughout - has been an excellent tool that she’s excited about. The only complaint I have is that there is a ton of content about sugar, snacks, and cookies. We don’t talk about these things or use these words in our home; so now for our daughter to be demanding cookies and lollipops every time we leave the house is a bit disheartening. I would also love an option to choose how many sounds/celebrations there are for correct answers. I use the DuoLingo app as an adult for learning a language, and have turned off the sounds for correct answers. I would love this option for my toddler….. we’re living in a time when it’s already so difficult to combat the overwhelming advertising and misinformation about what is healthy food for our bodies, and also combating social media addiction and dopamine addiction and overload. I do love the app and and our child does too, but I worry about the constant snack and sugar references and too many dopamine hits along the way. It’s all quite addictive.
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3 years ago, just2lame
Best early learning app!!!
I have homeschooled all 4 of our kids. (Oldest 16 youngest 7) we use DUOLINGO for teaching our two older boys Spanish. (We tried Rosetta Stone which was an absolute waste of money!) Duo Lingo is engaging and does an excellent job teaching to speak, read and write in Spanish. I saw the add for Duo abc and instantly thought of our 7 year old son who has Down Syndrome. His disability has made it a challenge to get him interested in learning. I have tried many different programs and apps, this is by far THE BEST app we have ever found!! I absolutely love it!!! The first time we opened he loved it!! It keeps his attention, and he’s finally learning his letters and sounds! The first time it asked him to say a word, I was nervous. He sees a speech therapist for his language. There are many times I (his mom) can’t even understand him. So when he repeated the word and it chimed because he got it right, I teared up a bit! I was ecstatic!! I can’t tell you how excited I am!! I have been telling all my homeschool friends!! Thank you Duo abc!!!! I am so grateful!!!
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4 years ago, samuelhenson12
Changes I Recomend
I am a Senior at Graceland University (GU) and am close to graduating in the school of Education there. I greatly approve of what you have created. Repetition of letter names and speaking to the child who’s playing the “games” lines up perfectly with what I have learned at GU. As does the fact there is close to no distractions from the learning even between the game stages. That said, what I would change in the app is create a way to control the settings to a greater extent, such as see the statistics and get progress monitoring by accessing the app in some way. I would say this to better keep parents, and maybe even teachers, better informed. If you were to do so, maybe also add a way to specify which as well so that it could better integrate into classroom use. The other change I would make would be to allow for different languages to speak the instruction and for the verbal components when learning English. This would also be a means of introducing English to ESL, ELL and maybe even bilingual children.
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1 year ago, donutsat7
5 Star +
My son has struggled so much in school. He has learning disabilities and most apps frustrated him and I’ve tried so many. I have used Duolingo for a year now for learning Korean and he would look over my shoulders and play along. One day I saw Duolingo had children's apps and I downloaded them and I can’t tell you how much he loves these apps! The stories are cute and entertaining. They go over sight words and letters (I hope there are more times that bd, pq, mw are put together because he also has trouble seeing the difference.)I can’t wait to see what the higher levels will teach him. I love the fact that he’s not frustrated but learning. He’s 9 and we began at level 1 and are going to keep moving forward. Already he’s seen great progress. Please keep updating it. I have watched a kid who hates to learn to begin to have pride in himself and look forward to learning. You guys rock! If it was possible to rate higher than 5 stars, I would do it!!!!!
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3 years ago, chair3000
My little brother has struggled...
He’s been struggling to learn his letters for years, we tried teaching him, using videos, and apps and he just would not sit down and was not interested. With this app (and the help of his teachers) he has finally started understanding letters and sounds. He actually WANTS to sit down and open this app. With the iPad and the Apple pencil, he has been learning how to WRITE and I am so amazed at how fast this app has helped him. My only suggestion would be allowing other languages on here. We are in a hispanic household and the primary language he speaks is spanish, his teachers and parents talk to him in this language, I see him struggling a bit to switch from spanish to english, especially in the first couple minutes on the app. It would be nice if he could learn the alphabet in spanish with this app. It’s still an amazing app, definitely 5 stars!!!
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2 years ago, VideoVillain
Improvements removed great features!
Amazing app that my kids have been using for nearly a year now. It does a fantastic job teaching recognition by sight and sound and writing as well, but the updates -while great- removed some wonderful features. Two of which were extremely important to my kids’ usage. 1) Removed stars that tracked daily usage, which was fantastic for keeping the kids engaged daily. 2) Removed the ability to see what each level’s focus is. This is the biggest issue because now it’s impossible to go back and redo specific lessons like writing or a sight-word or just the sounds of a letter, etc. Now if you want to relearn an alphabet or sight-word or practice writing, you have to check each levels’s contents till you find what you want, then go into that level and keep checking each lesson till you find what you’re looking for… really??? That’s so lame guys, please fix it.
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4 years ago, gamerkitty3467
WOW!!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
So I got this game yesterday and it has been so awesome! I love that unlike most other games I get this has NO things you have to buy. I’m trying to get my little brother started on this, he is a great little brother so I want to try and get him on this. I read a review that said that there kid got stuck on “Tiny Turtles? or “Hello Turtles “ but I just got on that, hopefully I won’t go threw a loop like her kid did. But this game has been great for me!!! I love how it looks so cute and how that it’s not like “ To get more lessons you can try a free trail and pay us 20 dollars a month. “ but this game has no things like that! I’m also so happy that there is speaking exercising, my brother has speech and some people can barley tell what he is saying. So I will let him start them, this game has been the best learning game for kids I’ve ever played that you don’t have to buy stuff on.
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4 years ago, 123456 fine!
Great! Especially for those who are just starting out
I got this app because it was an add on Duo lingo. I thought that it was going to teach me how to read in another language, preferably franchement the language I’ve been learning for about a year. As anyone would know it is very difficult to wrote on another language with the correct grammar and spelling. So I thought this would be a great opportunity. Well once I realized that this was only for English reading and writing I knew the perfect use. I gave it to my 5 year old who just started with letters. He really enjoys it. The one thing i ask for is an app that focuses primarily on reading and writing in another language. And that it would start with basics, so that kids and beginners aren’t overwhelmed. Like it teaches you to write the accent marks properly. I really have no problem with this app so far though.
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2 months ago, Spillydoll
Thank you!
I never feel the need to write a review, but I felt the need to thank everyone who was involved in making this app. Thank you so much for making this app, it is done so well! Very engaging and it seems like there was much thought put into it, to really make it possible for a kid to go through this app and actually learn to read. Within the first few weeks of using this app with my 4 year old son he learned so much. He is able to read a lot of words now and he started off knowing none! I work with him off the app based on the sounds he learned that week just so he really gets it. I also like to go back with him and redo some of the lessons. I’ve tried so many techniques, books, paid for Homer, abc mouse and more apps and this is THE BEST! I recommend this to all, thank you.
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10 months ago, APELFU
I’ve let two little ones use this (5 & 7), and I’m a bit mixed on how I feel about it. The speaking exercises are incredibly inconsistent. For the 5 y/o, it’s expected that he should be able to immediately read and say a word that appears on the screen. The app immediately begins to listen for a response instead of allowing time to sound it out. It also accepts whatever noise it detects, even if it’s completely wrong. For the 7 y/o, it reads a sentence to him and wants him to repeat it. Not only is this not practicing reading AT ALL, but it again can’t properly depict what he’s saying and often proceeds halfway through a sentence. I tried to turn the volume down and let him actually sound it out, but since it expects immediate and perfect response, it kept marking it wrong and proceeding before he could get three words out! This is my biggest complaint by far because it makes the app fairly useless.
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6 months ago, tanzeelareeb
Want to give 5 star
It is a very awesome app I love it and I feel like this is the app that can teach kids how to read. The only problem is the kids can read the challenging numbers and write the numbers to to enter the parent section there should be a multiplication or some difficult challenges. These are very simple for the kids to open and increase the levels or add a person. This problem leads to the next problem that is kids can open the advance levels without solving previous levels and they get frustrated when they can’t solve the new difficult levels and they stop using the app and this makes this app less useful for the kids. I would love to give five stars to this app if the small problem can be solved.
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11 months ago, Based off a child
You might want to read before download
I’m 13 my little sister is 8 and uses this app I asked her can I check it out and she’s like ye that’s fine here so I went to level 10 and I hade to fill in a blank and the first two were fine like fill in the blank for thank you so ____h or your so ki__ but then it got weird like where’s the mil_ or get a new b__ty that’s big and I was speechless I moved on and I read a book and it hade skeletons and zombies? For 3-5 year olds I don’t think they should have that in there kinds yet especially before bed after that I finessed the book and I was like let’s just find something that’s normal cause this is awful 😩 I tried the thing we’re you have to LISTEN UP (why in caps tho) and I saw words like bu*p and po*p which I thing is kinda inappropriate anyways I showed my mom and she was like OMG 😳 I’m deleting this so she did that’s and that was the end of this game
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1 year ago, Jax2386
Can skip through too easily
This is an awesome game in theory, however, there is one huge flaw that would make the lessons sink deeper. My 3 year old loves the game and wants to hurry up and make it to the top of the buildings/put the books back/etc. He rushes through it so quickly, the information in the lessons aren’t really sinking in. IF the developers could make it so that the child CANT choose an answer until the question is fully read that would help my child slow down and really listen to what’s being asked of him. For example, there is a letter missing from a word and the child must choose the correct letter to complete the word. My child just presses buttons before the question says what word we are trying to complete. He keeps hitting keys until he gets a “green” light and moves to the next lesson and we don’t know if he was trying to spell rat or rag. It’s a frustrating aspect for me because I want him to listen to the words being presented meanwhile he is just trying to “win”. Show the options but don’t allow the child to choose anything until the question is finished, and then you’ll get a 5 star rating from me. Overall everything else is very engaging and smart. If you've got a patient child, this app is perfect as is.
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4 years ago, Hana-Kimi addict
One of the BEST!
My child isn’t even 3 yet, and they love this app, and it’s perfect to practice their letters and spelling and writing on. As someone who loves other languages, I was hoping there would be options, but according to the developer, they are in the works, and I’m happy with how things are currently. I know some people are upset by this, especially thinking that it was more practice to go with their own Duolingo, but as a parent, I love that there is a learn to read/write/spell app for my toddler. It will be amazing when there are other languages, but giving a one star review because you didn’t read the app description is really childish. Maybe you should actually use this app, because you need some reading lessons. Seriously though, this app is AMAZING for teaching English to toddlers.
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4 years ago, AVeryFluffySheep
Exactly what we really needed
For the longest time, my younger sister has struggled with reading and writing. Nothing my family tried could ever convince her to actually read, and she was failing to sound out simple words. It’s just been a really rough process trying to get her to learn. But, we stumbled upon this app, and within a day, she’s beginning to read and eagerly sounding out words. Everything about this just keeps her confident and engaged, and the fact that it’s free without shoving ads in our faces is even better. We couldn’t be more thankful for this, it put together the missing pieces that nothing else could, especially in an awful year like this, and that’s all. 10/10, would go back to kindergarten just to use this to learn to read again.
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3 years ago, LunaIsABOSS2010
I recently got this app for my 4 year old brother and he loves it the second he starts. It’s super effective, and he even loves this app more than video games! I thought that is GREAT, since it’s almost impossible to get him to do anything else. I recommend this app because it’s the best for my little brother(plus it’s free!!) and it helps him understand things so much better. Although this is a good review, I must say that the levels EXTREMELY long and basically repeats the same thing over and over again until you get to a higher level. I would like it if it was less lengthy, but even so it would imprint on his brain for a long time which is still good. Other than that, I think it’s the best!!
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2 years ago, Parkour0130
Huge fans
This app works amazing for my niece. She is 4 years old and is loving level one. She has finished level one a few times. Once she moves on to level 2 it becomes a little advanced and she just starts guessing until she gets it right. We started just restarting her progress which has worked fine for a while but I can tell is starting to get a little repetitive for her. I wish there was more practice of each concept before it moves on to a new one. We also recently started her on the iPad with an Apple Pencil which has worked really well to get actual practice writing her letters with a pencil instead of her finger.
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2 years ago, NimmiFutch
AMAZING! The BEST learning app we’ve come across
My son is 4 years old. And with covid last year, I did NOT enroll him in pre-k. So SINCE then I’ve been on the hunt for a great app along with my flash cards and other items for teaching him myself. I can’t tell you HOW MANY apps I’ve downloaded and paid for that turned out to be nothing but games with 0 learning. He’s finally enrolled for school this year and I’m SOOOO thankful I stumbled across this app!! Seriously I’m just a week and a half my son now fully knows his alphabet - even started trying to sound out words when he sees them!! I cannot be more impressed with this app!! Thank you sooo much for helping this single Mom teach her baby🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇
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4 years ago, bootydousedinlean
Mmmmmm . . ........ I don’t know about this
This could be good for younger kids but not older kids. My child wanted to take writing classes and she’s pretty advanced and she wants to get better, if it’s gonna start out with how to spell monkey I don’t think this is going to help a 10 year old. And it’s also annoying because you can’t change the language and my mom was trying to help her change the age and stuff to see if that would work but she couldn’t read it . And it’s also a good app for people learning English because now my mom knows some English so I guess it was pretty helpful but it is very annoying when you 10 year old is trying to learn new writing skills and it’s literally trying telling her to spell monkey.
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1 year ago, meloveit1234mathiscooll!!
Great for all toddlers and kids!
my little sister has a hard time learning, we tried getting her to schools and it wouldn't work. I was practicing my spanish lessons on duolingo and I happened to get an ad of this app! I downloaded it for my little sis, and she LOVED it. Everyday she started getting better and better with english and now my 3 year old sister is at KINDERGARTEN LEVEL!! She is speaking so well even though she has troubles with that. I’m so happy shes learning and will soon be able to communicate with us so much easier. This app is a literal blessing. 10/10 and I would recommend. (Duolingo is a great app too.)
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4 years ago, PriscillaGarcia12
Really impressed
I have wanted to find an app like this for my 3 year old son. I think a parent needs to be engaged in the app alongside the child in order to keep the child truly focused. Apps can be overwhelming for little ones, they end up pressing things and going off course. This app addresses that concern of mine. I sat alongside my son and saw he was able to stay on task of the app’s easy to follow instructions, without me monitoring his process. The app is well designed and well thought out. When the app asks to pronounce words, OMG! I was completely won over. It really encouraged him to say the words, not just be a “tablet zombie”. He loved that feature too!
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11 months ago, Artnasl
Great app but
This app is great. My son already knew his letter sounds before using this app and I wanted him to Kearny he names of the sounds as well in a fun way that also reviewed the sounds. This app is great for that. The only thing that I have a problem with is the fact that there isn’t more settings for parents to choose what the child should or shouldn’t learn. We don’t do sight words in our learning because we have seen the studies showing that phonics is more effective than sight words. I wish I could turn off the sight word setting on this app. I wish there was more I could do as the parent to see what my child will learn and more I could do to change the settings in the app and learning he is doing.
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4 years ago, K1634534
Has potential!
I would like to be able to skip to a specific lesson as a parent, I found the beginning lessons too easy for my kids but am sure something in the middle would be perfect. The app seems very well made and easy to figure out with cute little owls. At times it felt a little slow and you have no control over the pace. I’m not sure my kids will stay engaged long term since it’s slow and doesn’t have very fun games. I love that it is advertisement free and well designed! Those are very important to me for my kids. In the end they said it was an early release and with such a solid start I can see this being a great app soon.
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3 years ago, AzraelL.
Surprised 😮
This is actually working really well with my son who is only 3. His speech development has always been a little concern, but with the help of this app he has learned so many new words quickly. He is even learning how to read AND write quickly. He has always been behind his peers in school and all of a sudden he’s catching up really fast. I am really relieved to have found Duo ABC. It has been such a game changer of making learning fun for him. *We use this app plus other things like flash cards, blocks, and whiteboard to help our son and he has changed so much in such a short time.
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4 years ago, savahnnaaG.123456
My son is 3 and loves to hear stories read to him, he often tries to read on his own and quickly realizes he doesn't know how, and that upsets him. Today we opened the app up and he couldn’t put it down. He loves the stories read to him and writing. I think he loves it all. He is currently on the 2nd letter “a”. I saw him free write the letter’a’ on the app. I feel that this is the perfect app, because its clean and straight to the point which helps my son from getting distracted. We have used A LOT of other learning apps. This one he loves. This one im sticking with. Plus IT’s FREE. Thanks duo for the app. I love there language learning app also. Go check that out.
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3 years ago, kesy***
So satisfied
I love this app so much for my 4 year old. I downloaded it in my tablet and I did not use it. My daughter found it by herself. I was shocked to see how it’s helping her through speaking, writing and reading. I also got her learning report coming through my email. This is beyond my expectations. I was like this app is better than abc mouse that I purchased for her. The only thing is sometimes it’s frozen but you can restart the iPad and it will work. So far it is the best app that actually teach effectively. I really love it. I don’t like doing reviews, this one I have too... Good job
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4 years ago, SarahMcTeacher
Good for very early readers!
If your child is working on letter naming, letter sounds, and printing letters, then this app is great! It allows them to engage with the content using multiple modalities. However, if your child can already read sight words and simple sentences, this is probably too easy for them. Although I will say I, as an adult, had fun playing through a few levels. I also appreciated that there wasn’t anything else to click on besides the next lesson. It would be easy for a young child to navigate and it seems like it would be hard for them to get in trouble while clicking around in the app.
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3 years ago, Elpslp
Good app for learning to read
Overall I really like this app. My daughter enjoys it and I appreciate how phonics, sight words, letter formation, and reading comprehension are all included. We have been using this app for about a year with a bit of a break in the middle. When we first started all the levels were locked until you completed the level prior; however, now my daughter can access levels out of order and just jumps around to only find the story levels. I really wish you would change it back to requiring kids to do the levels in order so they can learn prerequisite skills for the later levels.
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2 years ago, Lucy de best
So much fun
I play this with my little cousin and she loves it. She always looks forward to the stories and her face lights up every time she unlocks one. The first time you just read them while the second time they ask you questions and sharpen your comprehension skills. She loves this app and it’s working for her, she can now read all of the letter she practiced. I don’t even have to be there with her, I can just give her the phone with the app running and she knows what to do. Great choice for anyone who needs to learn how to read and write English.
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2 years ago, 2011shoppingqueen
Learning so fast!!!!
I just got this game for my five year old sister and she loves it! I’ve been trying to get her to read since forever and now she’s reading her sight words and writing them. I can’t believe how fast she’s learning, in just a couple of hours she’s been able to recognize rhyming words like at and mat, and even larger words like monkey and turtle. And she’s reading mini books by using the pictures as inferences. Not only does she love this app, but I love it too! It’s so cool to see a little kid reading and writing so well. Thank you Duolingo!
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2 years ago, nolem0710
This app is the best app for mothers
This app is so amazing I fell in love with duo on my own and just recently discovered this app for kids it’s free it’s interactive it won’t hit u middle of the game with a payment request my 3 year old son loves it so much and I love playing and watching how excited he gets to move on to next levels same feeing I got with duo !!! If your a struggling mother and can’t afford to pay for apps but want ur child to have positive learning experiences this is it no cost !!! And duo genuinely cares about kids and teaching I love it so much thank you ❤️
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4 years ago, May zepol
Just wow and thank you
My 3 year old was going to go to preschool this year but because of all this pandemic going on this was not possible and since I found out that duo abc was a free app to help kids learn basics of letters, sounds, shapes and more I downloaded it for him and to be honest he loves it and he is beginning to learn how to write his name on his own on a sheet of paper. He recognizes sounds of the letters and beginning to recognizing words. Thank so much for this app God bless all the people involved in this app and for making it free during this crisis for all
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4 years ago, Stephen.101
Great for kids! But can you please add more languages?
Although I’m an 18 year old without any kids, I think that this would be a great app for kids trying to learn. I downloaded this thinking you could select the language you want to learn, but unfortunately that’s not the case. If it is possible, could you please add a selection to change the language, I really was hoping I could pick Japanese so I could learn the strokes of the symbols. I have been learning Japanese on the regular Duolingo app and figured I might be able to learn some more here but I can’t :(.
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2 years ago, Nikkocat
Do not miss out if you have a child ages 3-6!
I just downloaded Duo ABC for my kindergartener. She absolutely loves it! She and her older brother have started calling it “Babylingo,” and it is the cutest little kids educational app I’ve ever seen… and I’ve been doing baby apps for around a decade, lol. They asked for her age and her name, so she started on the letter M with the goal of reading and writing her full first name eventually. Because we put that she’s 5, the expectations were totally reasonable for her skill level. 10/10, absolutely recommend.
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2 years ago, 0573468tgv
This app works really well. So far there haven’t been any problems with it (bugs, crashing, etc.). My one recommendation is maybe put this into other languages. I think it would be nice if it were able to teach kids, especially small children, other languages in maybe an easier way then Duolingo normally does. The concept of the app itself could stay the same but instead of tracing English letters it could be Spanish, Korean, French, or anything else.
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3 years ago, Starseed Rio
Please make more levels
This is the best reading app and I have tried them all including the paid apps! This app is not just a bunch of books like the other apps but has actual lessons to teach the child to read. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have more content !! Please make more levels ! My second grader who was behind in reading has been using this app and has shown great improvement but he is on the last level now and I’m so sad there isn’t more.
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4 years ago, KernelKong
Great for young kids!
My daughter is attending preschool and is getting ready for kindergarten. Her preschool teacher recommended that we have her tested for proper placement when she enters kindergarten; she might be a little behind. So in preparation for that test, my daughter and I use this app (and other tools) daily as the new normal, because her preschool, like many other schools, has shutdown and is running a light version of its curriculum remotely, but not giving the amount of instruction or attention that my daughter needs. My daughter actually likes using this app with me by her side!
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8 months ago, saraht_alj
Nice progression needs a few tweaks
The progression of the lessons and the building of the letters and understanding the only issue that my 2 year old niece had with it is the food fight part she found it very upsetting to have to select throwing food at the characters we are also trying to make sure she doesn’t throw things in general and especially food and found it counter productive to those life lessons. If there could be an opt out version to avoid those lesson it would be appreciated.
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2 years ago, simplychelspea
Great free app!
If you are looking for an app to help teach your preschooler the alphabet, sight words, language comprehension, and phonics, then you’ve come to the right place! This app is free and they have interactive stories for language comprehension and teach kids letters, sight words, writing, and reading skills. My son loves getting to use my phone to play on this app. Thanks to the app, at the age of 3, he can already read several basic sight words. This will help him with learning to read in future years. Thanks Duolingo ABC!
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3 years ago, Pidgeon81
3yr old actually learning
My 3 year old loves this. She will switch from her 30mins of screen time to this app almost every time. She is a bit advanced so this may not be every other parent’s experience with this app but I feel it has helped my child write letters and recognize words. She has memorized many of the books she loves so not sure which has been more influential, but I can say this app definitely has helped, and I would absolutely recommend to any parent.
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4 years ago, Super Edlalo
This app is great for my younger sibling; she loves the app and wants to keep playing. It’s great especially since I have to teach her through the hard times we are having. The only concern I am having about this app is when she learns a word it only says the word then moves on, sometimes she would have to place the word into the right sections but I would really appreciate it if you can use your hand to draw the whole word, unless it’s later on in the lessons, but other than that she is doing great and enjoying Duolingo!
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4 years ago, Mayrolis
Great for my 4 year old!
My daughter loves it, she is in PK now doing virtual learning (due to the pandemic) with her school and this app have been a great help during the quarantine. Is also great that is ad's free. Love the addition of granting the kids daily stars for encouragement. I am a Duoling fan (doing French) and i'm glad they released this app in this special circumstances. Please keep in mind the app is for 0-5 ages (and i would say 4 to 5), my son is 7 (bilingual English/Spanish) and of course for him is pretty easy, i practice with him French in the standard Duolingo.
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4 years ago, Someone Writing Something
This is teaching my 4 year old to read! I’m so shocked that it’s free because it is the best app I’ve ever seen for it. My son already knew letters and letter sounds and a few sight words but I was struggling to get him practicing his knowledge in a way that would get him sounding out words. Wow. I love the way they do letter tracing with the easy snap to the line a few times and them dropping the snap to the line. They offer voice recognition and the drills are fun. This really should be a 5 star app. Thank you so much for creating this!
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4 years ago, Maram1013
Thank you !
I am a mother and I have six kids ( my husband passed away ) and I don’t have enough money for school and there very young should be in kindergarten right now so I teach them and I don’t want to waste my money on teachers that go to your house So my life was very depressing until I found this app that made me interested so I gave my kids the app and now they have been playing that app for days now so thank you for that now I have time to help myself by getting a better job then my last !
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2 years ago, Fredwardlovesbread
Free with good quality
Unlike many other apps, this one does NOT have a ton of pop up ads. None at all. Which is amazing because I hate when my kids accidentally download random apps. My five year old loves it! He is behind on reading, this is helping him so much. He gets so excited when he spells something right. My 2 year old has engaged in it, he was being taught on how to spell his name. And he loves it. This is like a godsend kids app. Thank you
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4 years ago, Brandnewsense
3 Year Old Starting To Read
Downloaded this app because my newly turned 3 year old daughter loves to watch me do French on Duolingo so I figured I’d let her play with this app since she likes the interface of duolingo. She’s already knew all her letters, but she’s been playing with this app a couple weeks and she can now sound out words she sees around the house! She’s read the words Mad, Glad and Blue!!! I can’t believer it!! Super fun app that makes learning interesting for little ones who like devices. Very impressed.
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3 months ago, Eternal Sunshine 123
The Best Non Subscription education game!
Dear, Duo ABC it’s the best game let but before I say it’s the best let me start from the beginning. I was trying to look for a educational game for my sister I downloaded multiple and they said you have to pay a trial or subscription and when I saw this game for my sister it’s the best game it is so all I got to say is Thank You, for no subscription and trials like thank you. Now she’s getting A+ in reading and other subjects.
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2 years ago, MrKilla13
Please make this in French and other languages for native English speakers!
I’ve bee talking with my friends who are on the main Duolingo app and we all agree that if Duo made this to learn other languages we wouldnt’t just have out kids playing this, we would play it too! It’s a great app for English children to learn English so why not use it to teach people the fundamentals of other languages? If they did, I would be willing pay fees to play it.
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7 months ago, fixthe app
Some Inappropriate words for kids
I was really annoyed today that my child gets on to try a new level and it had her spelling the word “farts” multiple times and then another level talks about farting. Really?! Give me a break! I understand that this is not a terrible word to most, but it is one that we don’t want her using and we do not use in our house. For an app like this there's no place or need for it. Totally inappropriate for kids her age, she’s six! Thousands of descent word and you choose this one?! So moronic for adults to be putting this on this type of app. You can and need to do better!
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