Learning games for toddlers 2+

4.3 (266.6K)
138 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bimi Boo Kids Learning Games for Toddlers FZ LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Learning games for toddlers 2+

4.28 out of 5
266.6K Ratings
3 years ago, DarkSkinJermaine
Don’t make in app purchase
First of all the games are ok, but it forces you to purchase by only allowing 3 games. Then once you purchase, it for gets that you purchased a month later. Then it locked you into a reoccurring subscription when you just wanted to pay for the app once. It doesn’t show up as a apple subscription. Talk about shystie. This will be reported to apple.
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4 years ago, tina marrriee
Love this game!
My 19 month year old has learned so much because of this game!! Unbelievably impressed by all of what this game has to offer and it’s cute too. I downloaded this game when he was around 14 months old and he now knows every single game within the app (with the exception of 1, the number game which is way advanced for him), but let me tell you, babies are sponges and learn so much on constant repetition so this game can be offered to your little one under 2. He’s learned shapes and color sorting, animal sorting, sorting items into the fridge and closet, process of elimination when in doubt and now asks me “what’s that” in curiosity every time he sees something on the app. Trust me, this app is worth downloading, just do as I do and help your little one for a couple of months if they’re small like my son and you’ll see how quickly they pick it up.
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4 years ago, Tiffany(toocoolsiegs)
2 year old loves this & more
My two year old loves bimi boo. This app is child friendly and age appropriate for toddlers. We started with the phone bimi boo game when she was almost two and then later downloaded more bimi boo apps to challenge her educationally and to teach her basic technology skills. She loves these games and has learned to try and challenge herself. She only plays on a phone or tablet once or twice a week; the animations and helpful sounds (to distinguish between try again or correct) has helped her learn how to play the games by herself and fast. She definitely has succeeded basic technology skills. The amount of games and quality is great but I would recommend unlocking all the games for more choices for your toddler and for what they like. We have seen a huge improvement in non technological learning, ex: her books. She will now point things out while reading and associates it with some of the things she has learned in the games. We do sticker puzzles and this game has greatly helped in her coordination of placing and distinguishing the shapes. We are excited to try more bimi boo apps while her education continues and am confident in recommending bimi boo among friends and family.
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2 years ago, md302
Needs some work
My son loves trying playing these games, but it can be easily frustrating. Some of the games require you to put an object into the correct container based on color, shape, or category. He will drag the object over the container, so it’s physically overlapping, but it will get rejected unless is perfectly placed. He will make the right choice, but since the “acceptance zone” of the containers is very small, he thinks he’s wrong. Even when I move the object myself I have to try a couple times before they go into the correct spot. This is a major problem in my opinion and makes the game almost unplayable. If this gets fixed it would be a great set of games, it’s a bummer.
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5 years ago, grayleicht
I was excited at first, my 3 year old was loving this learning game, after he got through the 4 unlocked activities , in 10 min...I , for the first time ever paid for an app for him. He finished the unlocked games in next 20 min. So I paid $4.99 for 20 min of activity , there’s nothing else unless I upload and pay for more: very upset and dissatisfied with my purchase...I believed there would be many more options for him to learn and explore.
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2 years ago, Christie Lee P.
Needs Improvement
My 22 month old is obsessed with this app. He loves the games, however, it causes a lot of frustration. It seems to be a bit too sensitive for item placement. He will match the correct items, but the game will not accept it…which then causes my son to have frustration meltdowns…which then causes us to take the iPad away. Huge headache. Considering this game is for toddlers, I would think it would be more forgiving. I go back and forth with just deleting the app since he gets very upset about it.
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1 year ago, Sarah_Washington
3am Notifications
I love Bimi Boo but why am I getting notifications at 3:00AM? I will be turning off notifications…Other than that, these Bimi Boo apps are the best! If you don’t have Bimi Boo for your toddler, they are missing out on fun, learning and practicing useful skills in all areas of their future education. Five stars Bimi Boo! 🥂And for parents reading this, check out Bimi Boo and friends the cartoon!
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3 years ago, •Wolfie Ari•
Love this game٫ great for learning
Ok so I am here to say that this game is great٫ I have just found and downloaded it. My 3 year old loves it and she learned alot from it. Although I want to say if you can make one more island/game in the app for people who dont have money and cant access the other islands/games. But anyways٫ this game is great!
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7 years ago, Michel Cass
Great for 2 year olds
My granddaughter loves this. She is so enthralled when I asked if she wanted some milk, she never even looked up! The games are easy but still challenging for a child her age. They are very engaging and clearly show what needs to happen during each section. I will be getting the full version for her. Always try before you buy!!
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2 years ago, Conanette
Good for young kids but
I’ve got to lower stars because the music resets to on every time the app is opened. I don’t want it on, my kid doesn’t want it on, and I have to go into parent settings each time to Fix. Off should mean off! I do appreciate the parent year requirement to access purchases and settings. I have the full version and she loves playing the different games, and is learning categories and matching.
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5 years ago, mommynance
Great for my 2 year old
I’ve been in search for an easy yet still challenging learning app for my daughter who just turn 2. And this app is so fun. My daughter is so fascinated with each section. She matches colors and shapes, and drag puzzle pieces to the right areas. I didn’t think she would know how to do them, but she totally got it once I showed her what to do in each section. Ended up buying the full version and she just loves it so much!
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2 years ago, Leeno Saleh
This game is amazing for kids but I don’t like the idea of the other options being locked even if u can unlock them. I do understand this is to make money but like still. But amazing
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1 year ago, duckys are my life!
This game has changed my life
I have learned new and amazing things from this exquisite app😮. Though I do have some ways to improve it *snickers* 😏 the third level was a tad bit too difficult for me.
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5 years ago, William Springer
Little space games
This game is such a fun game! Especially in little space!! ❤️ thanks for making this game it makes me so happy to see something like this and I’m looking forward to look at your other games later... I totally recommend this game!
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2 years ago, super mom 2.0
Not good
It didn’t let my child play all of the games and I am not wasting my money on this 3.99$ for a couple of game that he will play a little then get bored! Thanks for letting me do this
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4 years ago, Yellowrose12346
The city
It's a great city but some people don't like others but they have a lot more to say than the first time they have other friends but they don't always have friends and a family that preys saint and the other city
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8 months ago, MisJenB2
My 23 month old loves them
My 23 month old loves them and plays everyday. The colors are attractive and engaging, the characters are safe. She has progressed from unsure to doing it all by herself. We love that she loves it.
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1 year ago, createartnothate
I just started playing this with my daughter and we’re already four levels in and she already wants to play more and is learning..it’s great!
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2 years ago, lmw5280
I love it I am 9 and have a 4 year old girl and she whanted to play a game and we only had games for8+so we go to the App Store and she found this game it is all she whanted to play she chose this game over pool and ice cream.😄😃🥰😘😍🤩🥳
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4 years ago, funzzies
Best game ever for toddlers.
My two year old sister won’t put MY iPad down so this definitely five stars if you don’t count the part of paying for different levels but still five stars.
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3 years ago, 1280 hard core
Yes please call the office tomorrow to let me know how much it will work for me thanks for the update I will be back at the office in the next couple of minutes thank you
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12 months ago, skyraven02
love the games
Do you have a collection where you can buy all the games? My kids love playing them.
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5 years ago, LJB6660
Game is nice
My grandson loves this game but we can’t purchase the full version from the App Store. I guess the only way to do it is to allow in app purchases with I think is just stupid. Since playing it and seeing the games he can’t play is to frustrating I will be deleting the game and finding something more user friendly.
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5 years ago, Do do do so do
Good learning game
My 4 year old likes it. As a parent I would like when they touch an object that it would say what it is as my child is still learning some shapes and objects.
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1 year ago, Bhav5864
Stars if you are not interested
We have to go to the store to get the kids and stuff
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5 years ago, Borisk0
Great first game for my toddler
The game is very nice both in graphics and music. Interactive and keeps the child’s attention. There are many match problems: color, shape, objects count.
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2 months ago, Tea Lavet
I’m a mother of three sets of twins and when I say they alllllll love Bimi Boo apps, they all do, don’t know what I’d do without Bimi Boo! Very fun and highly educational. I
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2 years ago, gdheikabd
This game was awesome for my 2 year old brother. I showed him how to play and he was so happy when he got them right
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9 months ago, Scooter 82
Family sharing doesn’t work
Since in-app purchases can be shared, in this case purchasing the full version of the game, why can’t I share it with family members? They don’t get the full version that has been paid for. This is a waste of my time and money.
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4 years ago, Wtfididthisalready
Fun enough
Daughter seems to like it my phone sensitivity isn’t low enough for her but the game is simple enough for a 2 year old
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11 months ago, Chloeromero8
No transfer.
My husband bought the app on his phone and it won’t transfer to my sons iPad? But says it can when you try it doesn’t do anything at all
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4 years ago, Blessed*Mimi
3 year old Not worth the Purchase
After my 3 year old played the 4 free game and liked it I purchased the full version. He was done will all in 15 min. Maybe it would last longer for a 1 year old.
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4 years ago, Narwhals always
It’s fine
When I got it I was excited to play it with my sister! But when we were playing it only let us have like three games to play and it would cost money. So it’s meh. But the games are really fun!
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3 years ago, tina-braun
This is awesome
I love this game and I am so proud of all your viewers thank you CookieSwirlC for posting this video (you’re big fan Mikka)
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3 years ago, Linkys Mom
Love it
My two year old has caught on really well without much help.
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4 years ago, 3 yr old kids brother
Good job
My little brother is now understanding how to do the lessons you women and man are teaching him and he is only 3 years old but all I want to say is THANK YOU😁😁👍🏻
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6 months ago, TC-5678
App forgot my purchase
The free download only has a couple games so I paid for access to the rest of the games. That was great for a while but the app forgot that I made that purchase and moved the games back behind the paywall. I want my access back or a refund.
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2 years ago, Bendy54
Using minds
My four year old niece loves to plat these games. She is using her mind and having fun’s. Learns colors and sizes, very educational.
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3 years ago, cjuj
Have purchased this game a little while ago and it is not showing up. I have gone through the purchase option twice and possibly have paid twice and still no evidence that I have paid for it.
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3 years ago, Gvo98_
Awesome game!
This game is great, my 2 year old started playing these games and within a week, he was matching colors and aligning shapes!! Thank you!!
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3 years ago, Chrisjana
Twice they have asked for payment !
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12 months ago, mommymillennial
Great at 19 months
My 19th month old daughter is really getting the hang of these games and
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3 years ago, Hippopotamus Papadopolous
Best thing ever
I blew my load and playing 10/10
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7 years ago, Wilma Sazon
Well done
Very very very very superb game that I had seen before. Amazing graphics. It is excellent for small kids.
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11 months ago, Bellskies86
My son is two. I help him play and it’s fun with creative music, diverse colors, and activities.
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1 year ago, EkoCatLicy
Just started playigy
Too soon to give review
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3 years ago, fun and good for kids
Good for kids
This game is a good idea for all kids 3+ kids have fun because of this game
Show more
3 years ago, RevKevinKnox
Grandkids love the game.
Play this with the kids every day when visiting
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5 years ago, jjasminza
I dont know
👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Just dont understand why it gives me so many problems.
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11 months ago, Apr223
This app is good for learning It is so fun it is so easy It is so much more you will have so much fun
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