Learning Kids Games 4 Toddlers

4.5 (46.8K)
444 MB
Age rating
Current version
Funny Food: Kids Learning Games
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Learning Kids Games 4 Toddlers

4.47 out of 5
46.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Euroflower
Updated: app works again, and I decided to subscribe
Update: the app devs responded and their instructions fixed my app. Awesome! Annnnnd, after much consideration I decided to subscribe for the $29/yr. That’s not a bad price for all the content you get. The games are fun and educational. My kids love it so much. Old review: This app used to be so great! Then, they made it where you can subscribe. I would definitely pay a flat fee for all the games. Or even just to make the pop-up to subscribe go away. But I’m not going to pay monthly for toddler games. It does still has some free options, but now it asks you if you want to subscribe every three seconds. And my toddler is constantly trying to go to games that are locked, which just makes it ask you again. Also, for the last two weeks I can’t even access the app for my kids because I won’t get past the title screen. If it weren’t for these things and it was just about the games available in the app, I would definitely be giving it five stars.
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3 years ago, kiana is awsome
Not that much free..
It’s not that free and you should add like coins to unlock those and by playing starter games you get coins but other than that my baby sister ONLY likes the ending part of Cake for Mommy and I’m kinda getting tired of it and it’s really annoying so maybe add crazy animations like in the ending part of Cake for Mommy and maybe make a couple more free things and games for different ages because she’s having a lot of trouble with the decorations part of Cake for Mommy and it’s really annoying she only taps on it so make it so when you tap it then it goes straight onto the cake? Idk or just make it so it’s no sound when you tap on it or when you drag it to the wrong place and maybe add like badges to get coins and make ads to get free coins too? But only a certain amount of times a day so you don’t spam ads maybe add like gadgets or something like that to collect and maybe add so you can build a house to make coins like a factory and also maybe make it so that you can mute the music every time she plays this I get the worst headache and it’s so expensive and again really annoying and doesn’t really teach your kid anything if they are younger I expected it to be about veggies too...it’s about shapes cakes and cookies..is this trying to teach kids how to bake? I don’t recommend I’m not saying uninstall it or anything but it’s like not really teaching her anything so sorry but I don’t really recommend it it’s all just annoying and frustrating...sorry.
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9 months ago, Karima2014
This app if fine. I have a question, after canceling the subscription how do you get a refund. It was paid on accident and when I went to click on a link it took me to a website and nothing was in English. If someone could help me out, that’d be great!
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2 years ago, Love the attitude
I love this game even those for two year old and I’m a seven-year-old but this game is Basilio yo
This game is the best it’s the best of the best of the best of the best the best of the Of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best and it’s just for from one-year-old to five rolls but guess what I miss seven-year-old and I love this game especially the cake part because on Mother’s Day always show my mom the cake and she always loved it and it teach my little sister so many learning is fun for her it’s learning fun she loves it and she plays it with her friends and I played with her and her friends just thank you for making this game it’s the best like I don’t know who we are names are I’m sorry I’m trying to say that I don’t know who you guys names are but blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah name you guys make the best game I can’t even play it right but I learned every day how to play it right even my mom plays it thank you
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2 years ago, Long-standing customer
Great app but very expensive
I love your games hence why I purchased it from the get-go when you first came out The problem is I purchased it on my phone for my child when he was younger (2yrs old) he is now 6yrs old and has his own Apple ID the problem is my purchase is linked to my Apple ID and I need it to be linked to his Apple ID so that he may continue playing it but every time I log into my Apple ID to do a restore purchase it’s fine when I log out it takes it away from him Normally i would just repurchase it under his ID like I have done with most of his games but that’s not gonna happen because your prices have changed and skyrocketed you also made it a subscription which I’m not happy about I’m leaving this review here because I tried to contact you guys through your website and of course there was nothing but problems trying to send you an email for anyone else reading this the app is great but at a price tag of $70 per year I’m sorry but that’s too much money for an app for a child I don’t care what they offers or what the company adds to it there are plenty of other apps out there that are a one time purchase or cheaper subscription to have the same educational properties
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4 months ago, Rockrabbit45
Misleading marketing.
From the very first screen that comes up after the download is a marketing message. in the top right hand corner camouflaged so that no one can see it is the skip button. This type of marketing is unethical, disingenuous and dishonest. A lot of these apps appear to be doing this and getting away with it. It needs to be stopped. all the algorithms need to be removed along with the advertisements. I can do a search and specifically ask for free in my search, and it shows me anything but what I asked for. furthermore, every app on the front screen of the App Store should have its price clearly marked in big bold letters where it can be seen without exception. This type of marketing should be outlawed because it is not honest.
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4 years ago, Farkelberry
Even long distance it’s fun!
My five year old granddaughter started playing this with me when she was two. Three years later her one year old brother started learning to play. Now he’s three and we’re 2000 miles away from each other, but thanks to the magic of my electronics, we FaceTimed and made a cake for mommy and baked cookies. He told me colors and shapes and we had a blast! Great fun learning app! His sister has moved through matching, division and is doing writing and art with the more advanced games and still loves the games on Nana’s “pad pad!”
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4 years ago, Holly Firelight
Used to be great but the latest update is causing problems
My daughter loves this game. I purchased it. Paid for it. But recently the app was updated and it keeps prompting us to buy/upgrade for more games. I just want my daughter to play the games we paid for. Every time she clicks on something that is new and is prompting for payment, she gets upset and hands the device back to me. (She’s 3 and doesn’t understand that we can access some things but not all of it. It wasn’t like this before.) It’s frustrating for both of us. How can I disable all the stuff that is new so my daughter can’t try to tap on it?? We just want the game to be like it was before.
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4 years ago, Tasha_D0419
I saw a parent say in review how the game was for $3 or $4 and all that the app had for babies. I say okay, let me purchase as I have toddler twins. Low and behold to purchase the full game it is NOW $7!!! What the heck is that!!!? I decided after seeing that to just delete the app because it’s just not worth it! I found some other learning apps for children for a lot LESS money, offers more, and great reviews! Also these other apps are very versatile. JUST DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR PARENTS AND DOWNLOAD OR TRY OUT ANOTHER APP!! This is just way too expensive at this point. Feels greedy. I have deleted this app, and purchased another. Thank goodness I came to my senses as I was actually thinking of buying this app.
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5 years ago, jay-jay-okay
My Sister Likes This Game❤️
I didn’t like the game but my sister did so I Rate it a 5 star For Her so yeah The 1 messed up thing about the game is that you have to unlock the other games😑 by paying for them like that’s so messed up like why can’t the other games be free like you like get 4 games to play just because you can’t get the other games but I give it a 5 star REVIEW anyway That’s it and if you’re getting this game for your child make sure you look at this rating and review OKAY PEOPLE
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7 years ago, _robin_bobin_
No sound, lost purchased levels...Sound OK
On one device I have access to levels I bought BUT no sound. Yes, no sound just in this app. On other device I have sound but they ask me to buy levels again. No, button restore purchase does not work P.S. Thanks to developer responded quickly sound issue is resolved! And I managed to get my levels on both devices. In app purchases do not support family sharing. So I signed out of App Store, signed in with account which made purchase, reinstalled app, activated purchased levels, signed in other account back ... simple like this.
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5 years ago, Ms puerto rico
Entertaining and educational and fun 😘😍💯loves this app
Dear developers, we Love this app. Its pretty simple to use and it’s fun! The animations that we drew or lines traced into the animals almost came to life and were dancing. Me and my child were entertained and this is a great educational app. Can you add more types of music or copy music from artist to use in the app? And can we send what we create to others? That would be even greater. As Apple employee , I can say it rated 5 🌟. Keep up the great work!!!👏🏼💯🤗
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8 months ago, asjhghjg
Charged me $60 dollars
THEY WILL DO THEIR BEST TO CHARGE YOU. I had gotten a free trial, and instead of the other cheaper options. They went ahead and charged me for a year . I never chose that, I did not want that. Watch out. The only way you can play Majority of these games is having a free trial due to almost ever game being locked along with many ads children shouldn’t be able to get ahold of. DO NOT GET THIS.
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6 years ago, Michelle8912
I purchased the app for 3.99 and it won’t restore purchases on my Apple ID. This will only work on my sons ID! Very disappointed I use family sharing and it doesn’t even show that I made the purchase on my account and my 4yr old cant make purchases. After reading reviews I can see they don’t use family sharing in their app and if I’d known I would not have purchased or purchased on a device we take out. Other apps allow sharing with 5 kids I would have purchased a different app that could be used by all!!!! Do not buy if you have multiple children
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2 months ago, Regan2024
I canceled the subscription within minutes of them charging my card and the free trial was being over!!! These people are not helpful!! and haven’t used the app except for a few min during the free trial. I don’t want the subscription, if I did want it, I would have never signed up for $50. I’m a single mother of 3 children and struggle daily trying to feed them. I don’t even have $5 left from my check after paying bills and buying groceries. I can’t afford a $50 app. I’m not asking for something for nothing. Please refund my money!
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6 years ago, Bullylove2166
Toddler Must have
I have had just about all the toddler apps installed on our phones and my toddler gets bored after doing the same thing everytime. There are tons and tons of games and the platforms change everytime your toddler completes the game so for them it changed sooo much. The make your mom a cake is my 2 years old favorite. A must have app for toddlers
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3 years ago, The FlipperGirl
Great app
This is a wonderful app. I wish they had more ‘games’ that you didn’t have to pay for especially with Covid. It’s nit too expensive to pay the full price, during these times while the children weren’t in school it would have been benefits like for more “UNLOCKED” games to be provided.
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5 years ago, Crazy Energetic Unicorn!!🦄🦄
Ok here’s why
I babysit so the kids love it but why are there only some games that you can play and why can’t you just play all of them?! That’s SOOOOOO messed up I mean come on. The kids that I babysit are always confused about what they can and can’t play and I have to explain every time. This only gets five stars because the kids love it but please fix the game options.
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6 years ago, Kika799
Buyer Beware...No Family Sharing!
Nice app, my daughter likes it...but it doesn’t work with family sharing, even though it states that it is compatible on the App Store. When I contacted the developer about this issue their response was: “We can not be responsible for family access settings in the App Store.” Wish I would have know before purchasing because I bought it on my phone thinking I could use the family share on my child’s device. Super disappointed in the false advertising.
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10 months ago, Zxccv2
App Cannot recognize apple subscription
We have purchased subscription for both of your app, and we have kids games! Learning 4 toddler. With an expiration date of September 2023 , and learninglkids games 4 toddler with expiration date for April 2024. Our subscription should be active but since then we could have we couldn’t login to your app and it asked us to subscribe. Please fix this asap . We already confirmed with Apple that the subscription is active on their end. The app support link submission button does not work.
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6 years ago, juju as Julia Mookie as Maria
Mother’s Day cake
It is so fun I wish I was four years old again but sadly I am eat this game is really fun you should play it sometime what I was doing I wasPlaying playing this game and I am almost 9 and it is so much fun I wish I wish it was even funnier but I am but I don’t know all the math shared this to all your friends I think it’s really fun
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6 months ago, äÿë
It’s the best game for my child!
My child’s laughing and having so much fun that she’s playing this everyday even on the way on her grandmas house she will never stop playing this amazing game she’s saying she’s getting smart because of this I highly recommend this is good for my child!
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9 months ago, Xafia meta uianier nama ERVbae
Game fun but it was a lot easier than Fortnite but I think it’s worth a try to do
Hi guys are we doing dinner tonight or are we doing something for lunch tomorrow or Sunday night at noon or Sunday night or Saturday morning or Saturday or Friday morning or Saturday night or Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening at noon and we can go for dinner tonight and I will bring the boys home
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1 year ago, bois got the TiktoK
Game was amazing
My kid enjoyed looking at all the pickles and feeding the kitty cats and pandas a weird pizza. I think they shouldn’t have a timer on the games because it made them sad. I hope you can improve this problem so in the future my kids can make green and yellow pizzas
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6 years ago, MyMusic67
INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED! I purchased this app for my grandson who lives 700 miles away. Naturally I expected to have the ability to share to his IPad with family sharing, unfortunately that is not an option with this app. I would not have purchased this app had I known it did not offer family sharing. I have no need to have access to an app on my phone which was intended for my grandson. Seems to be a shady way to make $4 bucks. Terrible practice to take money from young families who are on limited budgets.
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4 years ago, whittboo420
Oohh Yeah!🤩
I asked my 3 year old daughter her opinion of Funny food and she said "ohh yeah! That's my favorite!" Haha definitely keeps her busy and I've noticed her learning rather quickly. Definitely great for busy days running errands. We totally love this app just wish a few more things could be unlocked
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5 years ago, Aaaabbbbbcccciiehhhdjd
Sound only issue
My niece and nephew love these games. However for some reason after I purchased the full version the sound stopped working on my iPad. I have no other sound issues, just this app.
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5 years ago, anyname will do lalolilo
Very Disappointed!
The in-app purchases are a cheap trick. There is a math problem that gives 3 choices as the answer that is “supposed” to be for the “Parents” to answer. I believe this was done intentionally so that it makes easy for a kid like my 4yr old to guess the right answer by pressing one of the three options and therefore purchasing things they are not authorized to do. Which is exactly what happened in my case. I am not happy with that and I will be deleting this app if this cheap trick is not fixed.
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2 years ago, R from Ut
Most recent update causes random crashes
This app has worked great until about about a week ago. Now it crashes randomly. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling. Still not right.
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6 years ago, KellyKrn
Good app
My grandson loves these apps. I rated it a 3 because you have to keep purchasing levels all the time if the kids want to get past even the most simple levels. It seems to be very repetitive even at higher levels and so they move up quickly. Needs to be a little more creative if they want you to keep buying the different levels.
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3 years ago, 979Fishing
Love this app!
I got this all for my 3-year old granddaughter and she absolutely loves it! The little hints that appear helped her navigate through the various games without my help and the little characters and sounds are adorable!!
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3 years ago, Violet19202
if you know what I did tell me
So I think played this app when I was 3 but now I’m 6 so I forgot what I did but my mom was the one who got me it I’m going to play this app now and see how o was playing I seen a bug yay🙄🙄 ok so anyway I don’t want to do this anymore bye😏
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4 years ago, rockstarjoe
Update pricing
The new update is nice, but the pricing is crazy. In the old version, I paid an IAP to unlock all content for a couple of bucks. Now the new content is locked, which I guess is fair, but to unlock it all you need to pay waaaay more than the original games (or pay a subscription). I get it, developers gotta eat too... but I think the new IAP price is nuts.
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5 years ago, princesslej13
Learning games
Thanks so much for the GAME learning games cause when I wanna play it all the time I played it and decided I wanna give it a five star rating l decided y’all should make more games and then you can get them to give y’all a chance to get five star ratings
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5 years ago, CS2913
Love this app
I have a 2.5 year old daughter and she LOVES this game. I love how there are so many levels and something to do or learn in everything about it! It is very user friendly and lets my daughter learn on her own but also helps her when she needs it. The BEST toddler app!!
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2 years ago, CrystalRN0614
No family sharing
It’s a great app and my kids love it. But when you purchase it it’s only for that device. It’s not part of the family sharing so my kids can’t get it on their devices unless I pay for each one. Which really stinks. $60+ for each device is a lot.
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1 year ago, Capprecia
My kids love this game but family sharing not working
I have the full version on my phone but for some reason, I can restore purchases on my kids’ iPads. I would prefer not to pay for the game a second and third time just so my kids can keep playing it.
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6 years ago, Skeetmcgee
Can’t Get Full Version
I bought the full version of this so all levels could be played, but it won’t unlock the levels on any of my devices. It just says “updating” and it never does. Please help!
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3 years ago, Jason18955
Rip Off - Updated
Bought the yearly subscription and it won’t let me play the games. Do not buy, do not recommend. They got back to me and corrected the problem with g a good time frame. Have access now.
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6 years ago, m.allred
My 4YO likes this game. I like that is it fun and helps her to sort by shape and color. I thought it was confusing how there seem to be a bunch of different mini games, but each one is a separate download. It is confusing because I can’t tell which ones are included and which ones are a separate download.
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5 years ago, Momrox14
I love this app
My son learns so many things from this app and everything he does I think we’re do you learn all this from and one day he was sorting and he was looking at the iPad sorting the same things that the game was sorting.
Show more
5 years ago, Wise_Thief
My kids love this game!!!
Even though you have to by the other levels it is definitely worth it! My two kids (ages 6 & 5) absolutely love this game! Thank you for making such an amazing learning app!
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4 years ago, RansGram
Fun games
My 3 1/2 yr old grandson loves the free version of this game. The play is intuitive and instructional. My only comment to the negative is in the dirty/clean game. It’s weird to me that you wash things like muffins. I think just using fruit or vegetables would be less confusing for the player.
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7 years ago, SkyBlueDonkey
Love the app but i think some of the funny stuff should not be put in with the actual game it’s too distracting for them. Like the halloween game, he enjoyed making the pumpkins giggle and the broom jump that it was hard for him to concentrate on what he needed to do. Great otherwise.
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3 years ago, pro of my fans
Rainbow stylish Fanta smoothie popcorn party
Festivals are super healthy and they make people like there’s something that like a salad and all the stuff that you usually put in Henry solid meatballs all those kind of food
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3 years ago, AshleyZiska
Good, a couple suggestions
My brothers love this game. As a matter of fact, it was the only thing that stopped them from crying after getting shots, I just wish more things were free.
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3 years ago, LoveMe1984$
Trying to contact support
This app I don’t have and they took money from off my card does anyone know how to get ahold of someone ????
Show more
3 years ago, Punkin in suites 14
I love
I love it it’s a great game but there needs to not be so many things that you have to buy it bothers me so much my parents barely buy anything for me
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3 years ago, jennbenny
App Doesn’t Work Anymore
I purchased some of the games available on this app a long time ago and my kids loved it. Now, the app won’t even load anymore. When my kids click it, it only comes to the title screen and then freezes. Makes me mad since this is one of the few kids apps we actually paid for.
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5 years ago, Cool Person 😚
5 stars
Hi my name is Sophia, my little sister is a three year old going to four, and she has to learn some stuff for school so I downloaded some apps and she likes this app the most. It helps her learn a lot.
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