Learning To Draw

2.5 (30)
41.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
MEDL Mobile Enterprises, LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Learning To Draw

2.47 out of 5
30 Ratings
7 years ago, fluons
Impossible to achieve drawings like the examples without apple pencil support
Without proper pressure sensibility it is impossible to achieve gesture lines like the examples provided. So probably people will feel frustrated for not achieving good drawings even though they do it as the lesson intended. Beside this deal breaker, app is well done and lessons are well adapted for this format. Advice, get the old books if you can, grab some paper and pencil, start drawing and skip this app.
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7 years ago, NostalgiaLadie
Not very practical
This app is well made for its purposes but not very practical for the user. It would be better to teach how to draw on iPad, specifically what settings to use, not so much how to draw traditionally. That would be more useful. It is difficult to make the realistic drawings look right on iPad. Also I would like the option to pay one time for this app, not for each book.
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7 years ago, Blynn48
Could be costly
Instructions are great, but only one lesson per item, just get a sketch pencil and a pen. If you want colors, purchase, more lessons, purchase. The app is not free!
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7 years ago, #natureisawsome
Hard if you’re trying to learn
I recommend this app for artists with experience but if you’re a beginner I would suggest getting a different app OR buy a book about sketch art
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8 years ago, LKB215
Lesson Downloads
Lesson downloads - Slow or not, that is the question! Lessons that were previously downloaded are excellent and easy to follow.
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4 years ago, Steven Steiner
Terrible. Not good beginners , for learning basics
Doesn’t teach drawing basics or any technique. It only shows a picture and how to copy it. Not good for learning basics
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3 years ago, ∂тf єʝн
really hard to learn
It’s hard to learn with this app. Plus when I was catching my Dragon and the app glitched and it didn’t save it
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9 years ago, hoorayberet00
Decent start but needs enhancements
I think this is an okay start to teaching folks how to learn how to draw through use of the iPad. However, I recently purchased the Pencil stylus by the company 53 (apparently the only stylus sold in the Apple Retail Store). I really wished that the app supported stylus models such as Pencil or Pogo. Also, when trying to post a drawing to Facebook, I received an error that states "App Not Setup: The developers of this app have not set up this app properly for Facebook Login." I also wish that the app's teachings show how to use the popular free app, Paper. I'm assuming they will carry over into other similar apps.
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5 years ago, jbweb420
Waste of time
Don’t waste your time
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6 years ago, nooooo name XD
I love it!!!❤️
It’s best with the Apple Pencil or stylus.❤️
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12 years ago, benoibe
Excited by new content
Finally the new content is available. I'm very excited by all the new tutorials. I think this is a great app; I've spent lots of time with the variou tutorial packs, learning various sketching and shading techniques. The reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5 is that the various pencils need updating. On my iPad 3, the drawings tools do not work smoothly or consistently. With a little work on the actual digital drawing tools, this app would be worth the price of the drawing packs. But right now the finished drawings are much rougher looking than on my 1st gen IPad. I hope developers will take notice. This could end up being one of the best iPad apps, with just a sleeker digital drawing interface. Original review: this is an unique, well-rendered application for drawing. I believe users will be as shocked as I was when they finish a lesson. I learned to create some fantastic sketches. The three different textured pencils and explanation of when and where to use them is an invaluable tool. Being able to see how these elements come together in a surprisingly impressive sketch is fantastic for learning and for your ego. :) I can't say enough about this app, expect that I'm ready for new items to draw!
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13 years ago, LilithSilverKrow
I am currently taking an art class, and have been having problems with shading and realistic drawing. I've successfully drawn the flower, the dragon, and the lady, and since then, I have drastically improved to the point of being proud of my work. When I get some cash, I will be purchasing the books for this app, this is simply amazing and helpful. By the way, I didn't use the iPad to draw with, I drew it in my sketchbook. This is the best free app for drawing out there... Don't bother drawing on your pad, grab a pencil and paper and apply the helpful hints from this book! Off to attempt the horse!
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12 years ago, NivekPM7
Too full of advertisements - works nice but crashes
The interface is nice to just mess around in. I could not get any lessons to work. I paid $0.99 to get rid of ads hoping that the flashing lessons would stay up long enough to use .... Nope. Tried down loading again no help. As a learning tool it lacks lessons. As a toy to draw with... Perhaps... I deleted it, there are better ones out there. Developer: concentrate first on making a good product you can be proud of... And one that works, before bending to the pressure to make money off something half done. It was only a buck... If I get it back, great, if not use it to buy a cup of coffee, spend a few hours testing and debugging... Then turn out a better product and let me know you did.
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10 years ago, Frostbird
Bad update
The new update has made the color of the tools different from the last, meaning that even set to its darkest color, the pen tool, for example, is not the same shade it was before the update. And it no longer matches the color needed for uncompleted drawings I had had before the update. Please correct this. Other than that let down, I do enjoy using the app.
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12 years ago, Otter_pup
Great app but one problem...
This is probably my number one app that I use to draw with but I had just recently started drawing a new picture and exited the app after I was about half way done, but when I came back to the app my drawing had a question mark and when I clicked on it, it said that there was an error and showed me a blank page. Please fix!
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9 years ago, PKM308
Less than 36 hours after I downloaded this program, none of the lessons I downloaded are showing up. Trying to restore my previous downloads just crashes the app. When it works it's a great app, but I'd save your money. Edit: I reinstalled the app and restored my purchases but, of course, it didn't save my previous drawings. The program worked for another two days before having the same problem. Edit 2015: The paid for lessons will not even load. It seems WF has given up on supporting this program. It's a shame because when it worked, it was very helpful.
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13 years ago, renanda
Almost there
I have used and admired WF books for years. I was excited to see this innovative app. Even though I have been taking art classes for years, I still consider myself a beginner. The app is easy to use and the tools are fun. I was disappointed when I began the sample lessons and found that I was basically tracing over the sample drawings. It felt like copying. I definitely wasn't learning how to draw. I was looking for 2 things as I tried the lessons; 1) A way to be able to reference the model drawing-how else could I learn to see shapes? 2) A way to see the steps of the drawing without having to draw over them. Then the marks would feel like my own. For me, I will use this app as an e-book, and practice the drawings using an old fashioned pencil and paper.
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13 years ago, Vinnaalma
Wish u could erase guidelines
Nifty app, but in the end I wish I knew if my drawing looked great because of me or because the full guidelines sketch is still in place. With guidelines still in place this is nothing more than an over glorified tracing app. EDIT: Guidelines can be erased by decreasing opacity. I do, however, wish there were lessons on basic drawing such as starting with shapes (i.e., spheres, cones, and cylinders). Other than that, great app.
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11 years ago, Rants-n-Raves
DON'T, DON'T BUY THIS APP. NOT AN HONEST DEVELOPER!! EIGHT MONTHS AGO I WROTE THE FOLLOWING REVIEW. NOW THEY'VE FINALLY *FIXED* THE *PROBLEM*. WAY TOO LITTLE, WAY TOO LATE GUYS! I PAID for this app and so it didn't have ads, OF COURSE. Then they "updated" the app, which, in this case, meant adding more in-app purchases. Fine. But, when they updated the app that I PAID FOR, they ADDED ads. And, now, they want MORE money to remove the ads that weren't there in the first place, because I ALREADY PAID FOR THE APP! Taking away something a paid user has ALREADY paid for (e.g. ad-free use) is NOT, NOT, NOT an appropriate use of the upgrade process and is, completely, totally dishonest, inappropriate and unfair. SHAME ON YOU!! I have a couple hundred apps and this is, by far, the SINGLE BIGGEST RIP-OFF I've ever seen in the app store. It DOESN'T matter how well or poorly this app works. This is a greedy, unethical company that should not be permitted to peddle its wares anyplace honest people do business.
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13 years ago, Bonsi70
Learn to draw
Easy too use tutorial with step by step drawn out pictures. The tool for hues and pressure was a little confusing. Hint - for final touch up with eraser pick the "all steps". It also configures to your last technique when switching back and forth between tools. Definitely fun for all ages!
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14 years ago, saga33
Art + Technology + Education
This app recognizes the iPad as a true artist's medium and takes it to the next level by actually using it to teach people how to draw. The lessons are professional but easy to follow. And the interface is surprisingly intuitive considering it's a brand new platform. MEDL's most sophisticated and powerful app yet.
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13 years ago, elated.robot
Nice tools, but too few undo levels
I like the drawing focused Set of tools in this app, but the extremely limited number of undo levels (only 5!!!) prevents me from being playful and experimenting with different techniques. It would also be better if multitouch impacted the drawing as a hand would to smudge rather than panning while very zoomed in. Finally, no one will learn to draw using an app like this...though they may learn to trace...on an iPad :p
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13 years ago, BAMM7
Best App
I love this app. I have played with this app for hours. This is a really good way to learn to draw on the iPad. After I would go through a lesson, then I would import the pic to sketchbook pro and color it. This was all with the free lessons. I even bought more lessons. The app can be glitchy at times, but the positive outweighs the negative.
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13 years ago, New Tat girl
Love this app. Since I don't know how to draw and I've been having this crazy idea of getting a tattoo for the first time I figured a app like this would help. It did so, once I find some1 who can take my sketch and make it better I'll be getting the tat
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13 years ago, Hazelle
This app is well laid out and works really well. I love that I was able to start using it immediately without having to learn how it worked. The lessons are really fun and ard teaching me how to draw im definitely getting better and learning alot.
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13 years ago, Ravenclaw
Just started using it and it is very impressive. The initial help is informative, and the lesson narrative by voice with text and illustrations is clear and easy to understand. I began with the fire dragon and it is excellent. I have not started drawing it, but will soon!
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9 years ago, Wolf233456798
Wouldn't load lessons
I love the details and how simple it is to use, and I was very excited to use this app, except I've been waiting, trying different wifis, and deleted the app and downloaded it again, but every time I do, it says "Can't fetch lessons", which I'm pretty disappointed about that.
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13 years ago, Onriness
Rip off Shouldn't even get one
The program is basically to trace his work. The cheapest is $3 dollars to download a choice of 3 flower the next is $7 Where you can trace some dragons, $7 tracing some horses Then there is the $7 to trace people which after you finish any of them He signs his name on it! Like I said its a rip off. Hope this helps you! There are great Drawing Apps out there. This is not one, Unless, you just have money to waste and like to trace things with other peoples names plastered to it!
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13 years ago, Ray's ipad
Cost of 'lessons' tool high
App is ok and basic guidelines ok but all very basic which also is ok but if you want so see some examples aside from the 1 sample included you have to pay nearly 8$ per lesson which I think is not worth that much... .99 cents would be reasonable but even then you can see some very fine FREE examples on utube so I give it only 2 stars
Show more
9 years ago, CarCar12355
Looks fun but...........
The lessons won't load every time I go into the app it says " cannot fetch lessons please relaunch the app with an Internet connection" the thing is I already have an Internet connection so if they could fix that I think it would be a great app
Show more
13 years ago, CommentRider
Great app, but...
I love this app! It's great for helping me draw people, but they should add a function to save your progress, because there are a lot of times where I'm working on something, I go to something else, and I have to start over from the beginning. Otherwise, a great app!
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13 years ago, beglorious
A few tips for use
Hi Digital Sketchbook Users- We have noticed a few comments worth addressing: - To hide or dim lesson guidelines you can so from the lesson text box that appears above your drawing each time you move to another step. - If you are having trouble downloading a lesson try re downloading it. You will not be charge for this, just like if you re download an app or song you have previously purchased. Best- The development team at MEDL Mobile
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11 years ago, hellomaag
Worst App I've Used
They do nothing to help you learn, the person just tells you what to do and you can scribble for all they care. Also, whatever you draw is overshadowed by the blue guidelines, which adds more to how useless it is for learning. You just trace and trace the boring things. You do not even get much choice in what to draw, just the four boring starters, a horse head, an Asian girl head, a dragon thing, and a flower.
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12 years ago, Hubbydubby
Great app
I always thought I could never trace or draw anything until I installed this app and after one drawing I had a whole new confidence for drawing
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13 years ago, KB'd
Simple and Fun
I love drawing with this app. I use it at night to relax and to see shapes and forms better. I think this is a powerful tool to help anyone learn the basics of drawing or even for an art student to hone their eye.
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12 years ago, 850Swiper
Great app you need high speed internet to download the lessons like McDonald's or a high speed router. It can be a problem downloading the lessons with wifi from your phone or the cellular data.
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10 years ago, gloriousbeing
Very Easy to Follow Lessons
I have never been very talented when it comes to drawing. This app breaks down the steps in very easy to follow lessons and I think I’m getting a little better.
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10 years ago, Dawnomight
Great Update!
The new update fixed some issues I was having & everything is working great again. Love when that happens! :)
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9 years ago, Jwll14375111010102
Very Disappointing
After reading such good reviews of this app I was excited to try it. However, I cannot get it to function beyond free sketching. On an iPad Air 2, the app incorrectly insists there is no internet connection and I cannot download lessons or tool packs. I have tried repeatedly to find support or forums but just keep looping between the broken app, the App Store, and an ad on the WF homepage.
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13 years ago, schestnut
4 Free Lessons?
I understand that you have to purchase the lessons in-app, but under Features it says "pre-loaded with four free step-by-step lessons." Where are they? Please add them or remove this statement. Then I could give it more stars.
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12 years ago, Snlu250
Works Great and love the new books
They seemed to fix all the bugs and it runs great on my iPad. I also like the new books. The cartooning one is fun.
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10 years ago, Memamoo
Lovee the App!
One of my favorite apps! It's very easy to use and there are so many drawings to choose! I feel like I have become a better drawer. Very cool. Try it
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13 years ago, Bodaquilts
Great. App
I just found this app and have already done two drawings. The free lessons are very well written so I purchased a full lesson.
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10 years ago, adroadster
Best drawing app
One of the best iPad apps i’ve used in a while and certainly the best drawing one. Lesson packs are a little expensive but the dragons are totally worth it!
Show more
13 years ago, MYKenzee102011
Good App
This app is great for beginners, but you have to pay for all the other lessons. You only get four to start out with. Other than that, it's a good app
Show more
12 years ago, 500grand
keep the updates coming.
it's refreshing to have an app that actually gets new content with an update. Thank you!!!
Show more
10 years ago, synjck
Great for learning!
This is the first drawing app that I’ve tried to use on the iPad, and it’s really great for people who are just starting out!
Show more
12 years ago, AMinano
Doesn't work at all!
I love to draw, but this app is just awful! Does not open, when it does, it crashes, the free lessons are invisible because I can't see any yet, and when I try to download new ones it crashes over and over again. I'm really hoping you fix it as soon as possible please.
Show more
13 years ago, Leoismine
Cool app one suggestion
Can you add more free horse pictures to draw ? I don't have enough money to purchase the whole thing on drawing horses
Show more
13 years ago, mcollis71
Good but pencil colors need to change
Luv it but I need the colors to change need fixed immediently
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