4.6 (2.7K)
81.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Advance Internet
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for lehighvalleylive.com

4.63 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
10 months ago, Ms Poker Fanatic
Tired of the pop up’s
Just did the newest update. Thought that would take care of the pop ups. I was wrong so I just deleted the app ,also I don’t want to pay for stories I have no unstressed in
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3 years ago, ColoringgFanaticc!!
Go Back To Original News Listing Format
I very much enjoy your news app. I use it daily! But, PLEASE put it back the way it was, where you could see many of the headlines in a list. I could easily prioritize my viewing to see which stories I was interested to see first. Now, your format is a whole news story before you can see the remaining headlines. It was extremely user friendly, convenient, and especially more enjoyable the first way you had it. It was a 5 star rating before you changed it. Thank You for your consideration.
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4 months ago, J.A.G. 66
So Little Local News
This has become primarily AP feeds and little local news. I understand that Google and the like have have made it difficult, but this has become more of political (left) rag. The pop-ups for money with the byline that "We will not tell you what to think.". There are far too many subscriptions bleeding us. I am sorry that these megaliths like Google and Facebook take your articles without remuneration but your content is not worth $50/year and far too political.
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4 years ago, marcovk
Out of state
presently living in Florida and Utah grew up in Belvidere New Jersey Lehigh Valley live is my lifeline since my family all lives in Lehigh Valley area Love the sports coverage since the grand sons all play football and wrestle Great coverage
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3 years ago, titans freak
Changes to the app
It’s becomes confusing while the old user interface was very straight forward. I don’t understand completely changing the apps interface with something everyone was used to, to something completely different.
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5 years ago, Therobb75
What was once great is no longer a wanted app for local news
This was my go to app for local news and local sports scores. Now 1/3 of the articles are nothing more than click bait. The local sports scoreboard has not been updated since June. This is very disappointing since I try to follow high school football. This app will be deleted and I will use WFMZ moving forward.
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3 years ago, Geoz777
Much better after the redesign
News feed is great
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3 years ago, 9-23-80
Lehigh Valley Live
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3 months ago, Lepell60
The pop up ads are ridiculous. Every time I touch the screen a new pop up appears. Can’t even scroll articles. Removed and added back several times. Still show up
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3 years ago, Risskid
Pointless app now
The entire app is basically trying to milk you for money. Just moving on to another free news app else where. There coverage is mostly poor anyway. Only used it for local news but now you have to pay for it.
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2 months ago, Dodge555
Was working great
Now the slightest scroll sends you to an advertisement on safari on iPhone it can open 10-20 ad pages in your browser. Please fix makes it more impossible to use
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5 years ago, ckromar
Barely works
Doing something as simple as opening a photo in a news story causes the app to crash. I like the local news content but the app is so unstable it is barely usable. 1 star until it is improved, it’s been this bad for years
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4 years ago, galocal*
Keeps crashing
I loved this app but needs updating as keeps crashing.
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9 months ago, Al24858638825292
Pop up ads
The app has taken a turn and has countless pop up ads that redirect you to another page.
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4 years ago, E Mest
New Jersey
Why is it that most of your articles are written from a New Jersey standpoint? I’m in PA where you started and there isn’t much for the PA residents. Thanks
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4 years ago, you really do t care
I miss all the comments, please bring them back.
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5 years ago, Fortytory
Don’t need the advice columns
I prefer just getting the “local” news. The advice columns are pointless in my book.
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4 years ago, ABE resident
Always freezing up, slow service deleted
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2 years ago, Bartman610
I can’t cancel
This site is garbage!can’t get my money back . They tell you to go to App Store and All there is legal mombo jumbo ……
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4 years ago, lefty loser
One sided fake news
You’re so far left it is sickening
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10 months ago, Toolimp
Reporting this app to apple. Excess pop up ads are not allowed. Your app is a scam
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4 years ago, Kcalgivemeout
I miss the ability to comment.
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4 years ago, bobby2112g
Anti American
Its amazing how far left LVL is and anti American. Now I know why you stop the comments, the truth hurts
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3 years ago, bctony12
Butcher butcchunb
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10 years ago, Thathoad604
I cannot stand the update. I am ready to delete the app altogether. It's no hard to navigate, no local news on the home page and way too many adds! Please change it back. I was on this site at least 10 times a day but not now.
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10 years ago, Maggy McGuire
What did you do?!
I trust Lehigh Valley Live for my news because they always have the most local news, however the "home" screen in the new update has anything but local news! What gives?! It's filled with stories from PennLive. You have go to the menu and click on news to see any Express Times news, and then it's littered with articles from the Brown and White. If you want to include articles from these two outlets out them in their own sections, not the home screen or with the Express' news. If I wanted to read their articles I'd go to the site or download their app. I am very disappointed. The new update is not more user friendly as the description claims! I'm seriously considering deleting the app. Change it back please!
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12 years ago, Gldbh
Lousy stories and application
The stories are lousy & repetitive. Post some stories of interest SERIOUSLY! Your stories are lacking & then you post the same garbage repetitively. The application is awful as well, constantly freezing & difficult to use. I'm so glad I didn't pay for this application or a subscription to this newspaper. Aside from the application issues at least give us some news to read about, our economy is tanking & the jobs out there are NOT covering the cost of living. Come on earn your pay (I am along with every other hardworking person out there) & do some real research & reporting instead of letting uninteresting stories fall in your lap & posting them everyday. HIGHLY dissapointed reader & user!
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9 years ago, angrynupset
This app has become completely pitiful! Why is it that 9/10 stories in the sport sections only have 1 sentence? I am also bitter with the fact that it has been almost a year since the capability of text message forwarding has been disabled. In order to properly use all the capabilities of LV Live it is necessary to visit the actual website. In my opinion that is a lot more time consuming and unnecessary. Why should someone have to go through all of that hassle when there is an app? Please fix the app, work out the bugs, and re-establish text message article forwarding capabilities. It is not fair to the residents of the Lehigh Valley who rely on this app for their news, you're cheating them!!!
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10 years ago, emaline27
Horrible - extremely disappointed with update
I used to use this app multiple times per day, it was great. But this latest update is just horrendous. If I could rate this zero stars I would. It is difficult to navigate and no matter what I do, I wind up with high school sports stories all over the place. I can't find any actual news. The app has basically become worthless and I'm ready to delete it. WFMZ will have to serve as my only local news app since theirs remains the only one that is usable and readable for the time being. So disappointed with Express-Times.
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10 years ago, Mr.CapeC71
Terrible update
Takes too long to load and hard to navigate. No landscape feature. Hard to navigate. Did they actually test the new app before rolling it out? I want the previous app back, please.
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8 years ago, D675SE
It's a pretty sweet app to read on the toilet!
I usually read all my news on the crapper and this app is easily my go to for strain dumps. It has a relaxing set up and it's very user friendly. I literally lean back, put my feet up and peruse while doing a douz. 5 stars!
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10 years ago, sj kim320
Just Awful
Very disappointing! I used to check out the news every day with the old version. It worked just fine. BRING IT BACK
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10 years ago, BK18049
Big disappointment
Did a 4 year old develop this update? I used to like this app. Old version was so much better. New version is not user friendly, lacks local news, too many ads, and takes forever to load. Gave 1 star because 0 isn't an option. I've tried to work with it and hold out hoping that they would update it again. I'm thinking they don't care. So to Lehigh Valley Live, I delete you. Viva La 69 News.
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10 years ago, Nippy Pinto
Fix This
After the last update, the app will not open properly. That's not my only gripe. The articles are consistently repetitive and grammatically incorrect. The grammar used is juvenile and the editor should be made aware of this. I'm sure it reflects poorly indeed. Also, why is it that the reader can no longer SMS the articles? Let's again thrive into the future opposed to living in the past. nippypinto
Show more
10 years ago, Rjm71178
Epic fail
Worst update ever!! I used to read you app 3-4 times a day. Now I won't be opening it again until your next update. Please get rid of all the high school sports headlines. If I wanted to read them I would have downloaded your other app specifically for that. I'll be sticking to the 69 news app for now. Which isn't that great either but it's still much better than what you did!
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13 years ago, Irockurhair
Oh my goodness this was my favorite and most used app!!!! Many times a day I was checking what was going on!! I was so excited to see the updates and now I can't even get threw two news story's and I have to close the app just to get back to the main page!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this!!!!! I would love to retract this and go back to my pure love and ***** rating!!!!! Thank sitting here sad with no good or bad news to read :'(
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8 years ago, Jeffwv1965
Great App
Works well, past issues resolved so crashes are gone, great way to keep up on hometown news while away
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11 years ago, Julblue9
Stupid Local Mediocre News
mediocre news, sometimes when you read the column it's so hard to read that a 6 year old can make more sense. The News is all a lie but makes stay home moms entertainment of the day. I would also say that a big thing that these "editors" do is "Copy and Paste" they haven't left sources to their news so proves it's all fabricated or forge. - an Editor of the Miami Herald
Show more
8 years ago, Tr0uble713
Needs an update
This app needs an update... You cant zoom in on the pictures bc it moves them down into the corner and you cant move them back up, and ive been signed in for months and still can't leave comments...
Show more
8 years ago, Cari8309
Love it!
I open the app several times a day even though I get the paper delivered. I've never had any issues with it.
Show more
7 years ago, Str8upjunior
What happened!?
Now that you've "fixed" the problem of force closing whenever I try to view a photo, the app won't even open anymore. Please fix this. I use this app multiple times a day. Once this gets fixed I am more than willing to change my rating to a 5 star as opposed to the 1 star I am currently giving it.
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7 years ago, Pholdid
Great App
App works great and has an easy lay out and user interface. All i really read is local Bethlehem and crime and it's always up to date
Show more
8 years ago, Daddy golf
Short and to the point
Gives a brief overview at the top of the page. In depth stories follow. Try to read it everyday.
Show more
8 years ago, Jerseyboyme
1st place I go to when I get on line.
I'm always on here to get the latest news. Keep up the good work.
Show more
10 years ago, AidanMia
You ruined a great app!
Change it back to the old way. Everyone is complaining because you ruined the old app. Lehigh Valley Live was the place I went for the news and whoever made this update should be fired. I don't need useless information like high school sports to be loaded in my newsfeed. Whoever made these changes got it all wrong.
Show more
8 years ago, Oat (online apple team)
Great App
Easy to navigate through and has all the latest news.. love it!
Show more
10 years ago, Erdie347
Shouldn't have updated
I guess I'm not the only one! This latest update really screwed up an otherwise good app for local news. Screen does not rotate with device and pics take too long to load, of they ever do. Generally more difficult to navigate through app. Change it back!
Show more
10 years ago, Mister Badd
Please Fix
Every time they "upgrade" this app it gets worse. The latest "upgrade" is a train wreck. Most categories won't load unless you quit the app and restart it. At least the ads won't load either. I'm going to delete it and read the news online. WARNING: If you have an old version, DO NOT UPGRADE!
Show more
9 years ago, BrosephEarl
Needs update
I like this app but since it's last update, most articles that I open have only one sentence. This is usually followed by an advertisement without the rest of the article. I have to go to the website through safari to read anything now. Please fix this
Show more
6 years ago, Ckline7046
What is this random music??
I am going to have to delete this App if the random ad music keeps playing while using it. I don’t know why this happens and I don’t see the add associated with it but it has to stop! An App should never auto play with sound, period! Please fix this. It is very very rude and annoying.
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