Let It Snow

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Silvia Carril Caldelas
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.14 or later
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User Reviews for Let It Snow

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7 years ago, Uncle Gum
Fun, fun, snow!
If you enjoy snow, this is a fun little app! I’ve sure gotten my $0.99 out of it!. Version 1.3(4) I have no CPU problems with it. I have a 3.4 GHz iMac ... so I don’t know how much differnce that makes. CPU use runs at 2% with most CPU friendly settings, 4% with a lot of snow, fast falling, but no accumulation, and about 9% with everything maxed out! The snow is quite realistic in falling in a number of ways. Each flake follows its own path, so they meander across one another. Flakes fall at different speeds, so flakes pass by one another. Also, when moving slider to larger flakes, smaller ones are still included which gives a sense of depth. Prefs includes sliders for: Amount, Size, Speed, more or less Flurries, and Thaw factor. Choices include: multicolored (confetti looking), Settle on Active Window (not all windows, but on the active one ... and if you close it ... the accumulated snow comes tumbling down!), Escape bottom (accumulation at bottom of screen or not); Escape sides (I dont’ get this one). All in all, I’ve enjoyed it, had no problems with it, and look forward to further developments. Put on a snow scene desktop pic, and enjoy! 4 stars ... very good as it is for the price; but with potential to be even better. I'd buy it again. Here’s to keeping the Mac fun...
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10 years ago, blueturtl
Probably the best in it’s category
Just downloaded this and it’s good. Coupled with a winter/Christmas background image it works great to enhance the holiday mood (especially if you don’t get snow where you live). There are a few things to improve on for future versions though. CPU usage is quite high, for what this does. Also, I’d really like to be able to control the direction of the wind and be able to set real snowflake images as textures. The current snow is ok from afar, but close up it looks more like cotton balls than snow. Once you have that ability, you can use different snowflake models with transparent background to make realistic looking snow. The flakes could also spin, rotate and flip, just like real flakes do. Oh, and also an option to not have it snow on top of your windows would be great. The current snow is a bit distracting if you’re trying to work also and not just using your computer as a picture frame. If the makers of this great app did that, I wouldn’t have to get into software development. :)
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7 months ago, geoffreyalanholliday
A few odd issues
I'm guessing it's only with Sonoma, but the snow is inconsistent. Sometimes there's so much snow I have to quit and restart the app. Sometimes the snow won't "get out of the way" of, for example, Adobe Photoshop. I'm sure I'm not the only one with these small issues. I do use several desktops because I like to separate out my various projects. LIS is set to be on every desktop. The last thing I did was to delete the app, using AppCleaner, which removes all residual preferences etc. I then re-downloaded a fresh install and left it on default settings. Still problematic. Obviously this is not a "critical" issue, but snow should be elegant and atmospheric. Keep up the good work!
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8 years ago, AlexanderNRivera
missing just one convenient thing
I forgot i even had this app and just rediscovered it in launchpad. Had fun with it until i went to quit it. Wish you could do it from the dock by just hitting quit. Took me a minute to find it under the recents option which I thought was odd. Guess i am just too used to quitting from the dock on my apps there. But cute and soothing app. Am in Florida and I miss the beautiful snow.
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6 months ago, BigRog
Absolutely love it!!
This app has been a part of my holiday season for years now. It's such a small thing, but the snow on my desktop delights me every year! The app is updated regularly, and has never failed to disappoint. Two questions: didn't the snow accumulate on top of the windows at one point, and would you consider making an app that places a string of Christmas tree lights around the screen? There are such apps, but they are of inferior quality to the Let It Snow app. I would be among the first purchasers of such an app! Thanks very much, and Happy Holidays!
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11 years ago, Super☆Dave
Winter Wonderland
I like the app….the concept is great. I’d like to see an option to make it a standard screensaver vs. a separate application but I understand the limitations of the screensaver apps and it probably isn’t possible. It doesn’t seem to impact the performance on my 2013 MacBook Air in any way. I put it in my library/startup items so that it launches automatically at boot. I use this during the winter holidays and it adds a nice touch to your OSX desktop! The latest update puts an icon on your menu bar for easy access to preferences and controls.
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10 years ago, rah55
Love this app
The best winter app I have - absolutely love it. Agreeing with some other posts, it takes about 10% CPU on my 3 year old MBP and WindowServer takes much more. The fan does run constantly, but considering the aesthetics it adds to the computer and winter in general, it’s a very worthwhile trade-off. Two requests for future - allow more snow pile-up and allow user to select which screens to be operative - my emails could use some snow. You can’t beat this app for inexpensive winter enjoyment!
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10 years ago, jacesgrammie
Pleasant seasonal effect.
I usually have a photograph that I have taken myself around the city. It is nice to have the snow effect to add to it during the season, this seems to fit the bill. Wouldn’t mind a little more pile up at the bottom before it disappears. I think it was worth the $.99 and don’t regret purchasing it. Will probably keep it off now that Christmas is over, but maybe during the summer it might be nice to have to cool things down a little.
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7 years ago, bgbrunk
Nice little app for the holidays
This is a nice little app for the holidays. It does exactly what it says in the description. It’s easy to set the various snow preferences and the effect is well done. I would love to see multi-monitor support which is why I only gave it 4 stars.
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2 years ago, XenosMatsa
I love this app!
I've had Let It Snow for about as long as the program has existed and use it every winter, especially when I'm waiting for the real thing to be falling outside. It's lovely and enjoyable and I like that at Pro level I can even change what the snowflakes look like!
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10 years ago, Choorel
Fun, but a major CPU Hog!
I really enjoy the snowfall on my desktop, but it really hogs the CPU. Let It Snow takes about 10%, but it causes WindowServer to run at least 40-50% of my cpu. My Retina MBP is fine, but my MBA’s fans go crazy until I kill the app. Not sure if anyone else is having these issues, but hopefully it will be addressed in an update. If you are ok with the resources being sacrificed, its a festive app with nice effects.
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3 years ago, B-Cubed
Don't recommend for M1 macs
This si terrible on M1 (maybe all macs?). First, it's an app, not a true screen saver. there was no indication that it worked on an apple – apparently its not fully compatible for the following reasons: - it's an app, but the app does not open. It runs when you click on the app, but nothing else. - Since the app doesn't open, you have no access to settings. - There is no way to stop the app – Not even through Finder!
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7 months ago, PaulaS.
Update Issues
I bought this last year and it worked fine on my older Mac. Updated it and now it doesn't function well. No way to easily stop it. Literraly had to restart to get it to stop. Wish I had not updated, as it functioned well last season.
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7 months ago, refusinganickname
Don't update
For some reason the new update causes the app to grind my system to a crawl. (I also could have sword there used to be the ability for snow to collect on top of windows and on the desktop, but I may be comining it with a similar app so maybe it's a feature request, but this isn't the place…)
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4 years ago, David ScottCR
Don't recommend
To start with - there are no 'controls' to turn it on and off. Once started you cannot stop it - and the flakes interfere with reading text (particularly small text.) I cannot delete it (to get it to stop) because I cannot move to the trash a program that is running. Seems to be running in terminal mode(?). Put in some controls, folks 0- then release it.
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11 years ago, furqan.s
Needs multiple desktop support
annoying only having snow on one desktop good app though!
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11 years ago, dantheman23
Love It
I literally have never written an interview and have owned a MacBook/iPhone/iPad for 3+ years. This app deserves all the praise. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Couldn’t be happier. Probably the best $.99 I ever spent to get into the holiday/winter spirit.
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7 months ago, Beanstock1
The snow falls IN FRONT of the active windows
This is a dumb app. The snow falls in front of whatever you're looking at in the active window, so I was on a Zoom call and all I could see was "snow" obscuring the person's face. Then I was trying to read a Word doc but couldn't see through the snow. I mean, is this for real? Completely idiotic.
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11 years ago, MagaCalifornia
Very cool!!!
Good job guys! I really digg the app it’s very relaxing and I like the features in the latest update. I’m hoping in the future you will consider other holiday ideas to add in this app.
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7 months ago, Anto53575368
Its ok
the concept is good but its all over my screen even if i put show behind active window, and then it just takes over my entire screen and i cant see anything at all!!!!
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11 years ago, Shaun12479
Snow bank
Love how the snow piles on open windows and the bottom. I wish you could control the amount of snow that settles. I like a good snow bank now and then. Best wintery app.
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10 years ago, thestuntman
Only one monitor??!
I wish I had read another’s review that there was no dual monitor support before I purchased. Lame. I specifically bought to run on my second monitor, not my primary. Seems like a really ridiculous oversight.
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11 years ago, Mister Houdini
Needs dual monitor support.
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8 years ago, Hvhruhevnvijnetugef
Beautiful app. For someone who loves this, you might also love a similar app called ’Sakura’ which drops flower petals
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10 years ago, Cycrontix
Let it snow!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! It works really well and is a great holiday overlay! Thanks authors!
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5 years ago, tropicalneeds
App won't open
This worked for a few minutes, but then it crashed and I haven't been able to open it since.
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10 years ago, Vidkidd
Nice app - needs native 4K resolution support
Nice effects. Works in 1920x1080HiDPI, the App does not display graphics in native 3840x2160P resolution. Fix the bug and it’s a 5 star review.
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3 months ago, Philbin Hovercraft
Wasted money
Thought this was a screensaver, but it is not. It just makes snow all over everything without stopping.
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4 years ago, Photolinder
The was a terrible download. I spent too much time trying to delete it. It covered my whole screen with falling snow. Not what I was looking for. Wasted a dollar!
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6 years ago, meg-a-doo9898
The star icon won’t show up…
The app downloaded successfully, but the star icon wont show up on my menu bar… Thus, I can’t make the snow start… Any tips?
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10 years ago, jacky.spencer
Thumbs Up!
Nice one like it. Its good to have snow inside :)
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6 months ago, SallyBeanz
Not a screensaver
Not a screensaver. This is a review for Apple more than for the developer. When searching for "snow screensaver" this is what popped up.
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12 years ago, ddtpiano
I like it
I really like this app. The reason that I gave it 4 stars not 5 is that I wish that the app was more customizable. Such as I do not like the app running in the Dock. Also I would like to select how much it snows. I would like it sometimes to snow more than it currently does. It does not slow down my computer any. Nice app.
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13 years ago, walklite83
This app is Awsome,amazing and fun!! Do you "get it," that the WHOLE DESK TOP IS SNOWING!!! like all over the screen and its truly sticking to everything, the top of windows and the bottom of the screen!! And it REALLY looks Magical!! could not ask for more from this app. (well maybe More Snow!!) I set a pic of my son in the christmas tree farm field as my desktop pic and it really REALLY looks like its snowing all around him. Everyone i show my snowy desktop to is truly amazed, and like "WOW." This should have been an $8.99 App. And as a holiday freak, its really adding to my most favorite season. Some like it to make it rain, im makin it snow!
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10 years ago, sandrifting
Fun seasonal app with room for added features
I wanted something seasonal on my desktop without the kitsch of lights ringing my screen - Let It Snow fits the bill nicely. The controls are straightforward, and all of them are shown in the screenshots, so there aren’t any surprises. I haven’t found the snow crossing my active window to be an issue, as most of the time my windows are white or gray and I don’t have the snowflakes set to “multicolored”; nonetheless I can understand why someone might want the option to prevent this behavior. Multiple monitor support would be nice, as suggested by another reviewer, but isn’t a deal-breaker for me. And in case anyone is wondering about the backgrounds in the screen shots, they come with OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
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12 years ago, Michael854675
Fun! For about 10 minutes.
It's too late for my 99 cents, but you can still save yours. This app is glitchy / tempermental. It also just ends up becoming burdensome and distracting after the initial few "daw" moments. You might use it for the first day. Eventually and inevitably it will however just meet the same fate as much of the junk we collect - superfluous storage on your computer.
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12 years ago, Spudboy2006
Keeps getting better!
If it slows down your computer there is an easy solution. Go to the nearest Apple Store and buy a new computer.
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12 years ago, TECHTONE1
Works Great just as advertised!
First of all, I have used this nice App since 2011 - Works well - Just like in Reality - Great preferences to choose from like how long the snow will stay on the ground and if the snow should escape the bottom or not - Makes you feel like the holiday season is actually there when you live in a hot area where you see snow every 5 yeears once or so Worth $0.99 !!
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13 years ago, Warefare09
Subliminal with a white background
its very good i like it for chrismas but imma keep on using it yule passing christmas
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13 years ago, hi32192
so many bugsquits if you click your screen the picture is misleaing it does not end up on open internet windows. DONT BUY
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12 years ago, italiandangla14
Fix This Please
Went to use this the other day. It use to work and no longer does Please Fix!
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13 years ago, snow 68890
let it snow
Lamo-very lame, only a few flakes and it could be so much better. Should be free at best
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12 years ago, Peatree2
Version 1.2 Update
***VERSION 1.2 Review Update*** Verdict: -1 Star Why did I subtract a star? Why? CPU levels. I'm using the most CPU friendly setting on everything… and some of this is actually kind of ridiculous. There's only about 5 or 6 particles of snow on my computer, and CPU levels have rocketed above 25%. After 5 minutes of use, 40-50%. What happened? Window Server is going through the roof (or chimney) now! With Let it Snow off, Window Server's at the 0.5% CPU level, and with it on, around 20%. Add Let it Snow's 5% usage for around 25%. Temps on my computer are around 150 degrees F, by the way... This update also adds multicolored snow, what I've been asking for the whole time. However, that's a big price to pay for a slow computer. The devs have to try their hardest to make their app more CPU friendly. Maintain it at the 5% level… Jingle bells (or 5 stars) all the way! Versions 1.0 and 1.1: 3 Stars Version 1.2: 2 Stars ***VERSION 1.1 Review Update*** Verdict: +0 Stars This update adds a whole bunch of settings! You can now adjust the snowflake size, the amount of snow, how quickly the snow thaws, the amount of flurries, and the speed of the snow! Whoa! Though these are a nice touch, I still down't have the festive cheer I'm looking for… colors! Who said this couldn't be expanded to Christmas lights, leaves, etc? I used Add Drops ($1.99, MAS) before this, and though that app was nice, it had a few drawbacks… Anyways, expansions would be a HUGE plus! CPU changes: Very little. I'm using the most CPU-friendly setting on every preference… slowest speed, least amount, etc… and CPU levels are at 5% Let it Snow, and 15% Window Server. That's actually WORSE than last time… Verdict: This version brings a whole lot of improvements… but not what I'm looking for. Version 1.0: 3 Stars Version 1.1: 3 Stars ***Version 1.0 Review*** Let it Snow is an great app… The snow particles are at the perfect speed… not too heavy on the CPU and not too light either. I'm using a 15 inch MBP Early 2011 and Let it Snow is using around 3% CPU, while "Window Server" is using 16%. (Related to Let it Snow and lets the snow particles land on the windows) It actually looks pretty nice… A few customizations will be nice… I would love to be able to change the color of the snowflakes… Imagine rainbow snowflakes floating across your screen… This could also be expanded to lots of different things, like leaves. There isn't even a preference pane. (Preferences are grayed out) Nice start, but more customizations are needed! What if I want a huge snowstorm? What if I want a small flurry of snow? +1 Star if more customizations are added (colors) +1 Star if CPU is reduced again to under 10%. (Window Server+Let it Snow)
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12 years ago, eduardo walter
It's Perfet!
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9 years ago, Da Heckin Dogtor D
Should be available on OS X Snow Leopard (10.6)
This is a very great app. I love the snow falling on my desktop, but on my mac mini running OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) this app is not available because it requires OS X Lion (10.7) or above. I have ran this app on OS X Snow Leopard by changing the SystemVersion.plist and it ran just fine on OS X Snow Leopard but it used a lot of the processor (Core Duo 32-bit) and heated up the mac mini. I believe if the developers of this app make adjustments they could have it running just fine on OS X Snow Leopard.
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10 years ago, ace/gene
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11 years ago, Amiantos
Snow shouldn’t obscure active window
Thankfully it was only $1, because I can’t bring myself to use this if the snow doesn’t automatically hide behind the active window. It’s supposed to gather on top, but snow already falling will obscure the active window until it falls away. In Safari on Mavericks, sometimes the snow gathering on top of the window will start to all fall down in front of the browser view, which is very distracting. If the developer adds an option for “snow never overlays the active window” then I’ll use it. Until then, I just wasted $1.
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